A Review of the Best Supplements to Break your Weight Loss Plateau this 2020!

If you’re part of the 93 million people in the United States who are considered as obese and are struggling to really lose all the weight, you might want to try healthy food supplements to support your goal.

Obesity is marked by a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 and above. People with this BMI level is considered at a very high risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Obese people are encouraged to lose around 5% to 10% of their weight to be safer from the diseases mentioned.

While there are many options that claim how much they can make you lose weight over a short period of time, nothing can beat those that have been backed by research studies to ensure that you are losing weight SAFELY without harm on your health.

After all, the goal of losing weight is really to become healthy, right?

As this is an informative post, we are going to give you information on what kind of supplements that boost weight loss and what to look for in each one, rather than reviewing brands available in the market. Curious? Keep on scrolling!

What are dietary supplements for weight loss?

Dietary supplements, in general, are formulated to support health goals. These supplements are usually naturally-occurring substances. Dietary supplements are not intended to cure any form of diseases but rather, to act as dietary support.

Dietary supplements for weight loss are the supplements which are created and intended to support any one whose goal is to lose weight.

There are several varieties that are currently marketed as a diet pill and they work through the following “methods” of helping you lose weight:

  1. Fat burners. This method increases your body’s metabolism of fat by either targeting hormones responsible for this process or activating your liver to burn off the stored fats.
  2. Appetite reducers or also known as appetite suppressants.
  3. Reduce your body’s absorption of some nutrients such as fat, protein, or carbohydrates.

Again, these supplements do not cure any form of diseases. If there is any claim that a product can cure heart diseases, or any diseases for that matter, make sure that you research on the brand and the actual claim. Make sure that the sources cited are actual scientific studies.

The different kinds of supplements that we’re going to look at for this post have been studied and were found effective by some people in terms of helping them lose weight.

However, as the body differs from one another, one form of dietary supplement for weight loss may not work as effective as it would on another. Another factor that one should look at in terms of efficacy is how some may be needed to work together rather than when taken as individually.

The Most Popular Weight Loss Supplements for 2020

1. Green Tea Extract (EGCG)

EGCG which is abundant in catechins is the element that helps burn fat when you take Green Tea Extract supplements.

What is EGCG?

Green Tea Extract or more scientifically known to be Epigallocatechin gallate is the active ingredient found in green tea that makes it an effective support for weight loss.

EGCG is usually manufactured in the form of capsules, liquid form, or gummies.

Method of Weight Loss

According to research studies, the method of weight loss for EGCG or green tea extract is by making your body burn fat.

More specifically, scientists discovered that EGCG that is present in catechins, work on your body’s norepinephrine. Norepiephrine is the hormone responsible for thermogenesis or the bodily process of burning fat.

How to Use EGCG Effectively for Weight Loss

Studies on EGCG have been done using varying dosages of the EGCG. A cup of green tea contains about 50 to 100 mg of EGCG and the ones used in the study are often higher.

However, one study pointed out that using EGCG daily for 800 mg caused an increase of the transaminases in the blood. Transaminases are substances/enzymes in the body that is a powerful indicator of liver damage.

There are also studies that advises the use of caffeine together with EGCG to boost each others weight loss efficiencies.

Possible Side Effects of Green Tea Extract (EGCG)

Like all products, EGCG is no exception to having any possible side effects. Among which is the possibility of liver and kidney damage, anemia, low blood sugar, and anemia.

In terms of whether this could be used during pregnancy, research believes that pregnant women should steer away from the supplemental doses of EGCG as this may interfere with the absorption of Folate and B-vitamins.

Breastfeeding women are also best to avoid this supplement until further research can be provided.

For people who are taking prescription drugs for management of cholesterol or psychotic symptoms, it is best to not take EGCG. There are reported cases that EGCG interferes with the absorption of the drugs present in these prescriptions.

2. Glucomannan

Glucomannan that is derived from Konjac or Elephant Yam can help you lose weight without much complications.

What is Glucomannan?

Glucomannan is the fiber derived from the powdered konjac (elephant yam). As a type of fiber that can produce a gelatinous structure, it is often used in food and other supplements.

When used, it is known to manage constipation, diabetes, and even lower cholesterol levels. Research studies, seem to also suggest that the powdery fiber can provide support in weight loss.

Commercially, glucomannan usually exists in capsule form or in powder.

Method of Weight Loss

Since glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber, research suggests that its manner of helping you lose weight is by managing your satiety and reduced absorption of protein and fat.

How to Use Glucomannan Effectively for Weight Loss

To get the most out of glucomannan, experts have weighed in that the fibrous powder be taken at least 15 to 60 minutes before a meal.

In terms of dosage, it was found out that about 1 gram and taken 3 times a day seemed to be effective enough. But again, the more important thing to note is when to take it.

For this supplement, timing is everything.

Possible Side Effects of Glucomannan

As a substance that expands with water, there are possibilities of choking. Fret not, this can only happen when the fiber hasn’t reached the stomach yet and expanded in the throat.

While considered generally safe, diabetic patients may have to be careful with the timing of taking the fiber and if they’re taking a medication that has sulfonylurea.

As it is a fiber, it may cause bloating, constipation or diarrhea. These symptoms, however, are not that very common.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine, a naturally-occurring stimulant, has been known to have an effect on metabolism and weight loss.

What is it?

Caffeine is a very potent stimulant that exists in your coffee and in small amounts in your tea. It is considered a stimulant because it blocks adenosine, a central nervous system depressant that helps promote sleep. This is why when you take coffee, your body seems to wake up.

Aside from being a stimulant, it is known to modify your metabolism. Metabolism is your body’s power to breakdown nutrients. Caffeine helps your body conduct this function at a faster rate causing you to derive the nutrients from food at a faster rate.

Method of Weight Loss

The main method of weight loss for caffeine is via suppression of appetite. However, studies seem to only support this effect more in healthy men than in women.

How to Use Caffeine Effectively for Weight Loss

Despite what studies seem to suggest, women can still take caffeine to aid them in their weight loss journey.

Similar to EGCG, studies have used different levels of the substance in the studies. Further, individuality also factors in terms of the amount of the substance to be taken to ensure efficacy.

Likewise, the Food and Drug Authority has released guidelines on how much caffeine is too much. According to this statement, it is okay to take in about 400 mg of caffeine in a day.

Possible Side Effects of Caffeine Supplements

In line with the FDA’s released memo on the safe intake of caffeine, people are advised to stay within the limits of the recommended daily dosage of the stimulant.  For heavy coffee drinkers, the 400 mg is equivalent to about 5 cups of coffee in a day. More than that, one can experience negative symptoms such as jitteriness, agitation, hypertension or hypotension, among others.

When pregnant, among the possible side effect of drinking caffeine is the increased risk of miscarriage and the regression of intrauterine growth.

4. Orlistat (alli)

Available as an over-the-counter or prescription (depending in the country it is sold) medication that inhibits lipase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down fats inside the body.

What is it?

Orlistat, a generic medication designed to treat obesity. It is more known as alli or Xenical, and works to stop the job of lipase, the enzyme that metabolizes fats.

Method of Weight Loss

The main reason why Orlistat works as a weight loss pill is how it doesn’t allow your body to absorb fat from the food you take in. It ultimately blocks the enzyme that works on breaking down fats in your diet. Fat, thereby, passes through your body, along with your stool, as itself… Fat.

How to Use Orlistat Effectively for Weight Loss

In order for Orlistat to work effectively, it must be taken by mouth together with a high-fat meal. If your meal doesn’t have any fat in it or if you skip meals, there’s no reason to take in this medication.

One study points out that the medication is very dose-dependent. This means that if you’re taking Orlistat in its ideal dose, you’re thereby increasing its efficiency as a weight loss supplement. Taking Orlistat with doses between 180 mg to 360 mg per day was seen as the most effective.

Possible Side Effects of Orlistat

Since Orlistat removes the ability of your body to absorb fat from food, there are reported cases of oily spotting, oily stool, upset stomach that results in flatulence and bloating.

There are also reports of possible liver damage and increased negative symptoms if you’ve already experienced kidney failure. Allergic reactions to the medication has been reported as well.

For pregnant women or breastfeeding women, it is also advisable not to take this medication as there are no studies that have looked into its effect in pregnancy or whether it seeps through breast milk.

5. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA is a healthy fat that helps the body burn more fat.

What is it?

In the late 1980s, researchers identified that CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acids were helpful in inhibiting possible mutagens that could cause cancer. Chemically, CLA is a group of linoleic acids or omega-6 fatty acid that our body requires. CLA is available in our common diet and naturally exists in meat and dairy products.

Method of Weight Loss

Essentially, CLA, a lipid, helps your body burn fat. It makes your body become more efficient in converting fat. While it doesn’t really help with weight loss, it stops your body’s fat cells from getting any bigger.

How to Use CLA Effectively for Weight Loss

According to the National Institutes of Health – Office of Dietary Supplements, CLA is safe to use daily for up to 6 grams a day for about a year. When taken as a supplement, it is best that the supplements contain about 80% of CLA. A minimum of 3 grams of CLA daily is required to ensure its effect on weight loss.

CLA is best taken with food in order for it to be metabolized easily by the body.

Possible Side Effects of CLA

While fat loss and prevention of artherosclerosis (hardening of arteries) are some of the possible good effects of using CLA, there are also negative side effects of using it too especially when taken in large doses as a supplement.

Since CLA works by altering your body’s composition as well as its metabolism, there were studies that discovered how it could possibly create some damage on the liver.

One study discovered that the increase in use of CLA led to increased blood sugar and fatty liver for mice. Even though these studies were done on mice, the negative side effects shouldn’t be overlooked.

Side effects on pregnancy and on breastfeeding are still unknown so it would be advisable to veer away from the supplement version of CLA while pregnant and breastfeeding.

6. Hydroxycut

Bodybuilders often resort to hydroxycut for its fast acting and effective way of burning away fat. But, is using Hydroxycut safe?

What is it?

Developed and manufactured by MuscleTech Research and Development team, Hydroxycut has been marketed and sold as an outright weight loss supplement.

It contains a combination of several known weight loss supplements– caffeine, lady’s mantle extract (Alchemilla vulgaris), wild olive extract (Olea europaea), cumin extract (Cuminum cyminum), wild mint extract (Mentha longifolia). Its other formulation, Hydroxycut Hardcore, has an additional green coffee bean extract (Coffea canephora) to amplify the weight loss capability of the supplement.

Method of Weight Loss

Since it is a combination of several known weight loss substances, Hydroxycut helps you lose weight by doing a combination of suppressing your appetite and burning fat by increasing your body’s metabolism.

How to Use Hydroxycut Effectively for Weight Loss

The direct effect of using Hydroxycut by humans hasn’t been directly studied yet. However, researching into publications using the term ‘Hydroxycut’ would often yield to reports about its negative effects.

If you’re planning to utilize Hydroxycut to help with your weight loss, it is important to take caution and follow the manufacturer’s directions for using this product.

Possible Side Effects of Hydroxycut

Old formulations of hydroxycut contained ephedra, a very potent stimulant that has caused about 155 reported deaths. Some of these deaths included users of Hydroxycut. This side effect led to the ban of the capsule in 2009.

Since Hydroxycut mainly uses caffeine as one of its major ingredients, caffeine in high doses can cause agitation, jitteriness, insomnia, and many others.

7. Raspberry Ketones

Increase the functionality of adiponectin with the help of Raspberry ketones.

What is it?

Raspberry ketones (also known as rheosmin or frambinone) are substances found naturally in raspberries and other fruits such as kiwi and other berries, grapes, grapes, apples, and peaches.

Even though raspberry is a fruit, the raspberry ketone can also be found in several vegetables such as rhubarb, and even in the bark of some trees such as maple, pine, and yew.

Method of Weight Loss

How does Raspberry ketone work? It is important to not confuse the word ketone with ketosis, as they have different methods of how it can help you lose weight.

Raspberry ketones affect your hormone called adinopectin. In biology, adiponectin is classified as a protein hormone and is majorly involved in control and manage glucose levels as well as fatty acid breakdown.

With the help of Raspberry ketones, the adinopectin focuses instead on burning fats and suppression of appetite. Such activity in the body, in turn, helps Raspberry ketone-takers lose weight.

How to Use Raspberry Ketones Effectively for Weight Loss

Varying research studies also used varying levels of raspberry ketones to support their claim for weight loss. These research studies used a range of 100–400 mg and taken about 1–2 times per day.

There’s very limited research done on the effects of Raspberry ketones on humans, as the studies are still done on mice. That said, caution must be exercised before taking in a supplement that’s also very natural such as the raspberry ketone.

Possible Side Effects of Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketone is considered to be quite similar in structure as other stimulants such as capsaicin (found in peppers), synephrine (significant in oranges),  which could cause possible heart arrhythmia or heart palpitations and even insomnia.

As mentioned earlier, there’s currently no available study of the effect of raspberry ketone on humans, hence, it is highly advisable that the substance to not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

8. Green Coffee Bean Extract

Boost the function of your adiponectin hormone with the help of chlorogenic acid found in Green Coffee Beans.

What is it?

One might presume that the potent ingredient present in the green coffee bean extract is caffeine. While this is not correct, there’s a substance present in green coffee beans that is considered to be extremely effective to help one lose weight. This is known to be cholorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid is found in coffee beans and is also a powerful antioxidant known to help lower blood pressure.

Method of Weight Loss

To help you lose weight, chlorogenic acid works by reducing the absorption of carbohydrates in the body. This, in turn, helps lower blood sugar levels.

In another study, it was found out that chlorogenic acid helped the mice reduce the fat absorption from their diet. This led their bodies to use up the stored fat in their liver and improve the function of the hormone, adiponectin.

How to Use Green Coffee Bean Extract Effectively for Weight Loss

To use green coffee bean extract (Chlorogenic Acid) effectively for weight loss, it is recommended to best follow what is stated in the bottles that you purchase.

In the researches mentioned, the scientists utilized different doses that range between 120 mg to 300 mg. Currently, literature tells us that there is no established dosage for optimal efficacy yet. However, safety level for humans is currently ranging from 240 mg to 3,000 mg per day.

Possible Side Effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Similar to all of the other supplements we have reviewed, there aren’t much strong scientific evidences of its efficacy on humans as most of these studies were done on animals.

However, the listed possible side effects of taking green coffee bean extract (Chlorogenic Acid) are headache and urinary tract infection.

Since green coffee bean extract have high traces of caffeine, taking the supplement may also produce the same side effects as when one takes coffee. If you have known allergic reactions to coffee, you might want to veer away from using green coffee bean extract to boost weight loss. Aside from allergic reactions to caffeine, you may experience jitteriness, anxiety, and diarrhea–all are side effects known to affect people who consume caffeine.

9. Forskolin

The Coleus Forskohlii plant root extract has been regarded recently as a herbal supplement to aid weight loss.

What is it?

Forskolin, otherwise known by its scientific name Coleus Forskohlii is a plant that’s part of the mint family. Considered native in Thailand, Nepal, and India.

The extract of the plant is well-regarded in the Ayurvedic medicine for its possibly positive effects on cancer, obesity, glaucoma, allergies and asthma, heart failure, intestinal spasms, painful cramps during your period (dysmenorrhea), irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infection, high blood pressure (hypertension), chest pain (angina), difficulty falling asleep (insomnia) and convulsions.

Recent scientific studies have looked into its effect on weight loss.

Method of Weight Loss

As a weight loss supplement, the forskolin plant extract suppresses appetite of the takers, as well as increase the basal metabolic rate (or your body’s rate of burning fat).

How to Use Forskolin Effectively for Weight Loss

In order for the forskolin plant extract to work effectively for weight loss, one should consider this as a supplement to a healthy and active lifestyle.

In the current market, Forskolin is presented in capsule forms. For weight loss, there isn’t an established weight of the product to be used to ensure maximum efficiency.

That said, it is important to follow the indicated number of servings in the capsules that you are going to buy.

Possible Side Effects

As for possible side effects, Forskolin may give its users rapid heart rates with low blood pressure. Since this has possible cardiovascular effects, it is recommended to not take Forskolin when you have medications to manage your any form of heart disease.

In terms of its safe use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, it is recommended to not take the supplement while in this delicate conditions. There isn’t any study to date that can support its beneficial effects to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

10. Bitter Orange Extract (Synephrine)

Bitter orange (Citrus × aurantium) is a native of Southeast Asia. The skin was found to have significant content of Synephrine, a substance known to help with weight loss.

What is it?

Bitter orange is a native of Southeast Asia. Its skin had been discovered to contain significant amounts of Synephrine, a substance that is known to help with weight loss.

Method of Weight Loss

Synephrine is close in composition to ephedra, another drug used for weight loss that had been banned due to its negative effects on the cardiovascular system.

However, since they are almost similar in structure, a lot of the supplements that had used ephedra before has now turned to use synephrine instead of the former.

Synephrine works as a thermogenic agent. This means that taking Synephrine increases your body’s efficiency to burn up fats.

In one study, researchers have looked into this and concluded that the bitter orange extract did increase the participants’ resting metabolic rate. The participants of the study who took the bitter orange extract containing synephrine (10-53 mg) demonstrated weight loss over the course of 12 weeks of treatment.

How to Use Synephrine Effectively for Weight Loss

In the study mentioned earlier, the participants took about 53 mg of the bitter orange extract and demonstrated the weight loss.

In order to ensure that the substance will work efficiently to help you with your goal, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s dosage and intake instructions.

This is because some of the manufacturers produce these supplements with bitter orange and other weight loss products as well.

Possible Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, bitter orange is known to contain really significant amounts of synephrine. Manufacturers formulate the bitter orange supplements with caffeine and L-carnitine. The combination could possibly be unsafe for people who have history of fainting, high blood pressure, and heart attack.

Researches on the use of bitter orange is quite limited. Thus, it is highly recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women to stay away from this weight management supplement.

11. Meratrim

Meratrim is a unique combination of fruits and flowers all known to have weight loss properties.

What is it?

Essentially, meratrim doesn’t exist in the world as only one substance. It is a combination of different ingredients that have known weight loss properties.

In order to make this an effective weight loss product the developers combined the rinds of the Mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana) and the flowers of the East Indian Globe Thistle (Sphaeranthus indicus).

Method of Weight Loss

A research looked into the efficacy of Meratrim as a weight loss supplement between men and women who live in India. This study resulted into significant weight loss and fat loss from the people who took the supplement over the course of the study.

In terms of method of weight loss, the ingredients in Meratrim are thought to help the body burn fat while helping it from absorbing fat.

How to Use Meratrim Effectively for Weight Loss

In order for Meratrim to become effective at helping you lose weight, it is important to get doses of up to 800 mg a day. This is in line with the research studies presented earlier.

However, it is important to also read the manufacturer’s labels to ensure that you’re getting enough dosage of Meratrim per day.

Possible Side Effects

Current literature do not state any adverse effects of using the fat loss product. Therefore, caution must be exercised still when taking this supplement for weight loss.

12. Garcinia Cambogia Extract (HCA)

Malabar Tamarind is the common name of Garcinia Cambogia, a more recent supplement that has taken the weight loss supplement industry by storm.

What is it?

Among the most recent weight loss supplement is found in the rinds of Garcinia cambogia, otherwise known as the Malabar Tamarind.

Researchers have found that the HCA (hydroxycitric acid) significantly present in this fruit’s rind had shown some effects on losing weight.

Method of Weight Loss

HCA or hydroxycitric acid was observed to have counterproductive effects on the body’s enzyme called adenosine triphosphate–citrate (pro-3S)-lyase.

This enzyme is known to help your body produce fat cells. Since HCA blocks it, it thus, help in lowering one’s appetite.

How to Use Garcinia cambogia Extract Effectively for Weight Loss

There aren’t studies that have pointed out the best dosage for taking Garcinia cambogia for an effective weight loss regimen. Despite this, it is recommendable to follow what the manufacturer’s dosage instructions. Good thing to note is that HCA is safe to consume for up to 2,800 mg per day.

Aside from that, once you decide to buy supplements, make sure that there is about 50 to 60% of HCA present in the supplement so that you can utilize as much of the substance from the supplements that you’re buying.

Possible Side Effects

There are good and bad side effects to taking HCA. For the good ones, people who took HCA from Garcinia cambogia demonstrated decreased insulin levels and even on inflammation.

As for the possible negative side effects, some of the takers demonstrated skin rashes and disturbed digestive system while taking the supplement.

Sadly, there’s several reports of testicular atrophy when mice took HCA in high doses. An interaction between HCA and antidepressants were also discovered.

Despite its seemingly safe use and the organic source of this substance, caution should be exercised by women who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

In conclusion, using Garcinia cambogia may be safe to take except for people who are taking other medications for their health due to the possible negative effects of interaction between the medicines.

Regulated Medication Options

Most of the supplements that were derived and developed from fruits, flowers, and other herbs are still very new and thus, there aren’t much literature to support their claims to help its takers to actually lose weight.

For severely obese individuals, doctors may prescribe any of the following medications. Please note that these medications cannot be bought without prescription due to their possible strong effects. It is important that a doctor be consulted for proper treatment.

1. Lorcaserin (Belviq)

Lorcaserin is a known a substance which initiates a physiological response from serotonin 2C receptor. Serotonin 2C receptor is the receptor responsible for balancing out the metabolism in the body.

To target the said Serotonin 2C receptor is to manipulate the receptor into helping the body regulate its process which lessens the individual’s appetite.

A study in 2011 resulted to an established efficacy of taking Lorcaserin for weight loss while creating a lifestyle overhaul.

2. Phentermine and topiramate (Qsymia)

The combination of phentermine and a delayed-release of topiramate was discovered to have a positive effect on the treatment of obesity.

Individually, the two drugs are both agents of weight loss. Combined, led to a stronger effect on weight loss on obese individuals. Furthermore, improvement on blood pressure and lipid levels were observed while taking Qsymia.

Despite the positive effects, there were observed adverse effects on an individual’s mental process. Once these symptoms are observed, the medication must be stopped immediately.

3. Bupropion and naltrexone (Contrave)

Similar to phentermine and topiramate, Contrave is a combination of two substances that help with weight loss. Individually has an effect on weight loss, but combined provides and even better effect on weight loss.

Research do not generally know how Contrave actually works on the body to help with weight loss. However, based on the researchers’ observation, Contrave has a significant effect on the Central Nervous System that tune out the food intake.

In other words, Contrave acts as an appetite suppressant for the people who take the medicine.

Despite its relevant assistance in weight loss for extremely obese people, (BMI > 35), the research still concluded that lifestyle and dietary changes must remain as the first line of defense to manage obesity and Contrave as a supplement.

4. Liraglutide (Saxenda, Victoza)

Liraglutide is a peptide that looks like glucagon, a peptide that raises the presence of glucose and fatty acids in the bloodstream, and is considered to be the main hormone of the body that’s responsible for breaking down protein and fats.

Not only does Liraglutide start the body’s process of losing weight, but it also helps in the weight loss maintenance of individuals who took this medicine to maintain the weight loss combined with diet and lifestyle change.

The research that provided this result of the maintenance of 5 to 10% weight loss over the course of 56 weeks of treatment. Over the course of treatment there were significant improvements on the cardiovascular health of individuals which may be attributed to the actual weight loss itself.

Further, the study concluded that the best dosage for taking Liraglutide is to be prescribed as 3 mg per day.

Some reports of disturbance in the gastrointestinal tract were reported while being on the medication but it was only mild and easily managed.

Maximizing Efficacy of Diet Pills/Supplements

In general, the researches mentioned in this article all concluded that the supplements cannot work on helping people lose weight without creating the necessary changes in the diet and their lifestyle.

To ensure maximum efficacy of the diet pills, individuals must exercise and start  to eat well. Diet and lifestyle change is the best defense against obesity.

Weighing in on Weight Loss Supplements

The supplements aforementioned in this list are all naturally-occurring substances with the exception of Orlistat and the prescription drugs.

Despite being sourced from fruits and herbs, they do not come without caution.

These weight loss supplements’ method of action alter the body’s processes and have an effect on hormones and metabolism. Some even have a direct effect on the central nervous system to suppress appetites, burn fats, and not absorb key nutrients like fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

It is therefore important to remember that these weight loss supplements are supplements. While studies seem to support their efficiency, individual results may vary.

The key take away from reviewing the best supplements for weight loss: Use with caution.

Have you taken any of the supplements above? What side effects did you experience? Let us know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “The Best Supplements for Weight Loss 2020

  1. For my competitions, I use Hydroxycut. So far, i’ve had no complaints. I only use it when I’m competing because I do worry about the long term effects. I use those capsules with really clean diet and working out. Somehow, it makes me feel stronger maybe it’s the mindset, but I do feel stronger whenever I use Hydroxycut. When I use it, I don’t drink any caffeinated drinks. I think there’s enough caffeine in Hydroxycut to power a horse. Loljk

  2. Oh man. I am a 6’1″ guy when i was 25 and my doctor said I was obese that’s why my heart was fluctuating. He put me on orlistat and it was the worst two weeks of my life. it was embarrassing. I guess i wasnt paying attention when he told me what the side effects would be. It was gross. I don’t want to recall it even. Well, that’s my experience. i hope it helps out your readers

    1. Are you talking about the oily poops? Sorry I blew your cover. But everyone’s gotta know about it. I think it’s a pretty gross side effect but, it’s a pretty effective drug. You’ll just have to push through THAT side effect. I was on that pill, but gave up after a month… FOR THE SAME REASONS! I hope your health is better now.

  3. I’ve tried almost everything on your list. I was a desperate girl in high school so I would save all my allowance money for these things. Long story short, they didn’t work on me. What worked tho is really diet and exercise. So, if you’re a high schooler, looking to shortcut weight loss, these products won’t help you. Weight loss is all about patience. Don’t believe those products that promises results in 3 months because no product can do that for you.

    1. I am on the same boat. Exactly did that when I was in high school. But what i tried wasn’t on this list. I took something called “ballerina pills” i’m not sure if they had some drugs but it had very bad side effects. I would use it during the break and hope that it would take effect before the new school year starts. I was mistaken. It was only when I was older that I truly learned the correct ways to lose weight… More effective and more long-lasting.

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