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Kensun LED Kit Reviews

If you are looking for an advanced LED kit that is incredibly easy to install and that provides strong and penetrating brightness- the Kensun LED kit is exactly what you need. Backed by the advanced ETI chips technology, the device’s carefully calibrated silicone dome collectively works with its LED chips to provide highly focused and bright headlight beam.

kensun led kit review

This incredibly bright light will illuminate the road irrespective of the weather conditions. It is rain resistant and impervious to shock and vibration. In addition to this, being backed by an IP64 rating it is also resistant to dust and water.

It hardly takes a couple of minutes to install this kit, and owing to its incredible features it is definitely worth your money. In case you are planning to splurge on this kit anytime soon- here is complete scoop on its features, pros, and cons.

In the following section, you will find every relevant detail that you should be knowing before splurging in this LED kit.

What makes this kit special?

what sets this kit apart from other ones?While you will find many LED kits with advanced features, none of them can match the efficiency and power-packed performance of the Kensun LED headlights. To begin with, unlike any other kit, it’ll hardly take you around 15-18 minutes to get this kit installed.

Owing to its plug and play feature, it won’t require an additional resistor or wiring for the installation. While most of the similar kits require professional installation, such is definitely not the case with Kensun LED.

This simply means that you can easily install this kit, even if you do not have any prior experience of handling LED kits. And guess what the best part is? Well, it is simply the fact that you can consult with the professionals at Kensun, in case you have any doubt about installing the product for the first time.

other benefitsAnother impressive feature of this device is its strong and incredibly penetrating brightness. This is primarily because these LED bulbs are designed with an entirely different technology. Instead of the regular wire filaments, the light from the LED comes from a filament-less glass chamber of gas. This further ensures that you get to ride your vehicle without any glitches or inconsistencies. Road bumps and shocks won’t be able to damage it.

The LED kit also offers better heat dissipation when compared to other similar devices and its high-quality body ensures better conduction of heat. This LED kit is truly special with its aluminum housing, owing to which the light is emitted in a stable way.

The drivers and fan connectors are completely waterproof and they have an IP65 rating that protects them from low voltage. Unlike many other LED kits, this device also comes with a high precision driver chip and an environmental-friendly and energy-saving mode. It is radiation-proof which further means that it is completely safe under every condition along the road.

a complete kit is in this imageFinally, the one feature that really makes this device stand out is its active cooling mode. This LED kit comes backed by aircraft grade cold pressed aluminum heat sink along with electronically controlled cooling fans. This ensures that zero heat is produced during the process and so your vehicle is completely unaffected by overheating.

The device can be installed in every leading model of car and it is currently priced at $39.99. So if you are looking for an LED kit that’ll offer power-packed performance and is also available at an unbelievably affordable price- the Kensun LED headlights will never disappoint you.

Features at a Glance

  • Backed by advanced ETI chips technology that provides completely focused LED beam. The super white light will illuminate the dark roads and help you travel flawlessly.

  • This LED kit is rain resistant, which means it is completely impervious to shock and vibration. The IP64 rating further ensures that it is dust and waterproof.

  • This kit is also backed by the aircraft-grade cold pressed aluminum heat sink and electronically controlled cooling fans. Both of them collectively ensure that no heat is produced and that the device is completely safe from overheating.

  • Backed by the Turbo LED controller that provides separate power for the cooling fans and the bulbs. This further prolongs the lifespan of these LED bulbs.

  • Unlike the HID bulbs which usually tend to delay for a couple of seconds, this LED kit will light up instantly.

  • Currently fits the HB4, 9006HP, 9006XS, 9012, HIR2 and HIR sizes.


  • The device is incredibly easy to install and it’ll hardly take you 15-18 minutes to get it up and running.

  • The LED kit is compatible with a large variety of vehicles.

  • You can easily upgrade your old OEM stock Halogen, HID high/low beam, halogen fog light with this LED lighting kit.

  • Quickly lights up in a couple of seconds.

  • Better dissipation and conduction of heat.

  • The fans are waterproof and shockproof. This means you can always ride your vehicle irrespective of the road or weather conditions.

  • The LED lights render sharp, penetrating brightness.

  • At 1.4 pounds it is pretty light and easy to install.

  • The bulb fit is solid and the connection to the electrical harness is quick and hassle-free.


  • The headlights, albeit incredibly bright, creates an interference with the FM radio in some devices.

  • For some customers, this kit was not durable enough.

Bottom Line & What Now?

Going by the features, pro and cons, I’d definitely recommend this device to anyone who is looking for a powerful and long-lasting LED kit for their cars. This kit is widely lauded on Amazon, and going by Kensun LED reviews, it is definitely worth your money.

you can read a buyer's guide that compares more than one kitIn fact, it’s the #2 most recommended kit as a whole which you can view if you read our complete guide here.

The powerful, bright light of the LED, its quick installation, the heat dissipation technology, turbo cooling technology and waterproof body collectively ensures that you enjoy a glitch-free ride, irrespective of the weather or road conditions.

In addition to this, the device, with all its extraordinary features is available under $70, which I’d say is a steal deal. You’ll definitely not find yet another product like this one, given its features, design, and cost.



  1. When i got this kit, my kids immediately wanted that metal looking box for their toys. of course I had to give it to them. But that aside, kensun works very well! I’m not sure where the negative comments come from but pretty sure it’s just poor installation. I paid for installation fees, car wiring is very tricky. I wont want my car’s head lights to stop working just because I wired it incorrectly. Dont wanna get in trouble with the popo, na mean. I like your points here, gives justice to something so affordable such as this product


    when you’re driving in poorly lit areas something that’s highly focused and bright headlight beam is something that you would want. Don’t want to pay for hospital fees or any damaged property fees when you’re just simply passing through right. kensun is one of the best ones out there and you should consider. I had this in my old car, worked for a long time even after selling it. It was a steal.

  3. Kensun is one of the asian brands out there that really put the region in the market. reliable product. works great. asked my buddy who works on cars to install it on my land cruiser. it’s actually blinding. loljk, not really. It’s just right for a suv. I’m thinking of putting it on my other car, a dodge. wonder if it will work. Any of you guys who know? cheers

  4. This seems like the bulb that i’m looking for. what’s the country of origin for this bulb? does it say anything about compatibility with a japanese car, european or american car? Or as long as my car’s bulb size is any of those that you’ve mentioned, kensun will work great? I would like to hear from you please. thanks

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