SNGL LED Kit Review
SNGL Kit – Ultra Bright Lights

This SNGL kit is a must-have automotive lighting for every car, truck, or even motorcycle. Produced with great care for detail, this headlights kit will offer a supreme performance and durability for the drivers who appreciate a reliable set of headlights. No waiting for lights to warm up – they will shine like a diamond instantly, thus providing you with additional security during extensive drives in all weather conditions.

What makes this particular set of headlights so special is adjustable beam technology, which makes this kit suitable for most housings, as well. You can easily choose different depth and direction for an optimum output and use it as a projector or reflector light.

Another thing that will make you fall in love with SNGL super bright led kit is the fact that you can use it regardless of the weather conditions thanks to its constant cooling system. With the help of this supreme technology, your LED lights will always be at the right temperature, without risk to overheat.

With an innovative design, SNGL headlights can promise not only a function for most of the drivers who want to install them without additional help but also a good-looking exterior, to make your vehicle fancier and more modern.


inside your honda gives them ultra bright lightsAs for the price goes, this SNGL kit can’t be considered affordable like some other brands and headlights do. However, if you want to get the ultimate and high-quality set of headlights that will provide you with a durable and bright light for quite a while, then you should consider investing in this kit of headlights.

If you are looking for a crystal bright and focused beam of light to keep the visibility at the highest rate throughout the night and foggy weather, then you definitely should consider buying this set of bulbs. In the following sections, we’ll introduce you to the main features, benefits, and downsides of SNGL led headlights.

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  • Crystal Clear Focused Light – every driver know the importance of having bright and white headlights, especially at night. These set of bulbs can offer you an outstanding light performance working on 55W for both bulbs.
  • Adjustable Beam Bulbs – if you’re considering some other functions of this headlight kit, you probably wonder can you make necessary adjustments or not. Luckily for you, these bulbs can be adjusted both in the terms of depth and direction of LED lights. A cool addition to your housing, not just your car, truck, or motorcycle.
  • Instant On – no more waiting for lights to get warm to start. With the instant-on technology, you can enjoy in that brightness from the second you ignite the engine. A much smarter option than halogen or HID which takes 6-8 seconds to start.
  • Constant Cooling System – having a complex LED light system can be exhausting for the bulbs, which is the reason why this SNGL super bright led headlight bulbs come with a constant cooling system. The technology behind the cooling system prevents overheating problem and the additional cooler that’s placed on the headlight works even in the challenging environment.
  • Rain Resistant – most headlights can cope with different weather conditions, but the true danger is the moisture that comes both from rain and snow. Luckily for us, SNGL led system offers another layer of protection for the rainy weather, keeping the moisture out of the headlights for good.
  • Protection Features – one of the most powerful features of this headlight kit is the fact is possessed various protection features that enable not only proper functioning but also the durability and strength.


  • Supreme Beam Pattern – the design of these headlights offers a strong and focused beam pattern, with no blurred or dark spots. Works great as glare light. It can illuminate quite far ahead of the vehicle, especially at night, giving you the ultimate sense of comfort and security for driving safely.
  • Safer Night Drive – LED lights are still the number one choice for convenient and safe night drive primarily because of their brightness and durability. SNGL automotive lighting style has always been directed to safer night drive, which fits perfectly with the design and features of this particular SNGL led headlight kit.
  • Works In All Weather Conditions – a special addition for rain has enabled this kit to prevail all weather conditions, thus offering more powerful driving experience. Also, rain resistant protection disables the moisture in the compartments, which is another solid reason to have this kit as your primary headlight source.
  • Over 260% Brighter Than Most Lights – another thing that will make you fall in love with this set of lights is that they can shine brighter than any other lighting option available on the market. The design of the bulbs makes it possible to get the best usage of the wattage and voltage per light, enabling the top performance for more than 50.000 hours of light.
  • 100% Protected in All Areas – different protection drivers makes this SNGL led kit attractive within the competition. It contains three different filters for noise reduction, electrostatic/pulse protection, over/under voltage protection, over-heat and fan failure protection, and overcurrent protection.


  • Flickering – one of the major problems with any led light kit is flickering that can happen spontaneously and unexpectedly. The flickering of one or both bulbs can prevent the full performance capability of the led kit, leaving you unprotected on the road.
  • Price – although you can’t count on the quality without paying a certain price for it, this particular set of led headlights can come off as a bit pricey. However, in this case, the price matches the quality of the product, so think again is it better to spend less and change the bulbs more frequent or to invest more and don’t bother with the lights for a while.


brightness comparison of LEDA reliable and durable set of headlights such as SNGL automotive lighting will give you the top performance in all weather and light conditions. If you’re worried about the brightness of a night drive or fog or rain, this kit will give you a peaceful mind while driving.

With the top quality build, numerous protection features, and ultimate lasting qualities, SNGL led kit is the perfect choice for drivers who want to improve their headlights once and for all.

If you choose to pass this product, make sure you find a better offer, in fact, we have reviews of conversion kits here. It’s a completely dedicated guide for comparing the top-notch kits found online today. 


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  1. I initially bought this for my fairlady z… but it wasn’t a good match. Maybe it’s because I installed it on my own. I’ll try to bring it to a shop maybe installation will be better. I had big problems with its flickering… Is that normal? I wanna know about what you know. Keep on sharing informative posts! I always read your blogs.

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