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UPDATED for 2018: In this guide, we will cover the best led headlights for YOUR vehicle. Just don’t forget to match the right size for your headlight housing. 

Whether you own a vehicle that’s brand new or a car that’s ten years old, you need headlights you can count on. It’s easy to overlook the importance of having dependable headlights until the bulbs on your vehicle go out or lose their brightness.

Of course, every light source has its lifespan and will eventually need replacement. There’s a catch, however: different kinds of light bulbs have varying brightness, visibility, and lifespans. What’s more, some headlights are more energy efficient than others.

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Best LED Headlights 2018 (Top 7)

*List recently updated for 2018

Halogen lights are probably the most common type of lights. Up until recently, they were the standard for vehicle production. The big reason for their success is that they are inexpensive.

Halogen bulbs feature a tungsten filament inside surrounded by halogen gas. As the filament heats up inside of the glass it produces a bright off-white light. These particular bulbs have been around for years. Having saturated the market, halogen lights are fairly easy to find and cheaper to replace.

But, despite their popularity, halogen lights actually cost more to run. That’s because they produce more heat than they do light. You might be especially familiar with this fact if you’ve ever made the mistake of accidentally touching your car’s headlights after running the vehicle for some time.

You’ll instantly know a halogen headlight because it produces a great deal of heat. In turn, that heat produces light. However, because these lights produce so much heat they actually use up a large amount of energy, making them incredibly inefficient.

Another option is to go with the brightest HID, or Xenon lights. These headlights are powered by two electrodes instead of a heated filament, making them more energy efficient. What’s more, these bulbs produce more light with less energy.

Although they are a little more expensive than their halogen counterparts, these lights are the best if you’re looking for an affordable option that’s far more efficient.

On the other hand, there’s one huge downside to xenon headlights that makes them a poor solution: they’re very fragile. In fact, the HID lights are so delicate that manufacturers actually recommend installing them while wearing gloves, since even the natural oils on your hand can cause the bulbs to crack.

While they provide more light and produce less heat, in the long run, these specific lights also prove to a pricey choice since you’ll have to replace the fragile bulbs regularly.

Which is why your best bet is to invest in LED headlights. Today, LEDs are becoming the more common standard for vehicle manufacturing, in part because of their efficiency. Unlike halogen or xenon headlights, LED's are run by electrons, which mean they don’t generate as much heat and have a long lifespan.

Even better, these lights are worth every cent you spend on them know—lasting more than ten times as long as your average headlights. You’ll rarely have to replace your bulbs, which is exactly why they’re the best investment for cars or trucks. Choosing LED headlights for trucks is an especially wise decision because these lights lend more visibility.

Once you’ve decided that these type of bulbs are right for you, another problem presents itself. While LEDs are a higher quality light compared to other options, you still have to weed through the plethora of varieties to find the very best choices for the money.

Don’t get left in the dark. Whether you’re looking for the best LED headlights for trucks, motorcycles, or sedans, you can use this LED headlight and LED headlight kit review to find the best headlights.

In-Depth LED Headlight Conversion Kit Reviews:

If you’re in the market for the best LED headlights, then you can’t go wrong with the OPT7 Fluxbeam Headlight kit. Although these lights are more expensive than other units on the market, they are worth every penny you pay. Not only are the chips made by Cree, but the lights are also designed to create the best beam so you never have to worry about dark spots or fading beams.

The thing that makes this set really worthwhile, however, if that they can work with just about any vehicle. OPT7's are so consistent in their performance and versatility that some reviews vow to use nothing else. This consistency is one of the reasons these are the top picks for trucks since flatbed owners especially need the visibility. These headlamps can even work on motorcycles.

You’ll never have to worry about this product overheating as well, thanks to the control driver and dual speed fan. What’s more, you know you’re getting your money’s worth because OPT7 stands by this product with a two-year warranty. Finally, thanks to its plug-in and play design installation is completely hassle-free.

Since Cree chips are the best in the country, it only makes sense that one of the best LED headlight manufacturers would depend on them when constructing a line of high-quality car beams. That’s exactly what Kensun cree led headlight bulbs did when it created it’s All-in-one LED headlight conversion kit.

This is a brand that’s known for making phenomenal LEDs for motorcycles, and they’ve extended that same clarity and visibility to other vehicles. Backed by a two-year warranty, this LED headlight kit features two H4 LED lights that are designed to last 30,000 hours. 

If you’re not a fan of the bright white light, you can use the extra tints that come with this LED headlight kit to give the color a blue or yellow tint. These are the most ideal picks for trucks because of their brightness, giving you the best visibility even if you’re off-roading. 

Part of what makes these Kensun lights so unique is that they are a high-quality option for a mid-range price. These lights are designed to be smaller so they fit more vehicles and are also very bright. The only real hitch with this particular LED Headlight kit is that the chips can experience failure after a short period time. With the two-year warranty, however, you can count on the manufacturer to replace any flawed units.

When your high beams need replacing, you can count on the SNGL Super bright LED headlight conversion kit. This is one of the best LED headlight kits on the market because of its fast, reliable, and last 50,000 hours—more than double the lifespan of most LED headlight kits available today.

The thing that distinguishes SNGL super bright lights from other products is its unique cooling system that helps keep the bulbs cool no matter the weather. While other types of lights feature a fan and occasionally a heat sink, this unit features a dual speed fan plus a control driver that protects the system from overheating—even if the fan doesn’t work—and an aluminum heat sink. The aluminum on these headlights is also designed to help keep them cool.

Of all the LED headlights on the market, this is probably one of the pricier kits—costing more than 150 dollars. Additionally, while this product is compatible with numerous vehicles, sometimes you’ll need modifications or an additional converter to make it compatible with your vehicle.

JDM ASTAR is known for making incredible products that are fairly priced and high quality—and that’s just what you’re getting with the JDM ASTAR G2 8000 Lumens LED headlights. What’s great about these bulbs is that they’re easy to install. You’ll never have to worry about fussing with extra wires or ballasts, making these the best option for anyone who wants to upgrade to LED without the hassle.

These lights work especially well for almost any truck, usually with little to no modification. Other vehicles such as sedans and even motorcycles can benefit from installing these lights.

Overall, this product is a fantastic purchase if you have a little extra money and want a set of LED lights that are built to last for the lifetime of your vehicle. The only real drawback to these headlights is that can seem somewhat dim on certain vehicle models—occasionally requiring the driver to modify the vehicle to take full advantage of the power of these vehicle lights.

For individuals not totally convinced that switching to LED is the right move for them, the Street Cat H11 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit is an inexpensive tester. These lights are compatible with almost any vehicle and are easy to install, with install taking as little as five minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes.

The best thing about these headlights is that they’re very bright, delivering an estimated 4,000 lumens and nearly 30,000 hours of light. These bulbs are so bright that you’ll hardly use your high beams after installation.
This product isn’t flawless, however. As is common with some LED headlights available on the market, this product can interfere—and even increase—the static feedback you’ll hear on your radio. Additionally, since this product is more inexpensive, it’s simply not designed to last as long as other kits. This particular model is more prone to cracking and even not functioning after some time.

With a lifespan of 30,000 hours, the XtremeVision Dual Beam LED conversion kit is an affordable and durable option for anyone looking for an upgrade. Made with aviation aluminum, these are the best LED Headlights for those who live areas where storms are regular. This kit is completely water resistant and is even backed by a two-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re investing in a product that’s designed to last.

However, there are a couple of reasons why this kit ranks in at number six on the list. Firstly, although these beams are far brighter than regular halogen bulbs, you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting the full brightness of 16,000 lumens. Most LED headlight reviews indicate that the actual brightness of these lights is more like 8,000 lumens. In order to take advantage of the full capacity of this kit, users will have to install a relay system that will draw power from the battery instead of the onboard system.

This LED headlight kit also features a fan, which keeps the bulbs cool and extends their lifetime. Like so many other brands, however, this kit has a very audible fan, which may cut down on convenience for some users.

If you’re in need of a versatile LED headlight kit that has the capacity to fit almost any vehicle with little to no hassle during installation, then you can’t go wrong with the Alla lighting CSP Xtremely Bright Conversion Kit. Whether you own a model 2000 truck or a newer vehicle, installing these headlights is quick and painless. In most cases, you just plug them in and are ready to go.

These LED headlights are the best option for individuals looking to upgrade from halogen to something much brighter. Additionally, these are some of the best lights for trucks. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that this kit is powerful and can be somewhat distracting to other drivers.

Some reviewers even report being unable to see the smaller watt light on their vehicle because these bulbs emit so much light.
Another issue with this kit is that you can occasionally hear the fan running. During cooler weather, the volume is relatively low, with the fan just emitting a light hum. However, as the weather heats up, the sound gets comparatively louder.  Considering that this unit is priced at mid-range, however, users get more versatility and durability for their money, making these the best value.

A big problem that many users run into with LEDs is that, although they tend to be brighter than halogen lights, they can either seem too bright or simply not bright enough. The Vplus X Series changes all of that. This LED Headlight kit eliminates any problems you might encounter with dark spots and beams that are non-linear.

Since the units in this kit tend to be a bit brighter compared to more traditional lighting methods, they also provide more visibility. Even compared to other LED kits, the Vplus X series give off a broader scope of lighting, with the capacity to illuminate an entirely residential street if you’re using the high beams.

Despite their clarity, there are a few pitfalls to the structure of these LEDs.
Unlike a lot of other models, these bulbs aren’t designed to last. While other manufacturers incorporate fans to cool the headlights, this product features no fans.

Since reducing the amount of heat these lights produce is the secret to extending their lifespan, the lack of the fan makes the bulbs prone to getting too hot. The hotter the lamps get, the less amount of time they will last. Additionally, several reviewers cite that the LEDs actually interfere with the radio frequency on their vehicles. The product also has a very narrow scope of vehicles its compatible with, despite coming in 14 different sizes. Always check with the manufacturer’s information to see if the headlight model will fit your vehicle.

One of the best things about Cree LED headlights is that they’re famous for their clarity and soft white color. Which is why these Auxbeam LED headlight bulbs are the best choice if you’re looking for light ouput that isn't too powerful nor blinding. Conversion and installation with this LED headlight kit are also fast and easy. Many reviewers report that installation is just as easy as putting in standard halogen lights, especially on new vehicle models.

Something that makes these Auxbeam lights stand out amongst other LED headlights available on the market is the quality of its make. Like all Auxbeam headlights, these kits are designed to be durable—made with the same aluminum used on airplane headlights. For that reason, these LED headlights have a higher tolerance for dust and water.

Another perk associated with this unit is that it can also be fitted for projector housing—the best-LED headlight for cars made in the years between 2012-2014 especially.

While these are high-quality lights, they suffer one major drawback. Unfortunately, they aren’t as versatile as some other competitors on the market and are compatible with a select range of vehicles. Before purchasing these super bright LED headlights, double-check the measurements and size of your vehicle’s housing. In most cases, you’ll find that these headlights are more suited to serve as projectors light rather than reflector lights.

If you own a vehicle that you plan to keep around for a long time, but need to replace the bulbs and are looking to upgrade, then you’ll enjoy the Spec-D Tuning headlight Bulbs Cree LED Conversion Kit. With this LED Headlight kit designed by Cree, you can take advantage of the benefits of the latest technology even if your vehicle is a little bit older. It’s easy to install, affordable, and relatively versatile—compatible with a wide range of vehicles from a truck to a sports car.

The best thing about this kit is that it’s built to last. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which lasts for the more than 25,000 hours of light this product is designed to provide. Given that this LED headlight kit is designed to be both affordable and highly functional, this is the best option if your looking for a long-lasting product that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet.

The bulbs used in this particular kit are structured to minimize the amount of heat they produce, allowing them to last for long.
With these LED headlights you’ll notice major differences in brightness and clarity, especially if you’re converting from halogen lights. Not only do Cree LEDs provide a beam that is both brighter in color, but they also generate a beam that is broader, enhancing visibility by almost double. While these bulbs are the best deal for the price, reviews have cited a few flaws during installation.

Firstly, these bulbs don’t fit into all headlight housing equally. Sometimes you’ll find that these bulbs don’t fill the entire lamp with light, simply because it doesn’t fit exactly with the particular design or size of that case. Another problem is that the bulbs don’t lock into place, which can cause you to over tighten them.

Closing Thoughts and Conclusion

In this guide, I gave you an idea of the 10 best headlight bulbs to buy. Each of the led headlight kit reviews is intended to give you the idea of how much it costs, what's impressive about it, and what you should consider the particular kit.


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