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Bringing home a pet is almost like bring home your very own baby. And like an infant, they will need to properly care for them. Caring for them includes providing them a home where they can be safe. Creating a house that’s suitable for having a pet isn’t one way. You’ll also need to look out for what’s inside your home because fitting it out with home accessories to make it livable takes an awful lot of money too.

To ensure that your pets are safe at home and that your home is also safe from your pets, we’re sharing with you the best practices to help it become pet-friendlier.

Do away with mirrors, glassware, or anything fragile that’s within the animal’s reach.

Our first best practice tip is ensuring that your mirrors or anything that’s fragile and keeping them away from their reach. In doing so, you’re helping your pets become safe in your home environment. No unnecessary wounds or broken precious chinaware.

Secure their play area with fences.

A fence could help your vulnerable areas at home be guarded from your pets without them losing the freedom to move around at home.

If your space allows, create a special area in your home that is only for your pet. For one, you’re giving them enough freedom that keeps the rest of your home secure. Second of all, you can limit the area where your pets will shed fur.

Buy durable furniture. Veer away from leather upholstery.

I’m sure dogs think that sofa with leather upholstery is one huge chew toy just for them or a big scratch post for your kitties. If it is an option, just veer away from leather upholstery if you don’t want to keep on sending it to a furniture repair shop. For the ideal upholstery fabric, ask your local store if they have anything that’s covered with microfiber or faux suede.

Old newspapers are your friend.

Newspapers are a great clean up tool. Newspapers are very usable if you have any kind of pet around. They’re highly absorbent and they’re a great source of plant carbon which can be helpful for your plants and compost!

Always clean the floors.

When we say clean the floors, we don’t just mean keeping it clean from their floor. We mean, keep it clean from everything that your pets could swallow like poison or small toys that can be harmful for their health.

Keep them away from direct heat/sunlight.

Even plants sometimes die from direct sunlight. To help keep your pets always healthy, keep them away from direct heat or sunlight. We’re sure, if your tarantula or your goldfish or your pet snake could talk, they would definitely thank you for it.

Store their food away from their reach.

Keep pets safe from tummy issues, from being overfed, or from simply making a mess of their food if you keep their treats out of their reach.

Treat your pets like you would any baby. Whenever babies or a full-sized adult eats too much, they may get some tummy troubles. This is similar to what happens to your pets. As such, store their food away from their reach.

Always keep your bathroom door closed.

We’ve all seen it in movies, dogs drinking from toilet bowls, cats playing with the toilet bowl water and they walk out of the bathroom like it’s nothing! To prevent any further mess, always keep your bathroom door closed.

Organize your wiring.

Disorganized wiring can be problematic if you have dogs or cats. They run around, that’s what they do. They will try to reach anything that’s dangling and play with it, because they just want to. Organizing your wires will help prevent any of your pets from accidentally tripping or accidentally pulling the appliances or worse, getting electrocuted.

Make sure they cannot reach the garbage.

Your home waste contain food items that are very interesting to your pets. If they sniff it and they think it’s yummy, get ready for a treasure-digging dog or cat.

Store any chewable items away from sight!

Like we said, dogs are very much like babies. If its within their reach, they’ll probably try and chew it. Help ensure their safety by storing any chew-able items away from their reach. You can always put some toys on the floor so their attention can stay focused on the toys instead.

Anything but carpeted flooring.

If you have pets around, carpeted flooring will be a challenge to clean. If you wanna save yourself from the headache of regular vacuuming, you may stick to stone flooring, wooden, or even laminated flooring.

Carpeted flooring and pets just don’t mix very well. Clean up is definitely a challenge you’ll have to take on if you have carpeted flooring and pets. If you can, have anything but carpeted flooring just so it’s easier for you to clean any mess made by the pet.

Have a crumb catch right under their food bowl/litter boxes.

Whether they’re drinking water or chewing on kibbles, your pets will have crumbs all over the area where they eat their food. For easier clean up, we highly recommend having a crumb catch right under their food bowl.

If you have kitty cats living inside your home, a crumb catch right under their litter box is very helpful in cleaning up as well.

Be aware of harmful plants.

Not all plants can be friends with your pets. Some of these plants are actually very harmful. When you’re bringing home any pet, be sure that your surroundings are free from any of the following types of plants:

  • Lily
  • Tulips and Hyacinths
  • Azalea
  • Daffodil
  • Oleander
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Dumb cane
  • Persian Violet
  • Cycad
  • Chandelier Plant (Kalanchoe)

Keep your environment clean.

Our last but certainly not the least best practice tip is to just keep your environment clean. Pets are messy… and they will be messy. To help keep them safe always, having a clean environment can certainly do the trick. Not only will it help keep your house looking fresh, but also ensuring the safety of your beloved fur-babies.

In Conclusion

Bringing home a pet, whether they’re it’s a pup, a cat, a spider, or a fish, will be a huge responsibility. Aside from keeping their body healthy and nourished, they should be living in a place where they can sleep comfortably and virtually away from any kind of harm. This guide is only a brief, but we can definitely assure you that they’re the most essential ones you’ll ever find in the world of the Interweb.

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  1. I’m so happy i got to your post! I’ve done most of these things, except for the plants. I keep several plants here inside my room and I’m about to get a kitty from the shelter. Your post is very insightful and well thought of! I have been lurking around your site and this is one of my favorite posts… well, i guess, it is so because i have some sort of need and I can relate to this post very well.

  2. What worked for our family is giving my pets a designated space in the house. That way, our pets can be inside the house without me having to worry about them chewing on anything toxic, etc! Oh ya, the treats must always be kept far from their play area! Great job on the list. Pretty sure it has helped a lot of new furparents!

  3. What worked for our family is giving my pets a designated space in the house. That way, our pets can be inside the house without me having to worry about them chewing on anything toxic, etc! Oh ya, the treats must always be kept far from their play area! Great job on the list. Pretty sure it has helped a lot of new furparents!

  4. Cyrille Mondragon Reply

    I learned the hard way of hiding their food really well. I think that one of the things you should definitely keep away from their reach is their food. Otherwise they’d cause ruckus! Of course you can always train them but cats and dogs and even birds can be very naughty at times! That’s why, I keep a child safe lock even for their food so they dont figure it out!

  5. vickymendoza Reply

    I’m quite a veteran pet owner. I’ve had dogs since I was little and one of the things that I really learned was getting rid of potentially poisonous plants. They love chewing and of course, it won’t be helped that they can be reckless at times… Especially puppies! and so, we got rid of these plants that we had identified to be potentially dangerous to keep them safe.

  6. Anna Nicola Reply

    I’m sorry internet, I’ve never had a cat of my own. I’ve always had them around the house because they always seem to love hanging out but my parents always refused to let any one in… My parents are both allergic to fur. Thank god I didn’t develop the said allergies. Don’t get me wrong they both love animals but their allergies get in the way. Now that I live on my own, I’ve adopted a cat from the shelter. It’s still a kitten so it’s all good. Of course I don’t leave anything on my counter, I’ve seen them recklessly push things over the counter on youtube! It’s always funny, but when it happens to you… EEK! So anyway, I love your article I certainly followed it before I brought Kitty home. that’s her name!

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