Are you tired of those bulky ladders that take up the better part of your storage space? Maybe, you wish that you had a ladder that is lighter and easier to move around? Or you just simply want to clean some high spots in a room, but there’s isn’t sufficient space for your regular ladder?

If you are familiar with any of these issues, then you might want to consider investing in a telescopic ladder. But what is a telescopic ladder?

Also known as a telescoping ladder, it is one of the best hassle-free tools you can have in your home. The ladder is designed to ensure safety and convenience when it comes to performing those DIY home repairs and cleaning.

Namely, a telescopic ladder can extend into various heights and configurations. Likewise, it can collapse down in seconds. And you don’t have to worry about injuries. It is highly portable and incredibly easy to store. But there’s a catch.

telescope ladder

Telescopic ladders are available in a wide selection of models, styles, and even materials. And choosing the perfect one for your specific needs can be a challenge. But, don’t fret. 

With this review of the best telescopic ladders, you will have an easier time choosing the best one for your needs. Before we explore the best ladders, however, you need to know what makes the best telescopic ladder. With that being said, let’s dive in.




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How to Choose the Perfect Telescopic Ladder

There are several factors to consider to get the best telescopic ladder. Shall we look at the most important factors?

The Design of The Ladder

It is imperative that you check the design of the telescoping ladder before making a purchase. Try to answer the following the questions when reviewing the ladder design:

  • What material is the ladder made of?
  • What kind of job do you plan to do with the ladder?
  • Do you have adequate space at home for storing it?

Tall telescopic ladders are generally the best choice. But the amount of space you have for storage would determine whether or not you should go for the taller options. 

Be sure your preferred ladder can support lots of weight without the risk of bending of crumbling down. In that case, you might want to consider buying a heavy-duty aluminum, steel, or fiberglass ladder. But fiberglass is the best of them all. 

While it is as lightweight as aluminum, fiberglass is much stronger. It is worth noting, however, that there are factors that will make you choose other ladders over a fiberglass ladder. Read on. 

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Consider Your Budget

How much money are you planning to spend on a telescopic ladder?

Telescopic ladders are available in a vast range of prices. While you want to spend within your limits, you don’t want to buy a cheap, substandard ladder that will end up disappointing you. So you need to plan well in terms of the budget before you go out shopping for the ideal telescopic ladder.

If you are working with a limited budget, consider purchasing an aluminum telescopic ladder as they are normally more affordable. If you are not tight on budget, however, then it is advisable to go for fiberglass ladder. Fiberglass ladders are normally of better quality than other materials.  

Check The Ladder’s Safety Ratings

Falling from a ladder is not a joke. It can be fatal. According to a study published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), 43 percent of fatal falls in the United States in the last 10 years have involved a ladder. 

Likewise, in the UK, ladders account for about 40 percent of falls from height accidents investigated by the Height and Safety Executive in workplaces every year. That means that millions of people have been maimed or lost their lives in the last few years as a result of ladder-related accidents.

 So, how do you ensure you don’t end up being part of these statistics? 

You should avoid buying low-grade ladders. Your preferred ladder should have a sturdy frame. It should have wide, slip-resistant steps. Be sure the telescopic ladder has thick legs with non-slip rubber ends.

Your Preferred Ladder Should be Easy to Use

You should realize that telescopic ladders need a bit of assembly to work efficiently. Therefore, be sure your preferred ladder is easy to set up and use before you buy it. Setting up the ladder should be somewhat effortless. Climbing up and down the ladder should be easy as well. 

Armed with this information, you will have an easier time choosing the perfect ladder for your needs. And in the spirit of helping you find the best telescopic ladder, we have spent considerable time on research; trying various ladders and analyzing user reviews. The result?

We’ve managed to compile a conclusive list of top-rated telescopic ladders, including their pros and cons. All you have to do now is choose one that fits your needs the best.


#1 Telesteps Professional Extension Ladder

collapsible ladder

Weighing only 30.5 pounds, the Telesteps 1800EP is a 300-pound rated telescopic ladder that will serve you well for years. You need a quality, reliable ladder for accessing those hard-to-reach areas in your house. And this Telesteps ladder won’t let you down.

It is made of quality aluminum and boasts an automated system. That means you can set it up to your preferred height all by yourself without so much fuss. It is unlike other telescopic ladders, which need at least two people to set up well. 

Likewise, you can collapse it and move it around easily. The 33-inch ladder is also space-efficient. Even if you have a small home, with limited storage space, you will be able to store your ladder safely and conveniently. 

To sum it up, the Telesteps 1800EP is a highly portable, tastefully-engineered telescopic ladder that is perfect for both professional and personal use. It can extend up to 18 feet and can be used to perform a wide range of jobs. 


  • 33-inch, compact ladder
  • Up to 18 feet climbing height
  • Lightweight – Only 30.5 pounds
  • High-grade aluminum frame
  • CONS



     retractable ladder

    Ohuhu has a reputation for producing affordable, yet reliable telescopic ladders. And the 12.5-ft EN131 Aluminum extension ladder is no exception. It would make a great choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly, functional, and versatile telescopic ladder. So, what does the Ohuhu EN131 has to offer?

    If features anti-pinch mechanism, which you won’t find in most high-end telescopic ladders. The mechanism encompasses plastic pillars in between the steps. You don’t have to worry about your fingers getting trapped when you are collapsing the ladder.

    The ladder will serve you well for years, thanks to its heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame. And the non-corrosive metal won’t lose its luster any time soon. That’s not all. The EN131 boasts a smart extend & lock mechanism with easy thumb buttons. The 330-pound capacity, 12.5-foot telescopic ladder also features a closure strap, which makes it easy to store and transport. 


  • The extra wide steps make it more stable and          safe
  • A 6-month limited warranty on parts and repair
  • European safety standards certified
  • CONS

  • Somewhat unstable when loaded to maximum        capacity

  • #3 ​Little Giant 14016-001 Telescopic Ladder

    telescoping extension ladder

    If you are looking for a compact, yet efficient telescoping ladder with minimal risk of slipping, you might want to consider buying Little Giant 14016-001 Telescopic ladder. It is a 250-pound capacity ladder made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

    The OSHA certified telescopic ladder is space-efficient, and hence one of the best choices if you have limited square-footage in your garage. It is also pleasant to the eye. The 14016-001 will serve you for many years, thanks to its special ability to resist rust and corrosion.

    One of the most remarkable features of this ladder is that it functions in numerous configurations. If you are looking for more stability, for instance, you can use the Little Giant as an A-frame ladder. It can also make an excellent:

    • 90-degree ladder
    • Staircase ladder
    • Extension ladder
    • Scaffolding system.

    To sum it up, Little Giant 14016-001 is a lightweight and portable telescopic ladder that can extend up to 9 feet high. It also has sturdy steps, ensuring maximum personal safety. The ladder is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. 


  • 250-pound weight limit
  • OSHA and ANSI A14.2 certified
  • Works in several configurations
  • Rust-resistant
  • CONS

  • The ladder has relatively small steps

  • #4  ​Werner MT-22 22-foot Telescoping Multi-Ladder

    best telescoping ladder

    Werner is one of the premier brands in the world of Telescopic Ladders. So, there’s no way a Werner ladder could miss from our list. And the MT-22 telescoping ladder is one of the top-rated ladders from this company. 

    But what makes Werner MT-22 one of the best telescoping ladders to have in your arsenal of home tools?

    It is a highly flexible ladder, with an impressive 28 different levels and positions. That means you can adapt it to virtually any position of your preference. It can serve virtually all your ladder needs. 

    This 300-pound capacity multi-functional telescopic ladder can extend up to 22 feet height. And that is very easy to do – simply push the soft-touch buttons on the side.

    It is also worth noting that the MT-22 is one of the safest telescopic ladders you can get on the market today. Its double-riveted steps provide an extra-wide base for maximum support and stability. Your comfort is also guaranteed, thanks to the smoothly curved side rails and the slip-resistant, non-marring feet. 

    To sum it up, Werner MT-22 multi-functional telescoping ladder is a versatile tool that is incredibly easy and safe to use. Whether you want a twin-step ladder, a stairway step ladder, a scaffolding system, or any other ladder system, the MT-22 has got you covered. 


  • Can be easily adapted to several working positions and heights
  • Impressive 300-pound weight limit
  • A high level of versatility and flexibility
  • CONS

  • A little bit more expensive than other telescopic ladders in its class

  • #5  Generic EN131 Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder 


    If you are looking for a lightweight, ANS A14.2 Certified ladder that can support up to 300 pounds without caving in, then Generic EN131 could be an ideal choice for you. 

    Made of heavy-duty aluminum, the EN131 telescopic ladder weighs only 26 pounds. That makes it a perfect choice if you want a ladder that you can travel with conveniently. That’s not enough.

    It is engineered to serve you efficiently for many years. You can credit that to its sturdy, ANSI A14.2 Type1A certified frame. And you don’t have to worry about storage space even if you have a small home.

    The 34-inch ladder (when closed) is space-efficient. It is also worth noting that Generic EN131 is impressively versatile and can extend up to 12-5 feet high.

    To sum it up, Generic EN131 is a compact, highly functional Telescopic ladder with a faultlessly-working spring-loaded mechanism. It is a hard-wearing, lightweight ladder ideal for travelers. 


  • 300-pound weight limit
  • ANSI A14.2 Type1A certified frame
  • Highly portable, thanks to the lightweight design
  • Can be adjusted up to 12-5 feet high
  • CONS

  • Highly-priced compared to most of its counterparts

  • #6  Xtend & Climb 780P Aluminum Telescopic Ladder Type IA Professional Series

    tallest telescoping ladder

    The Xtend & Climb 780P is another great option if you are looking for a compact, but a functional telescopic ladder. It is a tastefully-designed tool.  

    Xtend & Climb have a reputation for producing telescopic ladders with neat finishes. And the 780P is no exception. For instance, you can credit its pleasant looks to the Aerospace Engineered 6061 aluminum alloy frame that sports a charming clean-touch anodized finish. 

    One of the most remarkable features of the highly portable ladder is its integrated carrying handle. The carrying gear comprises a cleverly-crafted hard-wearing strap for easy storage and transportation. 


  • Aerospace engineered using airplane grade aluminum alloy for strength 16-steps with non-slip tread ensure you can safely reach up to 19.5 ft.
  • ANSI type I certified for up to 250 lb. weight capacity Patented true telescoping technology extends the ladder to an impressive 15.5 ft.
  • Compact 36.5 in. closed height makes it easy to move and store.
  • PROS

  • Compact, portable design
  • Comes in a wide selection of colors
  • Anti-pinch closure system
  • 6-month limited warranty on repair and parts
  • CONS

  • A little bit more expensive than other ladders in its class

  • #7  Amarine-made 3-Step Stainless Steel Telescoping Boat Ladder 


    We don’t want to say you are short, but sometimes it can be difficult for you to reach some shelves in the house, especially in the kitchen. And that’s where Amarine-made comes in to give you a boost with their 3-step telescopic ladder.

    You don’t have to worry about tumbling over. The ladder is very steady, thanks to its low profile design. It is an impressively functional, easy-to-set-up ladder ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. And you can effortlessly collapse it.

    Made of high-quality stainless steel, the Amarine-made ladder can serve you well for years. What’s more, it sports a corrosion and rust resistant stylish, polished surface. 

    Other remarkable features of this marine-grade ladder include wide metallic legs with rubbers pads that ensure you don’t slip while using it. And the steps boast non-slip, black vinyl for increased safety. 

    The nylon bushing located in between the ladder’s sections can’t go unmentioned.

    Besides promoting safety by minimizing the risk of accidental deployment, they also avert galling. To sum it up, the Amarine-made 3-step ladder is a handy tool that doesn’t break easily. The lightweight fold-over ladder is highly portable and boasts high safety standards. It is also easy to maintain.


  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Non-slip vinyl treads for increased safety
  • Robust 3-step design
  • Portable
  • CONS

  • Short – not ideal for very high spots

  • #8  Ollieroo EN131 Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

    telescoping ladder safety

    Ollieroo EN131 is another high-capacity, multifunctional telescopic ladder that you can use to access high areas in your home without compromising personal safety

    The highly portable, space-efficient ladder boasts 12 adjustable steps. It is easy to set up and the steps are designed to glide smoothly to your preferred height. Once extended, its thumb button clicks and unique locking system secures the steps in place. 

    The ladder can support up to 300 pounds with minimal risk of caving down. And its rubberized feet can firmly grip virtually any floor for maximum safety. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor works. 

    To sum it up, Ollieroo EN131 is a heavy-duty, versatile telescopic ladder with an en131 (European safety standard) certified frame. Hence, the risk of falling while using it is very low. It also doesn’t break easily and can serve you for years to come. 


  • 300-pound weight limit
  • 12 Adjustable platforms
  • Flared, rubberized feet for maximum stability 
  • CONS

  • The directions on the user’s manual can be confusing


    Who doesn’t love convenience? The telescopic ladder is an epitome of convenience when it comes to cleaning or working on those hard-to-reach, high areas in your home or workplace. It is a versatile tool designed to securely transform into various operating heights and positions. 

    The ladder is also portable in light of the fact that you can collapse it for easy transportation. Telescoping ladders are normally made of fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. And they come in a wide selection of brands, models, and prices. So, choosing the perfect one for your needs can be a challenge. 

    But we have tried to make things easier for you by doing an in-depth research and putting together a list of the best telescoping ladders. From this list, you can find a great telescope ladder that suits your needs and budget. Be sure to visit our homepage of Top Rated Anything for more reviews!