Benefits of memory foamRemember that feeling when you first laid on a soft and rewarding material for your new mattress? Did you feel it, didn’t you? That sense of relaxation and calmness, as you were floating on a cloud, feeling weightless.

If you bought a memory foam mattress, then you can consider yourself lucky because there aren’t many who genuinely knows the benefits. In this article, I will explore 5 benefits that you’d love to hear. But first, let’s talk about what exactly is this material.

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is the type of polyurethane (synthetic) material that is extremely sensitive to body temperature and pressure. Unlike the other materials that are used for producing mattresses, it offers greater back support due to its temperature and pressure sensitivity. Other benefits include high density (which means that the cells are closer to each other, creating a strong and flexible surface that can be easily adapted to a body shape) and viscosity.

complete and full Benefits of memory foam

This means that, once you hit the bed and lay down, it starts interacting with your body’s temperature, which makes the foam change its shape and adjust to the body. You probably noticed that memory foam mattress can spring back, i.e. recover to their original shape, which makes them more durable and lasting than the regular innerspring mattresses. And this is also a result of the TYPE of material memory foam is.

Now that you get the idea of “what is memory foam“, let’s dive deeper into the differences between a memory foam and innerspring mattresses, to get the whole picture on how memory foam mattresses work.

Why Choose a Memory Foam Mattress vs Innerspring

why choose memory foam over inner springThe first question that pops into everyone’s mind when thinking about memory foam mattresses is Are They Any Good?

The reason behind it is very simple – a lot of research that has been conducted over the benefits and it didn’t really support the idea of the connection between memory foam and pain relief. So, many potential buyers get confused with what’s truthful and whether they should even bother in th first place.

Here, I will try to break down some of the key points and how they relate to innerspring (i.e. traditional) mattresses.

#1 Its Comfier

There’s no doubt that memory foam is more pleasant and comfortable material than any other, and if it’s a natural memory foam (the latest generation materials), then that’s the ultimate level of comfort you’re going to experience with a mattress.

Although many innerspring mattresses look comfortable – mostly because of the outer design of the mattress – the difference can be felt once you lay down for a couple of minutes. Not only will you not feel pain in certain parts of the body (due to the adaptivity it has by nature) but you will also get a better sleep!

#2 It Helps Distributing Body Weight Evenly

When sleeping, your body needs a proper rest in order to maintain its condition and prepare for the next day. Again, using an innerspring mattress can give you difficulties while sleeping, since it can’t remain in the best shape to compliment your body.

While sleeping on an innerspring mattress, certain spots on your body will be put to a higher pressure than the others, creating the unpleasant feeling and resulting in poor sleeping. Memory foam mattress, on the other hand, will perfectly adapt to your body, keeping your blood circulation in order.

#3 Helps Eliminate Negative Space

One of the major memory foam benefits is that it remains in alignment with your body regardless of the weight and pressure. That way, your spine, and back won’t be in the negative space, which is often created on innerspring mattresses because of the inability to evenly distribute the body weight and pressure.

5 Primary Benefits of using Memory Foam Mattresses

primary benefitsThese are just a couple of essential benefits that can relate to innerspring mattresses. But the story about the benefits of memory foam isn’t complete yet.

That’s why I’m going to explore the top 5 benefits you will absolutely love when using memory foam mattress.

#1 No Pressure Points

One of the greatest things about having a memory foam mattress is that you won’t feel the usual back, neck, and shoulder pain in the morning. As already mentioned, it keeps its structure regardless of your body weight.

Thus, when you lay down on a mattress, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable because the foam is adjusting to your body. By complimenting your body completely, the memory foam mattress prevents pressure points, enabling you a healthy rest.

#2 Reliable Support

Often you could hear that a memory foam mattress offers far more reliable support to your back and posture. The real secret is in the structure of the material, i.e. it’s density. Unlike the other types of mattress materials, memory foam doesn’t get lose or drop when you put your weight at it. Since the mattress will spring back when you’re up, there’s no worry about losing its firmness in years. That way, you’ll always have a reliable support for your spine.

#3 Motion Isolation

If you watched any of the commercials for memory foam mattresses, you could see the scene where someone is jumping on the mattress with the glass of water right next to him. Surprisingly, the glass remains full – and it’s no trick, at all. Due to its density, memory foam mattress doesn’t reflect motion like the other mattresses does. In other words, you won’t feel a thing when your partners move or rolls. You will have a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep all night long.

#4 Back and Spine Alignment

By keeping its structure, memory foam mattress offers critical support for your neck and spine, enabling you the quality sleep and life without a pain. As we already said, there aren’t many scientific results that support the view that this super absorbent and supportive material helps in reducing pain from sore neck or back.

However, the sleepers have noticed that they feel more rested and relaxed on memory foam mattress. That’s because the material remains straight and weight resistant, helping your back and spine to keep the natural position while sleeping.

#5 Durability

One of the vital issues when buying a mattress is how long will it last. The good news about memory foam mattress is that it will last longer than the other, regular, mattresses. Usually, you can count on 7-10 years of an average mattress life. Again, the durability of a mattress tells you a lot about the quality and the price/value ratio. In the case of foam mattress, you will get the highest quality and the best price/value ratio.

Final Verdict and What To Do Now?

what now?

What Now???

My final verdict on memory foam mattresses is that they are reliable, comfortable, and durable. They will help you get a proper sleep, without feeling numb and in pain in the morning.

Although it is slightly expensive than the other types of mattresses, you won’t regret about investing in a memory foam mattress once you feel the benefits I’ve been writing about. Now, I have a completed dedicated page where you can click here to read and see a whole list of these high-end body cushions.