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The Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers to Get the Party Rockin’!

I am a self-confessed audiophile. I love listening to different genres whether I am in my bedroom or just relaxing with my neighbors out in the patio of my home. I oftentimes even bring my phone with me whenever I shower just so I can play my favorite classical pieces.

That said, I have searched high and low in order to find one that stood out above the rest. Not only did I go through customer ratings but I also read every customer review as well. So you can see that I did my research in order to find the best outdoor Bluetooth speaker, and lo and behold, I was introduced to the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

Not only is it from a brand whose name can be trusted in terms of headphones and speakers, but it hit the spot  I was looking for in a Bluetooth speaker: sound, aesthetics, and its value for money. Sitting at less than $200.00 a pop, what more could I ask for, right?

For audiophiles like me, it can be difficult to choose from the wide variety of speakers that are available in every tech store. So when I searched online, more than 6,000 results came up, and honestly, who has time for that? Well, I did and in this article I will share with you what I’ve found by testing and coming up with a list of the top 10 outdoor speakers found. That way you don’t have to go through the 6,000 plus results and fork out hundreds of dollars.

My Top 10 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Reviews
For Loudness & Durability (2020)


Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II - Soft black


Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

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“Colorful. Powerful. Priceless” This is the official tagline for Bose’s SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II. The SoundLink II is the second generation of SoundLink that was first introduced to the market back in 2014. With major improvements including the rubbery-feel due to the silicone cover which allows it to be water-resistant and a microphone which allows its users to answer phone calls at different conditions.

Even though the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II is already two years old in the market, its technology has remained relevant with its quick connecting Bluetooth (especially for iPhones), its ability to remember the last eight paired devices, and a reliable wireless range of up to 9 meters. A convenient speaker for when you’re outdoors lounging by the pool with some friends.

My Impression:

When I first saw the SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II on the website, I immediately got curious. It had so much positive reviews that only made me want to purchase it. The exterior material it was made of, which is silicone, is I think worth investing in especially for a purchase that I will be using so much outdoors from the day I purchased it.

I bought the SoundLink II in Coral Red. I was immediately amazed at just how Bose lived up to its promise. It was very lightweight and the battery life was decent. After charging it for a few hours, it played all my favorite songs for eight whole hours–talk about reliability, huh? I love how minimalist it was–from the design to the functional buttons, it was a minimalist’s fantasy come true in the form of a speaker.

What could be better?

When my package arrived, I found out that they did not include a wall plug. I hope that Bose will be able to realize that people still have a wall socket for chargers. Even though we live in a modern world where I can just instantly plug my SoundLink Color to charge via the USB cable included in the package, I appreciate a wall plug from time to time.

More features

Voice prompts from the device that will guide you through connecting your phone and the speaker.


Its size will fit in almost any handbag or sports sac or even hand carried so conveniently due to its ergonomic design.

SoundLink Color II will allow its users to play two different speakers simultaneously which will allow you to go on full party mode.[/productbox][productbox]


DOSS Touch Wireless V4.0 Portable Speaker

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DOSS (Dream of Superior Sound) has been in the business of making speakers for its patrons for 18 years now.

Their team is comprised of engineers from Canada, Germany, and the United States who, altogether, designs and develops speakers that are powerful and competitive in all ways possible.

Their latest innovation, the DOSS Soundbox Touch, boasts a 12-hour playing time at 75% of the volume and a 360-degree surround sound–superior sound quality at very minimal distortion. The guys at DOSS were generous to also have included multiple compatibility features so you’ll never run out of playing from a music source. Choose to connect with your DOSS Soundbox Touch via Bluetooth, a TF card, or through an auxiliary cord. The DOSS Soundbox Touch is all that and more at $30 a piece.

My Impression:

Among the things that I truly do before buying a product is reading through customer reviews. DOSS Soundbox Touch was among the highest rated products on Amazon, with over 10,000 reviews mostly leaning to the positive. Among the things that I truly do before buying a product is reading through customer reviews.

At first look, I would say that it didn’t look its price tag. It looked so sleek, elegant, and minimalist. At less than $200 I could buy all the DOSS SoundBox Touch in the four different colors it comes in–black, blue, red, and white. It’s hard to believe that it is priced below $30.00 on Amazon, but it truly is! I also thought that the controls being LED-lit is important if you’re outdoors at night.

What could be better?

My philosophy in life is that, this world will give you what you pay for. However, DOSS has proven that despite the price tag, anybody who will buy this speaker will get more than what they’re paying for. Knowing how much it is worth has turned me into a fan of the DOSS SoundBox Touch. That said, my only concern is that, the SoundBox Touch could possibly make the speakers’ little legs a little more reliable.

More features

Soft touch buttons

12W of stereo sound for audiophiles who like playing their music without sacrificing clarity.

Bluetooth 4.0 technology which makes connecting multiple devices so much easier.[/productbox][productbox]

Waterproof APIE Portable Speaker


APIE IPX6 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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APIE is a relatively new player to the game but their portable wireless outdoor Bluetooth speaker makes sure that you will get to know them in the best possible light.

This small but sturdy outdoor Bluetooth speaker was built to withstand elements due to the different materials that make up the speaker–rigid plastic, rubber, and metal. If you like your bass down low, this portable is the perfect companion for when you’re lounging by the pool or hiking. Just hook it to your bag with its built-in carabiner and you’re perfect to go.

My Impression:

When you look at the APIE Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, you’ll get the vibe that it’s meant to be used by military personnel. With a camo color and aesthetics straight out of West Point, it’s almost as if it’s heading into war. The feature that really got my attention was the carabiner. How convenient is it that I can hook it to my bag when I’m hiking up a mountain or even to my bike handles when I’m biking. It’s durable and reliable at less than $30, this is a guaranteed steal! The feature that really got my attention was the carabiner. How convenient is it that I can hook it to my bag when I’m hiking up a mountain or even to my bike handles when I’m biking. It’s durable and reliable at less than $30, this is a guaranteed steal!

What could be better?

I love pushing buttons. I get a thrill from doing it, even if it’s with my speakers. But the buttons on this one, makes me wish it had the soft touch buttons of DOSS SoundBox Touch. Suffice it to say, I would like that APIE make a follow up to this speaker with a much more efficient button system.

More features

Bluetooth technology v. 4.1 makes connecting devices very easy

Wide range for Bluetooth connection. I can be at approximately 30 feet away from this but remain connected.

Like the Bose SoundLink Color, it’s got a mic feature so it’s perfect for when you’re going completely wireless.[/productbox][productbox]


Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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A list about speakers or electronics in general, will not be complete without an entry from Aiwa. The Aiwa brand originally founded in Japan has been making innovations on different electronic products since the 1950s.

Today, they have given us the Exos-9 portable Bluetooth speaker. The Exos-9 is the Godzilla in my list of reviews for packing a punch to anyone who would be buying this portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s big in size and even bigger in the sound it delivers. If you’re out with your friends in the beach, this is the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker for your get-together. It’s your modern-day boombox!

My Impression:

I made sure that this list was as comprehensive as it could when it comes to reviewing outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Normally, a person would think that an outdoor Bluetooth speaker should be as small as a ladies’ wallet, but this AIWA Exos-9 speaker is far from it. IT IS HUGE. It will not let you down outdoors with its 200W continuous power (as compared to the maximum that most portable speakers have at 50W). I also love how it has included an equalizer interface which is perfect to make the sound suit the environment where I can play this speaker.

What could be better?

If AIWA could incorporate a microphone, it could make this product way more awesome than it already is. Also, having a 57.2 Wh lithium-ion removable battery pack can take a while to charge. Another feature that could make this awesome product even better is if AIWA could make it waterproof, if that happens, the Exos-9 will be the perfect tag-along for any outdoor gathering for its already loud sound.

More features

A replaceable battery pack that could help AIWA Exos-9 play continuously for 18 hours.

Your device can be 50ft away from the Exos-9 and remain connected.

Play music from a 3.5mm jack, or a micro USB, or a USB-A.

4-preset equalizers

Play two Exos-9 speakers at the same time for an even more Goliath sound playing experience.[/productbox][productbox]


Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker by Solarbox

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If you’re a fan of all-things renewable energy, you are going to love the solar powered Bluetooth speaker by Solarbox. Like I’ve said earlier, I’ve made my research as comprehensible as it could and a top ten list on outdoor speakers should not be made without a solar-powered one.

Thankfully the team from Solarbox made it more accessible for any audiophiles to have a portable speaker that could be charged via solar power. This Bluetooth speaker is also lightweight, completely portable, and rugged which makes having adventures with this speaker more fun.

My Impression:

I am stunned by solar power technology that the Solarbox team created for this speaker. At first, I wasn’t so sure whether the playing power of this speaker would be reliable but I was proven wrong. I personally think that it’s the perfect companion for any outdoor activity for having a 60-hour battery life that’s completely rechargeable via solar power. Now, I’m not a scientist, but having the capability for it to be recharged via solar power is equivalent to unlimited hours of playing your favorite music.

What could be better?

At first glance, I could not find any fault with this speaker. I was all “ooh… aahh…” However, its sound quality could be even made better. I did feel skeptical about the sound at first because it packed so much capabilities that it might have lost a little on the sound quality side, and I was not wrong but only by a little.

More features

Shockproof, waterproof, dustproof

A built-in LED flashlight

Microphone for answering calls

5000mAh battery that’s completely rechargeable via solar power

Portable and attachable to your motorcycle handle, bicycle handle or even to a tree branch.[/productbox][productbox]


Nuvelon Flare Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Nuvelon Flare is a portable Bluetooth speaker that has combined the aesthetics of an LED light show and a serious sound playing capacity. You can take Nuvelon Flare with you wherever you go thanks to its handle and its waterproof and dustproof thanks to its reliable casing.

Nuvelon Flare is perfect for your outdoor parties with its wide-range of LED colors, it’s a portable Bluetooth speaker that spells fun! Nuvelon Flare also boasts the capability of syncing together 100 speakers for an increased sound playing experience, even without WIFI or Bluetooth!

My Impression:

I personally think that the Nuvelon Flare is the fanciest portable Bluetooth speaker in this list. With an LED light show and the capacity to sync play up to 100 speakers through its own connectivity, the Nuvelon Flare is a steal for its aesthetics and functionality. I would definitely say that the LED light show is the best feature of this speakers. Honestly, if I am going to party outdoors or even indoors, it’s Nuvelon Flare that I will bring with me.

What could be better?

Nuvelon Flare, despite its huge appearance lost to the 15W playing power. With its size, I would expect that it would be able to play beyond that.

More features

Bluetooth technology v 4.2 allows you to connect your devices easily.

A 10-hour play time from the integrated battery

A battery conservation feature which automatically gets triggered if your phone gets disconnected for five minutes.

Get a full charged Nuvelon Flare after 3 hours of charging time.[/productbox][productbox]

Tribit XSound Go


Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers

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Tribit is another newcomer in the speakers business who should not be left ignored. Tribit has introduced to its market a completely wireless experience for all its various audio device in the range.

Among the highest-rated device is their Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth speakers, which is another value for money speakers that you shouldn’t be overlooking. The Tribit XSound comes in either blue or black and is completely portable for the adventurous audiophile. If you want a reliable and portable Bluetooth speaker that lasts all day long, this is a win purchase for having a 24-hour playing capacity. It’s sleek, curved, and completely modern-looking with its matte finish, this capsule-shaped speaker is completely waterproof with an IPx7 rating.

My Impression:

When I first saw their promotional video, their endorsers dived into the pool with this speaker and immediately thought that whatever material they made that Tribit XSound Go with must be completely reliable. Of course, being the skeptic that I am, I researched on what IPx7 meant and found out that this rating is given to any device that could withstand a short immersion of less than 30 minutes at a level not deeper than 1 meter. Knowing this rating brought me comfort as then, I could definitely say that it is safe to use around the pool area even if it falls into the water.

What could be better?

It has a good enough bass playing capability, but it won’t be enough for people who loves their heart-pumping bass. I would say that this is a point for improvement for this device.

More features

Bluetooth v4.2 allows your device to remain connected even at 60ft away

6W power for an intimate listening experience

AUX option for playing from your laptop, computers, or TV sets.[/productbox][productbox]


Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

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Anker is widely known for its reliable power banks, but did you know that they have also made a completely portable speaker?

Lo and behold, the Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker. Just like their power banks, they included the power of a 4400mAh rechargeable battery for a 24-hour playtime that’s more than enough for anyone who fears that their speaker’s battery will run out on them during the day. The Anker Soundcore comes in either black, blue, or red, and is mighty sturdy thanks to its rubber exterior.

My Impression:

It’s very small, lightweight, and very portable. Another great thing about it is the tactile controls which are very prominent in terms of its size. I did not have a hard time knowing which button to push even when my room was dark.

What could be better?

Remember what I said earlier in the article that in this world, you will always end up getting what you pay for… Anker Soundcore Bluetooth speaker can attest to that. While I am not entirely disappointed at this product, there’s a lot of improvement that could be done in the music playing department. Even though the Soundcore can play a little loud despite its size, the sound did not have enough clarity due to the distortions that could be heard. Another feature that they could include in the future is the capability to skip songs. Right now, the Soundcore is only capable of increasing volume, play/pause songs through its buttons.

More features

Has the Bluetooth v 4.0 which would allow you to remain caonnected to the Soundcore even if you’re about 60 feet away.

One-touch pairing button for Bluetooth connectivity

AUX playing option.[/productbox][productbox]


AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless

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AOMAIS is another newcomer in the electronics business that must not be overlooked. They are providing their consumers with the AOMAIS Sport II portable wireless speaker that has the IPx7 rating which makes it completely waterproof.

It’s also constructed to be dustproof, shockproof, and even snow proof which understandably makes it a great companion for music playing while outdoors. The AOMAIS Sport II portable wireless speaker has a 40W sound playing power. They also feature a built-in microphone which makes being connected to this device completely hands-free.

My Impression:

Honestly, the AOMAIS Sport II looks like a Tetris brick. The looks, even though it appears so retro, has a strong-enough playing capacity which is perfect for outdoor activities. This bulky-looking exterior allows the AOMAIS Sport II to be rugged and durable without having to sacrifice a lot of money.

What could be better?

I am always skeptic about products that claim it to be waterproof and AOMAIS Sport II’s capability to be waterproof can be questioned when you do not ensure that your port covers are completely closed.

More features

The package will arrive with a floater which is perfect for when you want to play music in the pool.

Different connectivity options via AUX playing option for connecting TVs, computers, or laptops; Micro USB or USB

Bluetooth range is up to 30 meters.[/productbox][productbox]

FUGOO Tough Rugged Speaker


FUGOO Tough Wireless

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Built with the same technology used to make a plane (the Fairchild F-46), FUGOO Tough is made from Fiber-reinforced plastic and strong aluminum. Making it confident and durable in any environment such as snow, mud, water, or dust.

Compared to the Bose SoundLink Series 2 Mini that only has four audio drivers, FUGOO has six audio drivers which gives it an edge against other leading brands as well. When FUGOO said they are tough, they actually meant it with a test to prove it. FUGOO Tough is shock proof and withstood a 6-feet drop test.

My Impression:

The way FUGOO Tough looks speaks business and when it says tough, they mean it. I was worried that it won’t come through, but it did! FUGOO came through with their tough build when it fell from my table. I was expecting that it would stop working because it fell, I was mistaken! This mid-range outdoor Bluetooth speaker is the best buy in its price range.

What could be better?

Though it’s tough the bass could be made tougher. I had to place it in the corner of my room just to improve the way the bass sound. Other than that, I do think it has great value for money.

More features

AUX port for wired playing

A Micro-USB for charging and updating the software

Bluetooth 4.0 allows this bad boy to remain connected to your device for up to 30 feet.

FUGOO Accessories which will make your FUGOO Tough even more portable.

40-hour battery life which means longer music-playing outdoors

Siri/Google Plus connectivity capability

Built-in Microphone for making and taking calls more convenient.[/productbox] [mydivider]

How to connect a bluetooth speaker to your phone



Music-listening is a very personal experience and I would say, very subjective. When I reviewed these products, I mainly considered the sound-listening experience as second priority. I personally want my speakers to be powerful in the bass department without giving away the quality of music due to distortions and vibrations made by the material it was made of.

Looking for the best outdoor Bluetooth speaker came with the experience of annoyed ears and several disappointments, but it was all worth it when I found my top outdoor Bluetooth speaker. The best outdoor Bluetooth speaker must serve its purpose without sacrificing so much in the sound department. Because after all, the fanciness of a product, at the end of the day, we’re after the best music-listening experience for outdoors.

I sincerely hope that this post helped you out before making that purchase. If you already have, I wish to congratulate you. Now, pump up the jam with your outdoor Bluetooth speaker and let’s get this party started!



  1. BallerMatty Reply

    When we had our final party at the beach for my senior year, I knew i just had to get the nuvelon. The design wasn’t limited to just in it being a speaker, but it had a great look to get the party going. When the sun set, we had our very own strobe kind of set up and it was the coolest thing in that party to be honest. The sound didn’t disappoint either and it didn’t need to be plugged in for a pretty long while. I charged it overnight and i only removed it from the plug right before i left the house for the party. It played music all night long, until I actually forgot about it. Overall, i was a happy camper when I got it and it impressed my friends even. Sure did make the senior year party one of the most memorable things in my college life.

  2. BallerMatty Reply

    When we had our final party at the beach for my senior year, I knew i just had to get the nuvelon. The design wasn’t limited to just in it being a speaker, but it had a great look to get the party going. When the sun set, we had our very own strobe kind of set up and it was the coolest thing in that party to be honest. The sound didn’t disappoint either and it didn’t need to be plugged in for a pretty long while. I charged it overnight and i only removed it from the plug right before i left the house for the party. It played music all night long, until I actually forgot about it. Overall, i was a happy camper when I got it and it impressed my friends even. Sure did make the senior year party one of the most memorable things in my college life.

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