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I was ashamed and even found it difficult to believe that there really are people that do not enjoy one of the greatest pleasures of life such as leisurely enjoying a long and relaxing shower. The joy of staying in a calm chrysalis of water to enjoy the satisfaction of a piercing spray for arousing the senses and hot water suspending time while rejuvenating the body is an experience missed by shower haters. People in their rush to get in and out of the shower as quickly as humanly possible was something I was unable to comprehend.

I am one of the individuals who prefer to enjoy my shower without considering it as an unnecessary chore for the mornings and evenings. I was searching for a shower head which could provide the type of spray pattern I wanted while at the same time also making an attempt not to antagonize family members. I was aware my family members may not prefer the spray pattern I considered suitable for myself. I, therefore, decided to shop around in search of shower heads suitable for the entire family.

My search led me to the Delta Faucet Company which I was told was a favorite with consumers specifically for shower products. I gathered information that this company is acknowledged as the producer of top quality shower heads as well as bathroom accessories of other types both for residential and commercial purposes.

Delta’s the leading manufacturer of faucets, shower heads and other bathroom accessories and the excellence of this company has been consistently recognized with numerous industry awards. It was precisely what I wanted because I had no intention of spending money on products that weren’t recognized. I decided I would conduct a search over the Internet to understand the top 5 delta shower heads I could choose for myself and the family. The search I conducted led me to the following models which I consider are the best from Delta.

1. The ActiveTouch Multi-Function Shower Head

This handheld showerhead is an innovative product which is loved for its 8 spray settings. The Venetian Bronze finish gives this shower head a timeless design. The ActiveTouch has a few pros and cons which have been listed below.


  • It features an incredible eight spray options for enjoying a fulfilling shower.
  • It has three spray-selection buttons that allows you to choose from any of the eight spray options.
  • The ability to switch from a concentrated massage spray to a drenching spray with a single click is also available.
  • This amazing product is available in 2 different flow rates. 2.0 GPM or 2.5 GPM.


  • I was disappointed when I realized the product was manufactured in China as I was looking for one made in the USA. However, the quality of the product is guaranteed by numerous users and therefore I considered it as an option.
  • The cost of the shower blew my mind away as it is expensive.

2. In2ition 2 In 1 Dual Shower Head

The Delta in2ition has been featured in several shower head reviews and has impressed a number of users. The option of using it like a shower head or even a hand shower is available with this model. A silver chrome coating makes this shower head at attractive. The in2ition also has a couple of pros and cons which are listed below.


  • It can be used as a showerhead only or both shower and hand shower.
  • Different spray settings are featured such as slow massage, fast massage, full spray with massage, and full body.


  • The hand shower occasionally falls out from the bracket that holds it.

3. Vero Slide Bar Shower Head

I have a modern bathroom and was happy to note this was the best Delta shower head which complimented it. Compared to other top shower heads, this is one of our favorites for price and quality. It has been designed with premium quality material and is equipped with spray option settings which can provide the most refreshing shower experience. I was happy to observe a number of pros which ensured it was the shower head I should be looking forward to having. Let me list the pros and cons for you.


  • Durability is the byword of this hand shower.
  • For user convenience, it features a wall bar with an adjustable slide.
  • It has a metal hose stretching up to 60 to 82 inches.
  • The spray options it has a suitable even for people with disabilities.
  • It is available in different finishes ensuring you can actually choose one which fits the interior of your bathroom perfectly.


  • A few users purchased the product with missing parts.
  • The price is exorbitant.

4. H2okinetic Technology Shower Head

Indulging myself in a shower powered by technology from H2okinetic would have been satisfying as it provides large water droplets without compromising on the water temperature instantly. Among the handheld shower heads from Delta, this can be considered as one of the best. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t list the pros and cons of the product which are mentioned below.


  • A magnetic dock accompanies this shower head.
  • The technology from H2okinetic discharges water in a unique pattern allowing you to save more water.
  • The shower head is compatible with most shower valves.
  • The pause feature can be found on the handheld part and therefore you can easily pause the shower whenever needed.


  • Some users complained that this shower head splashes water everywhere mentioning they didn’t like the water pattern.

5. Dryden Slide Bar Shower Head

The Dryden shower head is among delta’s luxury showerhead models. It has a geometric design which never fails to impress users. Moreover, the style and elegance of this shower head is a perfect match for modern bathrooms of the present-day. It is normal for all products to have some pros and cons and the Dryden shower head is not an exception to this rule. Given below are the pros and cons of the Dryden shower head.


  • Installation of the Dryden shower head is easy as it can also be mounted on the wall.
  • It features a unique function faucet allowing users easy to adjust water volume.
  • It has a full spray pattern.


  • It is more expensive when compared to other brands of this type.

After gathering all the information I needed on shower heads, talking to family members about their preferences for spray patterns it was eventually time for me to conclude which of the five I would select for my bathroom. I had to consider several factors including the sum of money I would be required to spend on the choice I made. I, therefore, decided to look even further and try to find shower heads that did not feature in the top 5 categories but could certainly provide me with the pleasure of enjoying a leisurely shower.

My inquiries led me to shower heads like the Speakman Caspian multi-function handheld shower, the Niagara conservation showerhead, and numerous others. However, I wasn’t willing to compromise on the pleasure I was seeking odd looking forward to giving my family and therefore ultimately decided I wouldn’t be looking at any other brands other than Delta for my place.

I wanted a shower head which would satisfy all my needs not just for the moment but also in the future and after considering the five models I researched I made up my mind to spend some extra dollars and purchase the Vero Slide Bar shower head because it was suitable for my bathroom and could be used even by the elderly in my family. I believe I made the right decision to invest in an expensive shower head despite numerous other cheaper models being available in the market.


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  1. oohh i had just stumbled on this blog of yours when i was googling the brand of the shower head of a hotel i stayed in just recently. I was impressed by how it looked and i just had to google it. according to my research it’s in2ition. It looked a little out of this world which made it look funny and weird.

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