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An Introduction:

hobbyzone champ rtf reviewFlying has a lot to do with freedom. You often hear people saying that the birds are free because they are simply flying. Well, if you love airplanes, helicopters or flying in general, you’ve probably heard about RC aircraft. To be specific, RC planes¬†are what we are going to talk about. The thing that makes flying an RC plane so special is that YOU are controlling it, and it feels goddamn great! I love RC planes and it’s truly an honor to have one for yourself, so I bought HobbyZone Champ RTF RC Airplane and decided to give it a go.

So, why is this plane so special? Well, if you take a look at it, you can see that this plane is a perfect copy of Aeronca Champ, but with a lot smaller size and weight. Sure, you can’t just go and buy a gigantic plane and fly it by yourself but that would be crazy! Why bothering when you can get a radio transmitter, take control of Champ remote control plane and enjoy a smooth ride to the skies? Before we ignite our engines, let’s first take a much closer look at this budget-oriented RC plane.

What Makes It Interesting?

flying the hobbyzone champUnlike some other manufacturers, HobbyZone decided to go a little smaller with this one. Size does matter, but not always and not necessarily. If it was all about the size, an elephant would be the king of the jungle and not a lion. This plane is actually more of a toy, and that’s what makes it interesting. Even though I’m too old for toys, this 3.35 pounds plane attracted me simply because of its aesthetics.

If you like bright colors, this plane will overwhelm you with its orange color with a touch of red on the bottom side. So, there’s nothing spectacular about design color-wise. It’s straightforward, with the no-bullshit approach and I like it. The other thing that’s very noticeable is that the plane looks slightly underpowered. I mean, would you really guess it’s an RC plane? Hmph… I doubt you would!

With its 20 inches of wingspan, this plane is not that big and it’s easy to transport it in your car or even a motorcycle. Even though it’s small and relatively lightweight, this plane has landing gear! Isn’t that cool? Furthermore, there’s a propeller on the front side, which means better control in the air, better start and stronger thrust. I’m generally very pleased with the accessories we can find on this plane. It’s not only compact and lightweight but also stuffed with great components.

guy holding up a brand new hobbyzone champ rtfFor a plane this compact, it’s pretty evident that we are dealing with an Electricity Powered RC plane. HobbyZone Champ comes with both 150 mAh Li-Po battery and a 2.4 GHz transmitter, meaning that it’s ready to fly out of the box. If you’ve read my reviews, you know that I always prefer RTF planes. I don’t like going out and spending an additional cash for a transmitter or a battery- that’s just stupid.

When we mentioned the battery, it’s important to mention a USB Li-Po charger that comes with this plane. Simply plug the battery in, charge it and get to the most important part- flying. HobbyZone Champ RC plane is made out of Z-Foam, which I really don’t like that much. Sure, it’s very easy to fix it, but you can’t go with a glue-free ***being and it isn’t all that sturdy. For example, if your kid accidentally steps on it, it’s game over- you can pretty much trash this plane.

Awesome Features

  • HobbyZone Champ remote control plane comes with a beautiful, sleek and polished design and colors. It’s a perfect replica of Aeronca Champ but in a smaller size.
  • Aside from weighing 3.35 pounds, HobbyZone Champ RC plane is compact and fits nicely in your car or even a smaller room.
  • The plane comes with 2.4 GHz transmitter with Spektrum DSM Technology.
  • It’s an Electricity Powered RC plane that comes with a 1S 3.7V 150 mAh Li-Po battery and USB Li-Po charger.
  • Being a small and compact plane, it’s ready to fly (RTF) out of the box.
  • Fixed landing gear with a steerable tail wheel.
  • A great plane for beginners.

Primary Benefits

  • Compact design allows for better air control and transportation. For those who would like a smaller, more suitable plane, this one is awesome.
  • HobbyZone Champ RTF RC plane is Electricity Powered, meaning that you won’t need to buy gasoline.
  • A 2.4 GHz transmitter based on Spektrum DSM Technology works great. It’s responsive and fits nice in hand. It also reminds of a video game controller, so you’ll get familiar with it pretty fast.
  • It’s an RTF RC plane, meaning that you’ll be spared additional costs for the battery and transmitter.
  • Z-Foam, which is the main material here, is known for its repairing capabilities. You can easily repair the plane if it gets broken, with a glue.
  • The 150 mAh battery works great! It allows for 10 to 15 minutes of flying, depending on the throttle usage.
  • It’s one of the best flyers for the price.


  • Due to its straight and flat wings, HobbyZone Champ RTF RC plane isn’t suitable for very acrobatic flight style. It’s more a beginner-oriented plane.
  • As much as it’s a great material, Z-Foam is also a bad material for an RC plane. It’s not sturdy enough and it takes very little to break something.
  • Champ RC plane is very light, meaning that you won’t be able to fly it in gale-force winds. Try to avoid the strong wind whenever you can.

Bottom Line & What Now

wrapping upFlying toys for kids and adults can leave people to be very picky when it comes to putting together their first plane. I can pretty much understand the struggle, as it takes only a tiny error in construction or flying to get your plane wrecked and probably swapped for a new one.

So, as a picky RC plane enthusiast, I can tell you that HobbyZone Champ RTF RC plane is pretty much worth your cash! Is that what you wanted to hear? If so, then I’m glad. When we take into account its nice design, compactness, great Li-Po battery and it’s PRICE, this RC plane simply rocks!

Its rock-solid performance and overall quality might be the best thing you’ll get in this price range. Just a few days before, we’ve reviewed some big and nasty planes that are almost double the price, but this one will give you a smooth flight at just hundred bucks. If you are really eager to learn more about RC planes, I strongly recommend that you DO NOT waste additional money on a more expensive plane. Instead, grab Champ RC plane and haul *** in the sky!



  1. to be honest my only concern with this plane is the color. I also bought it but really am not a fan of this orange. i dont know why they cant release this in another color
    also, in my humble opinion this is a pretty expensive plane if you’re a beginner! it’s currently around 90$ + shipping. that’s a lot and your parents wont probably let you take that money from them. I know I wont.
    Consider also looking at some of the ones from volantex. pretty cheap and has pretty good flying time!

  2. Justanotherdude Reply

    First of all, kudos on trying out this RC plane. It’s pretty cute for its price. It’s great for beginners who would like to pick up the hobby. I also started with this one. Had a good run with it until i decided to upgrade. i see that you have a whole page dedicated to RC planes, i would love to read more about rc planes from your blog. Seems like ive found a new blog to follow!

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