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Top 5 Hot Water Boilers for 2018

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If you’re in search for the absolute best electric kettle for cooking, boiling tea, and coffee needs, then please continue reading. It’s time to stop having to patiently wait while boiling water and start having what you desire more immediately. 

If you’re not aware already, these appliances are more commonly known as electric tea makers because of their ability to boil water in a VERY short period of time. Instead of waiting 10-15 minutes for a boiling point to be reached, this is shortened to under 3 minutes for a full pot of water (1-2 liters) to be ready for use.

There is no doubt that it can be a daunting task attempting to choose the exact kettle that will fit your needs. As plastic, steel, aluminum, ceramic and others are just some of the materials to choose from, it makes it hard to know which we show longevity. 

The quality of electric kettles can vary, as too can specific features offered with each. We hope that in the electric kettle reviews below, we'll be able to give you a much better understanding on which ones to pick.

Top 7 Electric Water Kettle Reviews

Please be mindful that the following electric kettle reviews which will will be mention will range in price. Some will be a bit pricey, while others will be bargains. It's IMPORTANT that you look at each one, so you not only know the price, but have a better understanding by seeing additional user reviews.

1. Epica 6-Temp - The Best Electric Kettle for Coffee & Tea Brewing

Lets cut to the chase, this is the best electric kettle on the market. It’s an excellent water boiler for your tea and coffee of choice and for good reasons. 

Upon opening the box, you’ll be presented with instructions, a power cord, base, and the kettle itself. The initial feel of the kettle is very solid and provides a brushed finish on the outside. When empty, it has a strongly built feel to it, showing the consumer that it is built to last and withstand the occasional abuse.

Whether you decide that it will be your go-to choice for tea, coffee, or creating instant meals, you simply can’t go wrong selecting this thing. The lid has a simple spring button which allows you to easily open and close it.

When boiling, the lid stays shut with no indications that it will accidentally open up, causing the spilling of boiling water which could potentially do some serious harm. 

What makes the Epica the most interesting? Check Below...


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    Believe it or not, having the right temperature for both coffee and tea, will bring out the richest of flavors. Unlike many cheap kettles which have just one setting, the Epical 6-Temp electric hot water kettle gives you SIX choices for boiling temperatures. 

    Programmable 160 degrees, 175 degrees, 185 degrees ,190 degrees, 200 degrees, and 212 degrees. One additional setting lets you keep the water warm at all times, which is more like a low to medium setting on more standard models.

  • check

    In the kitchen, safety is SUPER important. Epical made this one cool-to-touch when hot. Meaning, when you’re boiling water, you can touch the surface and not suffer any burns.

    In addition to that, if water starts to boil out and run dry, it will automatically shut off. 

  • check

    Built-in 30 minute keep warm timer makes this kettle act like a small water heater for tea and or coffee. This is very helpful when room temperature is below comfortable, and things cool rather quickly. With this timer, your boiled water will still be rather hot even 30 minutes later.

  • check

    You actually don’t need two hands to use it. Epical has listened to its customers, and I love it. When pouring water, the lid automatically opens up. Sitting on its base, it comes on and off in a breeze. 


  • Easy, safe, and well built. Being a kitchen item, safety for everyone is crucial and the Epical did it well with this one.

  • Selectable boiling temperatures, lets your bring out the full flavors of tea and coffee. I love this because this is primarily what it will be used for.

  • Easily handle it with just one hand, lid automatically opens and closes as you pour boiling hot water. 

  • The entire kettle is made of stainless steel. What likely plastic it has, water is not exposed to it and the plastic is in-fact BPA free.


  • Does not notify you when water is done boiling. That’s something you need to check manually.


  • 6 temperature settings to choose from (160, 175, 185, 195, 200, 212 degree F).
  • Operates on 1500 watts of power.
  • Water capacity is at 1.7 liters.
  • Two Year Warranty is included, if problems arise in first two years ,they will replace the product free of charge.

2. Royal RYL - Instant Boil Glass Water Kettle

Talk about a beautiful looking glass electric kettle, right? The Epica mentioned above exceeds expectations but the Royal RYL-KETTLE runs a close race in this top 7's list.

Nonetheless, this one is primarily made of glass and metal with minimal plastic parts. If you’re an environmentalist or just simply do not like the idea of what plastic can do when boiling hot water, then this would be a solid option to consider.

From the moment you unbox it and set it all up, there’s few moving parts and buttons to click on. The beauty of glass makes coffee or tea time, more interesting. This particular kettle is simple to use and does the one main function very well; boiling water. 

We will now cover below, the primary features, specific ones that make this electric water boiler truly stand out. 


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    The most obvious feature of this kettle, is the glass container. This is where the entire 1.7 liters of water will be boiled. Aside from no plastic being used, there’s just something fascinating about seeing the water bubble-up as it reaches peak boiling temperature.

  • check

    In approximately 5-6 minutes, you’ll have a pitcher of water ready for both tea, coffee, oatmeal, pasta, and instant meals. To prevent water from evaporating, there’s a 30 second automated shot-off. This safety feature preserves the life of this kettle.

  • check

    This is a cordless electric kettle, this means you get a simple connect base which allows you to rotate the entire thing 360 degree in any direction. It’s just like heating up water using a gas stove but the bottom does not stay hot or heat up at all.

  • check

    There’s a light (not a button) which glows blue when the water is heating up, yet another safety feature which isn’t so obvious. Mentioned earlier, there’s few plastic parts but make no direct contact with water, laving your water contamination free.


  • The part where water has the most contact with is made of glass, water free of contamination. 

  • Simple interface and function, on and off. The way it’s supposed to be. 

  • Beautiful design, makes it fit-in with almost any kitchen. It’s a compliment to any hot drinks you’d desire.

  • There’s multiple safety features built-in which prolong its life and seeing the water actually bubble… is mesmerizing. 


  • Lacks temperature controlled settings.
  • Heats up water in 5-6 minutes.


  • Holds 1.7 liters of water.
  • BPA Free plastics used.
  • Holds a boil for 15-25 seconds.

3.  Hamilton Beach 40867 - Beautiful Electric Hot Water Kettle

If you happen to pay attention to popular brands sold in stores, you’ll notice Hamilton Beach as being one of the most popular brands to stock. Odds are it’s because they are an affordable brand which offers a WIDE variety of appliances intended for kitchen use.

The Hamilton Beach electric hot water kettle is an affordable way to own a well functioning kettle that demonstrates distinguished looks. Though, It does appear a bit like the Royal brand mentioned above, it is slightly more rounded and nearly half as much in terms of cost. 

Two primary reasons why it found it's way on this list: first being the cost to purchase is low in comparison. 

Secondly, it's a popular item with well over a few thousands customers having already ordered it. To know exactly what makes it stand out, we'll cover the primary features below.


  • check

    It features an auto-shutoff with boil-dry protection. This ensures you don’t evaporate all liquid inside container, also prolonging the life of the electronic appliance.

  • check

    When this kettle begins to boil water, it will light-up blue indicating the heating in progress. Although most have a simple light which lights-up orange, this one elegantly makes the boiling water turn blue thanks to the built-in led bulbs.

  • check

    Glass container is capable of holding a maximum of 1.7 liters, which is more than enough for multiple brews of coffee and tea. 

    Want to make a few bowls of instant noodles? You can here!

  • check

    Cordless serving, meaning there’s a cord free base which this kettle is placed on to start the boiling process. The moment it clicks done, you can take it off and start serving without having to be anywhere near the power source.


  • It’s stylish and will look great in most kitchens. Seeing water boil adds a level of elegance.

  • Affordable for nearly any household. For nearly half the cost of most competitors.

  • Primary glass and metal design enables you to have non-contaminated water from common plastics. Parts which are used that are plastic, are BPA free.

  • After boil, it automatically shuts off, letting you save what you’ve made from getting evaporated. 


  • Glass is rather thin, and requires a bit more caution to avoid breaking.


  • 9.88” inches tall, 8.63” inches wide.
  • Primary material is glass and metal, with pieces of plastic being used as non-primary components. 
  • Runs on approximately 1500 watts of power.
  • Will hold a maximum of 1.7 liters of water.

4. Secura SWK-1701DB - 100% Cordless, Convenient & Stainless Steel

When we first took a look at the Secura, we realized how excellent it would be as introductory, a first kettle to try out and see just how much someone would enjoy it. The Secura SWK-1701DB is proud to say that all of its primary parts are made strictly of stainless steel. 

Contamination is not an issue and the durability you get is something that will keep your tea or coffee addiction going. We recommend that you talk to a primary care about how much coffee/tea is safe to consume.

At first glance, the price point is at the right spot, inexpensive and desirable. We would say it's fair to say that THOUSANDS have bought it already since it became available a few years ago.

The Secura is designed in a simple manner but provides a good bit of features to note. listed below:


  • check

    First feature worth noting is that it comes in 5 colors to choose from. If your kitchen has some kind of theme going on, this would be a perfect opportunity to have this kettle to match. Choose from Black, Dark Purple, Orange, Red or White.

  • check

    This electric hot water kettle can hold just a tad bit more water than its competitors (on average). We’re talking 1.8 liters instead of 1.7, which makes it slightly larger overall capacity.

  • check

    I mentioned previously that this Secura model prides itself in being stainless steel where it matters, here’s what I meant. The lid, kettle rim, spout where boiling water pours out, spout filter and interior where water boils are 100% stainless steel. You heard it right, there’s no seems anywhere where you’d find leaks or rubber seals.

  • check

    Thanks to the exterior insulation, even when water is boiling hot, you can touch the exterior and it will be cool to the touch. 

    Speaking of exterior, there’s a simple on/off switch and lid release button to pour water inside. 


  • It's mostly stainless steel and your water will stay contamination. Love that!

  • Design is basic with simple exterior functions. You also get colors to choose from which may not be necessary, but always a plus.

  • It's by no means a small water heater. At 1.8 liter capacity, thats enough for a few cups of your favorite hot drink.

  • The lid closes well, and exterior stays cool when water is at full boil. It's a nice safety feature which makes handling easier.


  • No outside indicator to tell you how much water is inside at any given moment. You actually have to open the lid to see, can be dangerous when trying to see right after a boil.


  • Uses 1,500 watts of electricity for boiling.
  • 1.8 liters of water capacity.
  • Double-wall exterior making it non-heated to the touch.
  • Includes a 2-year warranty.
  • Primary building material being used is stainless steel.

5. Bella 13724 - 100% Ceramic & 0% Plastic

If stainless steel or plastic isn’t desirable to you, do not worry. Ceramic kettles have been around for quite some time and the fact that you can have the convenience of a conventional kettle (like ones made of stainless steel or plastic), in ceramic, makes it an option worth considering. 

There are TWO primary reasons why you’d consider ceramic: First, is that rusting will not become an issue in the long run. Secondly, the lack of plastic means that water contamination is a non-factor if you are deciding to purchase the Bella 13724.

The interesting thing about it, is that it tends to remind customers of a traditional teapot you’d find in a China shop. The difference between this pot and others is the heating base right below it and the fact that you can disconnect it and use it anywhere.

With that being said, let’s dive into its important features.


  • check

    First primary feature that you’ll get wit this BELLA kettle is the choice between 6 colors (silver, purple, red, blue, turquoise, and dark silver).

  • check

    Unlike others I’ve mentioned so far, it consumes a bit less power. Average one absorbs 1,500 watts of power where as this one takes in only 1,200 watts. 

  • check

    As stated earlier, because of ceramic build material, no residue from plastics nor any rust from metals. Although this material is prone to cracking over time, it’s not guaranteed. 

  • check

    There’s just one button which controls incoming power. ON position boils the water, off stops it… obviously. When water boiling is complete, it automatically turns off. A blue light also indicates when the kettle is running.


  • Ceramic is the healthiest way to boil water... essentially forever. No chemical contamination. Great way to make meals for toddlers.

  • It looks really good, with 6 colors to choose from. It looks like something you'd find in a china shop.

  • It uses less electricity, about 20% less than most others.

  • Long gooseneck is great for EASILY serving coffee and tea. That's the beauty of styling it after ceramic china tea pots.


  • Ceramic has been known to crack after some time due to drastic temperature differences. This isn't guaranteed, but is known to sometimes happen.


  • Uses 1,200 watts of electricity for boiling.
  • Multiple colors to choose from (approximately 6).
  • Holds 1.2 liters of water.
  • 100% ceramic material used.

6. Doctor Hertzner Electric Gooseneck - Pour Hot Water Accurately

Everything specification about the Doctor Hertzner Kettle indicates that it should be number one. But if we had it at the top spot we wouldn't be doing our readers justice. The price point on this kettle is more than most would like to spend. We noticed right away that it had a long goose neck (similar to one mentioned above) to pour water.

At first glance this catches users off guard but as it turns out, it is a VERY good design for the pouring of hot water. 

The opening from where water comes out is rather small, so the rate of which it pours will be rather slow and steady. It also is easier to control the flow by quickly tilting it up just slightly. 

Aside from the unique design, it has a big customer base with the highest satisfaction rate (now including Top Rated Anything) after purchase. However, where it really shines, is in the features and we'll cover that right below.


  • check

    So you know that, of course, kettles are intended to boil water. But are you familiar with ones that let you control the temperature? Thanks to this one, you can preset which temperature you’d like to have your water. Enjoying the best flavors from coffee and tea.

    Ideal temperatures are 122 degrees for hydromel, 190 degrees for oatmeal, 200 degrees for coffee, and 212 degrees for tea.

  • check

    You can heat-up water in around 5-6 minutes, using just 1000 watts of electricity. The entire capacity is around 1 liter, which isn’t a whole bunch… but its enough for at least 2 cups worth.

  • check

    According to this brand, their food-grade stainless steel prevents surface corrosion (rust). This being a common problem with many metal kettles. According to customer reviews, this isn’t an issue.

  • check

    With a longer neck, pouring any kind of liquid is super simple. 


  • This seems to be one of the few stainless steel kettles which won’t have a rusting problem down the line.

  • Actually accurate (within a degree or two) measuring of boiling temperature makes a world of a difference if you’re picky about this kind of thing.

  • Low energy consumption means high savings in electricity long term.

  • You get a solid guarantee from the manufacturer, which states you can return it for any reason within 30 days and if something goes defective within 2 years, get a replacement.


  • Considerably pricier than its competitors, especially since it only holds 1.2 liters of water.


  • Uses 1,000 watts of electricity for boiling.
  • Boiling time 5 to 6 minutes.
  • Holds 1.0 liters of water.
  • Build material is rust resistant stainless-steel.

7. Ovente KG83B Glass Kettle 

This is the most affordable electric kettle on our list of best electric kettles in 2018.

The Ovente KG83B is a rather pleasant to the eyes being a hot water boiling appliance, suitable for anyone who’s on a budget. 

More than 75% of past users have given it a recommendation seal of approval. This fact is proven, based on its HIGH popularity in online and retail stores worldwide.

We'd certainly will be giving it high praise as well, as you’ll soon see why after reviewing its features listed beneath.


  • check

    Lets talk about the price. This one is at the very least 30% cheaper than its competitors. For under $20 in most cases, this makes it a SOLID bargain.

  • check

    Now it features a glass container that holds 1.5 liters of water. The easy markings on the exterior tell you exactly when you’ve hit the minimum and maximum water level.

  • check

    Boiling the water is a power source which draws about 1,100 watts of power from 110/120 volt outlets. Not extremely high, but definitely not considered low consumption.

    *There’s a BLUE led light which lights-up when boiling.

  • check

    This kettle has the most colors to choose from, black, white, red, green, orange, pink, purple, maroon, and silver.


  • It’s very inexpensive for anyone on a budget. The thing its intended to do, it does it well.

  • Holds a descent amount of water, and you easily know when its done (as the blue led light switches off).

  • It looks really good and will fit-in to most kitchens as there’s colors to choose from.


  • Takes longer than usual to boil water.


  • Water capacity is at 1.5 liters.
  • Voltage requirements are 110/120 & power consumption is 1,100 watts.
  • BPA free plastic parts with glass container.
  • Power cord included is 30” inches.

Our Honorably Mentioned Kettles - PREMIUM Priced

honorable mentions

Now the one caveat with our list, is that it's targeted towards EVERYONEs budget. We made sure that the price ranges were really reasonable and any income class could justify buying one.

Now there are premium priced kettles which have variable controls, wireless connectivity... and so much more. Below are Top 4 Brands which have one awesome kettle each.

HMK - #1 KitchenAid KEK1222PT

This beautifully designed electric kettle is really taking the old fashioned look of non electronic kettles. In fact, it has a fixed handle, retro looks, and a metal base where you can boil on the spot. Now I've got a full review of the KitchenAid KEK1222PT right here, you can learn more more.

HMK - #2 OXO-On Cordless

Talk about a sleek looking water boiler, this thing looks premium from the pictures... and it works premium also. While a bit steep at around 100 dollars, the smooth lines, very modern design and a generous 1.75 liters of capacity, makes it a tempting buy.

HMK - #3 Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp

If you're not aware of Cuisinart, they are a HUGE brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. With that being said, kettles is one of their strong points. Just look at this one with its reviews (4,000+ reviews)... that's a LOT. 

HMK - #4 Breville BKE830XL

This one has to be my favorite for being so boldly pricey... yet it looks no sophisticated at all. Here's what I mean by that. If you look at this unit, it looks basic, but it's not until you dive into the settings that you'll learn it has more to offer than meets the eye. 

Final Words - Wrapping Up

This concludes the guide that we've spent quite a few days putting together for shoppers. Just like most of readers looking over this, we absolutely love coffee and tea, and a long time ago... used the traditional stove and pot of heating water approach. Once customers made the switch to good quality electric kettles, brewing time for all has drastically decreased.

After reviewing and researching for the best electric kettles, we were able come to a list of the seven mentioned appliances. Each of the reviews is intended to cover the IMPORTANT parts to inform you of what is NEEDED to be known about each when making a buying decision. We were not a fan, unfortunately, of plastic. So most of our options consist of pots made from stainless steel, glass or ceramic as both have their pros and cons. So, remember, pick carefully and intelligently when deciding to acquire one.

If you have enjoyed this post, please share with your friend below. It takes only a few seconds and reassures us that we've done a great job. Cheers! =)