Tesla Model S – The Ultimate Guide

Tesla Model S and All Trim Levels

If you look back in the past few decades, nothing has taken the automotive industry by storm, like Tesla.

After their first launch and try in the EV automobile category with their Roadster, they saw the demand was there and launched the Model S in early to mid-2012. This was a revolutionary thing that no one could wrap their heads around at first.

How can you drive a fully electric automobile on a daily basis, and have nearly the same convenience factor as you would with a typical fossil fuel vehicle? Little did everyone knows what questions like those would lead Tesla too. In just a few short years, there are over 1,000 superchargers in most states (and even more abroad). More on this later.

Although most Model S’s look the same with minor cosmetic changes, the magic is In the technology being used. Much like your smartphone, the technology inside, coupled with quality battery power, gives the device different features, capabilities, and much more.

It’s mind-boggling to see how Tesla manages to make so many big changes, with a simple software update via their 3G and 4G connection. When you look at it as a smarter, like a smartphone, it will all click and you’ll see where today’s infrastructure is headed.

Ever since the conception of the Model S, there have been different trim levels released with different sized motors, batteries, hardware, and even minor cosmetic improvements.

By looking below, we will cover each trim level of the Model S.

Model S 60

This was the first big hit with Tesla, a Model S with a 60 kW battery. The first serious sedan which could give you over 200 miles of range (given you drive it sensibly). Aside from taking most by storm, the stylish Model S squeezes many things we love about 4 door cars with their first mainstream car.

Ease of use, sleek lines, PLENTY of storage, sporty rear-wheel drive… its what both car enthusiasts and regular users would love to drive.

The 60 kW battery gives the Model S a total max range of 210 miles, with 382hp and 317 lb-ft of torque. At that time, those figures were nothing to play around with. Respectable in every sense, and considering it was as easy to drive as a Toyota Prius… once could say it would be the best car in the world.

The 60 kW variant offers impressive performance, with 0-60 in a reasonable 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 130mph. From the get-go, you’ll sling like a go-cart and continue on-forward until top reached speed.

Model S 60D

Now, the RWD 60kW Model S was in product from 2012-2015 and then from 2016-2017. During the year 2016 in June, they introduced the all-wheel-drive version, named the 60D which pretty much made it possible to drive in any road conditions, using not one but TWO motors (D standing for dual motors).

In the process, AWD reduced the 0-60 time to just 5.2 seconds, while still keeping horsepower and torque figures unchanged.

Model S 75

The facelift Model S 75 has arguably improved overall looks, and undoubtably improved aerodynamics from its first iteration. Still most of the car is unchanged, with the key changes being in the software side of things.

No doubt, if you’re coming from the old 60 and 65 kWh version, here you’ll see a noticeable increase in range, from 210 to 249 miles (or nearly 400 klm). In addition, you’re sprinting to 60 miles per hour a bit faster, but nothing too extraordinary for now.

Model S 75D

Model S 85

Model S 85D

Model S P85

Model S P85+

Model S P85D

Model S 90D

Model S P90D

Model S 100D

Model S P100D

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