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Darion owner of


Born: Virginia, USA

My name is Darion Robinson, owner of Top Rated

From buyer’s guides to quick and direct informative posts, my job is to simply provide the most accurate content to take the stress out of finding the best products for the best prices.  I  and my team publish a new post, buyer’s guide or simply update content every week just for you. In short, this is your one-stop review for almost anything you can think of! Of course, I could not do this without the help of my staff.

Some of our guys/ladies are guru’s within their fields (Automotive, Personal Health & Fitness and more) while others have simply put the time and work into obtaining degrees and can ensure all information is accurate. Not only do we try and test products for ourselves, but if are unable to, we reach out to the respectable postions that would be able to provide us with accurate information and assistance. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me by going to my contact us page!

Welcome to! We have a few writers on our staff that do all of our content. One that has an Automotive Degree and specializes in the vehicle niche and others that simply have been in their field for well over 10 years. This ensures our buyer’s guides are accurate to the fullest.

We try to post not only informative but enjoyable and well-educated content for everyone to read. If you ever have any concerns, comments or questions about our reviews please visit our contact page to get in touch with us!

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