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Blend a meal or blend desert, whatever you have in mind... you can probably make it a liquid. This guide shows you which to pick.

Get yourself involved in the coffee brewing process, you'll be glad you did. This tool lets you hear and feel every crunch of the coffee bean. Read full guide to pick your own.

Automate your coffee making process, by having a machine brew your coffee for you. If you pick the right one, it will provide you delicious coffee for a long time to come.

Modern store brand bread is getting old and unhealthy. How about having WARM, SOFT, DELICIOUS bread that will leave your mouth watering for me. In this guide, we will show you exactly which one to get.

Traditional water boiling can take quite a bit. However, with an electric kettle, you'll be saving time and have many more options to choose from.

From fruits, vegetables, and meats. Dehydrate the foods, store them for much longer, enjoy a unique taste that you don't get from raw produce. This product is a MUST.

Get the HIGH doses of caffeine you need with this product. Regular coffee is quite nice, but this takes it to a different level! 

Want to process food much faster, slice it up so its ready. This kitchen tool is a MUST for most, and likely you'll enjoy it from day one.

A good quality blender can go a long way. In fact, a good one will last for years. This guide shows you which to pick to be your rock-solid kitchen tool.

There's store bought ice cream, and there's home made. Like most foods, homemade is usually the way to go. We picked the top rated ice cream makers to buy.

Cook inside, no propane, no gas required. Electricity is your best friend, in this guide we show what you need!

Consumer more than 5X the vegetables and fruits using this kitchen appliance. We made a guide showing exactly which to get.

Heat panini's, sandwiches, and many more other sandwich styled dishes. We have a guide that is designed to help you pick the best.

Make tender and delicious meals using this tool. While it takes some time, the end result is magnificent. 

Make delicious rice for small and big meals. This tool lets you make both regular and sticky rice.

Heat or reheat food quick and easy. That's the major selling point, and this kitchen tool does it perfectly.

Want food to be tender and juicy, and not in a hurry to make your meal.. this kitchen tool will be perfect for you.

Heavy duty kitchens need heavy duty tools, and a stand mixer is no exception. See our top picks and which to get.

Much like a conventional oven, but much smaller. This tool will make a BIG difference in the kitchen. See our buyer's guide.

Fun for you and fun for kids. Yes, this snow cone maker machine will do what the ones you see on the streets do. All at the comfort of your kitchen.

Make breakfast or make lunch, toasters serve an IMPORTANT role in daily live. Pick one that is BEST for you.

Waffles can be served in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night time. A waffle maker will be by your side through this. Pick yours using this guide.

You can make yogurt easily at home, no store necessary. This guide will show you which maker to buy.


Seal food for MUCH longer, without dehydrating it. Yes, this guide will show you which sealer to purchase.