review of Great Planes RF Drone simEven if you didn’t try to fly an RC plane, you’ve probably come into contact with a drone. Drone is a little device that often comes with four propellers and its shape is vastly different from a classic RC plane.

Controlling a drone isn’t an easy task, but you can always learn how to fly it with almost zero learning curve. Today, we are going to talk about Great Planes RF Drone Simulator, a great PC game that aims to help you learn how to fly a real drone.

But, before we start our review, it’s important to mention that this software is a lot cheaper than RC Plane Simulation software. Given the price of $129.99, this is a pretty affordable game and you’ll need a bare-bones PC to run it. Unfortunately, you can’t use your in-game drone to spy on your neighbor’s wife, but you can learn how to do it in real life. Just kidding, though. The review of RF Drone Simulator is below.

Review of Real Flight Drone Sim:

Great Planes RF Drone Simulator is probably one of the, if not THE BEST game of this kind. When you first boot up this game, you’ll be amazed at how good it is. The vast selection of drones is here to greet you and grab you by your hand, sucking into this amazing world. Aside from some simple drones, you can also fly more advanced drones that allow you to perform various 3D acrobatics and have many different features. What I also like about this game is its learning curve (lack of it) and efficiency.

You don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars to learn how to fly a real drone. Instead, you can buy this game for a minimalistic price and become a master of drones. Furthermore, the game includes Challenge modes to help you work on your flying technique by implementing stuff you’ve learned to that moment. A great addition to the whole package is InterLink Elite Controller; a sleek, compact and worthy companion for this game.

Great Planes RF Drone Sim Gameplay

Due to being an 8-channel controller, it InterLink Elite Controller will allow you to control various aspects of your drone. If you don’t like this controller, Great Planes made sure that you can use your own transmitter and play it. However, I don’t think you’ll do that since this controller doesn’t require any kind of batteries. When it comes to model variety, RF Drone Simulator got you covered. With a total of 14 models, I doubt you’ll find any real-life drone hard to fly!

Graphics-wise, the game looks fairly good, although the environment could be a little more detailed. I’m a passionate gamer, so you don’t need to take my word for granted. The drones look good, though and they are almost photorealistic, which is really nice to see. Overall, Great Planes took care of the tiny details and if you enjoy a long haul with your drone, you’ll enjoy it even more in this game. You can easily get up to 100 hours of playtime and still not be bored.


Great Planes RF Drone FeaturesOur review simply wouldn’t be complete without this section. Great Planes RF Drone Simulator is an amazing flight simulation game which keeps getting better as you play it. It’s a must-play for any drone lover.

As such, this game packs tons of interesting features for both new and old players. The list of these great features is below:


A total of 14 Models Included- RF Drone Simulator is keen on making your drone flying experience as complete as possible. With that in mind, they included a total of 14 models which you can fly out of the box. Get ready to experience almost every type of drone and embark on your journey to greatness.

The InterLink Elite Controller- Many drone simulation games come without a controller, but not this one. The InterLink Elite Controller is here to make your flight much more comfortable and approachable. You’ll hardly need to replace it since it doesn’t require any kind of battery. Plug & play, simple as that!

Challenge Modes- What would RF Drone Simulator be without the immersive challenge modes? If you think you’ve got the skills, you can challenge yourself and see how good you are. The game offers over 10 obstacle-filled levels for you, to test your might. Don’t be afraid, you aren’t going to die!

Next-gen 3D Graphics- Great Planes put a strawberry on the cake with the amazing 3D graphics. Flying a drone was never this immersive- it’s almost like a real life! The good news is that its modest system requirements allow the players to run this game on almost any machine out there.

Very Accurate Physics Engine- A great simulation game always come with very accurate physics. RF Drone Simulator took a great care of this aspect by introducing life-like physics that will blow you away with their greatness.

An In-depth Drone Simulator Game- The fun factor is strong with this game, but so is the learning factor. As an in-depth simulation game, it will teach you all the basics and advanced stuff about flying a drone. You’ll feel like a real pro… or a spy!


  • RF Drone Simulator’s engine supports life-like physics, which is the most important factor for this type of game.
  • The environment in this game looks solid. It’s varied and allows for tweaking various weather and lighting conditions such as wind, rain or sun.
  • Numerous Challenge modes are awesome for testing your skills, but also learn something new.
  • The selection of drones is generous, making this game an in-depth drone simulator.
  • InterLink Elite Controller is more than great for playing this game. You’ll find it very comfortable and responsive.
  • RF Drone Simulator supports any kind of transmitter aside from InterLink’s controller.
  • System Requirements are pretty humble. You won’t need a high-end PC to enjoy this game.
  • It’s affordable and accessible.


  • The environment could look a little bit better. Also, the draw distance isn’t anything to admire.
  • For a total beginner, this game could be hard to get into. Two or three tutorial missions for beginners wouldn’t hurt this amazing game.



bottom lineCan a drone simulation game really be this fun? Well, if you’ve read our review or played this game, you know the answer to this question. Great Planes RF Drone Simulator is more than just a simple PC game.

Instead, it’s here to teach you all about drones and how to fly them, thus sporting a little higher price. But, for a price of $129.99, this game is totally a steal deal!

The real-life physics, solid graphical fidelity, responsive controls and lots of drones to fly is something to admire at this price. To put it simply, this is a perfect training ground for drone pilots-to-be, giving just enough leverage to use learned skills in the real life.

Are you interested in more options? Well, you can simply keep browsing our website, this guide, in particular,, has multiple sims you can compare. You can learn about various options when it comes to Drone and RC Flight Simulators as we offer a complete guide for this topic. Until we see each other again, stay in the skies and keep your drones safe and sound.