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OPT7 FluxBeam reviewOpt7 FluxBeam comes as one of the most popular led kits in the automotive industry. Praised as the brightest and most durable headlight kit, OPT7 offers great benefits to anyone who wants affordable bulbs with the supreme light pattern for their car.

What makes this particular kit so special among the others is DIY installation, which means that you can easily set it up without hiring additional help. It can be installed as the replacement to halogen headlights, stock housing, and sockets. However, it’s commonly used as the primary low light, high light and fog light source due to its perfect beam pattern.

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One of the things that most of the drivers find compelling when using this headlight kit is the consistent and clean beam of light. No dark spots, short beams or scattered light – almost impeccable pair of bulbs to suit any weather and light condition. Since it is weather resistant, this kit can offer support even in the challenging conditions, such as snow or rain.

Flux beam H11 led headlights are the only lights that use CREE MK-R-LED and Arc Beam Technology to provide the optimum lighting to the car. Two Clear Arc Beam Bulbs work on 7.000 lms (@3.500 lms per bulb) to provide the brightest and clearest light to any condition. The cool white color of these lights seems almost unreal compared to halogen lights, which can be blurry and unclear.

These led headlights are made of the solid aluminum base which provides additional safety and affects their durability. According to the specification, they can last over 50.000 hours, which is a bit unreal assessment, even for the high-end lights. Customers who owned them say that they last considerably below that mark, and in some cases that can be even a month, which is disappointing for most of the users.

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LED lights are usually cooler in comparison to the regular bulbs, which means they emit less heat to the outer part of the headlights. That can be an issue if you live in places with colder winters – you can expect moisture in the inside of the headlights, causing severe damage to the bulbs.

The price of this particular kit is affordable for most buyers, especially when compared to other similar kits. Since you won’t need a replacement light for quite a while, it’s worth the price to invest in buying Opt7 flux beam H11 kit – and read why in the next section of this article.


  • Focused Beam – one of the main features of opt7 flux beam kit is a clear and focused beam pattern, which enables drivers a steady and reliable lightning in all weather conditions.
  • Plug and Play Installation – easy to install without the additional help from the professional. With a DIY kit that comes with it, you will have all you need to fix the lights right where they should fit.
  • Superb Cooling System – with TurboCool Fan attached on the back of the bulb, the temperature of the headlight set will always be under control.
  • Affordable – unlike the other headlight kits, this one is pretty affordable, even if you need to replace it after a couple of months or a year.
  • Durable – this flux beam led headlights set will give you enough lights for a reasonable period of time. However, don’t expect it will last forever.
  • Brightness – a truly bright white color of the LED lights provide perfect illumination to every night and fog drive. No dark spots, blurred lights or anything that will prevent you from driving safely through the night.


  • Safer Driving – with flux beam H11 led headlights you won’t have to worry about driving at bad weather or at night. This headlight kit contains clear arc-beam bulbs which are designed to offer the excellent lighting experience for all the vehicles and trucks.
  • Better High and Low Lights – one of the common problems for drivers is to have a reliable set of headlights that will work great both as high and low lights. With this set of lights, that won’t be an issue – you can relax and rely on having a decent set of headlights.
  • Great Fog Lights – it’s crucial to have clear and bright lights that won’t be blurry when face fog on the road. Opt7 flux beam H11 lights are just enough to keep you safe even in the case of extended fog.
  • Brighter Than Halogens – although many drivers feel skeptic about leaving the halogens behind and start using LED lights as the alternative, FluxBeam headlights kit gives us quite the opposite reason. With the high-end LED technology and innovative clear arc-beam bulbs, you will have the brightest lighting solution for you car.
  • Worry-Free Warranty – it’s always good to know that you can get another pair of bulbs or any additional piece of the kit in the case you face the malfunctioning of the kit. With a two-year period warranty provided for this set of headlights, you can always count on repairing and replacing the malfunctioning parts fuss-free.


  • Flickering – some drivers have experiences not so pleasant thing with their set of opt7 headlights such as flickering. Whether it comes with just one or both bulbs, flickering is a definite turn off for most drivers, primarily because it tells them that the kit they’ve purchased is not as reliable as it was advertised.
  • Not Enough Power – 7.000 lms can sound quite powerful but in reality, these set of headlights can rarely give you that much of lighting and brightness. It’s more realistic to expect 5-6.000 lms on both bulbs, but if you expect more for the price than you should consider another pair of headlights.
  • Moisture in the Headlights – since the temperature of LED lights is slightly lower than the HID or halogen lights you can expect the moisture inside of the headlights. This can be a severe issue if not fixed on time, so make sure you keep the eye on the driving in colder areas.
  • Humming – as mentioned, this flux beam led headlights to contain TurboCool fan which helps with the heat regulation inside of the headlights. However, sometimes the fan can cause humming for no particular reason.

Comparison between OPT7 and standard halogen bulbs:



led's installed into jeepAfter reviewing Opt7 flux beam led headlight kit, it’s time to make a final verdict on this product. For most of the drivers, having reliable and bright headlights is the number one thing when choosing a set of bulbs. If you’re one of those drivers – and you can accept the downsides of this kit, too – you will find these headlights a perfect match for your car or your housing.

However, if you expect a bit more quality for the price and don’t want to risk with buying a set of bulbs that can easily go off, you should probably invest more time to find the right pair of headlights for your car. That brings us to the guide we put together for you. There’s a separate article discussing the best led bulb kits which are comparing not just these ones, but a few other ones. You’ll have some options now!



  1. It’s true what they say about LED kits. They’re really brighter and safer for other people on the road. To me HID kits are too much. But I guess it’s only too much when you use it as a hig beam. yea, i wonder if you’ve made updates to your lists. Is the OPT7 still a good choice for a LED kit?

  2. In fairness to this kit, it was bright enough. I’m putting this as a high beam and seeing how it goes. Hey, i read somewhere that i can use HID for the low beam. DO you have any favorites? I notice that you’ve made a few reviews on HID kits. Has your preferences changed? It’s 2020 after all!

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