Story Time: You Can Sleep In Your Car & Make Money… Seriously!

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Back in the day, just a few short decades ago, living in your car was more frowned upon than it is now and really only was seen as a last resort for people who lost their jobs or are simply junkies (at least that's what it seemed like to most people). In this article, the discussion will solely focus on the USA.

Let’s say even before the early 2000’s, the internet as we know it today… was far behind and lacking infrastructure for anyone to have the ability to work remotely.

Today however, with the help of major mobile phone providers, a ton of free wireless hotspots nationwide… you are truly capable to staying connected to LTE and broadband… wherever you go.

This here is intended to be NOT a last resort for your career or work life, but instead an alternative option of living either permanent or temporary. 

Doing this is the most convenient option if you DON’T have kids and DON’T have huge financial responsibilities (aka mortgage, child support, etc). It can work out if you and your significant other both are on the same page about being remote workers, and not needing to use a physical location to generate your income.

Let's answer some obvious questions.


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but wait...

While I don't know what your life is like, what education you have, what schooling you went through, and if you have any student loans. With those things, making a change could be challenging... by NOT impossible.

If you are ready with an open mind, below could be an excellent way to shake things up for your personal freedom, your finances, and your outlook of life.

We are truly blessed with innovations bringing technology that is changing the way we live. The most convenient one being that most of us are connected to the internet for various means, and more and more things are happening BECAUSE of the world wide web. 

Let's take advantage of it.

working online

Millions upon millions of people are earning part time and full time income from the internet, all because OTHER people use the internet, other people are buying on the internet, and other people are spending money through other various means there. As a result, this opens up opportunities to take advantage of various skills available that business can take advantage of and give you money for.

Most Popular Methods To Work Remotely

While there's hundreds of different skills and ways you can earn money online, I'll discuss a few which can be started by ANYONE and could get the ball rolling for you in as little as a few weeks.

#1 Online Freelance Writer

If you are a native english speaker, and can write pretty good, there's quite a LOT of money to earn here. In fact, you can make upwards of $100+ per 1000 words of writing. On the low end, you can make somewhere around $10-$15 per 1000 words of writing, as long as you follow instructions provided to you by a client, you are going keep yourself busy, and earning a decent amount of money.

Starting out its usually a difficult task to earn enough to cover basic expenses and then have some left over. But this is only temporary and will increase significantly when you FOCUS on making that one thing you are doing.

Write 75 articles in a month at $30 each (2000 words per article), and earn about $2,250. That does not include repeat clients you may receive from doing so many articles. 

If this interests you, head-on over to and sign-up as a freelance writer.

#2 Online VA (Virtual Assistant)

 Assist others virtually

This is where you'll be working per hour. Being an American or a foreigner who has very fluent english skills with speech and writing, it's a BIG bonus and can warrant you to request a higher rate than someone who's from a place like India, Pakistan, Philippines, or China (just to name a few).

Tasks usually range from doing research, to outreaching via email, to doing cold calls, to building websites from WordPress, and the list goes on and on. The more skills you collect, and the better you get at them, the more you can request from clients on an hourly rate.

  • Beginner: Starting at $15.00 per hour
  • Experienced: Requesting $25.00 per hour +
  • 40 Hour Work Week for Beginner: $600 in earnings
  • 40 Hour Work Week for Experienced: $1,000 in earnings +

The same place where you can become a freelance writer, you can also become a Virtual Assistant (UpWork).

#3 Search Engine Optimization for Businesses


When you think of a source to find information, you got to Google (unless you are the weird one that uses Bing). Google has its entire algorithm based on rankings websites through a variety of different factors. Those factors can be learned and implemented to any website, to produce results over the course of a few weeks to a few months. 

Businesses that have high earnings, such as dentists, physicians, roofers and more, can afford to spend $1,000 per month to get their websites up in Google and ultimately, more clients to them. It's important you get the right knowledge, which is found online at sources like (this guy is an expert).

How Can I Do This On-The-Go?

 Hotspot Baby!

It's the power of mobile internet, in 2017 & 2018, you are now able to get reasonably priced cellphone or hotspot plans from Sprint and TMobile which give you decent overall coverage, and excellent coverage in areas where they shine. We're talking about 10 GB for less than $100 per month. That's more than enough to get work done online.

Verizon and AT&T will the highest priced plans, but that's because they have the best coverage nationwide.

Heavy duty streaming and downloading can be done at places where free internet is provided. 

Cars IDEAL For Living & Working  In

This is where you may find yourself in a pickle. 

If you own something that doesn't have the flexibility to sleep in comfortably and burns a TON of fuel overall... you may need to trade it in and get yourself something totally different. 

camp inside tesla model s

For budgets of $40,000+

Without a doubt, after the most recent news of automobiles are becoming more and more electric, it's safe to say that the more reliable way you can live in your car is with Tesla Model S. Here's a few reasons why:

There's a LOT less moving part, which equals to less maintenance.

A LOT of savings in terms of fuel. Tesla has a LOT of SuperCharger stations nationwide, if you get one before 2017, you qualify for unlimited charging for the life of the car.

The Model S is a HUGE car, it's the size of a Mercedes S class. In addition to that, it has a hatch which opens up and gives MUCH more room inside the trunk area. Since the back seats fold flat, there's enough room for TWO grown adults to lay flat.

You can run the car ON and only burn through 10-20% charge overnight. Amazing right?

For budgets of $20,000-$30,000

This is where you can actually get a fully loaded Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter VAN and convert it into a camper. A small generator can be mounted on the roof, and really just burn a few gallons of fuel per night... costing you very little. 

This is the roomiest way to live in your car because of the high sealing. In fact, you'll be able to stand up and move around with a sense of it being a small room (on wheels). 

For budgets of $5,000-$20,000

This is where my favorite choice comes into play, and I'm talking about Hybrid vehicles.

You get the BEST of both worlds (almost) and most importantly, pay a LOT less than you would for a Tesla vehicle. 

Here's a few models I HIGHLY recommend you check out to see.

Toyota Prius 

This here is what I believe, the holy grail of living in your car semi comfortably and saving a ton of money. First of all, we are talking about the Prius which is made from 2010-2015. These the most fuel efficient in this price range, and has a super convenient foldable rear seat which lets you lay down completely.  It also lets you keep the car on ALL NIGHT and only burns 1 gallon of gas at most (it does that by turning on and off for 2-3 minutes at a time throughout the night). It would do that probably 20-30 times in an 8 hour span, letting you run AC or HEAT and sleep comfortably.

Honda Insight

Everything I've said about the Toyota Prius above, applies to the Honda Insight. While the Insight may not be the most efficient vehicle by comparison, it still gets an average of 40mpg. Now the extra 7-9 mpg may not be a deal breaker for you, and they shouldn't be. You can get a fully loaded Insight and newest model year for WELL under 20K. Heck, even many are for sale under 10K with higher mileage.... and trust me, no one abuses these. They are quite slow.

Chevy Volt

Chevy did a GREAT job with their hybrid vehicle. Although it would NOT do it any justice by calling it a Hybrid. It's actually more of an electric car than it is a hybrid. Here's what I mean. The tiny 4 cylinder engine is not connected to the front wheels at all, it acts as a generator to send electricity to the electric motors which drive the front wheels. 

This is an excellent things for you, because there's nothing that could snap or break. No strain on the engine, less worries for you. 

With that in mind, how about the livability?

Some modification needs to be done to lay flat in the backseats, but when done right ,you can sleep inside and never worry about burning fuel. Just make sure to charge your Volt at a public place with a 240+ outlet to get a full charge in 3-4 hours. Recommended 100%!

Many of these models can be found for less than $10,000 USD. Even the high mileage will not do anywhere as much harm to them, as it would for standard non-hybrid automobiles. So if you see a Prius, Insight or Volt with 100,000+ miles (or 160,000+ kilometers), don't worry. You are safe as long as you have the automobile inspected properly before hand.

Bottom Line & Take Action

So there you have it, a way you can actually live in your car and make money. Now keep in mind that how to make money online using those methods was not well explained, and that was because I just wanted to inform you of the methods existence.

There's more to learn about them to make them work effectively. 

Also when you start practicing, you can contact your cell phone provider and enable the "hotspot" option giving you a few gigs of data for 30-50 dollars per month extra (free in some cases).

Worthwhile things in life, are not easy to attain.

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