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Here's the Team Behind TopRatedAnything.com:

The brains behind TopRatedAnything.com is Martin Romerez. He's a Filipino born and raised in Sagada. After he attended college at the University of the Philippines Diliman, he became an expert in web security and marketing. He took a lot of his knowledge and placed it in this website. On his days off, he is a big movie buff and likes to see the latest movies. On Sundays he attends Church with his family, and that is one of the biggest joys according to him.  

Martin Romerez

ROLE: Creator of TopRatedAnything

FROM: Sagada, Philippines

Alexander is a unique guy, as he doesn't like to be called Alex (thinks it makes him sound like a little kid). Oh well, everyone has their odd quirks. What makes him stand apart is the attention to detail in what he does, the moment you some of our photos, page designs, the whole theme of the website and more, you'll know it was his work. He keeps his motto same as there he's from "Texans do it better".

Alexander Dunne

R​​​OLE: Graphic Designer & Programmer

FROM: Austin, Texas, United States

CONTACT:  [email protected]

If there was anyone who did an amazing job keeping our customers happy, its Sarah. She's from Poland and can speak fluently in Polish, English, and Russian. On the days she is off, her true passion is doing forrest trekking, walking her dog, and traveling internationally. We're not sure what we would do without her amazing customer service and care.

Sarah Kamińska

ROLE: Human Relations (and part time writer)

FROM: Lublin, Poland

CONTACT: [email protected]

Milo's is from Nis, Serbia and loves to write about technology which is changing the world today. He has been a writer on multiple Serbian blog's and finally on TopRatedAnything. Although he may look super serious, he's really making a difference with us. The content on the latest technologies such as Cryptocurrencies is top-notch and worth reading 100%.

Milos Nikolic

ROLE: Writer & Editor 

FROM: Nis, Serbia

CONTACT: Click here to get in touch with Milos.


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