The Best Chai Tea 2019

No! I refuse to indulge in the etymological bickering over the term ‘chai tea’. Rather, I would opt to relive my dusty and rememberable days spent in the by-lanes of India, discovering the enticing effect of this beautiful brew.

Yes, because believe it or not, every tiny tea stalls dotting the market and every household in cities and villages alike have their own recipe. Nothing is standard when it comes to chai tea! The quality of tea leaves differ and so does its origin, dust or buds, loose leaves or tea bags, steep or boiling the leaves, the herbs, and the aromatics – countless combinations are created and crushed till one is satisfied. But one thing remains unchanged. It’s universal promise of bring instantly refreshing.

And guess what? Now you don’t need to travel to India for your best chai tea fix! There are a plethora of tea companies and tea bars in your city that is whipping up this deep mug of velvety goodness.

But what if we want to experience the goodness of chai tea in our own home? It is always better if we have the cool experiment and gadgets. And if you are feeling confused with the brands filling up the supermarket supplement shelves – then let me provide you a little relief.

With my review on best chai tea, I have rounded up not only my favorite brands but snooped around the internet and compared my result with that of the tea-soaked netizens and create a list that will be a ready-reckoner for any chai tea connoisseur.

See, I know tea can be a different experience for each individual but the journey begins with that one step! Plus there are so many chqq So without further ado let us find out 8 best chai tea that will add that kick to your daily cuppa!

Here’s The 8 Best Chai Teas To Drink (2019)

Big Train Spiced Chai Tea Latte

Big Train Spiced Chai Tea Latte

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Anything ‘instant’ or ‘ready-under-two-minutes’ would completely put me off! I mean it screams of ‘artificial flavoring’. In a nutshell, I am hell apprehensive. So it took me some time and a tight situation to try this premix powder. And boy was I blown away by the taste!

Key Features:

•  This spiced chai mix is made with a blend of milk, honey, black tea, and spices.
•  It is a fuss-free premixed chai tea powder which only needs hot water or a combination cream and water depending on the drinker’s taste.
•  It can be rustled up anywhere – from home kitchen to office, from outdoors to indoors – ideal for people who travel and break their head over missing their favorite brew in a strange land.
•  This chai tea latte premix powder can be had either as a hot latte or a cold one by mixing with ice – just keep a hot water bottle or some ice cubes handy to create a heart-warming drink or refreshing cold one on a hot afternoon.
•  It comes in two flavors – vanilla and spice blend.
•  The quality and taste of this chai tea powder are at par with the best chai tea latte from big chains like Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks.

What could be better?

Since I am a bit aesthetics oriented, I sincerely feel the brand can really work on the art of packaging. Also, the tea has some sediment that gets deposited in the bottom of the cup that creates an unsightly visual experience.

What I love the most

•  This mix tastes delish and I can customize it to my liking – only add hot water or thicken it with some cream or create a special treat with some whipped cream on top.
•  It (1.9 lb) has around 50 servings.
•  It is my on-the-go travel companion where I don’t have to rely on carrying extra milk or anything and yet get that creamy warmth every single time.
•  The days I don’t like excessive spice, I switch to the vanilla blend. The subtle notes of spice present provide me a real uplift.
•  If I want to opt for a strong chai tea, I mix more scoops. It is that easy!

Yogi Chai Tea Bags

Yogi Tea, Chai Black

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I always look for responsibly sourced products which have reliable ingredients and does minimal to no damage to the environment during its production process. My research led me to Yogi Tea which comes enveloped in this wellness cape.

Key features

•  The base black tea is sourced from the tea gardens of Assam, India – one of only two places where you can still find the native tea plants.
•  It is completely organic and creates a full-bodied and aromatic brew.
•  The spice-blend in this tea includes cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger – all of which are known for their cleansing and anti-inflammatory qualities.
•  The package contains 16 counts of 6 tea bags i.e. 96 tea bags in total.
•  Yogi Chai Tea Bags comes in different herbal blends like Egyptian Liquorice, Peppermint, Original, Black Tea etc.
•  Doesn’t come added with sweetener, so it is suitable for diabetic patients or for weight loss plans.

What could be better?

The latest shipment of this product has been a bit inconsistent with its quality. Some of the web-users also felt that the bag-strength is depleting. Instead of one, now you need two bags to concoct the same deep delicious beverage. But as we know there is no yardstick to measure how strong your tea is – so maybe this bit can be customized from the consumer’s end only.

What I love the most

•    This is such a cost-effective tea bag, although it comes listed under gourmet food and drinks – such a respite! Chasing health has become indeed expensive.
•  This tea company is keen on using whole ingredients instead of chemical additives, which is a blessing for sure.
•  When I want a decaf variety I go for Rooibos and when I need a natural sweetness to stall my sugar-cravings, I go for the Egyptian Liquorice – this brand is great for watching weight or special dieting where you cannot consume caffeine.
•  The flavor of spices is all natural – there is no hint of synthetic or artificial flavoring in the tea.

Tazo Chai Tea

redline detector

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The Escort Redline comes in at the third spot only due to it lacking a few features that two listed above offer. Aside from that, it is number two in all-out performance. The Escort Redline has been on the market for almost 10 years, and is praised as the “Long-Range King.”

With recent addition the band-segmentation, you can now segment out certain radar frequencies to improve performance our radar detection for KA band. When it comes down to ease of use, it’s VERY easy to setup and gets running. Below, are the main features and benefits.

The only downside with this detector, since it’s designed for sheer long-range performance, is that it alerts to many false K band alerts. Pairing it up with Escort Live will do wonders, we recommend it highly regardless, especially for highway travelers and those living in Virginia.

More features

It has EXCELLENT RANGE for K and KA band. Until the R1 and R3 came out, it was the king and is still a fairly close second. For the price and its reputation, it is guaranteed you’ll get solid performance out on the road.

It’s a 100% undetectable radar detector to all RDD’s. Like the R1 and R3, the Redline is immune to all radar detector detectors, even the most updated Specter Elite models.

It’s easy to setup and gets running. Without a doubt, it’s one of the easiest to setup, with less than 15 options to sort through.

Alert sounds are great and ramp up according to REAL radar intensity. The alert sounds for K and KA band ramp up properly and not too aggressively. This is a BIG plus when you’re actually approaching the radar source


Escort Max360 – Best User Friendliness

$484.99 (on sale)

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Overall, the Max360 packs MANY features and has a similar look like the R3 mentioned at #1. However, let us be clear, it’s performance is subpar in comparison to the R3.

Still, the Max360 does a fantastic job at giving you a great understanding of where the radar source is coming from, as well as sensitive to real radar sources. The only downside I’ve noticed is that for the price, cheaper detectors like above outperform it. Below, we will cover the most important features and benefits. You can read a full review on the Escort Max360 here.

More features

GPS Enabled with red light camera warning system. Just like most GPS enabled detectors, this one lets you lock out false alerts and warns you when approaching fixed and red light speed cameras.

360 Degree Detection. You can see who is shooting radar at you from the front, back, or sides.

You can pair it up with Escort Live via Bluetooth. You can see everything your detector does, through your tablet or mobile phone screen.

Great and sleek design. You can’t go wrong with this one, although being a little bulky, it won’t look bad on your windshield.


Redenso PRO SE – A Budget Friendly


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Redenso is a new kid on the block, at least to the United States. It not only shows AMAZING PERFORMANCE right out of the box but is 50% smaller than any of the radar detectors mentioned above. How can that be?

I’ve asked this question a million times. What I know for sure is that they use their space wisely, and I give them props for that. What you really want to know is why to get this one.In the list right below, I will mention the most important features that come along with it, as well as benefits.

More features

2-year manufacturer warranty is included (no paying extra required). With some of today’s BIG radar detector companies being known for lacking in the customer service area, Redenso does not lack, it’s quite good actually.

It’s 50% smaller than its competition. Being on the windshield makes it GOOD for being small, and its performance does not lack because of it.

Performance against K & KA band is outstanding. For being a small unit it does extremely well against commonly used radar frequencies.

Many settings & GPS Enabled. There are many ways to make it perform better (like disabling frequencies that are not used in your area). Software customization is available and accurate GPS is provided for live speed/ fixed speed traps.

Not On A Budget?

With radar detectors, trying to find the best bang for your bucks isn’t the best philosophy to live by. Usually the cheaper the detector, the worse it will perform because the research and parts that go into the detector are lower quality and/or are under-designed to perform well.

Luckily, there are some radar detectors that will do quite well for the price they are at. So here’s a list of the best radar detectors for under the given price ranges.

The Best Radar Detector Under $300 US Dollars


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Assuming you have somewhere between 200 and 300 dollars to spend on a radar detector, you should buy the Uniden DFR7. This one has great internals giving an impressive mid range performance (almost on par with the V1).

There’s GPS enabled, which lets you lock out false alerts and locate fixed speed traps (using the free database). And in terms of looks, the LCD screen gives you great white/gray letters that are very easy to read during both day and night time.

Uniden DFR6

The Best Radar Detector Under $200 US Dollars


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Barely making it to this price category of under 200, the Uniden DFR6 is pretty much the same detector but without GPS feature.

Fantastic performance, but no GPS. Depending on who you are, the GPS feature will make or break your buying decision.


The Best Radar Detector Under $100 US Dollars


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For this price range don’t expect anything extraordinary for sale, it may look shiny and cool, but it probably won’t perform how you want. Under 100, the Cobra SPX 7800BT. It has some very useful features and can detect K & KA band  at a decent rate.

Look for performance on very flat surfaces (like deserts and grasslands, think Oklahoma and Utah salt flats). What is appealing on the outside, isn’t so sharp on the inside.

Top 3 Stealth & Undetectable RD’s to Buy To Stay Clear from Radar Detector Detectors

What if it’s Illegal Where I Am?

This one isn’t tough to answer, especially if you’re living in the United States or Canada. I have a completely dedicated article on radar detector laws, and you’ll know where radar detectors are illegal at. In most cases, the laws exist for revenue generation and there isn’t any real legit argument you can put forward for why the state or province has radar detectors placed under the “illegal” category.


Hopefully, we helped you find the best radar detector. Though there are only 5 radar detector reviews, we did this on purpose to ensure you only see the top rated ones for the 5 most important price categories. Pick up police using these devices, install them discreetly in your car, and have a level of protection that most don’t have.

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