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Phoenix RC V5.5 ReviewRC aircraft is interesting for several reasons. First is that you are in control of your RC plane, the second is that you can customize your plane, and the third is that it’s simply fun to learn about RC aircraft.

However, not everyone has the cash to simply visit the online shop and buy the plane with a single click.

Also, if it’s a beginner who wants to get into RC plane flying, he can learn the basics using a software for this purpose. Today, we are going to talk about Phoenix RC Simulator V5.5, a great software and a video game that’s all about the sweet RC aircraft.

Aside from flying RC planes and helicopters, this game will show you how beautiful a simulation game can be. It’s not just about grabbing your transmitter and fly like a beheaded mosquito, but also enjoy the in-game environment. After all, if you want a highly-realistic and almost real-life RC plane simulation, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s not waste time and jump straight to the Phoenix RC Simulator V5.5 review. It’s time to fly, brothers!

Phoenix RC SimV5.5 Review & Summary:

The whole idea behind this type of game is to introduce the player to the world of RC aircraft and teach them the basics. As such, this game isn’t about any kind of story, drama or violence. Instead, Phoenix RC Simulator V5.5 is about tweaking the environment, weather conditions, RC planes and helicopters in order to fly across the various conditions and environments. When you first open the game, you’ll be greeted with a fairly simple main menu consisting of several options and a great, high-res background.

Before you start your flying, you can choose the environment you want, and I’m pretty happy with the overall choice we got here. Aside from the Airfield, you can also fly across the Flying Field, Countryside Hill, Sports Hall, Sandbar and over 150 other environments. If you want to tweak your RC plane or helicopter, you can do that simply from this menu, as well as set up the weather conditions and time. There are tons RC planes and RC helicopters, so much that the game may feel overwhelming for a beginner.

Phoenix RC Simulator V5.5 Gameplay

When your selection is done, you’ll see that your preferred aircraft is spawned directly on the terrain. This is when all the fun begins! The developers did a quite nice job of optimizing this game and making the controls buttery-smooth. If you have a corresponding transmitter, which IS NOT included in this package, you can pretty much start flying. I’m very sad that this software costs around two hundred bucks without a transmitter… that’s just irrational.

On the brighter side, this game is very fun to play. Once you get your helicopter or plane in the air, you can fly around, do some acrobatics and crash like a WW2 dogfighter hit by a machine gun. And no, there aren’t people in the levels, so you can’t just slap them in the face with your RC plane. Because this is a simulation game, the physics are very important. Luckily, this game is deadly precise and will punish every attempt to break any of Newton’s law. Overall, the game is full of content and features that will make your flying feel professional. I’m quite happy with the physics, graphics and the fun that comes with it.


Phoenix RC Simulator V5.5 FeaturesSo, what is it that makes Phoenix RC Simulator V5.5 special? Well, it’s a plethora of features at player’s disposal. There’s no doubt that this game is made for professional RC plane lovers and I’m very satisfied with the features.

Not only that it’s fun to play, but it serves as a real training for both nice and harsh conditions. Whether it’s a heavy rain, fog, snow or simply a nice sunny day, you’ll learn how to master your flying skills. With that in mind, let’s see what this professional simulator has to offer.

Next-gen Graphics Capabilities- When you play Phoenix RC Simulator V5.5, you’ll feel really immersed and sucked in, due to the high-quality graphics. This game includes various smoke and lighting effects that will make your flight a tad better and prettier. Get ready to experience RC plane flying in its full glory, with all of the modern HDR effects and full support for stereoscopic 3D.

Professional Physics Engine- Straight out of the box, you’ll be amazed at how well this game handles physics. Phoenix’s physics are known for their realism and real-life behavior, giving you an experience of your life. Be careful, though, the game is very addictive!

Online Multiplayer- Multiplayer just made this game a LOT better. Isn’t it cool when you can fly with your friends? Oh, yeah! Phoenix includes one of the best multiplayer modes you can find in this type of game. It’s a must-play for any RC plane lover.

A Huge Number of Environments to Explore- Didn’t you think you were just going to fly on the training grounds? Of course not! You have to experience every single environment in this game to see how awesome it is. Whether it’s a sunset or a rainy day, you’ll enjoy every single adventure in the sky.

Fun Competition Modes- Do you think you’ve mastered your flying skills? You can try some exciting competitions like Streamer Cutting, Lazer Combat and much more, to see if you are better than the other players. This is one of the main highlights of the game!


  • Versatile RC plane simulator. Non-demanding and playable on every Windows PC.
  • Over 150 RC models, ready to fly.
  • The next-gen graphical fidelity is something to admire.
  • Physics are as realistic as they can be; Newton would be proud!
  • The game includes a multiplayer mode, which is a necessary addition.
  • Tweaking the in-game flying and environment options was never this fun.
  • It’s a professional simulator that’ll teach you how to fly REAL RC AIRCRAFT.


  • Price of this software is a bit expensive, considering the transmitter isn’t included.
  • The learning curve is the main problem when it comes to gameplay. You’ll have to learn a lot about this game.
  • The game can be a little glitchy from time to time.



Phoenix RC Simulator V5.5If you were not aware, this software is just one of many you can choose from if you want to learn to fly radio controlled planes on pc’s. Phoenix RC Simulator V5.5 is one of the best simulators you can buy at the moment.

However, the high price ($199) of this game and the fact that it doesn’t come with a transmitter might turn some buyers off.

Furthermore, the corresponding transmitter will cost you around hundred bucks, making it very unaffordable. But, if you want to learn to fly an RC plane like a professional, then go on- this game will show you how it’s done.

Want to learn more about RC planes? You’ve come to the right place. Continue browsing our site to learn more about various RC flight simulators, as we offer a complete buyer’s guide just for you. Until then, see you in the skies!



  1. Terry Korton Reply

    I have a Spectrum DX5e controler will it work with your simulator

    • Top Rated Anything Reply

      Hello, Terry! Glad to see you on our site! We checked the compatibility of the Spektrum DX5e and the Phoenix RC V 5.5 and it won’t be an issue should you use this controler with the simulator. Do come back and let us know when you start to play the Phoenix RC 5.5! Let us know how much you enjoy using the controller with this simulator!

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