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The 10 Best Crib Mattresses Reviews (2020)

Consumer Guide to ensure Your Baby Gets the Best Sleep

Sleep is a very important body function. As an adult, sleep’s most important function is to help the body restart and somehow, take out the “trash” that our brain made throughout the day. But at the stage of infancy, sleeping is most important in helping baby bodies and brains to develop.

Specifically, sleep aids in the development of the nervous system, helps in mental alertness, and have longer attention spans than babies who lack sleep. The countless number of research on this reveals just how much this should be made a priority.

In one of the research studies, I found out that my baby’s sleep is largely dependent on a lot of external factors from parental behavior to environmental factors among which, is her crib mattress. Often, parents overlook the importance of having a good (if not, great) baby crib mattress.

With careful consideration along with these factors, I chose to buy the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight Crib Mattress (click to view on Amazon). I chose this mattress because of its firmness and density. I personally got the chance to test out the firmness of it at a showroom before going to to purchase it.

To my wife and I, the Naturepedic Mattress hit all of the most important things that my wife and I prioritized. Even though it was a little pricey, it was surely worth the money because it gave my baby (my wife and I, included) the best sleep in such a long time.

Give the Gift of Comfy Sleep: The 10 Top Crib Mattresses

Naturepedic Mattress


Naturepedic – No Compromise, Organic Cotton, Lightweight Crib

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Naturepedic prides itself in their use of organic materials for their mattresses. Naturepedic was founded on the belief that the traditional foams (made from vinyl, PVC, polyurethane) are laced with countless chemicals that the founder believes gives nothing but harmful damage to the users.

This company also believes in the power of nature–that nature is the best provider of bedding materials that will last a lifetime. All of the organic mattresses in the Naturepedic line were crafted with the genius of experts from the different fields of child treatment, chemistry, and product engineering in order to be safer and more comfortable than the rest of the brands. The No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight Crib Mattress is among the mattresses created by Naturepedic that receives the chemical-free treatment. Designed to grow with your infant to their toddler stage, the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight Crib Mattress is sure to last with your baby for years.

My Impression:

My, my! This crib mattress is from another world. I mean that as a good thing. Naturepedic wasn’t joking when they said it’s chemical-free, because it truly is. The one that my wife and I bought was the two-stage dual firmness because we wanted to make sure that this would last for a long time. The two-stage dual firmness meant that one side was for infants and the other for toddlers. We’ve only been using it for a couple of months but it has since changed the way my baby daughter sleeps. Another noticeable change that I observed was that overtime, my baby daughter’s rashes has slowly disappeared and her skin has greatly improved. It might be because of the allergen-free feature that the Naturepedic has. The discovery of this organic bed is one of the greatest things that I have done for my daughter.

What could be better?

I totally would not have any bad thing to say about this mattress except that it felt like it got too warm fast. It was a bit of a concern for my baby but she adjusted fairly well with the heat.

More features

Waterproof cover is coated by polyethylene that’s easy to clean and stain-resistant.


Organic cotton filling with a sturdy polyethylene and patented wavesupport coiling that guarantees firmness to last years as your baby grows.

Allergen-free. Naturepedic guarantees that this product is free from soy or latex, as well as dust mites and bed bugs thanks to the built-in barrier.

Graco Premium Foam Crib


Graco Premium Foam, Water Resistant, Breathable & Toddler Mattress

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Graco has been a leader in the baby-product industry for more than 60 years. They are a household name for products related to caring for your baby from the strollers, to the highchairs, playards, and now they have added baby crib mattress to their product line.
The Graco Premium Foam Crib Toddler Bed Mattress is firm in all senses and free from coil. It’s self-expanding and made with durable foam that will last throughout the years. The Graco Premium Foam Crib Toddler Bed Mattress also has a waterproof lining designed to protect your baby and their bed from any wetness. It’s a premium foam made with quality.

My Impression:

When I hear Graco, I only think of two things: baby products and insurance. It has only been recent that Graco dived into the mattress business, but so far their mattress line is great (I also feature another mattress from Graco in the latter part of this article). This Premium Foam is very firm and is waterproof which is great as it protects the mattress from any diaper leakage. The foam arrived and it was true to its measurements including the foam thickness. Overall, this is a satisfactory buy at the price of less than $100.

What could be better?

This is one of the things you purchase that will make you say “I got what I paid for”. The product description of this mattress on Amazon said that it was lead and phthalate-free, however, it had the smell of chemicals that we had to get rid off prior letting my baby daughter sleep on it. I hope that the makers at Graco would pay attention to the smell of the product. It was a definitely good buy for less than $100.00, but I won’t let my daughter grow into it.

More features

5-inch thick breathable foam

Anti-static and antimicrobial

Has a 6-year limited manufacturer warranty


Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress


Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress With Washable Bamboo Cover

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Milliard first started out in 2009 by selling candies. Over the years they have increased their variety of products from kitchen products to bedroom products for adults and babies alike.

The Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress is among the brand’s best sellers due to its quality and durability. This crib mattress has received positive reviews which makes it a great starting point if you’re looking to use memory foam for your baby’s crib.

My Impression:

I’ve read the reviews, I’ve seen the videos, and Milliard has held up their end of the bargain. The Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress was as firm as they say it was. I took the chance to buy a memory foam even though my first research on whether it was safe to use memory foam as a baby crib mattress came out negative. My wife and I were apprehensive, however, we were satisfied enough to include the Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress in our list of top ten because it was firm for my daughter’s liking and was waterproof.

What could be better?

I wish that Milliard would clarify their tags. They said it was made from bamboo, however, if you checked the tags, it said that it was made out of polyester.

More features

Chemical-free. This Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress is certified by CertiPur-US, a certifying body that guarantees that this foam was made out of materials that were made of high-grade polyurethane.

Bamboo cover is waterproof and completely washable.

Made of firm foam for the base and memory foam for the top layer which makes for a comfortable combination.



Delta Children Twinkle Stars Fiber Core Crib and Toddler Mattress

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Delta Children is an advocate of children’s safety. Since their inception in the late 60s, they have worked closely on making all of their products safe based on research, engineering, and design.

They have listened to their community of consumers and have committed to working with safety organizations such as ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association).

This is to ensure that all of the baby products from their brand are up to the safety standards. Delta Children’s Twinkle Stars Fiber Core Crib and Toddler mattress makes sure that you get two of the most important things when buying a mattress: (1) comfort and (2) value for money. Due to the many certifications from the various testings for this product, you can rest assured that this Fiber Core Crib and Toddler Mattress is safe to use for your most precious little one.

My Impression:

I found it so impressive how Delta Children has achieved certifications from different safety organizations. Reading about these, my wife and I just had to see for ourselves whether Delta Children was true to their promise. Of course, the only person who would know whether or not Delta Children lived to the promise of comfort was my daughter. My daughter was able to sleep through the night with Delta Children for her mattress. It was very light yet very firm.

What could be better?

Again, this is another purchase that did not mention the smell. When I unpacked this, my wife immediately noticed the foam smell. This is probably something that the engineers could look into.

More features

Meets or exceeds the standard for being free from lead, phthalate and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) standard for safety.

Corners are square-cut, guaranteed secure fit to ensure the reduced risk of SID (Sudden Infant Death).

Lightweight but durable



My First Crib Mattress, Memory Foam Crib Mattress – Hypoallergenic

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Another entry from the memory foam category is the My First Crib Mattress Premium Memory Foam by the Kittrich Corporation. The My First Memory Foam is made from high quality memory foam certified by CertuPUR-US. This mattress is made to be very firm with the safety of an infant in the minds of its product engineers.

This memory foam also passed the certification from CPSC or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The features of this memory foam mattress is almost similar to the one that my baby is using which is the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Crib Mattress with the exception of the non-organic materials. Kittrich Corporation ensured the firmness of this crib mattress by using highly dense materials for its foam.

My Impression:

Kittrich Corporation’s My First Crib Mattress Premium Memory Foam is a great find at less than $100! If you’re a parent on a budget, this one is a great purchase. It’s comfortable yet cool at the same time. My baby was able to sleep comfortably in this mattress. Another impressive thing about this is the squared corners which made it fit just right into my baby’s crib.

What could be better?

I read though that the foam loses its density over time, I wish I would be able to check on this for myself. But other than that, I am very satisfied with my first impression of this.

More features

Lightweight so it’s very movable

Sturdy and very dense materials which is perfect for infants


The cover is very soft and feels nice to the skin.


Colgate Eco Classica III Dual firmness Eco-Friendlier


Colgate Eco Classica III Dual firmness Eco-Friendlier, Organic Cotton

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“Handcrafting the World’s Best Crib Mattresses since 1955,” The main tagline of Colgate Crib Mattresses and Pads is a testament to their dedication towards creating the best crib mattresses. Colgate’s Eco Classica III Dual Firmness is the latest from Colgate’s eco-friendly line.

It’s 6 inches in height which guarantees that this mattress will grow as your baby grows. This product from Colgate received certifications from different safety bodies such as JPMA and Greenguard just to name a few. Eco Classica maybe a little pricey, but the company guarantees quality that will last through your children’s early developing years.

My Impression:

It was a strong matchup between Colgate and Naturepedic when I decided which one between the two would be the best for my daughter. Both were hypoallergenic and both were made from organic materials. From my point of view both Colgate and Naturepedic were great buys despite the price. I knew that I was paying for quality that will last through the years. To be honest, choosing between these two was a difficult decision to make so I called in the expert, my daughter. The main deciding factor was that my daughter slept better on the Naturepedic.

What could be better?

I noticed that this mattress’ cover isn’t completely waterproof. Any improvements to that should make this product even better.

More features

No fire retardant chemicals

Lead and phthalate-free

Comfortable cotton cover

Greenguard, Certipur-US, ISPA-certified to be completely safe for your baby



Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed, Proven to Reduce Suffocation Risk & Washable

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Newton Baby Crib Mattress is definitely one of its kind. It doesn’t use the conventional foam nor any coils to support your baby while she’s sleeping, Newton Baby uses the technology of Wovenaire which is totally unique to this company.

Wovenaire technology came from Japan and Newton Baby has intelligently incorporated it into their crib mattresses. Made from food-grade polymer, Newton Baby assures every parent that with their Wovenaire crib mattress worrying about your baby’s sleeping habits will be a thing of the past thanks to the breathability of this technology.

My Impression:

At first look, it looked like it came from a big 3D printer that it’s been played with by a couple of kids. The Wovenaire technology is great for babies who enjoy sleeping face flat on the bed because it allows air to pass through. What’s even more amazing was that the material is waterproof and washable. I loved this feature of the mattress because it made it easier to clean. Another feature that I loved about Newton Baby was that it didn’t have the off-putting smell! Which totally amazed me because it was completely made from food-grade polymer.

What could be better?

If there was one thing that I would probably comment on, it would be the firmness of the foam. I still made the choice to go with Naturepedic because of it’s being eco-friendly in nature and the foam firmness which was missing from the Newton Baby crib mattress. If you’re looking for an organically-made product, Newton Baby might not be for you.

More features

No harmful fire retardants

Mattress is completely washable from the covers to the Wovenaire foam.

Certified by Greenguard Gold




Sealy Soybean Foam-Core -Extra Firm, Durable, Air Quality Certified

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Sealy’s products of mattresses aims to provide its users with the best support during sleep. They have different lines of mattresses from the traditional innerspring foam, memory foams, and hybrid foams. One of their most recent products that received attention for affordability and comfort is the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress.

This mattress is part of their eco-friendly line for replacing the petroleum-based materials in the foams to soybean oil. This soybean foam-core crib mattress is highly dense and sturdy enough to meet your baby’s basic need of comfort and safety.

My Impression:

When I read the word “soybean” on this crib mattress’ product name on Amazon, it immediately sparked my curiosity and my urge to buy it for my daughter as I was under the impression that they used soybean to fill the foam. I was partly right however, reading more into it made me realize that they just replaced the petroleum-based component used to structure their foams. My daughter tried this out and suffice it to say, she was comfortable enough to have minimal waking hours. Despite this, it still didn’t meet the standard that I have for choosing my baby’s crib mattress.

What could be better?

The vinyl cover is one of the things that should be looked into for a little improvement. This vinyl cover is not securely stitched could be easily removed over time.

More features

Fits most US-standard cribs

Guaranteed to be free from chemicals phthalates, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, and other fire retardants.

ASTM passer for the quality of materials and CertiPUR-US passer for its foam.

Square cut corners made to fit most cribs

Easy to clean

Starlight Support Supreme Dual Firmness Crib Mattress


Starlight Support Supreme Dual Firmness Crib Mattress, Spring Protector

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Starlight is another new brand  that truly made itself known for the quality of their products. Starlight also uses memory foam for this crib mattress, that targets to bring comfort to your baby. Like the Newton Baby crib mattress, Starlight is also claiming that their crib mattress is completely breathable.

Considered a freshface in the industry, Starlight is continuously growing and expanding in the baby products industry, continuously creating innovations to cater to a baby’s need from infancy stage to toddler stage as seen in the dual firmness feature on this crib mattress.

My Impression:

When this came in the mail, I was surprised by how well this product was made. Starlight Support Supreme Dual Firmness Crib Mattress was another mattress that my daughter liked. It was firm but just right for her liking. I was happy that this mattress did not have rounded corners which made changing covers very convenient. It’s waterproof, lightweight, and seems durable enough to fulfill its promise of growing with your child.

What could be better?

For something that doesn’t market itself as “organic” this crib mattress is a little pricey sitting at around $300. Sure the benefits are there, but, with the pricetag and the uncertainty of safety in terms of the quality of materials especially after reading about the company’s lawsuit for mislabelling or misbranding, makes me unsettled.

More features

OxyFlow design to ensure breathability


Safe from bed bug and dust mite

6 inches thick mattress with dual firmness feature



Serta iComfort Mirage Firm Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress

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Serta is another world-trusted brand for mattresses. For more than 80 years, Serta has established a name in the mattress industry and has now expanded to provide the same level of comfort to your babies.

The iComfort Mirage Deluxe Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress is an indication of their dedication to bring the comfort that they have always provided to their loyal patrons. The iComfort is also enhanced by soybean in order to achieve the firmness that infants need for their safety

My Impression:

The iComfort Mirage Deluxe Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress is an indication of their dedication to bring the comfort that they have always provided to their loyal patrons. The iComfort is also enhanced by soybean in order to achieve the firmness that infants need for their safety.

What could be better?

I felt that the hose of this vacuum is very short and that makes it very difficult to clean under bed and furniture as one must bend down. I can see that this will be very challenging for old people and as well for people who are tall. Making the hose longer would make the vacuum easier to use for everyone.

More features

Made from EverCool Gfx Memory Foam that helps in regulating the temperature while baby is sleeping.

A water and stain-resistant soft fabric cover

Firm enough to meet the AAP standard for infant mattress

Greenguard Gold and CertiPur-USA certified free from any harmful chemicals such as lead, phthalate, and formaldehyde.[/productbox] [mydivider]

Tips for buying a baby crib mattress



Buying your baby’s crib mattress can be tricky. Anxiety could ensue which is completely understandable especially if you are a first-time parent. And it then becomes even harder if your baby is having trouble sleeping it their crib. But fret not, along with these crib mattress recommendations are some of the reminders of what to look for in your baby’s crib mattress:

Quick Buying Guide: What to look for in a Crib Mattress

Spring foam versus Foam
There’s advantages and disadvantages to each kind. For one, the spring foam can cost  so much more than just the foam but can offer more stability as it has the border/edge support. Deciding which to get between the two will vary depending on your priorities.

Density and Firmness
The denser and the firmer the foam is, the better. As much as possible a crib mattress should not take the shape of the baby while they are sleeping especially around the nose and mouth. When this happens, there is an increased chance in suffocation which could lead to SID or Sudden Infant Death.

With the additional benefit of waterproofing, the foam will have a longer lifespan. This is great especially since a mattress can cost a fortune at times.

Airflow Pockets
Airflow pockets is what allows your baby’s mattress to breathe. If a mattress is labeled as completely waterproof, it would mean that the mattress will not have airflow pockets. Carefully consider which between the two value added benefit is more important for your baby’s needs.

An antimicrobial feature is great because, this also helps slow down the growth of any mold and bacteria that can cause odor. If mold and bacterial growth can be slowed down, the mattress can have a longer shelf life.



  1. I got my daughter her very first mattress, it was firm, and even I would like to get something like that for myself. The downside was it wasn’t waterproof. I didn’t consider that when i was at the store. Didn’t wanna return it to look for a waterproof option so I just got a waterproof covering to compensate. When I tested the firmness of that mattress, I just knew it was the one.

  2. My aunt has a 6-month old. She’s been looking for mattresses, I will shower her your guide. Also, your buying guide is very helpful, I didn’t know that there are antimicrobial options. That’s so great! I think my nephew has a very sensitive skin and i think taking into consideration antimicrobial properties would do him well. Cool blog! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I couldn’t agree more on your buying tips. SID is so unexpected and you just need to remove any risks that could cause it so your baby is always safe. SID is no joke and a very serious matter. Memory foam shouldn’t be considered for babies. It could do well for adults, but never for children.

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