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10 Best Dog Collars That Won’t Shock Your Wallet [Buyers Guide]

My Baxter can be quite unruly, especially when we’re still training him. He would dig through his Armarkat Pet Bed Mat (which I also gave a review of and other ten best doggie beds under $150) that I had no other choice but to use a training collar.

Having a training collar at home made it easier and more convenient for me to reinforce all his good behavior and practices from his little training school. Now that we are on the topic of collars, I went to my favorite online store to check for electronic training collars and of course, collars that I just fancied for Baxter.

The use of electronic collars became very controversial when it first came out. To be honest, I was part of the population who was very hesitant to use this controversial device on dogs. I grew up with dogs and when I was younger I was able to train them on my own. One day, I was at a pet convention and one booth had electronic collars on display.

I was very curious so I tried the “shock” that they gave off. I was a convert. I purchased the rechargeable Dog Training Collar made by DOG CARE (Click to view on Amazon) One of my worries about getting a training collar was whether it would be compatible to my Baxter’s weight and this Dog Training Collar by Dog Care was perfect even though Baxter was lightweight!

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Dog Care Collar


Dog Care – Rechargeable Dog Training Collar (3 Modes)

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Dog Care is a company that merged technology with the humane aspect of training dogs, love and care. So much, that they put in a huge amount of research to produce their training products such as their training mats and their dog training collars.

This specific dog training collar is rechargeable and works with three training modes. Their “shock” mode has a wide range of levels of shock, from 0 to 99! So be sure to adjust it accordingly to ensure your dog/puppy is at the correct level.

My Impression:

When I found this at the pet convention, I knew I just had to find it on Amazon. Among the first things that struck me was this dog collar’s wide range of levels of shock. I’ve come across different collars that only had three different shock levels and that worried me.

I’ve always felt that the lightest shock that this three-leveled collars could hurt my Baxter. With the Dog Training Collar from DOG CARE, I felt relieved that I would be able to discover the “shock level” that Baxter could be comfortable enough with but still strong enough to help with recall.

What could be better?

If there was one thing I could comment on is an improvement of the remote’s power source. I have observed that it is slowly losing its reliability. I’m quite ‘pets-amestic’ that I might have to trash it soon, it is showing signs of breaking down yet we’ve only been using it for a month now.

More features

Three different training modes using beep, vibration, and shock. Effective for teaching commands and correcting negative behaviors.

A security keypad will prevent you from accidentally inducing shock to your furbaby

Remote supports 9 different channels so you can train up to a maximum of 9 dogs at a time.

Lionet Paws Dog Cat Collar Bowtie


Lionet Paws Dog Cat Collar Bowtie Adjustable Collar

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Lionet Paws is a dog collar supplier based in China. Their products have reached towards the western region including Canada, Britain, and Spain. They provide their customers with collars that have very unique designs with excellent quality.

My Impression:

Well, truth be told, this Lionet Paws dog collar is my second best collar because my Baxter just looked very cute in the blue polka dot. My Baxter has a chocolate brown fur and the blue bowtie just made him look respectable and pretty handsome that you can call him a little ‘sir’. It was very fun to accessorize Baxter with a little bowtie and he seemed to have liked it, too!

What could be better?

I honestly couldn’t complain much about the quality of the product or the material that was used on the product, I would appreciate it though if it was made with a waterproof material. Despite this little complaint that I have, the bowtie was very easy to clean with soap and water.

More features

The collars from Lionet Paws are made from 100% cotton and is sewn securely to the collar.

The hardware, especially the D-buckles are made from stainless steel and will not rust. You can rest assured that despite the multiple times you wash it with soap and water, it will not rust.

All collars are completely adjustable to ensure a perfect fit with every dog.


AOLOVE Basic collar


AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars

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With over 26 different collars to choose from, AOLOVE has made it convenient for dog collar shoppers to get what they want.

They have classic-looking leather collars, as well as spikey collars in pink leather bands. Who says your dogs or cats can’t rock goth, thanks to AOLOVE collars now they can!

My Impression:

My wife thinks that blue is the best color for Baxter since his fur is chocolate brown. Of course, my wife was right, Baxter looked dashing in the AOLOVE Basic Classic padded leather blue collar. At first glance, the collar looks just like how it is on Amazon’s website.

What could be better?

Even after a few days of use, Baxter showed us signs of his disapproval for the collar. He kept on scratching his neck which made me believe that it wasn’t for Baxter. Another word of warning for people buying the AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather Collar is that it runs a little too long so I would suggest that you measure your dog’s neck properly so you don’t have to return it.

More features

Five different adjustment holes to fit your dog’s neck

Material is leather and alloy. Hardware is nickel-plated.


StrawberryEC collar


Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind, Bagless, Corded Vacuum UH70210

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Another puppy collar supplier available on Amazon, StrawberryEC is another maker and distributor of fancy collars for all furbabies. Among their listings include bowties, small bandanas, and large bandanas perfect for a small dog or a full-grown cat.

My Impression:

This was another one of those “I’m getting this one because it’s cute”. I did apologize to Baxter for bothering him to wear all of these collars but the bandana collar was too cute to pass from. My wife and children all agreed that we had to get it for Little Baxter. It was cute, it was fashionable, it made Baxter ultra instagram-able. Soon enough, I just know it, Baxter will be an Instagram model all because of these different collar fittings! I was very tempted to shop all of the Strawberry EC puppy collars but the wife said, no.

What could be better?

Baxter looked like he was ready to the rodeo when I put this StrawberryEC puppy collar bandana. Baxter was safe from being exposed to any of the metals so he hardly scratched this off him. I’m very happy with this purchase, considering it was less than $20. A concern, however, is the sizing. AOLOVE only made this for small dogs and barely medium dogs, it might be too snug for an actual schnauzer.

More features

Different designs for the collars available.

Size can only fit small to medium dogs but would fit most cats.

Bowtie design is also available.


Blueberry Pet Collar


Blueberry Pet Christmas Dog Collar or Handmade Bowtie

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Blueberry Pet is a maker and distributor of various pet accessories ranging from sweaters to leashes and collars.

They have a wide variety of products to choose from which makes them a great one-stop-shop for furparents to visit while checking out Amazon.

My Impression:

With Christmas just around the corner, I just knew I had to get Baxter a Christmas-themed dog collar. Thanks to Blueberry Pet, the Christmas-themed dog collar I got for Baxter was a stand-out in photos! Baxter was already handsome before I decided to put this on him, but thanks to the Blueberry Pet Christmas-themed dog collar, he looked extra fine.

What could be better?

This collar is only good if your furbaby is well-behaved and is not on its leash. The material of the collar is nylon which slips against the other hardware which is made of plastic. Your dog’s skin may be safe from an allergic reaction towards metal but the plastic may make it easy for your furbaby to escape from its collar.

More features

You can choose from a variety of four different sizes from a 9” to 18”. If you have a pack of different-sized dogs and you want them all to match, Blueberry Pet will make it easy for you to make them all look Christmas swag.

Their Christmas-themed collars have a variety of designs too which you can choose from Fair of Isle, Snowflakes, Pine Trees, and even, Reindeers.
[/productbox] [productbox]

Blazin' Bison


Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar – USB Rechargeable with Water Resistant Flashing Light

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Blazin’ Bison is a lifestyle company geared towards providing their customers happiness with every purchase. They have different products that range from LED lamps for your camping, road flares, and to LED collars and leashes.

My Impression:

We are a family that loves to go out on hikes. Sometimes, my wife and I go out on a hike to catch the view of the sunset. By the time we go down, the sun has already set which makes it difficult to bring Baxter with us. However, upon finding out that there’s a reliable LED collar that I could put on Baxter, I knew I had to get it. The Blazin’ Bison LED collar was very reliable. It’s pretty quick to charge, too.

What could be better?

This is one of those kinds of purchases that I’m pretty satisfied with its current selling price because any more feature would increase its market value. One feature that could be looked into is securing the power button so it doesn’t get easily turned on or off when the dog scratches its neck. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the Blazin’ Bison LED collar.

More features

Chargeable with a micro-USB cord

Has three different light modes: on, strobe, and blink.

LED light visibility of up to 350 yards


Warner Manufacturing Collar


Warner Leather Dog Collar + FREE Engraving

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This is not the same company that produces cartoons, however, they do manufacture quality-made leather dog collars.

This same company offers not only a leather collar but also engraving on brass for you furbaby’s ID tag. Their leather collars come in three different colors black, tan, and brown.

My Impression:

Classy. There was no other word for the Warner Brand Cumberland leather dog collar except for classy. As you know, Baxter is a chocolate brown toy Schnauzer. He honestly looks like a little person especially when dressed up. The leather collar was very classy, it gave the impression that Baxter was an old, wise dog. The collar is made from soft leather which is perfect for indoor and light use.

What could be better?

Having said that this collar is made from soft leather, was also its potential weakness. The material is not meant for scratchers. The engraving could also do a little more work. At less than $30, I could not complain much, but rather making points for improvement. I would pay more for a little clearer engraving considering that the quality of this collar was good for my Baxter.

More features

Choose from a variety of five different sizes: 19”, 21”, 23”, 25”, and 27”.

Hardware is made from high-grade metal and nickel-plated from the rivets to the buckle, and the D-ring.


MOSPRO dog bark collar


Bark Collar Dog Shock Bark Control – 2018 Upgraded – Rechargeable

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Most people will not have dogs in their lives because they cannot tolerate barking. There’s not much that we can actually do about it except manage it.

These days there’s more than enough ways to manage your furbaby’s barking and this is achievable through training. Thanks to MOSPRO, you can now train your furbaby at home with the help of a bark control collar. It’s a bark control collar all because only your dog’s barking will trigger the chip.

My Impression:

When I first heard that there is a dog collar that will only be triggered by a dog’s bark, I honestly did not believe it until I came across this dog bark control collar on Amazon. I was very skeptical and asked Baxter what he thought of it. I consulted my wife about it and she said it might be worth a try. Even though I am a very practical person, I did let go of $25 for the sake of research! I let Baxter bark when the shock coils were on my hand. I was impressed. I also tried the different ranges of shock and vibration, and I was even more impressed. I felt like I could trust Baxter to this product.

What could be better?

As with other nylon collars, the MOSPRO Bark Control Shock Collar could improve on making it a little less slippery. It stays stable for a time, yet it will slip especially when there is a leash attached to it.

More features

Emergency system will ensure that this product will not shock your furbaby if it barks more than 7 times a minute.

There are three levels of sensitivity and three different types of training mode which you can tailor fit depending on whichever your furbaby will be most responsive to.

Built-in battery can last up to 14 days when on full-charge.


Free Sunday Dog Collar


Free Sunday Blue Stripe Seersucker Dog Bow Tie Collar

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If you’re looking for cute bow tie collars for your furbabies, Free Sunday is another storefront worth checking on Amazon. They have a wide selection of designs from plaid, to gingham, to even floral designs… You will never run out of options to make your furbaby fashionable.

My Impression:

This is another one of those purchases that my kids and myself agreed on because it made Baxter looked cuter. Following my wife’s fashionable advise, of course, I had to get blue because it is “Baxter’s color” according to her. What my wife found very interesting in this collar and leash are the gold accents. Whenever Baxter is wearing this collar from Free Sunday, people notice it so much that they ask me where we got it and I have gotten so many compliments for Baxter. If only Baxter could understand, but I guess he does with the many pets he get when he’s wearing this collar!

What could be better?

Whenever I purchase anything below $30, I consider it a great value. This Free Sunday blue stripe dog collar and leash were perfect for its price range. Buckle was a little heavy, but it’s not too much of a source of complaint. After all, it looked very pretty.

More features

Various sizes are available that range from XS (6 to 10 inches) to XL (17 to 26 inches)

Hand-sewn to ensure durability over time.

You can choose from stripes, buffalo plaid, floral, marble or gingham



GoTags – Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Collars

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This GoTags personalized dog collar is the #1 best seller on Amazon right now for dog collars. The makers carefully considered the different dog sizes so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the wrong fit. They also have durable embroidery in mind so you can rest assured that every personalized collar purchase will last long even in the harshest conditions.

My Impression:

Getting a personalized dog collar for Baxter was very important. I was glad that GoTags was available on Amazon. The collar was straightforward, it was just as advertised. Customization is applicable for a maximum 25 characters, which was enough for Baxter’s name and our home’s number.

What could be better?

Well, I hope that they could adjust the size of their logo to fit in more characters. The size of the logo on the tags could fit at least two characters more. Other than that, as I’ve said, this purchase was pretty straightforward and functioned greatly.

More features

You can choose from a variety of 15 thread colors; from the basic primary colors to cotton candy and gold.

Collar color choice is from a variety of five colors which are black, blue, red, orange, and pink.

Dog collars are available in four different sizes from  XS (8” to 12”) to L (18” to 26”).[/productbox] [mydivider]

Using a shock collar to train your doggy


Dog Collar Buying Tips for First-time Furparents from a veteran Furparent

When shopping online and when sizes will matter, be aware of the seller’s sizing options. Aside from this very basic shopping tip, here are a few more tips for first-time furparents to consider before purchasing a dog collar for your furbaby:


Not all collars are the same. That’s what I realized when I went over to Amazon and I was presented with over 10,000 results. When buying a collar knowing what purpose it will serve will help trim down your choices down to the only ones that you will need.

If you dig deep enough you’ll find out how branched these collars are. For example, under “training collars” you’ll discover that there are electronic ones, metal prongs, and martingale collars. If you’re looking to train your dog at home, I suggest that you read carefully the purpose of each collar and decide which one you think would work best for you and your furbaby.


Collars are made from different materials. Not all materials can withstand extreme environments. If there’s an advice that I could give regarding the environment and collars, I would suggest that you go for a collar that’s made from easy to clean materials. Nylon is very easy to wash with soap and water but it cannot withstand too much scratching as overtime, nylon will fray. Leather, on the other hand, can be very durable but can stink.


Last but not least, is, of course, quality. Even though the collar you found is below $20, I would say that you have to be careful before putting it in your cart. Again, not all collars were made the same and the same goes especially in quality. Some makers would advertise that the metal hardware on their collar is nickel-plated yet it’s still causing allergic reactions for your furbaby, which I think is never worth a cheap price tag. As I’ve said, I treat my furbaby as one of my own and that means, Baxter will only get the best. Even though it might sound crazy for other people that I spend $20 on a collar, I know that I am giving Baxter the quality that he deserves.

When you’ve finally found your furbaby’s perfect collar, make sure that you fit it around their neck with two fingers as an allowance. This ensures that they won’t choke when they have the collar on.

I hope that this post helps you find that special collar for your furbaby. Even though you may be making a small purchase with any of these collars, it’s still important to get some knowledgeable information to help you make a smart purchase.


Who knew that shopping for furbabies can be a meticulous chore. I guess it’s all part of the commitment of having a dog. I treat Baxter like one of my own and that means that he shouldn’t be left out from having a good life. I’ve listed some tips to help out first-time furparents when choosing their furbaby’s first collar.


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  1. I have a variety of collars for my Akki. Depends on where we’re going and what we’re going to do. Before getting Akki, I read a whole bunch of articles on collars and this was one of those articles that I read. This stuck through with me because of how personal this was. I appreciated it so I kept coming back to check the collars you recommended. The training collar was the first one I got, then eventually that little bowtie in number two because I had him join our family photoshoot. Now he’s more than a year now and he joins me on my nightly runs so I have him wear the led light to keep us both safe. It’s great and cute at the same time. I wonder how baxter is. Can you feature more articles about dog products? What about dog shampoos?

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