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Company Review: NuLeaf Naturals

As smart shoppers, it’s an imperative to look into a product’s maker before making any purchases. This ensures that the item that you’re buying is safe, authentic, and sold at a very fair price. Aside from reviewing different goods, this website’s main purpose is to be able to help our readers make better and more informed choices.

In this post, I looked into a CBD oil manufacturer called NuLeaf Naturals. Aside from reviewing their main merchandise, I also looked into the business’ history in order to create reasons to buy (or not to buy) the merchandise of NuLeaf Naturals.

NuLeaf Naturals History

This manufacturing company was birthed in 2014 by individuals who believe in the benefits of natural medicine. The business itself is based in the state of Colorado where they have tapped farmers growing the  plant sources in thoroughly organic ways. This means that the plant sources are grown without any pesticides and even without any genetic modification.

Their company’s ethos is shown in their commitment to the value of quality as well as service with goodies that are crafted with care.

In order to show their commitment to high distinction and service and their care with the craft, the business’ QA team carefully checks and makes sure that all purity checks are passed from growing the plants, harvesting, derivation, packaging, and to selling.

This CBD oil-producing company derives its oil from the entire plant using the technologically-advanced carbon dioxide derivation process, which gives its buyers only the purest and full-bodied cannabidiol oil per bottle. It’s ensured that their oils are pure and not only from isolates.

Carbon Dioxide Derivation

Carbon Dioxide derivation is an expensive derivation process that makes use of pressurized carbon dioxide gas to derive the oil from the Cannabis sativa plant. This derivation procedure is thought-out to be the most outstanding among the many derivation methods available.

In order for this derivation procedure to be successful, carbon dioxide is added to the material, known as Cannabis sativa plant. Inside the machine, carbon dioxide is pressurized which causes the plant to disintegrate leaving only the beneficial phytochemicals prevalent in the plant. The result is the full-spectrum cannabidiol oil that includes the main phytonutrient known as cannabinoid, as well as supplementary helpful phytonutrients, and terpenes.

Since this method of derivation yields a type of cannabidiol oil that includes almost the whole dimension of the phytonutrient known as cannabinoid existing in the plant source, the oils they produce contain about 0.3% of THC, the allowable amount in the United States.

Best-Selling NuLeaf Natural Product

725mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, High-Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml)

This CBD oil-producing company doesn’t have much of a wide product line unlike other CBD oil providers. As part of their brand’s ethos, they create pure and simple CBD oil. This is simply seen in their available CBD oil merch. I personally purchased the 725mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract (15ml). This gave me about a 50mg of the intrinsic cannabinoid and other phytonutrients per dose.

I decided to take their Full-spectrum CBD oil to help ease my anxiety and sleeplessness attacks that I was experiencing during a critical time of launching a project.

Shipment was pretty fast with NuLeaf Naturals. I did not face any problems when it came to the CBD oil’s encasement. Just as I expected, the oils I ordered came in very dark glass bottles. The dropper was efficient as well in terms of holding in the concoction. To me, it was very critical that the oil should come in this condition because oil easily stale if exposed to sunlight. Having a colored glass bottle can help prevent early spoilage.

Smell-wise and taste-wise, the Full-spectrum CBD oil came on very earthy and grassy. To me, this was a good sign, because it meant that there were no additives to make this effective concoction any more ‘attractive’, so to speak. Just as how I usually want my products for consumption: pure, simple, and straight to the point.

I have only good things to say about the Full-spectrum CBD oil because it helped me cope at the most critical time of launching a project. Launching a project is always a very stressful time which only made me very anxious, sleepless, and develop careless eating habits to cope with the stress. With the Full-Spectrum CBD oil, these problems were long gone 10 minutes after taking it. I felt my whole body relax as soon as it hit and my head was clear. I was able to make the most critical decisions to make the project launch move along smoothly.

Without my anxiety in full swing and tired body and mind from sleeplessness, I was able to enjoy the success of my project launch. This would not have been possible had I not taken a chance on trying the Full-spectrum CBD oil.

Full-Spectrum Pet CBD Oil, High-Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml)

Having dogs is like having extra family members. As part of the family, we should always keep their best interests and their optimal health in both heart and mind. That said, my two dogs have looked glum. Something was wrong which only pushed me to take them to the veterinary. One of my dogs responded well to the medication, but one didn’t. I assumed that maybe my dog was feeling my stress so whenever I approached Charlie, I tried to be as relaxed as I could.

At the back of my head, however, was a question: Would CBD oil be safe for pets, too? I asked my dog’s veterinarian and to my relief, she mentioned that it was safe but only at certain dosages and amounts. When I heard this, my heart did a little leap of joy and I knew just where to purchase the CBD oil for Charlie.

As this was my second order from this company, I expected to receive the same shipment speed and customer care as I got during my first order. After all, I was a returning customer. Unsurprisingly, I wasn’t let down. Although I ordered the Pet CBD oil this time, the excellence in terms of encasement was the same. The smell was also the same, I did not bother to taste it though. I let my Charlie do the tasting.

It took a while before Charlie actually started taking the oil. I tried my very best to help him take the oil. I couldn’t blame him though, texture was much unexpected and the smell could possibly be throwing him off it as well. What I did was to mix the oil in his food. Without him knowing, he was eating the CBD oil. I was victorious! Poor Charlie, deceived as he was, it was for his health anyway!

Within the next few days, I saw Charlie becoming lively again with Baxter. They were playing and both had their appetites back! My worry for Charlie also disappeared and all it took was the NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD oil and a little bit of deception.

Reasons to buy from NuLeaf Naturals

I am just glad that I bought my first CBD oil from their companybecause of their produce’s efficacy. Even though it was the first CBD oil I tried, I’m pretty much sold. I have made my reviews on CBD oils from other producers but nothing could compare. Putting aside NuLeaf Naturals’ products’ efficacy, here are some of the other reasons why I believe they’re a business worthy of trust.

Customer Service

In my personal opinion, if a company’s customer service is great, you can trust that their company is taking care of them too. I had great experience in terms of customer service of NuLeaf Naturals. They were able to check on my orders when I asked them to. They were able to verify that my payment was received and had enough patience to address all of my questions and requests for updates.

Clean Process

NuLeaf Naturals uses Carbon Dioxide derivation in order to derive only the purest form full-spectrum CBD oil from the whole plant. No heat is applied which helps the product retain its pureness.


All CBD oils from NuLeaf Naturals are sent to laboratories to verify its purity and contents. You can rest assured that every bottle you purchase from NuLeaf will have certificates that are verifiable from the lab that conducted the testing.

Completely Natural and Organic

Hailing from Colorado, the plants used in NuLeaf Naturals cannabidiol oil are all natural and thoroughly organic. The plants are grown without any pesticides and herbicides which thereby ensures that no trace amounts of any elements from these substances will mix with the cannabidiol oil that you purchase.

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Final Word

NuLeaf Naturals makes one of the purest CBD oils in the market. At more than $7 per milligram per bottle, NuLeaf Naturals is probably one of the priciest CBD oils in the market, as well. However, in my opinion, the price tag can be justifiable because the process involved to derive pure CBD oil can get pretty expensive.

Since the product that they sell contains higher levels of the phytonutrient called cannabinoid, this may be for individuals who are using CBD oil as a treatment for some of their ailments, which in my case, was my sleeplessness and anxiety.

I hope you learned more about NuLeaf Naturals. Click through the links for more information on CBD oil, what it is or if you’d want to know dealing with my reviews on CBD oils from other producers.



  1. What i love about the nuleaf company is how targeted their product is. They only sell one product and you’re sure that their efforts in production are just focused on producing just this amazing product. another thing that everyone should take note of when buying cbd oils or other oils for that matter is that they will oxidize when exposed to sunlight. this process will lessen the efficacy of the oil. As such, nuleaf was only right to put their cbd oil in really dark bottles. as a CBD user myself, nuleaf really brings it home for me. high quality, great pricing. nothing can beat that!

  2. Hello! I’m so obsessed with skin care and I’ve read that CBD is also present in skin care products like moisturisers, face oils, etc and I’ve always been curious but too scared to try. Can you do a more in-depth review on skin care products, please. I know you’re a guy who handles this blog, but I was thinking maybe you can have one guest post about a review on CBD moisturisers? I’ve only watched youtube videos of users but, like, I wanna read more about it. Before I even take out my card and start splurging. Love your blog. xo

    • Thanks for the feedback and being a Top Rated user! We will work on doing a post about CBD moisturizers. It seems like you can label most anything as ‘CBD’ right now and make a lot of money from it. Luckily with the company reviewed in this article they are focusing on quality and users love them a lot.

      • You are so right about labeling something with CBD and it will get more attention and more buyers. Just like when youre labeling something as “organic” or “all-natural” but they’re still processed! Anyway, I appreciate your reply! Really cool blog to introduce several of the cbd companies you can trust.

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