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Top 5 Games for Flying RC Planes [A New Guide for Flight Simulators]

computer games for flying radio controlled planesRC airplane games are a special kind of games in which you use your controller to manipulate the aircraft. RC stands for Radio-controlled, meaning that some kind of radio transmitter is needed to fly the aircraft. Flying RC aircraft emerged as a hobby in the early 2000’s, but there are some drawbacks when it comes to real-life RC aircraft flying.

The main concern here is the cost of the equipment and the space to fly your aircraft. You simply can’t use your toy to fly over someone’s house or apartment, right? Now, if you are an RC aircraft enthusiast, there are still some ways to entertain yourself, and that’s RC airplane games.

Remote control plane games come in various shapes and sizes, so you can find those that are just for fun, and the simulation games meant to teach you how to fly a REAL RC plane (we have a special guide for that). These games are available on a plethora of consoles and platforms, meaning that you can download RC plane games for PC, smartphone, tablet or any other console and play them. When it comes to PC system requirements, remote control airplane games will run on a bare-bones PC, so you can still use your potato computer to run these games. Let’s not waste time and cut straight to the point, shall we?

Top 5 Games for flying RC Planes (List Below)

1. Absolute RC Plane Sim

Absolute RC Plane Sim is exactly what it sounds like- an absolute simulation of controlling an RC aircraft. And you know what? This game is very hard, at least for me! When it comes to the core gameplay, you can expect a pretty realistic airplane behavior, meaning that this game is more than just a simple game for fun. Unlike other RC airplane games, Absolute RC Absolute RC Plane Sim

Plane Sim expands further by adding drones, cars, boats, and helicopters. I was constantly finding myself unable to control my airplane, so I often switched to helicopters, as they are much easier to handle. If it weren’t for this feature, I doubt I would have the patience to learn how to fly in this game.

The graphics in this game are relatively good; the environment is colorful, offering a plethora of colors and blue skies to admire. However, I expected the aircraft to look a little bit better and the shadows aren’t exactly the most noticeable.

For controlling the aircraft, there are only two sticks on the sides and they are small enough, so they don’t obscure the screen, which is quite nice. Here comes the worst part- you have to buy a majority of aircraft with the real money. It’s really a shame that you can control only four of them and need to buy like ten or more with your cash. If you don’t want to spend additional cash for in-game purchases, then don’t mess too much with this game. You can learn more about the game here.


  • A wide selection of RC aircraft,
  • Solid graphics,
  • Minimalistic HUD.


  • In-game purchases are inevitable.

2. RC Plane 2

RC Plane 2 is another game for your smartphone and tablet, supporting both Android and iOS devices. Although it’s an older game, RC Plane 2 still does a great job of entertaining the player by teaching him how to fly an RC plane. Due to its RC Plane 2age, the graphics aren’t something to brag about and the physics aren’t really as they can be. As for the controls, RC Plane 2 offers a solid interface, covering the bottom sides of the screen, so you can still see your airplane and the shiny environment around you.

My complaint about this game would be the non-inspired environment. Sure, you have Tuscany and Seaside, but when you look better, these two are almost identical. They could add a rainy forest or an urban playground to experiment with. On the other side, the plane selection is huge and you can find 5 training lessons if you are stuck with the basic or advanced flying elements. I find this game much easier to play and it’s enjoyable, even after playing it for quite some time. You can download the game for iOS here and for Android OS here.


  • Realistic aircraft behavior,
  • Controls are great,
  • The game is aging well.


  • Bland environment,
  • Physics could be better.


3. RC Plane 3

RC Plane 3RC Plane 3 is one of the best remote control airplane games on Steam and iTunes, where you can download RC plane games for your tablet. If you decide to play this game on PC, you can check it here and if you want to fly using your Mac OS tablet, this is the place to download it.

Being a free game, RC Plane 3 offers a beautiful and varied environment to fly across. You’ll be often flying across the airports, mountains, beaches, forests and enjoy the view from above. The basic version of this game is free, and if you want to get a Complete Edition, you’ll need to pay a not-so-small amount of money. Overall, a great game, minus paid Complete Edition.


  • Solid visuals,
  • Varied environment.


  • Complete Edition is quite expensive.


4. Real RC Flight Sim 2016

Real RC Flight Sim 2016Google Play Store is one of the best places to download RC plane games for your phone. In this case, this is Real RC Flight Sim 2016- a game that offers dozens of aircraft and environment for you to enjoy! As a big fan of WWII aircraft, I’m very excited to fly these planes, but also modern Fighter Jets and commercial Jets.

For a free game, Real RC Flight Sim 2016 is saturated with content, whether it’s a wide selection of airplanes or 150 missions that this game offers. I really enjoyed the game’s graphics, but HUD could be a little smaller due to taking almost the half of my phone’s screen. You can download the game here.


  • Tons of RC aircraft to choose from,
  • WWII airplanes are awesome,
  • Missions are interesting and engaging.


  • HUD is overwhelming.

5. Absolute RC Heli Simulator

Absolute RC Heli SimulatorHappy Bytes LLC has been known for some great games, including Absolute RC Heli Simulator. If you grew tired of RC airplanes, now it’s the time to grab your controller and fly some RC helicopters. First of all, it’s important to mention that the game is available for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows.

Isn’t that great? As for the gameplay, it’s very similar to Absolute RC Plane Sim, where you’ll get a minimum HUD with only two sticks for controlling your aircraft. The environment is varied, detailed and offers lots of things to admire. On the other side, the aircraft isn’t that detailed, although we have plenty of them, which is pretty nice. The best thing is that you can get it for slightly more than a pocket change! Check it out here.


  • Beautiful graphics,
  • Helicopters feel and handle great.


  • Compatible with numerous platforms,
  • Cheap.

Conclusion & Bottom Line

If you are reading this, it means that you took your time to read through our article, and I’m very glad you did. As you can see, RC plane games are here to teach us how to fly such aircraft and they require some patience and time to be mastered. My advice for those who want to try some of these games is to never give up.

It might be hard in the beginning, but once you master the basic techniques, everything else just builds upon that base. I’m more than eager to hear your opinion on RC plane games and if you’ve played some of them. Thank you for taking your time to read this article. Have a nice and enjoyable flight. Feel free to check out an excellent resource for real, hardcore flight simulations: This software are meant specifically so you can learn to fly.


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  1. This is a guide I never knew i needed. When I was in Australia, about 8 years old, my uncle had this in his computer. He was a big fan of aviation and I would always try to play it but always gave up because, it was too difficult for me. So I would return to playing minesweeper. Haha A more chill game for me but I think it’s time for me to get into these games again and remember my uncle who passed from cancer. It’s been years now, I know he’s in a better place where there’s countless hours he can play with these rc simulation games.

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