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The Best Espresso Machines (2020)
Start The Morning Right

Drinking coffee is the most important part of my morning ktichen ritual. Getting to experience the aroma, the taste, and the warmth it brings to my body is part of what I live for! It not only wakes me up, but, sets me towards a great start to the day.

I used to drink instant coffee though it didn’t taste as good, it got the job done. But since learning that espresso machines were available, I immediately got to my laptop and searched for the best espresso machines that I could get my hands on.

Now, the coffeeshop experience of having espresso is accessible within the comforts of my own home (I even put on some jazz music to complete the coffee shop experience).

Having to drive to a coffee shop every time I want one can be impractical and expensive, but for a coffeeholic like myself, I would definitely go the distance just to get a cup or two. So, I considered it an investment to buy an espresso machine. It was the best decision to buy the JURA S8 Superautomatic Touchscreen Espresso Machine (click to view on Amazon)

A touch of the button specialty coffee anytime of the day, a coffee app where I can save my very own specialty coffee, freshly-ground coffee each cup! I can just go on and on about all of my favorite things about this JURA S8, but this post isn’t just about one espresso maker.

I carefully considered a machine’s straightforward operation, value for money, and other unique features that might be worth looking at. These three factors determined which machine is worthy of noting in this top ten post. So, gather ‘round all coffeeholics and get a cup of coffee to keep you warm as you go through the ten best espresso machines available now:

Reviews of My Top 10 Tested Espresso Machines/Makers


Jura S8


JURA S8 Superautomatic Espresso Machine

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The sleek and beautiful S8 Superautomatic Espresso Machine comes from JURA, a brand name who is changing the game in coffee making since their entry to the market in 1931.

As a brand Jura believes in bringing sophistication, quality, versatility, and ease of use to all of their consumers who purchase their coffee machines. These values are easily seen in the JURA S8 Superautomatic Espresso Machine, completely automatic and will serve consistent cups of coffee, be it espresso, cafe latte, or even a macchiato, at the push of a button.

My Impression:

The JURA S8 Superautomatic Espresso Machine is an obvious choice thanks to the technology present in this machine. Although among the priciest in Amazon’s listing, the JURA S8 will make sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for–quality, technology, specialty coffees within the comforts of my home. What’s even more impressive is that I can make my own specialty coffee thanks to the integration of an application that connects through Bluetooth. For me, the JURA S8 will be one of the greatest home investment that I will ever make in years to come. All I know is that when I saw this on the internet, read about it, and saw it with my very own eyes, I just knew I had to have it at home. It completed the coffee shop experience for me. Fresh ground beans for every cup too! I think that nothing could be better than a JURA Superautomatic Espresso Machine.

What could be better?

I sometimes like my drinks extra hot and JURA S8 Espresso Machine’s hottest water temperature wasn’t at the level of what I was looking for. I think with their ability to improve at all points of the coffee machine business, this will be something that they’ll be able to easily address.

More features

-Compatible to the JURA Coffee App (iOS and Android) which makes saving your favorite drinks’ recipes easy and convenient.

-15 coffee varieties available on its 4.3” hi-resolution screen

-Aroma G3 patented technology makes precision bean grinding while the PEP or Pulse Extraction Process makes the coffee extraction process fast

-Installed foam maker

-Two drips for making two cups of espresso at a time.

-Two chambers for storing pre-ground coffee and coffee beans; makes storing decaf and non-decaf beans within the machine convenient.



Flair Espresso Maker – Manual Press

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Ever thought about going old school when preparing your espresso or your favorite drinks? The Flair Espresso Maker Manual Press is one of the best choices on Amazon’s product listings right now.

It has the most basic function of preparing an espresso with portability and ease of use. Flair promises that every cup of espresso made using their Manual Press Espresso Maker is guaranteed to be at the standard of an automatic espresso-making machine. The best thing about the Flair Espresso Maker is it doesn’t use any plugs and is made of high-grade quality plastic and stainless steel materials.

My Impression:

I didn’t think I could do a cup of Espresso on my own until I met the Flair Espresso Maker. One loveable thing I could note is the fact that it had different colors to choose from. I bought the Flair Espresso in the classic solo which had my favorite color combination–red and black. I bought it with me on an overnight beach trip and my friends and family loved that we were able to have espresso drinks by the beach!

What could be better?

I got the Flair Espresso Maker in a bundle which included the brewing head, press, filters, and a cute carrying case. I do wish that Flair would also make a bean grinder in their line to make the espresso-making experience even more complete.

More features

-Environment-friendly as this makes no use of any electricity to operate nor pods for your coffee

-Easy to clean. All parts are completely detachable and since it is made from high-quality materials, you can clean the whole thing with just water and a clean cloth to wipe.

-Provides a volume of around 45 ml per espresso shot

-The lever produces a pressure level of between 8 to 12 bar, whereas the standard pressure into making an espresso is around 9 bar.


La Pavoni Espresso Maker


La Pavoni EPBB-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso Machine

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A classic-looking machine, the La Pavoni EPBB-8 Europiccola Espresso Machine is built on the idea of letting their buyers become their very own barista at home.

No buttons nor touch screens, this machine’s espresso-making power lies in your own hands as you pull down the lever pressuring the coffee out of the brew. With the La Pavoni EPBB-8 Europiccola Espresso Machine, you grind, tamp, and you brew your very own espresso shot. It has a chamber for hot water and attachments for milk frothing. The La Pavoni, despite its manual-operating nature, is your friend in making a cup of cafe latte perfectly suiting your personal taste.

My Impression:

Operating the La Pavoni EPBB-8 Europiccola Espresso Machine felt like a genuine experience in creating a cup of espresso. With this machine, I was able to get a glimpse of what it must have felt like to create a cappuccino in the days before the JURA S8 Superautomatic Espresso Machine or even before the use of coffee pods. It did felt authentic together with the bags of coffee and milk wasted because I was trying to be my own barista. It’s small, it’s compact, it’s powerful enough to deliver a great tasting espresso shot (but with enough practice), the La Pavoni Europiccola will be a cute addition to your countertop.

What could be better?

I think that the La Pavoni can make the lever’s pressure a little easier to operate. I know that the pressure all depends on the user, as well as how pressed the ground coffee is, but, the lever technology could still be improved on to increase ease of use. Another thing that could be improved upon is the height of the drips, I do wish that they could have an attachment that would allow me to put my mug instead of an espresso cup.

More features

-Classic design with chrome finish and black plastic accents

-Accurate measurements are 11” x 7” x 12”

-Water container carries up to 8 cups (20 ounces) at a time.

-Stainless steel, guarantees hygienic use



Illy X1 Anniversary Espresso Machine

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The original Illy X1 Espresso Machine was first created 20 years ago, with the newly revolutionized X1 Anniversary Edition Espresso Machine, Illy is incorporating the use of the IperEspresso capsules.

With the Illy X1 Anniversary Espresso Machine, you can immediately have your favorite espresso without having to tamp your coffee grounds into a puck. Despite the use of the capsule technology, Illy stays true to its promise of delivering coffee that’s been artistically created by hand, as if done by a barista. Illy X1 Anniversary Espresso Machine is a classic-looking espresso machine that’s been built to make you smile.

My Impression:

I literally brought home a coffee shop experience with the Illy X1 Anniversary Espresso Machine. With the Illy X1 Anniversary Espresso Machine, I was able to create my own coffee from the Illy IperEspresso pods. This offered me convenience and variety which I didn’t expect so much when I first got my hands on this machine. The design is pretty retro, but the functionality is very modern. It also looked great on my countertop!

What could be better?

If I think of Illy, I think of authentic Italian coffee drinking experience. Much to my dismay, this machine uses a coffee capsule which, I personally think, is quite expensive for its price tag. Also, since this is an anniversary edition of the original X1, which for sure made use of the manual lever and press technique, the designers of this machine could have merged the two ways of creating coffee.

More features

-Easy capsule operation

-Easy clean up

-Steam wand for milk froth

-Water tank can hold up to 1 liter of water a time.


BESTEK Espresso Machine


BESTEK Espresso Machine, Latte Cappuccino Maker.

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The BESTEK espresso machine, latte, and cappuccino maker is your best bet into making your specialty coffee at a fraction of a cost. With a less than $40 price tag, the BESTEK espresso machine looks pretty sleek and compact, no one will ever know how much you bought it for.

It has enough pressure to give you a rich-tasting espresso or a cappuccino without hurting your budget. It’s straightforward to operate and is ETL/FDA approved.

My Impression:

As an espresso machine hoarder, the BESTEK espresso machine was a nice addition to my growing family of espresso machines. Who would have thought that at $33, this compact machine could deliver such great tasting espresso! The best thing about it is its looks, I really would not have thought that this machine is priced at less than $100! The BESTEK is a great buy for people starting out to build their at-home coffee shop experience.

What could be better?

You really wouldn’t expect much from a product that has a $33 price tag. I do however notice that there is some plastic smell with the water during my first few uses. I guess it comes from the material used, but other than that, the BESTEK is really a great buy for its price.

More features

-Create your espresso with a 3.5 bar pressure

-Can make 4 shots of espresso at a time

-All plastic parts are BPA-free.



Nuvelon Flare Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Breville is a household name when speaking about appliances including coffee machines. An Australian brand founded in the 1930s, the brand has expanded from the Oceania continent to 70 more countries worldwide.

They’ve provided their consumers with products that have truly stood the test of time. The Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso machine is an expression of the company’s dedication to ride the changing times. This espresso machine gives the best of both worlds with manual and fully automatic operations while ensuring freshly-ground coffee for every cup. Their guarantee is cafe-style coffee in under a minute.

My Impression:

I was happy when I purchased the Breville Barista Express because Breville did not take away the experience of preparing an espresso coffee from the ground up. It has a beautiful steel finish which makes for a great display whatever kitchen countertop you have installed in your home. One of the features that I really appreciated was the “Clean me” feature. It was important for me to maintain this machine through continuously cleaning, because it was a pretty pricey purchase.

What could be better?

The bean feed must be improved. I discovered from my use that the beans get a little trapped and don’t fall as easily as they should.

More features

-Technology to ensure that the optimal water temperature is delivered to the beans for brewing and extraction.

-Bean chamber can hold up to ½ pounds of fresh beans.

-Water tank capacity is about 67 ounces or 1 liter.

-Clean up is easy; cleaning tools for filters are included with every purchase and an automated cleaning cycle could be triggered to clean it from the insides.



Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers

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A wildcard entry is this NH-Kitchen Mini Espresso Maker which offers complete portability and convenience. The NH-Kitchen Mini Espresso maker comes colored in black and is presented with a cute casing. This mini espresso maker will be your travelling buddy in your next out of town trip.

My Impression:

The only way I was going to have my espresso outside was if the cafe had al fresco dining, I didn’t even think that I would be able to carry it with me on hiking trips. Like the Flair, it was convenient for me to carry around and was small enough to fit the gartered pockets of my backpack. However, unlike the Flair Manual Press, the NH-Kitchen Mini Espresso maker utilized a pressure from pump. If you have good ground beans, the experience of drinking espresso from this little machine can be comparable to the ones served at my favorite cafe.

What could be better?

At this price range, you really couldn’t ask much from it. It delivers the espresso as it is and it offers portability and convenience which is its main vantage. The tin where you can keep your ground coffee can still be improved upon to keep in the aroma.

More features

-This little machine delivers of about 8 bar of pressure to give you an espresso shot with strong enough crema

-No batteries, no cords, completely operated by hand

-Easy to use, easy to clean

-Comes with a free coffee tin that can hold up to 7 servings of coffee ground for your espresso on-the-go




KRUPS EA89 Deluxe One-Touch Espresso Maker

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This Krups EA89 deluxe one-touch super automatic espresso and cappuccino machine operates at the touch of a button. It serves up to 15 different cafe-style drinks and has two completely adjustable spouts which can help you serve coffee at twice the speed without sacrificing taste.

With the Krups EA89, you will get freshly-ground beans for every cup. This bean-to-cup technology is what makes this machine a great addition to your kitchen. With a water tank big enough to hold up to 78 ounces of water, you will never run out of delicious coffee any time in the day.

My Impression:

KRUPS EA89 received various reviews on Amazon, yet, these reviews only made me even more curious to try out this giant. What was impressive was its self-cleaning capacity. The technology is there, but somehow, the materials weren’t. It’s made of plastic which really steered me away from making this my number 1.

What could be better?

It’s not as impressive as the JURA S8 Superautomatic espresso machine, it delivers but not with consistency. I’ve experienced having a cup that tasted like washed up coffee. It makes you think whether there was some technology inside that is able to check and measure the coffee grounds it uses.

More features

-2 liter (78 ounces) of water tank capacity.

-One touch extra shot for a more robust and stronger flavor.

-Three different water temperature settings

-Uses an impressive 15 bar pressure for a great tasting espresso shot

-Metal and chrome finish makes it look sleek and modern on your countertop.


DeLonghi BCO430


DeLonghi BCO430 With Frothing Wand

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Delonghi has been in the business of creating quality appliances for more than 60 years. This brand has positioned itself to be a market-leader into making your cups of coffee better every day.

Their commitment to a better every day is visible in the BCO430, a combination pump espresso and drip coffee making machine with a frothing wand. Among DeLonghi’s brand values is intuition and by giving their customers a combined power of an espresso maker and drip coffee maker, it’s clear that they understand their market of coffee-drinkers. True to its form, the DeLonghi BCO430 is a great companion for your one-stop cafe-style coffee in your very own kitchen.

My Impression:

I was very impressed by the multiple types of coffee it was able to offer. I love having drip coffee from time to time and the DeLonghi BCO430 did not let me down. Another impressive thing worth noting on this product is its ability to create coffee when I wake up thanks to its automatic timer. Even though it wasn’t fully automatic, it was livable for its price. This is a mid-range complete coffee machine that won’t let you down.

What could be better?

The water tank for the carafe should be improved. I experience a little spillage from time to time.

More features

-Stylish-looking in black with silver accents

-A cup warming tray that’s perfect if you’re still waiting for your milk froth.

-47 ounces water tank capacity

-Front-loading system for the drip coffee which makes it a star in terms of accessibility.



Mueller Espresso Machine Programmable Buttons for Espresso

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Mueller is an Austrian brand known for its modern-looking and highly-functional kitchen appliances.

The Mueller espresso machine for Nespresso compatible capsule is of Italian-design that can deliver up to 20-bar high pressure pump for the perfect espresso cup every time. This machine offers barista-style coffee at less than $100. This machine offers affordability and ease of access. The Mueller Espresso machine for Nespresso compatible capsule works best with the Original Line coffee pods version. For a quick and great-tasting espresso, you can trust Mueller to do it for you.

My Impression:

For a small machine, the Mueller can really deliver what it’s meant to do. It’s fast and has an energy-saving system. For its price tag, it has impressive performance. I’m just not that fond of capsule coffee.

What could be better?

Though it’s tough the bass could be made tougher. I had to place it in the corner of my room just to improve the way the bass sound. Other than that, I do think it has great value for money.

More features

-High-pressure makes for an impressive capsule extraction similar to a cafe experience.

-Pre-heat water for only 25 seconds and make your favorite cafe coffee in under a minute.

-Water tank carries about a liter of water

-ETL proven safe.

-Have your unit replaced over and over again thanks to its unlimited warranty

-Compatible with the Nespresso Original Line coffee pods

-Two buttons make for an espresso shot or for a lungo

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How to use your espresso machine


How to Get the Best Espresso Experience

For an avid fan of coffee like myself, getting a remarkable espresso machine is a great idea to replicate the cafe experience conveniently and right within the comforts of my own home. Here are some of the best tips that I learned on my journey to creating my very own coffee shop experience at home:

Invest in a burr coffee grinder, preferably, a ceramic one. There is a huge difference in terms of the quality of grind between these two. For one, the blade grinder can only produce very coarse grind and if you’re doing the old-style “grind, tamp, and serve” way for creating your espresso, you won’t be getting the strong crema from this type of grind.

Find the beans that you like. There are a lot of available beans from your coffee shop to your local roasters, finding out what beans you like can make a whole lot of difference in your coffee-drinking experience.

Always check for the kind of material that your espresso machine is made out of. Having an aluminum-made machine can make a difference in the taste over time. Also, don’t go for those that have a plastic material on the inside. Over time, this will also wear out especially with the heat being used on the water. On that note, do look for machines that received safety certifications.


I hope that this gave you a great overview of the different espresso machines that’s currently available on Amazon so you can create your very own coffee shop experience, for you and your family to enjoy at home.


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  1. During the big sale on amazon, I was able to purchase one of my favorite buys ever in my entire life.the illy X1. out of all the coffee machine brands and models you have mentioned here, this x1 stood out the most for me. it had the cutest design, the retro feel went so well with the retro vibe that i was trying to go for in my current kitchen. I even have the ice cream parlor tiles installed forchrissakes. I just wanted to make sure that all of my appliance would go with the interior that i am trying to make for my kitchen. in terms of function, illy, although it wasn’t perfect, of course, was functioning just as expected. It’s for capsule coffee and I’m not looking to have the barista experience at home, i just wanted yummy coffee and illy did not disappoint there. what can i say i’m a pretty easily satisfied customer. love how cute the x1 is! You should have it in your kitchen even just for its design. lol!

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