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electric handheld mixers

If you spend any time in the kitchen, chances are you’ve used a hand mixer. One of the tools that is easily overlooked, until its actually to create some delicious food. I’m talking breads, cakes, sauces, mash potatoes, and much MUCH more.

Not all electric hand mixers are created equally, not at all. You see, there’s many brands advertising the same thing over and over again. All claiming theirs are top-of-the-line. But what it comes down to is, affordability, features, mixing speed, and ease of use.

I’ve written for you, a buyer’s guide featuring 6 of the best hand mixers. Each of the review will go over the important features, pros, cons, and specs. There was a LOT to sort through, throw out and ignore because of quality, affordability, features, and a few other things… 99% just were not hitting the nail on the head. Except for the 6 below which made to my list of the top rated hand mixers for 2018Below, you’ll see top picked for this year.

The Top 5 Electric Mixing Machine Reviews (2020)

Now that you’ve seen the chart above, you should look into any specific ones which caught your eye. In fact, the hand mixer reviews below are going to cover the primary features, pro’s and con’s. Have a read!

1. Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus – The Best Hand Mixer for the Cook in you

Cuisinart HM-90S

When I started to review the HM-90S, a quick realization came over me… it’s the best hand mixer on my list. And there’s a few reasons behind this statement.

As most are focusing on providing dirt cheap prices so most can easily buy and use in their kitchen, what I think Cuisinart does with their hand held mixers is smart. They focus on quality, useful accessories, and longevity of their product.

Poor designs on the electronics inside, can often result in burnt-out motors and even some basic functions such as functions of the buttons, wear down rather quickly. Aside for being one of the most popular mixers, it has kept a rather solid average customer review score.

More than a few thousand units have been bought just with the sheer feedback users have left behind, and factoring in price, features and customer satisfaction… it deserves the #1 pick on my list. Let’s both go over the features which make the Cuisinart HM90-S, a worthy option.


  • checkThis is not a weak mixer by any stretch. In-fact, it features a powerful 220-watt motor which also gives you a mix of 9 speed options. Whatever you throw at it, odds are it will mix it without breaking a sweat.
  • checkIf you’ve ever started using a mixer and it splatters ingredients all over you, those days are over. The HM-90S gives you 3 low start speeds. Say goodbye to those scattered messes.
  • checkAs you’ll notice in the picture, there’s attachments which can be used for different jobs. There’s beaters, chef’s whisk, dough hooks, and spatula. As an added bonus, you’ll also get a recipe book.
  • checkUnlike some other popular brands that have cheap gears built-in, the Cuisinart HM-90S is far superior and less susceptible to this kind of problem. You’ll feel it right away by holding it in your hands.
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  • check The 220-watt motor is quite powerful to handle many heavy duty tasks. I like that, especially if you’re demanding in the kitchen.
  • check Using the include plastic storage fin which attaches to the mixer, is a great way to keep track of all your attachments for the mixer.
  • check Includes a 3-year limited warranty through Cuisinart in case there’s every a problem.
  • check Each function of this hand mixer is simple to use. All settings are straight to the point.


  • The cord is a bit stiff and can be a hassle to work with.
  • Slow start seems to be flawed as it starts slow, speeds up briefly and then gets back down to speed.

2. KitchenAid KHM512ER – Electric Hand Mixer for Potatoes & More

KitchenAid KHM512ER

When you want simplicity in design and ease of use from every aspect, look no further. The KitchenAid KHM512ER electric hand mixer is designed to have all those aspects in mind, and more. When you look at I from first glance, you’ll see it has real simple and elegant design features.

Aside from the very nice standard color in red, there’s a host of other colors to choose from. But that’s not even the best part, as by comparing it to similar units… you’ll end up spending much less.

With that being said, it makes it to my number TWO spot for being a rather popular item.There’s more than 2,000 reviews for this item on Amazon alone. That’s not taking into account other sources selling the same hand mixer.

From the popular rating of 4+ stars, there’s a big percentage of people being happy with the purchase. You and I will dive into this mixers main features, along with key benefits.


  • checkThere’s a total of 12 colors to choose from. That’s an impressive range of colors, considers so many different tastes. Whatever your favorite color is, there’s bound to be a shade here that is right for you.
  • checkInside, there’s a 5-speed motor which is geared towards being able to start off very slowly and work its way up. Many users have reported the slow setting as being very effective. Does not speed up for a split second like a few competitors have been reported to do.
  • checkDue to its small size, it’s lightweight. This translates to ease of use and maneuverability.
  • check Included are Stainless Steel turbo Beater II accessories which are ideal for heavy ingredients. You can wash them in a conventional dishwasher with no problem
  • check A lockable swivel cord is an excellent way to use the mixer at any angle. Primary though, you’ll have the most flexibility when you choose either the right or left side.
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  • checkIt’s difficult to make a mess, thanks to the soft start option. Many have said this feature is crucial when getting the mixer started. Absolutely NO unnecessary messes.
  • checkThe price is a real bargain, for around 30 dollars you’re getting a workhorse of a machine.
  • checkIt’s powerful and quiet, a combination of two words that often don’t go together. But they do in this case.
  • check The colors give a personal touch that you don’t get most other places. Even just the color itself makes it personalized enough for almost anyones taste.


  • It may be powerful, but the speed even at the high end (speed 5) is rather slow.
  • Whisks can be a pain to insert properly.

3. Hamilton Beach 62682RZ – Budget Friendly

Hamilton Beach 62682RZ

This is the definition of a BANG FOR THE BUCK. Hamilton Beach is known for creating products that work exceptionally well in the kitchen. I don’t think they miss out on a category in the kitchen, that’s how popular they are.

When it comes to major kitchen appliances like juicers, electric kettles, mixers, and more… they are well known. In this review, we are going to cover the Hamilton Beach 62682RZ. If you’re assuming complete and total garage, especially for the price of this unit… you’ll be pleasantly surprised. While you won’t find any complicated technology built-into this Hamilton Beach hand mixer, you will however find straight to the point settings and functionalities that just get things done.


  • checkThis particular mixer features a rather powerful 250-watt electric motor. This makes for mixing almost anything, a breeze.
  • checkIt features traditional beaters which are made of metal. The metal is created specifically for ease of washing AND… they are lightweight which does not put a strain on the motor.
  • checkHamilton Beach implemented a unique design into the mixer. There’s a groove on the back which is designed specifically for a user to rest it over a bowl, and not allow anything drip from the whisks onto the table.
  • checkIts lightweight. At around 3 lbs with whisks installed, it’s easy to handle. Using the plastic snap-on storage case, you’re bumping the weight up to maybe 3.5 lbs. Very light still.
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  • checkIt’s super affordable, at well under $20 dollars. Despite that, it receives excellent feedback from its users.
  • checkIts powerful, lightweight, and has the right amount of settings to get the job done.
  • checkAll accessories are included, which are the whisks and beaters. Anything additional is not necessary.


  • The low speed settings are actually not that low, in fact rather fast by comparison.

4. VonShef 13/250US

VonShef 13/250US

Now here’s a brand you’ve probably not heard of before. VonShef is a company that makes kitchen appliances, and in this instances they have made the B01GPX3QGU… mode of a hand mixer. Essentially, its much like the ones mentioned above. The differences, will be discussed below.

I picked this hand mixer for a few key reasons, one of the main reasons was the average customer satisfaction score. When you have hundreds of reviews, and an overwhelmingly high 80%+ give it a thumbs up, it’s worth looking into. This one for instance, has more than 400 user reviews and has a 4.3 of 5.0 rating as an average.

Even though you’ve never heard of it before, its a worthy unit to look into. I’ll show you right now the main features, benefits, pro’s and con’s.


  • checkLike many mixers in its class, there’s a 250-watt motor. This type of motor is typically more than enough to take care of even the toughest jobs. You won’t have to worry about anything more powerful at this point.
  • checkThis mixer offers 5 different speed settings, as well as a turbo function. This will let you mash potatoes with ease, and make that bread dough you’ve always wanted.
  • checkIt features a few attachments which can be used for all types of applications. You get 2x beaters, 1x ballon whisk, and 2 dough hooks. You get it all, to do it all.
  • checkBecause of mostly being made of plastic, its lightweight. That doers not mean it’s a piece of junk. Not at all. It’s put together well and as a result of the material used, is easy to handle.
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  • checkYou will love it because its affordable, and that fact that it works as intended despite the bargain price.
  • checkAll the attachments you’d need in most cases. Whether you want to make bread, cake, sauce or anything else.
  • checkFrom inserting the attachments, selecting appropriate speed, to ejecting the attachments, everything is simple in function.
  • checkThe turbo settings in the motor gives it a boost of speed for when you need it.


  • Low speed is too fast for many. Which beats the purpose of “low”.

5. KitchenAid KHMH926CU​

KitchenAid KHMH926CU

Moving towards a brand we can all recognize, we have the KitchenAid KHM7210CU. This is a rather beautiful hand mixer because of the color scheme they decided to use.

Luckily for you there a few colors to choose from, so you’re not suck with the standard gray and silver. This one is a bit more than the 3 above mentioned units, but to be honest its just enough where its affordable to most of us. By spending an extra 10-20 dollars, you’ll get much better quality, with this unit being no exception.

There’s quite a few features and befits I want to cover from doing the research. In addition, I’ll also narrow down the exact pro’s and con’s.


  • checkThe KHM7210CU features 7-speed settings using digital controls. This results in much greater control of the jobs you’re doing.
  • checkWith 7-speed options, you must know that there’s a Soft-Start option. If you’ve ever had your ingredients splatter all over you because the low setting is just too fast… this fixed that. Many have reported the feature working quite well.
  • checkThere’s 3 attachments which let you mix things up a bit. Two beaters and one whisk. From mixing dough, to mixing other less thick liquids, their made of metal and they have what it takes.
  • check You have four colors to choose from, silver, red, black and white. This gives a greater level personalization.
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  • checkPrice is acceptable for what you get, its’a. Nice mixture of quality and affordability. The $50 dollar mark spot on.
  • checkThe cord swivels from left to right, making maneuverability of the mixer easier.
  • checkControls for selecting speed, ejecting the attachments and the attachments themselves, are of good quality.
  • checkSoft start lets you genuinely start off slowly and splattering food everywhere.
  • checkThere’s an excellent selection for speed.


  • Power from the motor has been reported to be lacking the necessary “thrust”.

6. Vremi VRM010008N

Vremi VRM010008N

The last hand mixer on our list, is the Vremi VRM010008N. Most likely, you never heard of this brand. I too have never heard of this brand, but what caught my attention was the popularity among shoppers, and those darn eye-catching colors you see them come in.

You gotta hand it to them, the modern design is very attractive to the eye when coupled with the vibrant and bright colors. Now how it stacks up to its competition is a good question. I went ahead and dug into the details like reviews, specs, product description and both pro’s and con’s of user feedback.

This has resulted in me getting a pretty good idea of what the features and benefits are. In addition, figuring out what the pro’s and con’s you should know before having any further interest into this hand mixer. Continue reading to find out more.


  • checkThe Vremi VRM010008N small hand mixers features 3 speeds powered by a 150 watt electric motor. Light to medium duty mixing should be a non-issue.
  • checkA unique way you can store the two included beaters is by snapping them into place on the sides of the mixer. A unique design, which is also very ergonomic for easy storage. Lets not forget that you will not loose them easy because of their storage location.
  • checkThis thing is very lightweight, at just under 2 lbs. That’s super easy to handle with one hand… to no surprise. That is actually WITH the two beaters attached to the sides.
  • checkControls are simple and straight to the point.
  • checkThere’s a few colors to choose from which are bright, vibrant, and crisp. Starting with color red, blue, black and pink. Again, with their modern and sleek design makes it pop.
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  • checkThe color options are great along with the whole design of this hand mixer.
  • checkSimple functional buttons and being lightweight makes it easy to operate, by practically anyone at any age.
  • checkThree speed settings are adequate for mixing most light to medium batters.
  • checkPrice is great, less than 25 dollars.


  • There’s 3 speed settings, but they all seem to be fast. Which isn’t good when starting out.

Honorable Mention – Kitchenaid KMH920

Now there IS actually a hand mixer which we did not mention in this whole guide, it’s agreeable that you should definitely look into the full review of the KMH920 here. If our list was a bit bigger, it would be #7 without a doubt.

What Can You Use These For?

That is an excellent question, and the answer really isn’t that complex. The key here is so that you don’t burn out your mixer by mixing things that are too thick. For instance, you can use them for cookies you bake at home, for kneading dough, for general home use in the kitchen such as mashed potatoes, and lastly for baking that requires mixing some form of liquid or thick stew.

Being compact makes them not commercially viable. Most if not all are under 100 US dollars and that makes these sale bargains not ideal for any HUGE tasks. Most small to medium-sized meals can be made from scratch, and any of the above hand held mixers will be perfect!

How to use your hand mixer the right way

So there you have it, the list of the best hand mixers you should buy. Hopefully each hand mixer review was of value for you because I personally dug into customer reviews, product specs, product features, and had to dig a bit hard to find out the real pro’s and con’s. When it comes down to these, you should not be spending any more than 100 dollars for a hand mixer. Anything between 30-50 dollars should be more than enough for a high quality product that comes with the attachments necessary to get your job done.  All these electric hand mixers do function on 110volts of power, so please be careful and select the appropriate voltage for them.

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  2. I will never let go of my cusinart because I read comments that said cusinart now isn’t the same as before. Similar to how kitchen aids now. The quality isn’t the same anymore. But if in case I’ll upgrade, I might have to go to the competing brand, kitchen aid. But I won’t ever look at a lower priced hand mixer. I’m sure those brands are for someone, but they’re just not for me. Baking for almost all my life so, I guess I’ve really tried using them all.

  3. When black friday sales started popping, i just knew what I had to get. I didn’t want the latest iphone nor the samsung 10, they were both pretty but I just didn’t need them. SO I set my eyes on getting myself a hand mixer, something I HAVE BEEN WISHING for, for a long time now. I had enough money saved to get myself the iconic Kitchen Maid red hand mixer! I feel proud and accomplished and now finally, I have this treasure in my own kitchen. I’n looking forward to using this for my Christmas recipes!

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