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Essential Tips for Growing a Beard

For men, a fully-grown beard is not only a source of great pride but also a symbol of their Masculinity. While some men are blessed with a fully grown mustache, others may struggle with patchy slow-growing whiskers. That is the reason why ‘how to grow beard faster’ finds itself as one of the most popular searched phrases on internet. So, if you are anxious to know how to grow your beard faster, here are a few beard growth tips you could try to maximize growth rate and fullness. Moreover, this guide also comes handy for those who are first-time beardsmen and not sure what to expect.

Starting the Beard Growing Process

While it may look like a simple step, all you need to do is throw your razor away, stop shaving, and wait for your beard to grow by putting your patience to test.

Remember: A beard is not essentially measured in length, but in months. So, the first phase of becoming a beardsman entails patience.

During the first few weeks you might feel shabby, or even look funny. What’s worse? You may even feel an irresistible urge to trim your wild and patchy beard. But hold on beardsmen! Repel the temptation to trim or groom at this stage as your beard will grow quickest if it is left well alone.

Have a Shave

After just about 3-4 weeks have past, you could shave your face to get your skin ready for the journey that lies ahead. Make sure your skin becomes clued-up for beard growth, so why not rejuvenate your face with a cleansing face wash? This will not only remove dirt, oil, and dead skin but also pave the way for the baby facial hair.

Pro Tip: Pat your face dry and use a gentle pre-shave oil to soften and nourish the stubble. Apply shaving cream/foam and shave just like normal.

Beat the Itchy Phase

Congratulations! You are no more beardless. But keeps your feet on the ground beardsmen, this new patchy beard growth may cause a natural itchiness, which could not only cause some discomfort but also need to be endured until it subsides. But persist through the itch barrier as it will not irritate you for too long.

Remember: It is your facial skin’s natural stimulus to the new hair growth during the early stages. ‘You could use Beard Oil and Moisturizer to not only reduce the itching but to also   keep it moist and the underlying skin clean’.

Commit to the Process

While there’s no doubting the fact that there will be a plethora of hurdles that you must overcome to get the beard of your dreams, the secret lies in your commitment to the cause.

Caution: Your facial skin might irritate you with unprecedented dryness and itchiness, whereas friends and colleagues might mock you asserting that it isn’t growing fast enough.  On top of everything, do not trim or shave. All you need to do is make yourself a commitment of at least 4 weeks to see the results.

After paving the way through the initially tough stages, not only your facial hair problems will come to an end, but your friends and family will also forget how you once looked like a clean shaven chap.

Use Beard Oil to Nourish that Fuzz

It’s essential to incorporate beard oil to encourage the growth of your beard and nourish your facial hair. Beard oil comes loaded with the goodness of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, which not only feed and moisturize your beard but also speed up the growing process.

Few of the best beard oils are enriched with the generosity of all natural ingredients like Hemp oil and Jojoba, as they moisturize the hair follicles, supplying them with the perfect conditions for a strong and speedy hair growth.

Pro Tips:

  • During the early stages of your beard growth, it is recommended to avoid using regular soaps and shampoos that are full of chemicals.
  • Beard oil gently massaged into your beard hair daily will not only nourish your facial hair roots but also works wonders to grow your beard faster.

How to Grow the Beard Faster?

While it is all up to the nature and genetics to determine how thick and fast your beard will grow, you cannot accelerate the growing process, if your body isn’t in a healthy state of being.

So, despite the fact that your beard growth depends upon your genes, there are still some things you could do to speed-up the growing process. While some of the following tips are obvious, others may not sound the most convincing to you. Nevertheless, following these recommendations will pave the way for those follicles fermenting faster:

Take Care of Your Body

The most important reason why it is indispensible to care for your body is: The interdependence of your facial hair to the health of the body. So, why not take care of your body?

Eat Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins

Power-start your day by eating protein-rich food like eggs, beans, and fishes. Consume more fruits and vegetables as they are responsible for providing the most important vitamins and minerals required by your facial hair to grow more rapidly.

P.S. If your diet is limited to sugar-studded junk food, then be prepared for deficiency of appropriate nutrients in the body which will lead to slowing down of hair growth.

Additional Health Supplements

Maintaining a hail and healthy diet could be supplemented with a mineral or multivitamin supplement which could prove a boon to your beard.

A good supplementary diet incorporates 30-100 mcg (micrograms) biotins (vitamin B7) per day, which could amazingly assist in the growth of both the facial hair as well as nails. Moreover, you could also increase your daily intake of beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, nettle and flax seed oil.

Pro Tip: In an endeavor to grow your beard more quickly, don’t rush and overload your diet with these supplements. It is always a wise idea to speak to your doctor before embarking on these supplement.

Exercise Regularly to de-Stress your Mind

Regarded as hair-growth-killer, stress is in fact, the leading cause of hair loss in a majority of men. So, gift yourself a goodnight’s sleep and exercise more often to bid a farewell to stress.

What’s more? Exercising regularly will not only improve the blood circulation in the body, but also promote facial hair growth.


Use a scrub or an exfoliant for at least once a week to get rid of the dead cells on the face. This work wonders to stimulate the growth of new facial hair.

Pro Tip: Make it your everyday resolution to keep your face as clean as possible, washing with mild soap and warm water two times a day (i.e. morning and evening).

Massage your Face

Bidding your face a great rub down will not only improve blood circulation to the beard and mustache area but also pave the way for new hair growth.

P.S. Make sure you use a top-notch beard oil to massage both the facial hair as well as the face.

Keep Hydrated

While it might seem pretty obvious, a lot of us do not keep hydrated properly. So, it is strongly recommended to throw your favorite sugary drinks and juices away, and switch to drinking plenty of water every day.

Growing a beard side effects



Growing beard is a fine blend of art and skill. A majority of men who successfully grew their beard from a scratch appreciate the dedication and hardwork that it takes, and now you can too. Follow the above tips religiously and unveil a noticeable difference in just a few weeks.

P.S. These steps will not only grow you a dark, manly beard but also ensure your overall improvement of your whole body.

by Darion Robinson



  1. I’m a gay man but I love my beard. And the true way to keep that beard of yours always growing healthy is of course to look after it. Number one, don’t just wash it with what you washed your face with. Buy something specifically made for your beard because it still is part of your face but it isn’t. You know what i’m saying? Conditioning also makes it softer. When you shave it all, don’t forget to exfoliate to clear your pores from dead skin cells and prevent any ingrown hair. If you can, brush it. And yes, don’t forget to drink water and liquids to keep your face hydrated. Just like how your hair on top of your head is dependent on your hydration… and so is the rest of your body. Right??? anyway, good luck growing and once you’ve grown it, don’t forget to maintain it, because, it’s still part of your face. It’s one of the first things that people notice.

    • Everyone deserves the right for the best beard they can get, thanks Dave. Also great tips on keeping up with the beard so it is always in it’s prime even if you aren’t ;).

  2. as an asian, i really can’t relate. lol. you know, genetics? It makes it hard to grow a beard. Sadly, I wanna look like gandalf someday. lol. cool blog tho. Love your informative posts the most such as this one. You’re very correct on the beard oil… It supports growth of the beard but it just won’t have an effect on me.

  3. Finally! Some real content about beards. I’ve been telling my girl about how growing my beard is actually an art and takes skill. lol, not really. I know my genetics play a part. But thanks for the tips about vitamins and diet. Never occurred to me that my diet would affect my beard growth. Lol.

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