Best Garbage Disposal Machines for Kitchen Sinks 2018 - Buyer's Guide

Choosing the best garbage disposal unit can be a daunting task mainly due to the availability of hundreds of them in the market. That is why we have carefully prepared this buyers guide and review to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

We understand that technical words and jargon discourage a lot of people from understanding reviews and that is why we strive to present the information in a clear and simple language. A waste disposal unit is a significant home improvement investment, and as such, you should buy one that will serve its purpose well while at the same time, serve you for a long time. 

Many factors influence the choice of a garbage disposal unit. Some of them are cost, features, durability, and design among others. Therefore, if you want to find the best garbage disposal unit and avoid throwing your money down the drain, please, read on.

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Why Use a Garbage Disposal Unit?

So you might be wondering why you should buy a garbage disposal unit as opposed to the trash can. Well, there are a number of reasons.

Clean and Healthy

The topmost reason that you should consider buying a garbage disposal unit is that it is healthier and cleaner than a trash can. Since you dispose of food remains down the drain, the chances of food leftovers attracting cockroaches and other rodents is eliminated or greatly reduced. The absence of leftovers ensures that your home is clean and healthy.

More Environmental Friendly

Food waste ends up in garbage piles and creates methane which is harmful to the environment. Since food disposed of through the garbage disposal unit is shredded into very small bits, it ends up in the septic or sewer system, where it is treated and turned to fertilizer.

Avoids Clogging Of Pipes

Clogged drainage pipes are a nightmare because of the foul smell that comes from stagnant dirty water. By using the unit, you prevent clogging up the pipes since any food scraps are shredded into very small pieces. The grinding helps the pieces to pass through the pipes very easily.


Although the price is a pretty important consideration when making the purchasing decision, it should not be the only factor which informs your decision.


Some units have more features than others although the additional feature may come at an extra price. Some of the units have an anti-jamming mechanism, while others have two-step grinding process. This ensures that no matter how sticky or hard the food particle is, it will definitely pass through the unit.

Others have blades that alternate in motion to ensure the grinding is as fast and easy as possible. Different units have different additional features.  If the benefits of these functions fancy you, then you should grab the units. Every manufacturer has a feature(s) that differentiates their units from those of the competitors. It is up to you to choose the ones that best interests you.

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The size of the garbage disposal unit is measured by the Horsepower (HP) of the motor. The biggest and strongest machine has a HP of I or above while the most basic has a HP of 1/3. Garbage disposal units are rated as follows: 

1.    1HP and above (strongest)
2.    3/4 HP
3.    1/2 HP
4.    1/3 HP (most basic and weakest)

The 1 and above HP unit can grind very hard foods including carrots and bones, while the 1/3 HP unit is appropriate for very soft food (it also does not last long and jams quite frequently also).

Continuous Feed or Batch Feed

Garbage disposal units come in two types: continuous feed and batch feed. The continuous feed as the name suggests allows you to add more waste food while the machine is running. With the batch disposal unit, you add food remains for grinding in batches. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide the best type of unit to buy.


#1 InSinkErator Evolution Compact

best garbage disposal reviews

The “compact” part of this units name denotes perfectly one of its best features - Its compacted size. The size makes it very ideal for limited kitchen spaces since it does not take up much room. At only 8 by 8 by 12.2 inches and weighing 19.4 pounds, it is one of the smallest units. However do not let its size fool you, it has a 3/4 HP motor and it rotates at speeds of 1725 RPM. These are the hallmarks of an efficient and strong unit.

The Evolution products are known for their quality and sustainability, and the garbage disposal unit is not a disappointment either. In order to ensure that you have an easy time cleaning the unit; the grinding chambers are made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel is extremely easy to clean and is also resistant to corrosion and rust thus ensuring the longevity of the unit.  It also boasts of a large grind chamber (36.6 ounces) which ensures that you do not waste precious time grinding waste food.

The purpose of a garbage disposal unit is to grind food so that, well it is disposed of properly. InSink Erator Evolution Compact ensures that your pipes are not clogged by using a two-step grinding process. By using the Tri-Action Lug and the GrindShear Ring system, the unit ensures that even the hard food is liquefied which ensures it flows smoothly through the pipes. For best results, use cold water while running the machine and do not overstuff it.

Noise from running machines can be a nuisance, but the manufactures of this unit have taken care of this problem by incorporating a noise reduction technology in the unit. The machine is almost noiseless which makes it very ideal to be used even when you have sleeping kids in the house.

Another cool feature of the unit is that it is very easy to install. To install the new garbage disposal unit, all you have to do is twist off the old one and twist on the new unit. If you feel you are not up to the challenge, you can always call an expert or refer to the installation manual which comes with the product.

The unit also offers flexibility in that you can either buy the unit as a stand-alone which comes with: anti-vibration tailpipe mount, jam- buster wrench, sink baffle, and the installation instructions. You can also buy the unit together with the power cord or buy the unit plus a sink and a power cord. 


  • Very compact
  • Powerful and grinds foods completely through          two grind process
  • Very quiet
  • Very easy to install since it has an installation manual
  • Offers 4 years in house warranty
  • CONS

  • Fairly high priced

  • #2 Waste King Legend
    Series L-8000

    quiet garbage disposal

    One of the key features of this unit is its power and rotation speed. The unit weighs 14.7 pounds, and it is 9 by 9 by 16.2 inches in dimensions. It also boasts of a 1HP motor. Although it is larger than InSink Erator, it is lighter and more powerful. The powerful motor makes it very efficient, and the blades run at a speed of 2,800 RPM.

    To ensure its durability, the unit’s grinding chamber is insulated by nylon which is filled with glass. The insulation is completely rust and corrosion resistant. This insulation also prevents the unit from making too much noise despite its power.

    The unit also uses a continuous feed system which means you can grind your food continuously thus saving you time. The anti-jam technology also helps in making the grinding process very easy because it prevents clogging (which is a time waster). One of the downsides of continuous garbage disposals is that they splash the food while grinding it.


    • It is small, so it does not occupy much space
    • Comes with a pre-installed electrical cord eliminating the need for further electrical work
    • Very quiet
    • Continuous feed system with a splash cover
    • Comes with a lifetime warranty
    • It is very powerful and efficient yet lightweight


    • Due to its large motor size, it uses more power

    #3 General Electric GFC520V

     top rated garbage disposals

    General Electric is a well-known brand when it comes to making top of the range garbage disposal units as evidenced by the many years they have been in operation. If you want a garbage unit that offers reliability and efficiency (the qualities GE is known for) yet pocket-friendly, then, the GFC520V is the garbage disposal unit for you.

    The garbage dispenser weighs only 9 pounds and is 5.27 by 5.27 by 12.27 inches in size. Due to the small size, however, the motor size is compromised. The unit uses a 1/2 HP size motor and has a rotation speed of 2800 RPM. Although it is not as powerful as the 3/4 HP or 1 HP units, it still gets the job done quite well in comparison to others in its HP range.

    Despite its small size, its grinding chamber is big enough at 27 ounces. Although we cautioned against using price as the benchmark for making a purchasing decision, the price is the greatest selling point of this particular unit. 

    To increase the duration of its use, the manufacturers have made the blades and turntables from galvanized steel. The unit also has an anti-jamming mechanism which will save you a lot of time and unnecessary repairs. Powering the unit is also quite easy since you have to switch it on or off from the wall switch. Also, the chances of breaking down due to overload are reduced because the unit has a manual overload protector.

    GFC520V Is a continuous feed so you can add food waste while the unit is running. What’s more, it also has a splash stopper to avoid any mess caused by the gridded food waste. To keep the noise at a minimum, the unit is well insulated so that it is as quiet as possible. If you do not want to wire the dishwasher directly to the power system (like a light bulb switch), then you will have to buy a separate power cable kit. The unit is also compatible with dishwashers although the dishwasher connection kit is sold separately. 

    Although the dishwasher does not come with a lot of “extras,” it is a perfect choice if you want the best and most affordable dishwasher. With its 0.5 HP motor and high rotational speed of 2800, the unit is very ideal for grinding relatively hard food wastes and peels too. Its price and minute size make it a great choice. 


    A quality unit which is very affordable


    • Does not come with an attached electric code
    • The motor is not as powerful
    • You have to buy a dishwasher connection kit              separately

    #4  American Standard
    High Torque

    best disposal

    There is a reason the garbage disposal unit is called high torque- because of its very large motor – in fact, it’s the most powerful unit in our review. American Standard High Torque boasts of a 1.25 HP motor and a blade rotation speed of 2700 RPM.

    This combination of power and speed makes it one of the best garbage disposal units with the ability to crush and grind very hard foods (bones, vegetable stocks, peels, carrots, etc.).

    What’s more, the company that makes the appliance has been in operation for nearly 130 years, and so you can be sure of their experience in crafting top-notch garbage disposal units. 

    Generally, units with high power and torque tend to be very noisy while in operation, but the manufacturers of the American Standard High Torque ensures that this is not a problem by installing a balanced turntable. 

    Although the unit is a bit bulky and heavy, at 15 by 9 by 9 inches and a weight of 15 pounds, it is a very good order to avoid sticky food from attaching itself inside the grinding chamber; the blades are made of stainless steel. The chamber itself is made of stainless steel too which makes it corrosion and rust resistant.

    The strongest selling point of the unit apart from its power and speed is the presence of a magnetic band inside the chamber. The purpose of the magnetic guard band or ring is to “catch” any metallic objects that might fall in while the unit is running. The ring is very important since it will save you the horrible experience of reaching into the murky water with your bare hand. Using your hand to reach for utensils can be dangerous especially when the utensil in question is a sharp knife. The magnetic guard ring also prevents breakdowns which can result from the dropping of utensils (spoons or knives) in the unit while it’s in use.

    Although waste disposals cannot be mentioned as home décor appliances, who said they have to be unsightly? That is why the company has designed the unit uniquely to complement the décor of your house in general and the kitchen in particular.

    If you want the best performance at very high speed and power, then the American Standard High Torque is the disposal unit to go for. The unit is perfectly suited for a busy kitchen for it will get the job done quietly, quickly and very effectively.


    • Has a magnetic guard ring
    • It is very powerful
    • Has a very high torque
    • Grinds very hard food without any problem
    • Despite its power and torque, it is relatively                quiet
    • Made of stainless steel which makes it durable
    • Has a ten-year limited warranty
    • Vibration is greatly reduced by the turntable


    • It uses more power
    • Does not come with a power cord
    • Relatively large and heavy


    The choice of a garbage disposal unit is dependent on a number of factors including price, durability additional features, and effectiveness among others. To get value for your money, it is important to do proper research in order to know which product will serve you best. Additionally, check if your city or state allows for garbage disposals before purchasing one. If you get the green light,  we hope this review will help you make an informed decision.