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Full GuitarTricks Online Guitar Lessons Review:

guitar tricks review
The BEST Online Guitar Lesson program to date.

GuitarTricks is the oldest video guitar lessons website that emerged in 1998. Back then, GuitarTricks was just another website made by Jon Boderick. Who would have thought that this website would turn out to be one of the most successful guitar lesson site online?

Ever since its inception, it has evolved into something where you can learn basic guitar skills and master techniques like your great idols, like the great Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Steve Vai, among many others! 

With over 11,000 video guitar lessons available on the GuitarTricks roster, you’re guaranteed to learn how to play every music genre. Whether your favorite genre is country or rock or heavy metal tunes, GuitarTricks will have something for everyone who is willing to learn and improve their craft.

But, how does GuitarTricks actually fare for both beginners and advanced guitar players? Well, we can confidently say that it fares excellently whatever level you are in. 

Aside from the simple lessons for beginners, you can also find extremely advanced guitar lessons on GuitarTricks which will only improve your current guitar skills. 

If there was really one thing to consider as the best thing about GuitarTricks is how the lessons and modules are organized.

Since they have thousands of these videos, GuitarTricks has organized these lessons into six different categories:

  • Absolute beginner
  • Beginner
  • Easy
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Extreme

If you’re going to start out as an absolute beginner and progress your way to the extreme level, you will find that the lessons will begin from a few riffs to the more complicated chords.

Take note, the new video lessons uploaded almost everyday had all been shot in HD quality. Not only are they full of tips and tricks, the videos are very enjoyable to watch as well.

Lastly, learning how to play a guitar through GuitarTricks is not limited to just following videos. Paid subscribers are given the ability to download chord charts and tabs in PDF format for easy printing. With this option available, you can continue learning how to play your favorite song without having to depend on the videos from your device. Some good old paper can most certainly do just the trick.

From here on out, we only have praises for GuitarTricks. GuitarTricks never really struck a bad note with its features. So, let’s continue our GuitarTricks review by going deeper into its highlights and benefits.

Primary Features of GuitarTricks On-line Guitar Lessons

Choose From a Huge Selection of Music Genres

With GuitarTricks, you can learn how to play any music genre that utilizes a guitar. For example, you can start by learning some Blues and Country and then move on to the more advanced music genres such as rock and metal. It’s amazing to see that these lessons cover all of this thoroughly.

GuitarTricks EXCLUSIVE: Core Learning System

For an absolute beginner, there is no better way of learning guitar than the Core Learning System from GuitarTricks. So, what is this feature?

The Core Learning System is a learning structure specifically designed by GuitarTricks which covers the most basic of learning how to play the guitar.

For this module alone, there are more than 1,500 lessons that will take you on a voyage that takes off from the most basic lessons and capping off with the more complicated lessons. 

It is highly recommended that as a beginner learning through GuitarTricks that you start off your journey with the Core Learning System module. This is certainly the best place to get the most basic guitar lessons on the internet and it is only available on GuitarTricks.

Over 11,000 Video Guitar Lessons to Learn From

I think we mentioned this one, but why not do it again? Since 1998, GuitarTricks worked hard on bringing us second-to-none guitar lessons, as well as in-depth tips and tricks. Now, we have over 11,000 lessons that will help you introduce yourself to a guitar and start playing.

On top of that, these lessons will help even the most advanced player to become virtuoso at guitar playing. If you subscribe to GuitarTricks, you’ll get an access to all of these lessons, where the free account will let you use only 24 of them. GuitarTricks offers a huge discount now, so you might as well check it out.

Accessible Online Guitar Tuner and Metronome

Tuning your guitar is crucial and it’s something that you’ll have to do often. The more you practice playing the guitar, the more you’ll get the hang of hearing whether your guitar is out of tune. 

You can use several methods to tune your guitar, but thankfully, GuitarTricks has an online guitar tuner available on their website. But, to use this you must have a microphone on your computer or laptop.

Another tool which you can access from GuitarTricks is a metronome.

A metronome is a device that makes a hearable clicking sound on a regular speed depending on the level of tempo that you set it to. This audible interval of sound lets you know just how fast you should be strumming so you don’t go out of tempo.

Huge props to GuitarTricks for having an online tuner and a metronome on their website for their subscribers.

Downloadable Video Lessons

If you have a subscription on GuitarTricks, you can download ANY of the 11,000 plus video lesson to your PC. Isn’t it amazing? This means that you don’t need to be online 24/7 in order to learn how to play the guitar. 

To do this, you’ll see a Download button next to each video lesson. The video lessons are downloaded to your computer in FLV format that is usable immediately.

Imagine the convenience of having downloaded video lessons. This is great if you’re going on a trip, but would still want to keep on learning your module. Simply download the videos you need, transfer them to your USB drive or smartphone, and you’re ready to go!

Downloadable Chords and Tabs Sheet

Video lessons aren’t your only offline resource for learning the guitar with GuitarTricks. As a subscriber, you can also download chords and tabs.

If you have a basic knowledge of reading chords and tabs, then you will have a wider source of learning resources with GuitarTricks with the downloadable chords and tabs. But, if you’re still not confident with your chord and tab reading skill, you can always just rely on your downloaded videos for now.

Introductory Offer: 2-weeks FREE!

If you’re a new learner and would just like to see how a paid GuitarTricks subscription works and know what makes GuitarTricks stand out, we have great news for you! GuitarTricks offers a 14-day free trial as an introductory offer for all their new users.

Should you find yourself satisfied by their features and benefits after this two-week free trial, you can start subscribing to GuitarTricks for only $19.95 per month instead of their usual $29.95. This is a $120.00 in savings for any of their annual subscribers.

Benefits of Subscribing to GuitarTricks:

  • The WIDEST selection of learning resources with over 11,000 videos to learn from and more added almost every day.
  • Unlimited and FULL ACCESS to online tutorials.
  • Accessible online guitar tuner and metronome.
  • For the best tips and tricks, you can have access to a HUGE library of technique reference.
  • A large number of inspiration through the GuitarTricks’ professional guitar players faculty and artists.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Progressive learning modules from the most basic to the extreme guitar professional players.
  • Downloadable videos, chords, and tabs.
  • Affordable pricing, especially for the one-year plan.

That ONE Drawback

GuitarTricks is your best bet in learning progressive guitar tricks. Having all of these features with the main drawback being reported that some of the older videos were produced in lower quality, with the sound and lighting quality being really bad.

Despite being so, I guess you can say that GuitarTricks makes up for this drawback by adding more videos and constantly improving their technique reference library.

Isn’t this the most important after all, constant improvement and growth?

The Verdict on GuitarTricks

It’s not impossible to learn something new from GuitarTricks considering that their video lesson and technique reference library is always packed and growing every day!

So, if you’re really passionate about learning how to play a guitar or would just like to keep on improving on your technique, you will definitely take advantage of all the benefits and features of being a subscriber of GuitarTricks.

With tons of videos at your disposal, weekly updates, downloadable lessons, and affordable pricing, I doubt any website could achieve this level of greatness. At the end of the day, we can honestly say that GuitarTricks is probably the best way to learn how to play a guitar. For just $19.95 a month, you will have a chance to see yourself progress with your guitar playing skills.

Don’t be afraid of learning something new, especially if you want to learn how to play a guitar this 2019 because GuitarTricks will always have your back. 

So, go and get your guitar and start playing some catching riffs because music is a blessing and always remember that GuitarTricks is here to help you learn and constantly improve to become the true guitar virtuoso that you truly are.


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  1. Julian Castro Reply

    being a retiree sure is fun. My wife and i were in a band a long time ago and sadly we havent played guitar for 20 years. now that we’re both retired gotta keep the mind sharp, we decided to try guitar playing again. it’s fun to reminisce and know the chords. arthritis getting in the way of the strumming but eventually over time my hands have cooperated. what i love about this online guitar tutorial is how easy it is to follow sure theres a bunch of old videos but theres a lot more newer ones. i can’t help but remember how fun it was to play with my wife in school concerts and little gig. sure did make us feel young playin the guitar again. in fact, we have serenaded each other recently as a “recital” performance. my heart has never felt fuller. being able to serenade my wife again after all these years. priceless. credit due to guitartricks. who knew this old dog could still learn tricks!

  2. Tweetybird Reply

    Love love LOVE guitar tricks! Theyve got a lot of guitar tricks that won’t trick your budget. I woudl say this is very affordable and I can study on my own. I’ll be performing at our company’s christmas party and I’m very proud to say that I learned how to strum and do the chords CONFIDENTLY! I’m very excited to show off my newly found hobby. And i’m excited to win the talent show. thanks guitar tricks!

  3. i signed up for the two weeks free trial. Like you said in the beginning of your blog. I think i’m getting the hang of it. Of course I had to double check what you claim as drawback. For me, it wasn’t so much of an issue with the older lessons being produced in low quality in both visual and audio quality. I think they’re all passable. What’s the best thing about guitar Tricks is how it lets you play your most favorite song! I think that’s a really great way to maximise these online guitar courses… to learn how to play your favorite songs… honestly if there’s only one song i can play with my guitar, i hope it’s my favorite song. I still have to finish the trial period so I can finally say that I would really sign up for the full package. it’s a great commitment to sign up for the whole package. It’s not that cheap… but it’s still relatively cheaper if I’m going to pay for face to face lessons.

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