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Review of Secura SWK-1701DBSecura SWK-1701DB Electric Kettle is an amazing product from Secura which aims to give the potential buyers a glimpse of what perfection really is! So, how can you actually utilize an electric kettle? Well, these kettles are here to produce a healthy water which is immediately ready to drink.

To do this, your kettle has a special system that allows for boiling the water, making it purified and healthy. Not every user is able to enjoy the comfort of his home, especially if you are traveling or at work.

That being said, electric kettles are very useful, although we don’t see them that much. In fact, I know just a handful of friends that use this device. Today, we are going to talk about Secura Electric Kettle.

This product is beautiful, sleek and has lots of interesting features that make it an interesting buy. Secura 1.8 Quart Stainless Steel Electric Water Kettle comes at astonishing $30, so I think it’s the right time to review this beauty. Of course, our review is below, so keep reading.

Primary Features:

When it comes to features, Secura made sure that this product is very generous and leaves nothing to be desired. You know that my criteria aren’t that harsh, but it isn’t that mellow either, and I really think this is a good-looking electric kettle to sit in the kitchen. When you first look at it, you’ll see its black, almost shiny color that looks elegant and somehow… gothic?! I’m not sure about gothic, but it looks nice since I simply adore the black color. It simply matches the tone of my voice!

Jokes, and my not-so-funny humor aside, we are dealing with a true stainless steel electric kettle. Oh, yeah! Remember the time where we had plastic parts inside of kettles and when your water often touched these dirty parts? You can forget about it here. The stainless steel will ensure that your kettle is always clean and without any trace of stains. That’s what I really want from my electric kettle.

cool to the touchHave we mentioned the exterior material of this product? Have I really forgotten to say that everything is of stainless steel here? Secura Kettle has stainless steel interior, pot, lid, rim, spout and basically, everything is made of stainless steel.

You can pretty much start licking it like an ice cream and not worry about any kind of dirt. Because of this material, Secura Electric Kettle is quite heavier with around 3 pounds of weight.

However, we have a huge capacity here which comes at 1.7 Liters or 1.8 Quarts. If you ask me, this is a pretty generous capacity since you can boil a minimum of ten coffees or just about eight teas.

The great thing about this kettle is its double-wall interior. This allows the heat to stay inside the kettle and not just evaporate through the material or lid. Naturally, you’ll get a lot more heat in a shorter time, but you’ll also enjoy the hot boiling water for longer.

Speaking of heat, this kettle packs lots of firepower! Sure, you can’t use it as a nuclear warhead, but you can pretty much boil everything you want in it. With its 1500 watts of heating power, you’ll boil your water faster than you sneeze or fart (don’t do that for real). When your water is boiled properly, Secura Kettle takes good care by implementing a shut-off feature, preventing your water to boil dry.

Another amazing feature of Secura Electric Kettle is stainless steel filter. Where I live, we have a very hard water which tends to give me a hard time, especially if I drink it too much. This filter, however, is here to make sure that your water stays clean and easy to drink. You might think that water can’t be delicious, but you are dead wrong! If you try Secura Kettle, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Your water will never be this delicious.

100% stainless steelTo keep things fresh, Secura included a stainless steel spout, ensuring that all of the garbage from the unclear water remains out of our source of life. Although I’m a tech addict, I like my cooking stuff simple and effective.

Secura listened to my prayers and removed the unnecessary hassle when it comes to handling. Instead, we have a single key that opens the lid and all you have to do is pour the water and let it boil.

Finally, I’m confident enough to thank Secura for making this product versatile and manufactured this product in several colors.

Aside from the standard black color, we also have Red, Orange, Dark Purple and White color and they are all as equally as good. The only downside is that you’ll need to pay an additional $9.99 for every color except black. This is a pretty dumb move from Secura since color doesn’t affect overall performance.

Most Important Benefits:

  • Secura Electric Kettle comes with an eye-catching design, being able to fit in your living space as a decor, aside from a small appliance.
  • Its stainless steel design allows for much sturdier and quality design. Also, it’s clean and will have no stains whatsoever.
  • With its capacity of 1.7 Liters/1.8 Quarts, you’ll be able to boil a solid amount of water.
  • Water boiled in this kettle is 100% clean due to the stainless steel filter and stainless steel spout-
  • Secura Kettle comes with 1500 watts of heating power which will boil your water in just a couple of minutes.
  • This product comes in a plethora of colors, giving you a handful of choices to buy.
  • Finally, it’s very simple to use and affordable, costing around $30.00.

Some Drawbacks

  • The stainless steel design is great. However, it produces a little heavier product.
  • Secura didn’t make a great move forcing us to an additional $9.99 for every color except black.


So What’s The Bottom Line?

Secura Electric Kettle VerdictIf you’ve read our review until this very moment, you are pretty much on your way to buy the product or you didn’t even bother reading our verdict. One is sure, though, and it’s the quality and reliability of this product. Secura Electric Kettle is probably the best electric kettle I’ve ever used.

Its stainless steel design is awesome for keeping it clean, as well as maintaining the temperature of your water. Furthermore, the product comes in a variety of colors, making it a bit more versatile.

To put things into perspective, I would gladly pay $30.00 for this product. It’s very well worth your money, and from what I’ve heard, the real price is almost double the higher!

Feel free to grab your Secura Kettle now and enjoy your freshly boiled water. If you want to read more about best electric tea kettles, you can continue browsing your website. Until then, stay healthy and hydrated!


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  1. a $30 kettle??? That’s quite crazy. would buy it if it had gold in it. lol. i just have the generic kettle at home that i put on the burner because it’s easier to clean and transport. Secura already looks hefty even without water. can you imagine that kettle filled with water and carrying it? Not suitable for a senior citizen like me! more kettle recommendations please.

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