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The 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets

[author]by DARION ROBINSON[/author]

There has been a major shift in the transport system in the last few years as people are preferring to use motorcycles for their daily commute to beat the traffic. Motorcycles are also quite famous around the world for people who ride as a sport or just for the fun of it. It comes without saying that one should never think of a helmet as an optional part of riding experience rather an essential part of it.

It is legally not allowed to ride without a helmet in many parts of the world and it must be important to use a helmet even for a shorter distance for safety reasons. Head or skull is the most delicate and important part to human body and a safeguard for it with a classy look is what makes riding a fun and healthy activity.

I understand that the options of buying a helmet is uncountable considering the demand of the market, but it is very important that one must not compromise on the quality and aesthetics of the helmet.

I have been using motorcycles for around ten years now and it has always been a challenge to pick the best helmet, but after this long experience and the amount of shuffling I have been through, I can say with full confidence that the 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular/Flip up Dual Visor/Sun Shield Full-Face Helmet.

There are several reasons why I have picked this helmet to be the best but most of all because it has the most amazing style and it provides amazing safeguard in case of an accident. The light weight of the helmet is another big reason which makes it easy to be carried around and makes it user friendly.

Top Motorcycle Helmets For Safety Reviewed (2020)




1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet With Dual Visor

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This helmet weights about 4 pounds and is one of the lightest weight option available for riders to not feel the load on their heads.

It is best for safety because it has been certified by DOT. The package dimension for this helmet are 14.7 x 11.3 x 11.2 inches. It is very comfortable to use, and you can easily open the lid up when you are looking for some fresh air and are not driving very fast. The outer layer is shiny to keep the sun away and is great to use during summers as well.

My Impression:

I thought that I would never be satisfied with any helmet until I got this one because it is so perfect for use. The biggest issue I had with helmets was to wear them with my glasses on and this one solved the problem because of its light weight. There was no issue in fitting and it came in a very decent price. I also like that the flip-up in the front was very easy to operate to get some fresh air while driving at slow speed.

What could be better?

I have one minor issue with this helmet that at a fast speed, the noise gets a little too much for me. I like quite rides and if the noise can be decreased, I think this helmet would be just so perfect to be used by people of all age and for every purpose as needed.

More features

The helmet is approved by DOT and is very safe in case of accidents.

It has an innovative model of flip up and dual lens that make it unique.

The light weight is supported by an alloy shell.

The padding can be easily taken out to be cleaned and washed.


ILM full face


ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with Removable Winter Neck Scarf

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ILM Full Face helmet is an advanced and light weighted helmet with a covering of shell made up of ABS. This is relatively very simple and convenient to use because of the addition of quick release strip.

The wind sound is much reduced because of the specific design that is streamlined according to the principles of physics to have minimum air resistance. The cheek pads are very soft and easy to remove if needed. This is overall a great product with improved characteristics.

My Impression:

I really liked this helmet because it was very easy to use and to carry around with me. The buckle of the helmet is adjustable and releases quickly which is very convenient. I specifically liked how this helmet has a clear and colored visor options as well. The flow of air makes it a perfect helmet to use without creating a very loud noise while driving.

What could be better?

I had a bad experience with scratches on the visor as it got signs of scratches after using a few months. I know that some sharp objects like keys came in contact with it while carrying both together in hand, but the quality can be made better to avoid such scratches as it takes away the beauty and the visibility.

More features

– This helmet is a complete package of a neck scarf and two kinds of visors.

– It is designed to reduce air noise by using aerodynamic principles.

– The safety is ensured by approval and certification from DOT.

– The customers have a variety of seven colors to choose from.


YEMA helmet for motorcylces


YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Racing Helmet with Sun Visor

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This helmet comes from the very famous brand of YEMA that has been ruling the market for more than twenty-five years and is the top helmet development and production company in over forty countries.

This helmet is approved by DOT as a professionally designed that exceed their expectations of a safety helmet. There is extra space for Bluetooth and has even been customized with extra space for glasses so there is no pressure on the handles. It is also UV and scratch resistant and great to use for all genders.

My Impression:

The innovative design of this helmet is perfect for riders of all gender and age as it comes in different sizes and shape. I really liked that the vision was very clear as the material used in the visor is of high quality. I also felt that the ventilation for this helmet was equally amazing and you can take up the front face fully which makes it easier to hear and talk to people when needed as you stop to ask address or for other queries. I loved this product and would definitely recommend to others.

What could be better?

The only difficulty I had while using this helmet was to switch to chin section as it is not very visible, and one cannot just find it by feeling it rather is in a hidden spot. If this can be made more accessible, this helmet will be great to use.

More features

– This helmet can be used by both men and women and is great to be shared within a family.

– There is a very large area for vision and the helmet has visor that can be lifted conveniently.

– This product is resistant to UV and is least likely to get scratches.

– The ventilation is regulated by introduction of the aerodynamic shell.



Triangle Full Face Black Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

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This is a perfect helmet which covers your full face against any injuries and comes at a great economical price.

It has used advanced thermoplastic technology with the addition of ABS shell. The EPS liner of this helmet is multi layered and the ventilation system is excellent. The interior liner can be easily taken out to clean and is anti-bacterial in nature. The chin strap is padded and is fully a comfortable helmet for long rides.

My Impression:

I must say that a helmet of this fabulous quality is very rare for such a less price. The foam and chin strap make it amazingly comfortable to wear for long distances. I used it once for a whole week-long trip and I never felt like taking it out as the ventilation from the top was perfect and it was light enough to bear for hours. I was also impressed by the very quick functioning of the strap latch.

What could be better?

It might be just for me, but I found that the size scaling of this helmet is not very accurate as I had to return a helmet as the large size I had ordered was a medium of normal helmets. The XL fitted well for me. This should be looked into and fixed so that the customers do not have trouble with the product.

More features

– The helmet weighs around 3.1 pounds and is quite handy to be taken around or wear for long time.

– The safety of this helmet is well ensured by certification from DOT.

– There are extractor liners both on the upper and lower sides for tremendous ventilation.

– The interior liner can be removed, washed and put back to fit perfectly.


Vega Helmets


Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield for Men & Women

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Are you a diehard American biker? Iwould like to introduce you to the fierce and assertive Vega Helmet. The brand Vega Helmets have come up with one of the fanciest and finest helmet for both men and women with a patriotic touch to it.

This one more comfortable than many other helmets out there because of its half size, light weight and well fitted pattern. It has not ignored the safety at all as it is certified by DOT and has a drop-down sunshield to stop the heat, dust or bugs hitting your face while riding. To add, this helmet comes with five years of industry warranty and is just perfect for you to buy today.

My Impression:

This was my first half helmet that I tried after getting sick of the full size for being quite irritating in many ways. I was concerned about it first if it would fit me, but the adjustment option in this helmet make it fit your head very well and you can lose it whenever you want. The sunshade was very impressive as well because it is extremely easy to move up and down depending on your needs. Overall, this is a great helmet for short rides and regular commuters.

What could be better?

The visor can get blurry after using for a long time and it needs to be cleaned with water and soap or just clean water would do. This seems normal for the quality of material and it can thus be improved accordingly as well for longer use.

More features

– The EPS liner is awesomely designed to be fully vented and of high density to give you maximum protection and safety.

– There is an innovative dial system to adjust the size on your head and tighten it in high windy rides.

– It comes with industry leading warranty of five years that represents the trust of the company in their product.

– The helmet has sunshield that can be pulled up and down and is optically correct.



Voss 888FRP – Hand Laid Fiberglass For Cruiser

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This is a fiberglass helmet approved by DOT that is safe, comfortable and not very heavy to use. It is of the best quality that is out there without compromising on the style and fashion of the helmet.

One can easily classify this product as the classiest helmet you can find in the market. It is a great fit and sit lower on your head thus making you confident to ride.

My Impression:

I loved this helmet and I have used this one for the longest time because of how convenient it is. The design is very classy, and it has a sun shade that makes it look super cool and safe. I was not much bothered by the wind sound while wearing this helmet and that was definitely a plus point. The strap that releases very swiftly has added great value to this product.

What could be better?

The visor of the helmet is quite tight and does not come down very easily. One has to put a lot of force and actually stop the motorbike to do that. This can be made better to give customers a smooth ride experience wearing this helmet.

More features

– The helmet comes with in-built sun lens which is new for any model.

– It is intermediate oval head shaped and can easily be adjusted to fit your head.

– This is well known for being made up of fiber glass by replacing carbon glass.

– The face shields are available in different shades from clear to smoky ones.


ILM helmet


ILM Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip up Dual Visor (8 Colors)

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The ILM 8 comes with two visors and is approved and certified by FMVSS-218 and DOT for the standard of safety this helmet offers.

It weights as less as 3.31 pounds and is extremely easy to take with you to meetings and office on daily basis. There is a foam inside the cover that makes it very comfortable to wear. The vision is very clear for this helmet because of the wide front visor.

My Impression:

Spending my money on this helmet was not a bad decision at all. The adjustment of the helmet works very well, and the buttons are easily functional. The chin strap is very easy to locate while driving and works swiftly. I love the quality of materials used in this helmet and I must say that it is super comfortable to wear. I feel like nothing is there on my head because of the light weight and that makes it a great product.

What could be better?

One thing I would suggest that can be improved is the chin pad which is quite uncomfortable for me. There needs to be more foam, so it does not hurt your chin when you wear it for long.

More features

– Durable ABS that is of very lightweight makes up the inner liner.

– The cheek pad and the helmet liner can easily be taken out and put back after cleaning.

– The wind noise is much reduced in this model by the sleek design.

– This helmet has the properties of being anti-fog and anti-scratch that make it a wonderful product.



MMG Helmet, Street Legal -Comes with Clear Shield & Free Smoked Shield Visors

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The red colored full-face helmet is approved by DOT according to the US security measures. The windshield is perfectly clear, and you can have a view of what is happening in front of you during riding.

It is of great quality and has anti-scratch characteristic which make it a strong product.  The helmet comes with a free spare smoked shield and a care bag.

My Impression:

This helmet is actually the first one I had bought after I started riding motorbike. It is quite comfortable to wear and fits perfectly well in accordance to the size I had ordered. I was impressed by the presence of smoke lens along with the clear one as it provided more shade and it looked good.

What could be better?

There are no vent holes in this helmet which makes it very hot to wear in summer and you feel like your head is on fire and you can easily see fog building up in the front shield as well. This must be changed to make the helmet a better product.

More features

– The helmet comes with a spare smoke shield.

– The windshield is very clear, and the visor is wide and big.

– Liners are padded and can be removed to clean and put back to use.

– Inner smoked shield of this helmet is retractable.

– A very well put together care box is included with this helmet.


Triangle Biohazard helmet


“Biohazard” Dual Visor Street Bike Helmet by Triangle

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Biohazard is a full-face helmet that is provided by the well-known company called Triangle. It is certified by DOT and is made up of ABS shell which is backed by the innovation of thermoplastic intervention.

The extraction liners are on the top and in the bottom and has a wide visor that is non-scratch able. It is overall a well demanded helmet in the market.

My Impression:

I remember the day when I got in to an accident on my bike for the first time as the motorbike got out of control and ran into a tree. I was very scared about myself, but fortunately I was wearing this helmet and it saved my life. My head was totally safe, and I got a few bruises. The visor can easily adjust sunglasses inside it and does not put any extra pressure on the glasses. The strap that comes out quickly is a plus point along with the great quality of the helmet.

What could be better?

The helmet can get very noisy when going on a high speed on a plain surface as the design does not direct the wind away from your ear. This is a design issue and can be better planned using aerodynamics principles.

More features

– The EPS liner has been manufactured to have multi-density.

– Excellent ventilation system with extractor liner on the top and bottom of the helmet.

– It has a very well-managed hygienic dry comfort treatment.

– The chin strap is padded and very comfortable to wear on long rides.




AUTOPDR Open Face Vintage Leather Motorcycle Helmet

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The most fashionable and classy helmet that is to be found in the market. It is specifically designed as a retro helmet to give you the most comfortable experience while riding.

There is a special addition of goggle structure in the front to protect your eyes and to give you a different look with the helmet on. The helmet can be easily cleaned by taking out the lining and mask and it is also scratch and UV resistant.

My Impression:

I think it is a good helmet for the price that you get it for. I was a little suspicious about the safety it will provide, but it has proved me wrong in so many different incidences. I also like the looks of this helmet as it is very different and classy with the addition of goggle style in the front.

What could be better?

I did not find it to be the most comfortable helmet out there. The internal lining can really be improved by adding quality foam that will make it more comfortable for longer rides.

More features

There is a goggle design added to this helmet which makes it a super cool product.

The lining and goggle can be taken out and washed easily.

It is made up of very high-quality ABS and PU leather shell.

The helmet is very light and weights around 3.49 pounds.

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How to make your helmet fit perfectly



The list of helmets does not exhaust here, but these are definitely the best options that you can find in the market. I have made sure that I include helmets that are certified by DOT for safety and have a classy look and are comfortable for your rides.

This list is diverse in company choices and design options so that many people can consult it based on their personal aesthetic interests. It is very important for everyone to know which helmet they are buying because it is not just about the look of it rather it can literally save your life. I hope that this list will be helpful for you and you can easily save your time and energy when you head out to buy a new helmet for yourself or for someone dear to you. Keep it classy but more importantly, keep it safe.


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  1. Helmets are very important. No doubt. So many lives saved with helmets and so many lives wasted without. Whether you’re a pro or a new rider, you have to get yourself a high quality helmet. Sadly, in my country, many still couldn’t see the value of a helmet. I love using full face helmets even though they can get pretty hot inside. So i guess you can get why people from my country don’t like wearing them so much. However, what i am using is klim F3 Helmet. yes it is expensive but the ventilation is unbeatable. I’m not one to look at “aesthetic” appeal, so long as it can keep me safe, you’ve got my $$$. I wanna read more on your automotive accessories! Think of adding more articles? I’ll be looking out! Ciao!

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