RC E-Flite Radion Glider Review

RC Planes are awesome for some quick fun and you’ll feel like Maverick from Top Gun (great movie, by the way) when flying these things. Today, we are going to take a look at a beautiful E-Flite Radian BNF Glider which will, I’m sure, receive some sympathy from you. E-Flite Radian BNF Glider is an RC (Radio-controlled) plane used by RC plane enthusiasts and it comes with a sleek, beautiful design with folded wings, allowing it for much more control in the air. Let me not waste your precious time, and jump straight into the review!

What Makes It Interesting?

E-Flite Radion Glider ReviewThe fact that this is an RC plane is enough to make this product interesting, is it? E-Flite Radian BNF Glider comes with a modern design and packs a lot of size for an Electricity Powered RC plane. This beastly thing comes at 56.2 inches in length coupled with 6.5 inches in thickness. As you can see, the plane is very thin, yet very long, making it almost perfectly balanced. Its white color makes the plane much easier to notice in almost every condition and the orange color scattered around wings and tail are a nice addition.

What makes this product interesting is that it’s very easy to assemble. There aren’t those fancy parts which you can find with some RC planes. I mean, what do these people want from us? I’m not a space shuttle engineer! Luckily, you’ll be able to assemble your E-Flite Radian BNF Glider in just a couple of minutes. What I also like about this RC plane is a two-blade propeller installed on the front of the plane. You can fold it, or you can unfold it and make it visible, reminiscence of the WW2 dogfighters. The battery compartment is located right underneath the cockpit, able to support an 11.1 V Li-Po battery.

Awesome Features

awesome featuresAs we mentioned earlier, one of the key points of this RC plane is its simplicity when it comes to design. You won’t get your high-tech futuristic RC plane with this one, but a simplified version of a plane that looks similar to WW2 dogfighters. Of course, you can’t get a machine gun or bombs with this one, I’m sorry. E-Flite Radian BNF Glider comes with a 480 Brushless motor and 30A ESC with brake.

Furthermore, there are 2 E-Flite micro servos and 4-channel AR400 DSMX receiver, all installed into this beautiful beast. During my test flights, I’ve noticed that this motor is quite good, lasting more than just a couple of minutes. However, the size is my main concern here, and we’ll get into that in just a second.

Due to its relatively high-end components, this RC plane is fairly easy to control. You can fly in any direction you want, perform various flips, sharp turns and still maintain control. However, I’m quite concerned when it comes to the size, especially the weight of this plane. With its 5.38 pounds, this plane is power-hungry, meaning that the battery isn’t going to show its full potential. Another awesome feature is a conventional rudder and elevator linkage that does its best to improve the overall quality of the flight.

The material used for building this plane is Z-Foam, a standard for the most RC planes. In this case, I didn’t find this plane very sturdy and strong, which is quite disappointing. In the end, the plane supports 1300-2200 mAh Li-Po battery, which should give you your five sweet minutes of flying.

Primary Benefits:

– The simplistic design of E-Flite Radian BNF Glider allows for easy assembling and it’s easily recognizable. This is the benefit I’m particularly happy with.

– Folding, two-blade propeller is here to make your plane look like a real dogfighter. On top of that, this propeller adds a little to plane’s controls and aerodynamics. Overall, a very nice and optional addition.

– Amazing 480 Brushless motor is the beating heart of this RC plane. It provides the plane with a steady, reliable power needed to suit your flying style. Whether you are a reckless pilot, or a sleek and elegant one, you’ll benefit from this motor. Without a doubt, it will handle all your needs.

– Z-Foam is the main material used in the creation of this plane. Z-Foam is here to give this plane a nice, sturdy design (in theory) and the best of all- it’s easy to repair it. If your plane falls from a great height, you can sometimes repair it using Gorilla Glue or any similar product. The benefits of this material are numerous!

– Folded wings look so badass on this plane. However, they aren’t here just for the sake of decor. Instead, users will be pleased to see how well this plane handles and cuts through the air, thanks to this feature. Just get the right 4-channel transmitter and experience the RC plane flying at its best!


– E-Flite Radian BNF Glider weighs around 5.38 pounds and this isn’t to be ignored. Although the motor is pretty strong, I still see some problems pairing it with the plane that weighs this much. In fact, this isn’t a Gas Powered RC Plane, so I don’t see why it’s so heavy, even with this (in)famous Z-Foam.

– Z-Foam is great…except it isn’t! I might get a lot of hate because of this, but how would you feel if your plane crashed during its second test flight and broke into pieces? Sure, you can repair Z-Foam easily, but if it falls from a much greater height, you may just have to pay another $187.87 for a new plane!

– The transmitter isn’t included. Wait, what? Unfortunately, you can’t grab your grandma’s old TV remote and fly this thing, so you must buy a 4-channel transmitter to be able to fly. Oops, another $30.

– The battery, where’s the battery?! I felt like a detective trying to find the battery in the package. Sadly, the battery does not exist in the package. You’ll have to seek an 11.1V Li-Po battery, which also costs additional money.

Bottom Line & What Now?

what now, and the bottom line with this modelBefore we wrap up, it’s worth noting that this was one of our top-rated RC planes for beginners which we have on a separate guide. E-Flite Radian BNF Glider is a mixed bag. If you look at the price alone, the plane will definitely not cost you that much. I mean, $187.87 isn’t that much cash for a plane this beautiful. The plane has some amazing specs like its great motor, the sleek, aerodynamic design and lots of high-end components. However, if you are looking to buy an RTF (Ready to Fly) RC plane with no additional costs, then you’ll be disappointed.

Even though you’ll pay a reasonable amount of money, you still need a battery and a transmitter, otherwise, you’ll not be able to fly this plane. It’s not that bad, though. E-Flite Radian BNF Glider is still a solid bang for your buck. Now go and enjoy your flight, you deserve it!