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auxbeam f16 review

One of the premier manufacturers of LED headlights, Auxbeam are well-known for superior quality products. One of the newest additions to their fabulous range is the F-16 headlamp and it has got a lot of people very excited.

With this Auxbeam review, we take a closer look to bring you the only Auxbeam LED Kit review you will need when deciding if the F16’s are for you.


Specifications of the Auxbeam F-16 Kit

Auxbeam F-16

It goes without saying that the ability to see clearly in bad weather or at night when driving is essential. With this set of lights, the manufacturers have made every effort possible to provide this and help you see all of the road in front of you with clear vision. The first thing to look at when you open the box up is what you get for your money! Included with the kit comes 2 9005 LED bulbs and 2 constant current CANBUS drivers. Each bulb has 30 watts of power behind it to give a very strong 60 watts combined along with a combined luminous flux of 6000lm.

One superb specification this product boasts is the world-famous CREE chips. These chips are well-known for being the best quality you can get and allow for instant light-up when in use!

Able to fit both 12V and 24V vehicles, they are easy to fit into most cars out there. Other great technical features include a built-in turbo fan to provide extra cooling protection and a high-grade fan shield. This conversion pack is for applying to your fog lights and main car lights to give a great flexibility of use.[/productbox]

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What Makes This LED Kit Special?

If you are thinking of buying this product as a replacement for your current ones, then you may be wondering if there is anything that makes it special? This is one of the factors this Auxbeam review aims to investigate.

Many people love the F16 name attached to these, with the natural fighter jet association it brings. When you take a better look at them out of the box, you won’t be disappointed! Made from aircraft grade luxury gold aluminum, they look amazing. For a headlight, they really have a glamorous look and make you feel like you are in Top Gun or the USAF!


This 16 series is also fully waterproof with an IP68 water and dust seal. This means you can be sure it will continue to work even when the rain and snow is driving down on you. Compared to other choices on the market, these special features make it unique.


How its Priced Compared to Others on the Market

price comparison to others

When you look at other similar products out there, then these stack up favorably. It costs $49.99 currently on Amazon which is pretty amazing for what you get. If you can grab it on sale, then it is an even better deal! Other kits such as the OPT7 Fluxbeam can cost nearer the $90 mark for example which shows what great value this is with the quality you get.

Which vehicles can it be installed in?

One of the great things about this system is that it will fit easily into most vehicles. The integrated, all-in-one design makes slotting them in a pretty quick job which can be done in 15-20 minutes. Don’t use these if you do not have Projector style fittings though! Any vehicles without these will blind oncoming traffic so cannot use the F16’s.

What sizes does it come in?

This pack comes in a 9005 HB3 H10 9145 size. Other sizes are also available in the series from 9006 HB4 to 9007 and 9003 H4.

Features to this kit

features of auxbeam

The main thing that stands out is the sharp light emitted that covers the road without any dark or foggy spots. This solid beam pattern and clear light makes seeing road signs easy as well as helping to keep you on the road. A very well-designed 360-degree beam angle is also fantastic for being able to see everything that is going on around you when you are driving with no blind spots.

With the 6000K color temperature, the composition of the light they throw out is pure and bright without being dazzling to other road users. There is a really good balance between you being able to see far without distracting other drivers.

As noted above, the LED lights and control drivers themselves are easy to fit, with minimal experience or equipment needed. The control drivers have a built-in CANBUS also which will decode any errors and helps make them a breeze to use.


  • High-grade aircraft spec construction
  • Ultra-bright 60 watt / 6000 lms light
  • IP68 water and dust seal
  • Superb cooling fan function
  • Outstanding chips included
  • Great price
  • 360-degree beam coverage
  • Full illumination with no dark or foggy spots
  • Easy to install

Benefits to this kit

benefits of auxbeam

All the above features make this a very user-friendly pack to buy. The quality and design is superb as you would expect and the performance the LED lights give themselves is outstanding, certainly better than halogen lamps.

The easy fit saves you time and stress while the ultra-bright light they throw out will keep you safer when driving.


  • Provides sharp and clear vision when driving at nights or in bad weather
  • Keeps you and your passengers safer as a result
  • Superb value gives top quality performance without breaking the bank
  • Tough and durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Cutting-edge design for greater longevity
  • Less time and hassle spent fitting them due to integrated design

Downsides to this kit

Of course, nothing in life is perfect and there are a few negatives to these LED lights. The first is that they are not suitable for any vehicles without Projector style casings as previously noted. If you buy them without having this type of fitting in your vehicle, you will dazzle everyone you come across when driving with them on!

The second drawback is that the decoder function of the built-in CANBUS on the drivers does not work with all vehicles such as a Mini Cooper. This is definitely something to check out before you buy so you know what you are driving is compatible with it.


  • Built-in CANBUS will not work with some cars
  • Only suitable for use with Projector style fittings

Want To See A Complete Guide?

I took the time to write this review because each kit on the list of the best led headlights (click here), deserves a deeper explanation. With a deeper understanding, you’ll ultimately have the ability to make a buying a decision that you won’t regret.

So, Here’s the Bottom Line. 

so the bottom line is

The bottom line is that the F16 LED lights are a top-notch product to buy. They boast cutting-edge design and features to give a product that is one of the best out there.

When you add in the fabulous cost and ease of installation with the performance they give, then they are simply amazing as this Auxbeam review shows.[/productbox]



  1. Kenneth The Real G Reply

    it got a little bit complicated for me to try and install this LED light. For some reason I couldn’t figure it out. I was able to replace my halogen bulbs twice but this one was a little difficult. Maybe i was too into my head from excitement. I called up people to help me out and they were very very helpful in attending to my questions. after 3 hours of trying to figure it out, finally did. I am very happy with the results!

  2. 6000 lumens sound like a lot of light, but when it’s very dark and there arent any houses in the area where you’re going, that 6000 lumens will just be enough. I drive everyday in such a dark road and that amount of light serves me well. Not worried about bumping accidentally into things i dont see because the auxbeam pretty much does what it says it will do. ive never been let down yet and i’ve been driving with this for more than a year now.

  3. KeithWalker Reply

    big fan of auxbeam. replaced my stock with auxbeam before and now switched to auxbeam led when it became available. no regrets with this purchase because it really was a great fit for my car and my needs. dont look for any other brands. I’m sure you’ll love auxbeam just as much as I do.

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