Review Summary of Escort RedLine:

full escort redline reviewWhen it comes to the radar detection, Escort is one of the most popular manufacturers out there. During these years, they developed some of the best products for this purpose and they still continue to surprise us.

Today, I’ve bought a product that’s been popular for the last few years and it’s RedLine Radar Detector. RedLine Radar Detector is here to provide you with the safest, most efficient radar detection you’ll get for your money.

Speaking of money, you’ll pay just around $330 for this one, which is relatively affordable. But, everything that’s good is also a bit more expensive. So, is this product worth your time? Well, I think it’s time to find out in our Escort RedLine Radar Detector review.

Primary Features:

Some features are here to make it or break it. But, I’m pretty happy with the ratio between these two opposite ends. In fact, RedLine Radar Detector has everything you need to make it the best buy of your life. Let’s first begin with the sturdy, compact and durable packaging that has every tool needed for installation. Upon opening it, you’ll see how compact this product is and very, very durable. In the box, you’ll find this product alongside quick-release windshield mount with suction cups, user manual, etc.

Escort is pretty generous when it comes to the features, and I’m very happy about it. Thanks to quick-release mount, you’ll need… well, maybe ten seconds to mount it on your windshield. Are you a business person and have no time for complicated stuff? Nah, you can’t use this excuse for not mounting your RedLine Radar Detector- it’s deadly simple.

Escort RedLine Radar Detector Package

Moving on to the real features, we have the complete invisibility. This means that your radar detector will be something like Stealth airplane, which was used to sneak above the enemy lines. So, other radar detectors won’t be able to detect this badass machine, which is really great.

As this is a radar detector, you’ll get an ultra-bright display visible from every angle. Now you can easily see the signal strength that is given to you and other messages regarding potential hazards.

AutoMute and Mute are probably the most interesting features here. This function is here to mute the volume of the alert after initially alerting you, using your selected volume.

I recommend using AutoMute since it can be quite annoying listening to the alert sound over and over again. I’ve been using it since I bought this radar detector and it works flawlessly.

If being a spy on James Bond’s level with this detector isn’t enough for you, you’ll be happy to see that Safety Radar is in function. Safety Radar (Safety Warning System – SWS) is here to inform you about the happenings on the road ahead of you. This includes highway constructions or maintenance as well as hazard and weather conditions. With over 64 messages available, you’ll hardly miss any important info on the road ahead.

Have you wondered why Escort RedLine Radar Detector is so special? Well, it’s because it has two antennas, resulting in an incredible range. Coupled with aforementioned SWS, front and rear laser detection, digital signal processing and AutoMode, this radar detector is a great addition to your car. In fact, I would say this is a far superior product for your car.

RedLine Radar Detector

In the end, it’s important to mention the ease of use. I’m everything but a complicated person, so I like everything simple and buttery-smooth. This is exactly what we have here. RedLine Radar Detector isn’t afraid to throw in some physical buttons that give you control over everything on the screen. We have Power, Volume/Mute and SENS button here. Yeah, only three buttons; you can’t get more simple than this!

Most Important Benefits:

  • Users will definitely benefit from the simplicity of this product. Everything from installing it and using it is very simple and smooth. Due to its few physical buttons and great quick-release windshield mount, RedLine Radar Detector will show you how simple, yet efficient it can be.
  • This radar detector comes with dual antennas, meaning that the signal strength is very strong and reliable. The two antennas in this radar detector work flawlessly and I’ve barely had any problem with them.
  • The intelligence of this product is amazing. Users can now benefit from SWS (Safety Warning System) which informs them of various happenings on the road ahead. This further expands the function of the product, justifying its relatively big price.
  • The mighty ultra-bright display is here for every lighting condition. This component is very beneficial, being able to show you all the important alerts vividly and comprehensively. We are speaking of a 280-LED alphanumeric display, which is known to produce great results in every condition.
  • With its superior detection capabilities, this detector also boasts ultimate undetectability. Basically, you’ll never be detected by other radar detectors and that’s so cool.
  • Mute and AutoMute are great options for those who aren’t keen on listening high-pitch alarm sound all the time.

Some Drawbacks

  • The primary drawback of this radar detector is the lack of GPS. This is a much-needed function for informing yourself on speed cameras, speed traps, marked locations, etc. Unfortunately, you can’t do that with RedLine Radar Detector.
  • If you are a budget-oriented user, the price isn’t going to make you satisfied. With its $330, this product is still a good buy, but also a not-that-good deal due to the lack of GPS.

So What’s The Bottom Line?

Escort RedLine Radar Detector VerdictIf you’ve read our article, you saw that Escort was VERY generous with adding some cool features in their RedLine Radar Detector, in fact, it was the #2  best radar detector on our main buyer’s guide.

This compact, yet powerful beast is here to give you a superior radar detection in every weather and lighting conditions, making it a great product for the price.

So, which users should get this radar detector? Well, that’s a good question. Everyone who loves tons of interesting features and amazing detection capabilities should get this product. Furthermore, if you don’t want to be detected by other radar detectors, this will also do the trick.

Some other features like dual antennas, laser detection, and SWS are also worth mentioning. Without these features, this product will probably be shallow and empty, especially for the price given. Speaking of price, some may find it too expensive, probably due to the lack of GPS. This is the only and primary drawback of RedLine Radar Detector, but no product is perfect, right? To put it simply, Escort did a pretty good job here and RedLine Detector is almost a steal deal at this price range. If you want a reliable radar detector, this is a must-have!