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ILIFE V3s Pro Review
The Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair (2020)

Technology is a beautiful thing, isn’ it? It has given us the ability to press a button, walk away and our floors and carpet are clean within the hour. Talk about hired help. I remember the first time I saw a robotic vacuum cleaner work its magic.

My buddy bought one to clean his house and named it Jeff, out of all names. Not only was it able to pick up various dirt and dust that was on his hardwood, but it efficiently picked up his pet’s hair that was logged in the carpets, I was amazed. The day after, I was online doing research only to pick one up myself.

I went through hundreds of reviews and reached out to multiple experts trying to get the best take on which robot vacuum would be the most effective and the most cost efficient. Since I have owned a few of them and to-date the ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum has been the best bang for the buck. 

I was skeptical at first considering it’s large task trying to get cat hair out of almost anything especially carpets, but the ILIFE V3s’s low profile and slim design tackled it like a pro. It’s safe to say that this investment was well worth it.


ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

sensors in a robot vacuum

Upon unboxing, the ILIFE is ready to work. By pressing the touch-button on the top of the device twice, the two micro-brooms begin a sweeping motion. Then simply let it roam. You will notice the low profile of 3″ is perfect for cleaning, especially for hardwoods. Because it sits so low to the ground you will notice that it easily can get caught on cords or carpet lines which can become an issue depending upon your home. The ILIFE features a fantastic auto-dock and charge technology to ensure your experience is truly hands-off. And what’s even better is that if you are away, you have the ability to schedule cleanings right from your smartphone. You never have to worry about how hard it may be to clean it because ILIFE has made the filter easily removable.

One of the problems found with not only the ILIFE robot cleaner but multiple products like it is that when attempting to auto-dock it almost seems as if they can’t find the dock. Some guidance is needed for this. But hey, for half the price of the competition, who isn’t going to give it a shot?

What’s in the box?

  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 2 Replacement Brooms
  • Replacement Vacuum Filter
  • Mopping Unit (Clicks to bottom)
  • Replacement Pad for Mopping Unit
  • Remote Control (Programmable)

Using the ILIfe V3s Robotic Vacuum



All in all, if you are searching for one of the best robot vacuums for a reasonable price, then you can not go wrong with the ILIFE V3s Pro. It’s durability and efficiency to pick up not only dirt, debris and dust, but pet hair as well is unmatched. Sure, like most products it comes with some minor setbacks but for literally half the price of most robot vacuums, it is well worth the money. If you are still undecided, you can check out my full list of vacuums for pet hair.



  1. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to roomba that works just as well… well, almost, i agree, you should get the ilife v3s. It has great value for money. of course, even if you’re just going to get a cheaper alternate to the most popular brands, you still have to make sure that they works just as well. I’m pretty satisfied with the ilife. like you said, it’s pretty durable and is able to pick up dirt, debris, dust and pet hair. you know the usual culprits.

  2. AdGuyGerry Reply

    For a cheapskate like myself who doesn’t have enough money to pay for housecleaners, i’m pretty satisfied with the ILIFE V3s. I live in a pretty small studio flat and i’m all alone with no pets whatsoever, so the dirt is usually just from my shoes or when I open the windows. My flat needs mnimal cleaning and this robot sweeper does its job pretty well. no complaints. if you’re like me, this is a pretty neat buy. i don’t mind sweeping again from time to time. appreciate the automatic sweep mode. it’s very satisfying. Sometimes I don’t even sweep anymore and just rely on the auto sweep. so over all, great job. it doesn’t look too bad either, doesn’t look cheap at all.

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