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When you think about elegant, modern, and easy-to-assemble furniture, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Let me guess – it’s IKEA, isn’t it?

The Swedish furniture mogul has come a long way, making some of the most revolutionary ideas and designs and defying the logic of the business world.

Started in 1943 with the idea of providing state-of-the-art furniture which can be easily assembled at home, the company grew significant amount of popularity with each design they put out.

It is believed that 1 in 10 European babies are conceived on an Ikea bed and their most selling product, Billy bookshelf, is sold once in every 10 seconds. Ikea catalogue covers a lot of different types of furniture, starting from beds, sofas, tables, chairs, bathroom furniture…

And the list just goes on. However, it is hard to highlight one single trait that makes Ikea furniture, especially Ikea sofa beds, so popular among the buyers. For those who are seeking comfort and simplicity, these beds are great addition to your living space because they offer you just what you need.

Even if you struggle with square feet, you will find Ikea couch beds very suitable for any type of living space, since they doesn’t require a lot of space once they are folded.

The convenience of having a compact and  bed is among the top rated features of Ikea couch beds but there’s still a lot of other benefits that you might find useful. To help you get to know these amazing Ikea sleeper sofas, we picked our 5 favorite for a detailed analysis. But it’s not an ordinary analysis – we’re going to dig deep in order to find even the most secretive traits of Ikea couch beds, so make sure you stay with us through the end.

Top 10 IKEA Pull-out Couches

Couch Bed Model:


#1 Name: FRIHETEN Standard

Fold-Out Bed/Couch

#2 Name: FRIHETEN Sectional

Fold-Out Bed/Couch

#3 Name: BALKAPR Standard

Fold-Out Bed/Couch

#4 Name: HOLMSUND Standard

Fold-Out Bed/Couch

#5 Name: DJURSBO Sectional

Fold-Out Bed/Couch

#6 Name: IKEA PS LOVAS Standard

Fold-Out Bed/Couch

#7 Name: YPPERLIG 3 Seat

Fold-Out Bed/Couch

#8 Name: SANDBACKEN 3 Seat Sleeper

Fold-Out Bed/Couch

#9 Name:  FLOTTEBO Standard

Fold-Out Bed/Couch

#10 Name:  ERKSA Standard

Fold-Out Bed/Couch


IKEA Couch Bed Reviewed

ikea sofa beds

When reviewing the beds you’re about to read, we follow several important criteria. First and foremost, our focus was on how comfortable they truly are. Since every of the beds is a couch or one you can sleep on – meaning it is primarily intended for sitting and then for sleeping – our number one criteria was comfort, both for sitting and sleeping.

Some beds like Friheten or Holmsund are satisfyingly comfortable, but you’ll have to stick around to read about the uncomfortable ones. The second criteria we followed in our review is do they offer a storage or not. Most of the beds did have a separate storage compartment, which most buyers found appreciative. We also looked at functionality, dimensions, and overall design of the sofas. The final criteria was the price and we tried to relate all the characteristics of the beds with the price and value they offer. Are you excited to find out everything you need to know about Ikea sofa beds? Let’s start!

#1 FRIHETEN Sleeper Sofa

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One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about IKEA is Friheten, a model that strongly relates to the slightly more popular type of couch beds, Ektorp. Most buyers do find similarities in the design but the level of comfort is somewhat different.

Friheten sleeper sofa offers you a decent and firm bottom mattress, which will compliment your spine while sleeping. Some of you might find it too hard for sleeping, especially if your previous mattress was soft.

The secret trait of this particular sofa is its wide storage underneath the mattress. It’s well-designed to keep your pillows, sheets, and even books or stuff you don’t use anymore.

The price is affordable for most buyers and it’s in a good ratio with the quality provided. It’s not too cheap so it’s fair to expect a decent level of quality in both the parts and the material of the sofa. Overall, it’s one of signature pieces of Ikea furniture that offers a good value for the money.

#2 FRIHETEN Sleeper Sectional Sofa

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If you’re looking for a sofa that will offer you more space when opened, this piece from Friheten collection will fulfill your needs. A three seat bed will make your living room look ultra modern when not opened. On the upside, it offers a great quality both for sitting and sleeping due to the fabric and foam used for this particular piece.

This model also has a built-in storage compartment, used for various items that you currently don’t need. This is an important trait for people who has smaller apartments, and who seek any opportunity to grab some extra storage space.

A secret power of this item is a chaise which can be moved to left or right, depending on your needs and wants. With that in mind, you can always make your room look fresh and renovated without even having to invest anything – just switch the position of the chaise and your guests will be amazed with the change.

It’s easily converted to double bed and then again back to sitting sofa. The dimensions of this product ranges between a full and queen bed, so make sure you keep that in mind when buying bedding for it.

The price is in the range with other ikea sofa beds but the quality is not exactly matching the price. Many customers find the poor build quality a major downside to this sofa so you might want to consider some other solution for a better value.

#3 BALKAPR Sleeper Sofa

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This one is a bit different in design than the previous sofas, looking more minimalistic and millennial. Although the flexible back offers different positions in case you want to sit or lie down, there isn’t much other qualities that can compete with other ones we looked over.

The first thing that makes this sleeper sofa unique is the lack of storage space underneath the mattress. That means you can’t rely on that compartment but you definitely can find a great use for it in spaces like home office or even the real office. However, notice that the seats are lower than the regular beds, which makes them a bit challenging to sit properly.

As far as the price goes, this item is currently on sale and is very affordable compared to the other pieces of furniture. This bed will be a great match for people who need some extra seats but who can’t afford expensive stuff.

#4 HOLMSUND Sleeper Sofa

The most praised trait of Holmsund sleeper sofa is definitely a level of comfort it provides to the sleepers. Unlike the previous models, this one is a premium quality both on comfort, design, and extra storage space.

The first great thing about this particular product is the fact that you can adjust both back and bottom of the sofa. The loose cushions that come with the sofa can be angled to fit anyone’s needs and offer a reliable back support. On the other hand, you can easily adapt the depth of the seats, making them feel more comfortable and pleasant, almost like a futon.

When used as a bed, it’s almost as long as a queen bed meaning that you will have enough space whether you sleep alone or with someone. The firm mattress will suit your back and spine, leaving you with no sore muscles in the morning.

As for the price goes, it fits well into the quality/price ratio. Again, Ikea’s furniture is known for average pricing but high quality goods, which is no exception in the case of this bed.

#5 DJURSBO Sleeper Sectional Sofa

A uniquely designed three seater sofa bed that will make your living room look like the high-end place. Djursbo sleeper sectional is similar in shape with Friheten 3 section sofa but it offers far more quality top material and design. Djursbo is made of a type of a material that looks and feels like leather, so it will be a pleasure to clean it.

However, you will need a cover on top of the bed because the leather material is slippery and will make your sheet fall off. There’s enough space for two or even three people to sleep on it, and it’s also a great seater for both adults and the kids.

You will find that the price for this piece of furniture is justified, especially when you take a look at design and material.

Is IKEA the Only Brand You Should Consider?

IKEA sleeper sofas

Ikea is one of the most popular and most important brand on the market but some buyers don’t find their furniture as attractive as they are represented. The main reason why you should also consider some other brands is that Ikea furniture can be expensive and not so easy to put together.

If you don’t want to spend too much money on the hustle, you should probably think about other brands as well. Make sure to check out our best sleeper sofas buyer’s guide for the latest insights on other bed brands in USA.




  1. Lisztomania Reply

    FOr those looking for an honest review of an ikea sleeper sofa, here you go.

    I bought the Friheten corner sofa bed with storage in grey back in 2017 and it still feels as though i had just bought it yesterday.

    This sofa feels luxurious to lounge in and to sleep in. I can say that i love this more than the mattress i got from ikea, if i’m being honest.

    The material is easy to clean and wipe and my cat’s claws hasn’t damaged it yet despite the almost everyday being mistaken for a scratching post. This is what I honestly love about the Friheten, the material because it’s woven. It looks so expensive but honestly it wasn’t. I got it for a discounted price when Ikea had a sale that time on sofa beds. It’s one of the biggest purchases that I made that I did not regret at all.

    Aside from me loving it, the rest of my family does too. My nieces loves jumping and bouncing off this sofa for hours whenever they are at home. It’s pretty sturdy. I use my nieces rowdy plays as a gauge for the products that I buy. Ikea sure has passed their destructive nature. If you think I’m joking, you just haven’t met them.

    Overall i am a very satisfied customer of Ikea with this Friheten. So, if you wanna get an ikea sofa bed, i would recommend that one.

  2. HalfSwedishFish Reply

    so… I saw that you have two reviews of sofa beds, one for lazboy and one for ikea. I would like to get your opinion on which one should i get between the two. They’re both great brands but how do they actually compare to each other? I’m considering either one for an extra sofa bed before thanksgiving comes and would honestly like to hear your opinion. I don’t want to be biased towards ikea! but i know lazboy is like the top dog brand for sofas. What say you?

  3. I AM A HUGE FAN OF IKEA! From their little kitchen aides to their sofas. I love how IKEA has considered everything from the minimalist trend to the lavish ones. There’s something for everyone in ikea. I’m so glad you featured them in your article. I even love the food in Ikea lol! I can attest to your review of their sofas. Before I came across your article, ikea was the one i frequented because i just know that i’ll get something nice from this store. thanks for sharing!

    • OMG girl, me too. I love IKEA. I always go there just to walk through the showrooms and sit on the beds just to check how comfortable they are. But, sometimes, i find that their products are a little bit expensive. Like a duvet cover that I’m expecting to be really soft because it says it is made from cotton, but it’s not as soft as I expect it to be. I get some scratches on my face and I’m pretty sure it’s from that. Even if IKEA is a great brand, you still have to pick which one is affordable.

      • Heck yeah, i’m an Ikea-head too! Sometimes people look at me weird when I say that, but it’s true! Then when they see my apartment, I get tons of compliments!

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