Best RC Plane Flight Simulators 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

flying an rc flight simulator The thought of flying a plane is something that crosses everyone’s mind. Imagine if your dream came true and you could control how a plane moves and how high or low it flies. Flight simulators have turned this dream to reality. A flight simulator is a tool that creates the experience of an aircraft flight and its environment. It replicates how an aircraft flies, how it reacts to flight control applications and how planes react to external environment such as cloud, turbulence, wind and air density.Rc airplane flight simulator is used for flight training, research on behavior of aircrafts and for fun.

People who design and build flying model planes have over the years build simple rubber powered kits and progressed to Rc that have multiple channels. They recommend Rc flight stimulators to anyone who is fascinated with aero modelling. For much of the time flying an Rc plane stimulator gives you full control and in the process you learn the workings of a plane and construction and airplane design.

rc flight simulator remote controlThis hobby can be pursued in the comforts of your home or even outdoors. By being outdoors you get the chance to meet and interact with other enthusiasts like you and if you prefer flying solo you can do so having plenty of fun. Using Rc simulators is a great way of bonding with your children as you teach and practice with them. Simulators are at times called remote control because they are controlled from a remote location. The radio control term means that using a separate transmitter the model gets controlled by radio signals.

Currently there are various Rc airplane simulators in the market that you can use to train with or simply have fun in your yard. This article focuses on some of the best Rc simulator in the market. The Rc helicopter simulator review give in-depth information on four of the best Rc simulator that have been tried and tested.



Here’s The Top 4 Best Flight Simulators To Buy For Radio Controlled Airplanes

1. Great Planes Real flight RC Flight Simulator Basic Mode 2

For over a decade 5this Rc plane stimulator has proved to be one of the best. You can fly your favorite aircraft through realistic terrain while enjoying the accurate flight physics. The Rc flight simulator controller resembles and works like a real transmitter. In this Rc flight stimulator you get the best at an affordable price range. It comes with various flying sites ad aircraft to choose from. For eleven years it has maintained its position among the best Rc simulator .According to Rc simulator reviews the mode features aircrafts and flying fields that are found in the current version and expansion packs. For les you can enjoy the convenience, fun and educational benefits of simulated RC.

It has 47 different aircraft and 6 photo field flying sites to choose from. It shows all of the unparalleled flight physics while controlling speed and direction of the winf.The picture in picture transmitter views are clear and can be zoomed in.It is great for beginners who are trying to master the art of flying.

The basic version has no gust control making you only load and dial wind and direction. In addition there are no upgrades which gives you nothing except what you get in the package. If you have a plane the simulator might not be the accurate model to help you fly it

2. Phoenix RC Pro Simulator V5.0

Beginners who are interested in the hobby and seasoned professionals who want to sharpen their competition skills should consider the phoenix flight simulator .The Rc simulator reviews state that the Phoenix flight stimulator has a high quality virtual radio control flying planes. The RC airplane simulator has been in exixtence for a couple of years. Initially it was sold in the UK predominantly but towards late 2009 the firm signed a deal with Horizon Hobby, a North American radio control company. Now the simulators are widely available globally. Following the deal the Phoenix flight simulator comes with a Spectrum DX6i or Spectrum DX4e transmitter inside the box. This gives buyers the option to buy the simulator with or without a TX.

According to Phoenix flight simulator review the quality of this particular simulator is outstanding. The flying sites are photo realistic with a great overall virtual flying experience. When it comes to phoenix flight stimulators vs. real flight there is a professional quality that is delivered with vast and comprehensive editing option. If you own any of the aircrafts available on the simulator you can pimp the specs and characteristics so that the virtual plan can replicate the real one.

The simulator has over 100 aircraft to choose from with a list that continues to grow. The tech team at Phoenix has included some of the popular horizon brand aircrafts to the list which fly accurately. The range of high-end helicopters and airplanes allow pilots the chance to perfect their flying routines. Users can edit and calibrate the transmitter settings on the sim to replicate the setup of your own plane so what the TX does in reality are what the stimulator does. It is easy to use as the simulator guides you through installation and setup. It comes with a multiplayer ability that has instant messaging capability. The Phoenix flight stimulator offers high quality virtual training using real life professional pilots and radio control instruction. In addition it is one of the best RC flight simulators for Mac as it is compatible.
Most of the models of the Phoenix 5 are no longer produced and most of the models in production are not readily available on Phoenix 5.It makes it seem outdated and not the best Rc flight simulator for 2017. As for the simulator it is too easy and seems like there are no bumps during landing even if it is on an Ultra-micro on grass the landing is smooth which tends to be bit unrealistic. The planes are nice but the backgrounds are horrible even when you zoom a little. The resolution is low but looks great as long as you turn off the auto-zoom. With this you cannot fly far away or you will not see the plane. The sounds tend to have a background noise that sounds like a washing machine being run. The battery management seems to be missing therefore the planes continue flying without running out of battery and fuel which can be hard to establish real life patterns.

3. Great Planes Real flight G5.5 Flight Simulator Mode 2

This RC airplane simulator has a combat flying, multilayer. Rocket launching, streamer cutting and paintball. Some of the planes come with rockets that you can use to bring down your opponents. There are planes that come with combat weapons whereas others do not so you might want to check them out completely before buying. The graphics are god despite the software limiting the resolution power. There are good zoom functions that come with the simulator .When it comes to the planes they are top notch with a great build quality. The planes show exemplary workmanship from the rudder to the motor to the fiberglass cloth elevator hinges.

To avoid frustration when looking for your enemies there is a built in target system that helps you focus on your opponents. This Rc plane simulator has differing camera views which are ideal for multiplayer situations. The zoom functions are perfect and there are no linking problems in multiplayer. With Reactor and Super poster you can join the open sessions or host your own. When you create your own sessions you can protect them using passwords or leave them open for others to join in.This is an upgrade from the Linux Rc flight simulator.
When you load Sod Farm the computer tends to crash. The camera views as well seem to be unavailable for the landing site. The dash cockpit gauges so not work but instead has a heads up bar.

4. Great Planes Real Flight 7.5 RC Flight Stimulator with Interlink Elite Controller.

It is a realistic and easy to use RC plane stimulator. It is popular because it is versatile and has digital trims, eight channel fir direct access to Real Flight featured without needing a setup. There are no batteries needed to keep the controller ready and charged. The controller saves from wear and tear since it is dedicated to RF7.5.You have the option of flying with transmitters in the built in interface, the Interlink Elite or using the interface and Interlink at the same time. It is a state of the art RC flight simulator which optimizes simulation control

It captures the experience accurately and is more superior than other RC airplane simulators .Further innovations of the model have improved the reset button which immediately gets you in to the action. The physics technology creates the distinctions of multi rotor addition there are various popular RF7.5 designs that you can fly in more than 30 flying sites. You can polish your flying skills in an essay and fun way as you build confidence for the real thing.

This is one of the few Rc airplane simulators that has game like challenges and comes with Real physics has more than 140 aircrafts and more than 40 flying sites. The lighting is realistic and has great resolution. There is a virtual flight instructor and onscreen camera can be used in multimode and multi-player. Water landings and take offs are available. Night flying is available and the planes have an AccuModel and Flexi field editors for the aircraft and a flying site. There are unlimited weapon combat items for those who enjoy the combat aspect of the RC flight simulator.
Most of the users complain about the lack of instruction and manual guide. So that you can use this simulator you should be well versed on its operations meaning it is not suitable for a beginner. Another problem is the stick moving back to neutral position when you slack.

As is the case with technology gadgets it is common to find questions being asked. Not everyone understands technology and to make them understand they are bound to have questions which need answers. A few of the most commonly asked questions about Rc p0lane simulators include
1. What is a Rc plane simulators?
2. What does it help in?
3. How much does it cost?
4. What do I need to operate it?
5. Does it need batteries or charging?
6. Is it safe to use in the home environment
7. Does it mean I can fly a plane after practicing with a simulator?
8. Do I need it?
9. How long can it last?

10. Do I need to have a computer to use it?

The cost of beginner electric airplanes range from below a hundred dollars. Such plane can be operated in a medium sized open space. You can pursue your hobby without depleting your bank account. However you can buy a good electric or gas Rc trainer or plane that comes with 3 to 4 channels at a range of 100 to 150 dollars. You might have to spend a little extra on the radio gear and field equipment which you purchase separately. In addition you might need to get insurance and if you are planning to join any club you will need to pay membership fees.

You can also spend as much as you earn or even more depending on the type of model you are after. High quality Rc airplane with a high radio range set and all of the needed trimming can be expensive. Before you find yourself spending such a huge amount of cash the hobby by then has become a part of your routine so you have no qualms about spending money buying the extra and high quality gadgets.

If you chose to keep it very simple it can also be a cheap hobby and if you choose to make it expensive it can also be a very expensive hobby. The best part about it is the fact that before you invest in it you can try it for almost free. (by the way, you can return home and read more reviews from other products by clicking here) If you do not like it after a trial spin you are under no obligation to purchase or force yourself into the hobby. If you decide to take it up as a hobby you can purchase according to your budget.

To see how rc plane stimulators operate you can view the following video: