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The 10 Best Home Gym Reviews: A Cozy Workout (2020)

There are only a few extra hours in the day and keeping up with a workout routine can pose another difficult challenge to deal with. I’ve personally experienced running late for a spin class because of traffic or other “emergencies” at work. With these additional things adding to my frustration of keeping up with my personal goal to remain fit, I began to ask myself: “Is paying for a gym membership even worth it?”

This became a problem that I knew I had to deal with. Having a healthy body is among my top priorities and I couldn’t be more thankful for the people who thought of creating a home gym. When I searched for home gyms, I considered affordability, size, and practicality in terms of the number of muscle groups that a person could workout with in a single set of equipment.

Having said that, I looked for a home gym that would hit the all-in-one category and came to the decision that the best home gym for me is the TRX Suspension Trainers. Doing a TRX-based workout is among my favorite things to do at the gym. 

I use it for strength training because it uses my own body weight. I can adjust my own effort level without having to deal with any knobs or buttons. For example, if I must do a “heavier” workout, I just must be at an angle that would make my weight heavier and poof, one set done!

I wish to share with you a more in-depth review of the TRX Suspension home gym and all the other home gyms that would give you value for your money and workouts that truly work!

My 10 Home Gym Reviews To Workout At Home


TRX Home Gym


TRX All-In-One Home Gym (Bundle)

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Like I previously said, this post is all about a home gym’s affordability, size, and practicality which, TRX Suspension Trainer was able to hit.

Not only that, TRX Suspension Trainers has been hitting target muscle groups of its users since its creation. You can trust that a TRX workout will give you nothing but good feels from a good workout.

My Impression:

My honest first impression with TRX when I first saw it at the gym, were a scoff and an under my breath comment “Easy.” I first started working out at my gym in 2010 and this was among the gym equipment I never really paid attention to because honestly, the people who used this didn’t look like they were working.

Truth be told, I dismissed it until I tried it for myself. Since trying out this equipment, I have since then incorporated suspension training at least once every week. This equipment allowed me to do the most essential workouts of pushing and pulling functional muscles such as my quads, glutes, triceps, biceps, and core. It’s not only an all-in-one equipment, it’s so convenient to tuck away which made me help decide to buy one for myself at home.

What could be better?

At only $170 for a complete home bundle set, this product is faultless! I truly am a huge fan of the TRX Suspension Trainers and would like to recommend the continuous improvement of the materials for the handlebars.

Right now, the material is made from a rubber that instantly wears out. It might affect the stability of the product if this is made interchangeable, but I hope the product engineers could find a way to make it replaceable once the rubber handles wear out.

More features

  • Complete portability. Practice suspension training even when you’re on vacation.
  • Shaker Bottle
  • Mesh Carry Bag
  • Suspension Anchor
  • Door Anchor
  • Access to Digital Workouts perfect for beginners who are just starting out with suspension training with TRX


BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 – Resistance Bands & Collapsible Resistance Bar

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BodyBoss Home 2.0 Portable Home Gym works around the concept of resistance training. The product engineers at BodyBoss was able to mimic an actual gym in a portable carry case that you can bring anywhere with you.

You can stop blaming lack of time or lack of space in your house for a home gym because, BodyBoss Home 2.0 Portable Home Gym can easily be put away right under your bed. You don’t even need a huge space to workout with the BodyBoss Home 2.0, a 6 sq. ft. area can do the trick.

My Impression:

I got the BodyBoss Home 2.0 Portable Home Gym because I do like variations in my workouts from time to time. BodyBoss works on resistance which you can increase, unlike with TRX that makes use of my own body weight. Set-up is also a breeze, once I open the foldable case (which also serves as a platform), I can start working out on my upper body as if working on a bench at the gym. I can even mount this on a wall and do workouts as if I am making use of a cable machine.

What could be better?

The one thing I mainly noticed is that the BodyBoss Home 2.0 Portable Home Gym makes use of only one level of resistance bands. You will end up using more bands if you wish to make use of a “heavier” resistance when training with the BodyBoss Home 2.0 Portable Home Gym. That said, I do wish that the makers make different levels of resistance for the bands so we don’t have to keep on using just one. I also wish that the platform could be coated with the same non-slip material that is present in the middle of it.

More features

  • Workout routines that makes use of the BodyBoss Home 2.0 you can follow live or saved to follow on your own.
  • Do hundreds of different workouts through resistance training with the use of BodyBoss Home 2.0, even weighted shadow boxing.
  • Whole body workout within the comfort of your home.

XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine


XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine – Upgraded Accessory Package

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Let’s move on from ease of portability to a more fixed item. If you’re the type of person who believes in the saying “Go big or go home”, then bringing home the XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine is literally bringing the gym home with you.

The XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine can be quite intimidating at first, but with stackable weights, this is a home gym that will grow with you and your muscles.

My Impression:

The cable machine is among the equipment at the gym that I must wait in line for just so I could begin to use it. Cable machines are great for whole body workouts because of resistance and the weight which you can increase gradually. I thought of bringing home this cable machine because of the benefits that I get whenever I make use of this during my workouts at the gym. I developed my workout routines that includes cable machine exercises especially for my lats. XMark makes for a great fitness investment that could last you a lifetime.

What could be better?

When you order this from Amazon, do not expect it to come to your house fully set-up because, it will not. You must assemble it bolt for bolt. Assembling parts is my favorite thing to do, but XMark product designers could probably learn a thing or two from IKEA instruction manual designers. I would appreciate it if the instructions were clear and that all bolts and screws are checked for quality. After all, this is a big product that could cause big accidents if not assembled properly.

More features

  • Stackable weights of up to 200 lbs.
  • Rubber coated grips for the accessories
  • Bars for chin ups and lateral pull-ups

Merax Boxing Power


Merax Boxing Power Tower Combo Home Fitness Workout Station

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A power tower is another all-in-one equipment that makes use of body weight for pull-ups/chin-ups, knee raises, dips, and push-ups. What made this Merax Power Tower stand out is the addition for support of boxing equipment.

The Merax Boxing Power Tower Combo is powerful enough to have a 70-pound punching bag hooked. The punching bag is not initially included in your purchase, but your Merax Boxing Power Tower Combo will include a tether ball which is great for cardiovascular, core, and reflex training.

My Impression:

You might have noticed how much I love an all-in-one product and the Merax Boxing Power Tower Combo surely deserves a spot right here. I love how they incorporated a hook for a punching bag. Seeing this and buying this, eased me of my worries of wondering where I can hook a punching bag.

What could be better?

The height of this equipment is at 6 feet. If you’re taller than the machine then this machine is not for you. Further, you should test out the rubber grips of the equipment as I have read that it could be a little slippery for some people. Other than that, I see no reason why you shouldn’t have a power tower that has a boxing combo from Merax.

More features

  • A tether ball which can be inflated and hooked immediately to the power tower and a punching bag hook
  • Reinforced steel, commercial grade, and power coated with wear resistant coating.

Total Gym


Total Gym XLS – Home Gym (Total Body Workout)

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If you’re looking for an equipment that can be used for any Pilates routines, Total Gym is a great buy.

Endorsed by none other than, Chuck Norris, this home gym guarantees total body workout with 80 different exercises which you can do within the confines of your own home. Total Gym XLS is easy to set up and very comfortable to use. This is highly recommended for people who are looking for low impact exercises that will not sacrifice results.

My Impression:

When I saw Chuck Norris’ photo on the thumbnail for the Total Gym XLS, I knew there and then that I just had to get one of those. After all, none was using it other than, Mr. Chuck Norris. You might say I am biased because a celebrity is endorsing this, but to see is to believe. Total Gym XLS is a great add-on for anyone who is starting their own home gym. It’s very easy to use, very easy to set-up, and put away. I set this up wonderfully at a corner of the room because it doesn’t take up much space. I love my Total XLS because it’s resistance training that uses my body weight and makes use of different levels of tensions.

What could be better?

I really am afraid to make recommendations knowing that the legendary Chuck Norris well endorses this, but I do wish that the Total Gym could add more weight to get more work done for the bigger muscle groups.

More features

  • Your purchase will come with 5 different DVDs to get you started with familiarizing yourself with the Total Gym XLS.
  • An exercise card which indicates all the exercises possible with the Total Gym XLS.
  • A Training Deck which contains different exercises with recommended number of reps and sets suitable for when you’re making your own workout plan.
  • A lifetime warranty on the frame


Body-Solid EXM3000LPS

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Body Solid has come up with a full gym station (without the treadmill and other cardio machines) with the EXM3000LPX Light Commercial Gym. It is the perfect home gym add-on for anyone looking for a stacked weight system.

Not only that, the Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Light Commercial Gym offers a wide variety of opportunities to work on the specific muscle groups that you wish to target from the upper body down to your lower body.

My Impression:

The Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Light Commercial Gym is a solid home gym installation that’s perfect for anybody who has spare space. I’ve tried this and it really works. This is a great home gym investment for everyone in the family. If you look at this monster, it might be intimidating to assemble, however, I do think that the instructional manual was understandable enough. Assembly took time so, I gathered up my buddies to help me out. Suffice it to say, after assembling, we used it immediately!

What could be better?

This home gym is another great investment for people who have enough space to put up an equipment that will take up about 80 square feet in area. I’ve had great experience working out with the Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Light Commercial Gym, I do have some concerns with the instruction manual. It could use some serious improvements.

More features

  • This home gym is strong enough to cater to three different users at the same time.
  • Great lumbar support for the back rests
  • Users can perform leg press, shoulder press, and even low rows.



Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

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Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym works using resistance. While the conventional strength training makes use of bulky metal and steel, Bowflex has developed their home gym equipment by making use of bows. This technological advancement has served them well for more than 30 years and has continued to make the brand a crowd favorite for home gym equipment.

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym may not look like it, but the bows can create up to 210 pounds of weight like the stackable weights that other home gyms are offering. The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is lightweight, easy to assemble, and does not take up much space. By purchasing a Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym for your home, you can do 30 various exercises that will hit the important muscles in your body.

My Impression:

Again, this is one of those purchases that makes you think whether it will work. It works, but, it’s not my favorite workout equipment. Among the ones I listed, I think this home gym just isn’t for me. It’s great for starters and for those looking for lower-impact exercises, but for gym vets, the bows’ resistance won’t sit well. I liked that it was easy to set-up and convenient to use, I am just not a fan of resistance training with elastic materials.

What could be better?

Continuously improving the bows could be a way to spark the interest of gym veterans to get into this Bowflex machine.

More features

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Sliding seat which could be used for rowing. This additional cardio exercise is a nice touch.

Valor Fitness


Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall Mount Cable Station

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Valor Fitness came into the business in 2006. Valor Fitness shot to fame in January 2012 and has since continuously done so. The Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall Mount Cable Station is great for people with very limited space the installation is very easy and you could watch a demonstration of how to do so over at YouTube.

With the use of commercial grade cables and pulleys, the Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall Mount is a great substitute for the cable station machine at your favorite gym.

My Impression:

The Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall Mount Cable Station is a decent home gym equipment that’s perfect for people who do not have much space to install a cable workout station I also like the idea that the weights are to be bought separately. This may be an issue to some, but honestly, I do think this is a great thing to do. The BD-62 Wall Mount Cable Station saved me from purchasing the weights that aren’t my level yet or have gone past already. Another thing to note is that if you are a big fan of the cable cross for your lats, this isn’t the machine for you. The place where the cables are placed are too close to each other for me to make a cross, however, the BD-62 was great for all the other cable exercises that you could do.

What could be better?

I think one of the main points for improving this product is reducing the amount of friction that the pulleys do. It’s not that big of a concern, however, it takes away from the experience of executing a workout perfectly.

More features

  • Small footprint. This machine only takes up about 3 square feet.
  • You can adjust the pulleys up to 17 levels.
  • Top and bottom brackets for ensured support


BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

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The BOSU ball is a creation of David Weck which aims to train balance and core. The term BOSU initially meant “BOth Sides Up”. Over the years the BOSU ball has since become a staple equipment for gyms. The number of exercises that you can do with the use of the BOSU Pro Balance Trainer is only limited by your imagination.

For anyone who is looking at setting up their home gym, the BOSU ball is a staple and a must-buy. I’ve personally used this at the gym and it did not only provide me a core strength conditioning; I was also able to do core exercises with it. Pair this with your TRX set-up and your muscles will fire up from such a great workout. I always make use of my BOSU ball especially when I am working on my core. The BOSU ball is exciting to use and is true to its word. The price tag doesn’t give justice to the amount of benefits that you can get from exercising while using a BOSU ball

My Impression:

One of my few concerns whenever I use the BOSU ball is how slippery that the plastic base becomes. I do wish BOSU would add some more rubber support on the plastic base for when I’m stepping on it or when it is on the plastic base. A rubber coated plastic base will be great addition to ensure safety of its users.

What could be better?

The only thing that can be better about this vacuum is that it tips over very easily. If you use the wand or attachments, the slightest pull will make the vacuum fall over. If a little bit of stability can be brought to the design by enlarging the base, that will make the vacuum much easier to use.

More features

Comes in two different colors–pink or blue.

Affordable home gym solution perfect for a 2 square feet of space

yoga mat for home gym


Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

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When people think about home gym, the initial thought is bulky machines made from metals and heavy steel. Many people forget that a simple yoga mat can be all that you need to get a full body workout. Into the picture, the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat. The Jade Harmony Yoga mat was created to be the perfect companion for anyone who is practicing any kind of yoga.

Whether you’re practicing Bikram, Ashtanga, or Hatha; Jade Harmony yoga mat will be there to provide you enough support with its non-slip material.

My Impression:

I also practice yoga for my mental well-being and having a reliable yoga mat is a great investment. My home gym can be just a yoga mat and that’s already my home gym. Jade Harmony is perfect because it is just the right weight, thickness, and is totally non-slip even if I get my sweat on it.

What could be better?

I find that the rubber it was made of eventually smelled of tires. I hope that this could have a solution as the smell sticks on the skin and can be pretty concerning when I am doing yoga.

More features

  • Great value for money. Jade Harmony is one of the best mats you can get that’s under $100.00
  • Comes in different colors.
  • Made of natural rubber and is completely free of synthetic materials
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Muscles building home workout video



I personally think that a home gym is a great investment. I have successfully curated one and I am proud to share that I’ve made wise choices from reviewing everything that I can read from the internet and of course, consulting my friendly professional trainers.

But, before jumping into buying a home gym, it is very important to determine what your health goals will be. Sure there’s the Body-Solid EXM3000LPS, which is really great and has all the functionalities that a home gym could offer, but, if your doctor warned you against doing high impact exercises, it might be best to stick to low impact workouts which utilizes resistance training such as the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym or even the  BodyBoss Home 2.0 Portable Home Gym which both won’t hurt the wallet as well as your joints.

This article’s goal is to provide our readers with a quick rundown of the best home gym equipment and machines. I hope that this list was comprehensive enough to introduce you to the wide array of equipment available and could help you decide which ones to buy.  Again, I am no fitness expert and these are just, in my opinion, the best home gyms that your money can buy. Remember that consulting your physician is also important prior to making any decisions that will affect your health. That said, having a home gym can really help you out with keeping up with your fitness routine and goals for a healthier you.



  1. gymratrobert Reply

    none of these will be great for you if you don’t incorporate any diet to your fitness goals. eating right and sleeping right are just as important as your equipment. Body solid was a huge investment risk that I had to take. I was trying to grow my muscles but my trainer friends mentioned that it wasn’t because i didn’t know how to use body solid properly but because i wasn’t eating properly and wasn’t taking the right nutrients. So in comes the supplements and of course, i had to sleep. Sleep is the time that your body recovers from all the stress of the day. I was working out pretty hard but my muscle wasn’t growing at all. realized that I wasn’t letting my muscle recover. So to not let the equipment go to complete waste, I knew i had to change my lifestyle overall. i even do meditation and yoga before i sleep so i can get as much deep sleep as i could. Just sharing what I know from personal experience! kudos!

  2. johnClark Roxas Reply

    i’m more of a boxing guy than lifting weights etc so i was really fascinated when i saw the merax with the tether ball. it’s one of my favorite boxing routine so I’m glad that i could bring that experience home. Whats more is i can do my pull ups with it. I can’t install those pull ups bar because i’m scared it could ruin my door frame. so overall, merax is doing a lot for me you should all try it too

  3. GirlBoss2019 Reply

    Bodyboss home gym is the bomb! I love it ever since I first saw it on instagram. it’s one of those exercise equipment that really got famous because of instagram. It’s quite efficient if you know how to use it. Some people just don’t know how to use it effectively thats why they can’t maximise this equipment. It’s not trash! it’s not the car, it’s the driver… as they say. 🙂

  4. I lost alot of weight using TRX and lots of running. It was the best exercise equipment that ive ever purchased and invested in. I didn’t need a lot of space all I needed was my own body weight to pull and push. but, theres nothing like doing the good old fashioned yoga. I think TRX and yoga is a great combination especially if you’re starting to age like me cheers darion

  5. Spidergeek Reply

    I see a fan of trx, i click. To me, the best workout is still those that use minimal equipment that’s why I’m such a fan of trx. It uses my body weight so I don’t have to buy bulky weights to fill my home gym. Aside from Trx, I have the suspended pull up bar that i put on my door. Working out this way works for me because I like being quick and agile and more flexible… like spiderman. LOL! ayyyyt. cool blog!

  6. This post has some really great selections for people with really cramped space. The TRX, a yoga mat??? I just wanna say thanks for featuring these really great home gyms for a small space. I live in an apartment and I dont want to be limited by this space. I also bring it with me to get my workout at the park which is great.

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