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If one thing is certain, it's that there is one thing that everyone should consider buying at some point of their lives. One of the Best Sleeper Sofas mentioned below. But why, you may ask?

If you shop the right way, no-one will even realize that an excellent piece of furniture can also be used as a very comfortable bed at night

In many cases, these 2-in-1 beds can be ideal for guests and even more ideal when you have a smaller living space (such as a studio). The question then becomes, WHICH ONE to buy? As you view below, you are going to find a few detailed sleeper sofa reviews. Afterwards, we will discuss which sleeper sofa mattresses are the best to get to ensure you are resting more comfortably. 

Have a read and enjoy!

Here's the 5 Best Sleeper Sofa Reviews

When you're going in detail for the following sleeper sofas ,you must be mindful to keep an open mind. Each one has advantages as well as disadvantages. Know your own criteria, like size, budget, and how often you'll be looking to use it.

Once you know those parts, you will be able to make a buying decision more confidently. Please have a look at the sleeper sofa reviews below.


The DHP Premium is the #1 best sleeper sofa on our list because of a few reasons key reasons.

It’s affordable, two seater, sleeps one comfortably and is PERFECT for small to medium sized rooms. With that being said, the style was crafted well but appears unassuming from the moment you look at it.

Appearing like any other couch/sofa, It’s not until you sit on it, that makes you’ll feel a surprising amount of comfort. In just about 10-15 seconds, you can unfold it and be faced with a twin-sized spring mattress that is supported roughly 1-1.5 feet above ground.

Though its leather material is not genuine, it provides the quality feel mimicking the real thing. This was done mainly because this material is more durable in the long run for users. It's the BEST SELLER ON AMAZON for a few main reasons. 

Here is the key features that we have loved about it:

Primary Features:

  • Upon folding out, there’s a 72” x 37.5” x 3” spring mattress, it can support an individual who can be rather big (up to 400 lbs). Easily interchangeable, for a foam mattress which is recommended in the long run.
  • Due to the amazing low price, the sofa uses faux leather. Unlike the common problem faux usually has, this one actually feels genuinely real and soft.  
  • For the same price, you have the option of getting either leather or cloth. This all depends on your taste and needs.

  • The entire sofa framework (inside) is made of wood. This results in greater sturdiness.

  • It's extremely easy to assemble, due to clear instructions and needed tools provided. Don't be surprised if from start to finish, it takes less than 45 minutes.


  • Very affordable for anyone looking for a NEW sleeper sofa.
  • It comes with everything you'll need to start sitting and sleeping. Tools, proper instructions, 3" inch mattress.
  • Easily assembles without the need of a second person. Usually, only 30-45 minutes is required.
  • Whether you decide to sit or lay down, it's comfortable!
  • It's nice you can choose between leather and cloth material.


  • This sleeper sofa with a memory foam mattress would be great. But unfortunately it features innerspring.
  • Leather is not genuine. Depends how you look at it (for the price, this should be expected).
  • The sofa is a bit heavy, at 143 lbs (65 kg).


  • When the sleeper mattress is folded out, you can expect it to hold up to 400 lbs before any compromise in structure is reached.
  • The twin mattress is 72” long ,37.5” wide and 3” thick. Although it says twin, you’re looking at a single person sleeping with adequate space.
  • From the tip of the mattress all the way folded out, to the back of the sofa, it’s approximately 85.5” long.
  • From the left arm rest to the right, you’re looking at approximately 58” inches in width. Quite small and like we said, ideal for small places.
  • Entire package weighs around 143 lbs (or 65 kg). This may require 2 people to move from place to place. But no additional help is required to start assembling.

2. Epic Furnishings Brentwood Mission Style 10 - The Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

The Epic Furnishings queen sleeper futon is a one-of-a-kind futon. As soon as you look at it, you know it's not just a futon, but yet, a bed someone can sleep on. 

Unlike with standard couches and sofas where you need to unfold the hidden mattress and legs, Epic Furnishings has made it as simple as unclipping left and right side and letting it fully unfold flat.

Doing so, let us rank it among the most comfortable sleeper sofas you could buy right now. Now, this isn’t something you’d probably see ideal to place in your living room, but instead, a great piece of furniture to place in gaming rooms, kids rooms, guest rooms, offices, and even your bedroom. Based on research here’s what makes this sofa bed so great...

Primary Features:

  • Features a weight limit equivalent to 4-5 adult males.

  • Entire mattress is foldable into two positions. As shown in pictures, both as a relaxing futon or horizontal bed.

  • A variety of 8 different colors of suede to choose from.
  • Features fully washable suede upholstery.
  • Mattress with 350 coils, in addition to a 3” of padding beneath it all.


  • It's surprisingly comfortable to sleep on, considering it's not designed to be a dedicated bed.
  • Even with no cover, suede feels smooth to the touch. In addition the mattress feels relatively soft for long sitting and sleeping.
  • From top to bottom, the entire futon is well built. Metal base to hold mattress and dual wooden arm rests. All work together to give you the sense of stability.
  • It is easy to put together, and not unreasonably heavy (like many others can be). 


  • The price tag may not be suitable for everyone.
  • A handful of users have reported it being a bit difficult to fold the mattress back up-wards, towards a sitting position.


  • 10” inch thick mattress with 3” of additional padding.
  • 350 coils inside innerspring mattress.
  • Side arms are of solid hardwood, mahogany, medium oak, or walnut.
  • Sleeping area fully folded out, 54” wide and 75” long.
  • Total bed weight is around 67 lbs.
  • Available in either Full or Queen sized mattress (which is rolled up and vacuumed).

3. Sierra Sleep by Ashley Furniture - An Excellent Sofa Bed

As you can imagine, the well-known company Ashley Furniture was able to manufacture a well put together sofa bed. After looking at the Sierra Sleep by Ashley Furniture it’s easy to see how unique of a full sized sleeper sofa it truly is.

It demonstrates a sense of class with the basil brown cloth. If that is not the idea set up for you, the option of a denim blue or crimson red are available as well.One standard sized individual can sit comfortably on the Sierra Sleep.

The four plush love-seats you sit on and up against, are a delight for your body, likely to cause absolutely no strain. Lets dive into what really matters such as its key features and exactly how well it does being a sofa and fold-out bed.

Primary Features:

  • The twin sized mattress will fully unfold, giving you and possibly another user, a place to sleep (though comfortably, its great for just one person). 
  • Four love seats are included, with removable cloth cases. From multiple user experiences, they have proven to be VERY comfy to sit on. 
  • Folding-in and unfolding-out is a cinch, requiring just seconds. The mattress, along with metal supports, can fold in and stay hidden.  

  • You're not stuck with one color, in fact, you get 3 to choose from (basic, crimson, and basil). 


  • It’s compact in size. This translates to being Able to fit it in many more places, especially small to medium sized living rooms and offices.

  • The foam cushions are wrapped in thick polyester/nylon upholstery, plush to the touch. This makes for sitting, comfortable. Which is great, because your “bottom” intends for you to relax when it you plop down in a piece of furniture.

  • The innerspring mattress conceals well, leaving you to never even guess that there’s more to this sofa.

  • Lastly is the folding and unfolding of the bed. It may not be such a big deal to some, but for many others, it’s a big deal. Luckily, this twin sized sofa lets you fold and unfold the mattress with little effort. 


  • The biggest weak point of this entire sofa, is the mattress. A bit of a bummer, considering that’s primarily what users buy it for.

    We recommend users upgrade to a similar sized memory-foam mattress. 

  • The price is a bit steep for what it is, although it could be worse. We expected for the price, exceptional comfort. 

It's worth noting that the only drawback to this sleeper sofa is the mattress. By getting a memory foam mattress, this will greatly improve the overall comfort while laying down. 

This is optional, as you can also lay down a layer of blankets and be just fine.


  • Two color variations available, basil and denim.
  • Dimensions are 58” wide, 37.5” long, and 38.5” tall.
  • Total weight, for everything included, is 144 lbs.

4. Signature Design by Ashley Furniture Lottie DuraBlend 

For something that can seat 3-4 adults comfortably, it can nearly do just as much when you fold-out its mattress. The Signature Design by Ashley Lottie DuraBlend intrigued us for a few reasons.

First off, most of us know the Ashley Furniture brand, of course. As a result, you know they’ve been able to produce quality products for a while now. 

This is the kind of sofa you’d put inside your living room for more of an added luxury piece. At first glance, you probably wouldn't assume a single thing. But once you actually fold out the larger queen mattress, you’ll start to think otherwise.

With 3 beautiful colors to choose from, there’s definitely some variety for you, in addition to it being a very comfortable sofa bed.  Let’s dive into the primary features of the Signature Design and what really makes it our #4 pick.

Primary Features:

  • The primary feature of this sleeper sofa, as you’d expect is the fold-out bed. What’s unique about this one, is it fits 2-3 people comfortably when folded out!

  • Before you consider this one there’s three colors to choose from, almond, chocolate, and slate. In addition to colors, you can also choose from twin, full, and queen. 

  • Exterior upholster, is a mixture of vinyl, polyester, and polyurethane. 

  • The bi-fold memory foam mattress is a step forward from traditional innerspring mattresses, something your back will thank you for.


  • Like stated above, full unfolded, sleeps up to 3 comfortably. Folded in however, can seat the same amount… also, comfortably.

  • It looks classy, especially in the Chocolate Brown color (actually to looks good in the other two colors as well, slate and almond).


  • A few customers have stated that, in transit a few parts have managed to come apart. 
  • Build quality could be better, considering the price it is. However, it's a big couch/sofa. So, cheap materials used for its size can sometimes cause this.

Although there have been many sales of this queen sized sleeper sofa, it's by no means perfect. Some customers have reported some damage during shipment, it's best to contact original retailer asap in this kind of case.

With that being said, that portion of people is relatively small

You're getting a queen sized bed with a comfortable living room sofa, all-in-one. And of course, the price point adds a big plus as well.

5. Emily Design Modern Sofa Bed

Making it to the number 5 spot on our list, it's the Emily Design Modern Sofa Bed/Sleeper. If you want a modern design, you can’t go wrong here. 

Although, let's be honest, it’s nothing like a dedicated mattress, especially memory foam. But, it’s a better option in most cases when you put it up against innerspring counterparts.

If you have minimalist in mind, this is the #1 choice of the ones mentioned thus far. Looking at it, it’s basic in design, yet it does two things that we all enjoy: sitting and sleeping.

By design it was created not to be one of the comfortable sofa beds, but instead just be used as one when in absolutely required.

*see chart above for link to source.

Primary Features:

  • First thing noticed about this sleeper sofa set was that it was basic, yet very modern. As many still are looking like they were made in the 90's, this one speaks 10 years into the future. Probably to a younger crowd too.
  • Metal support legs on every end, and faux white leather wrapped all around the cushions.

  • The two piece sofa sets are foldable, allowing you to choose from sitting up-right or, laying flat down.


  • It has a modern look, keeps minimalist, and manages to still.. be two things in one.

  • It's easy to use and setup, assembly is easy, all tools are provided, and its simple design makes it sturdy.

  • Feels high quality, especially for the low price.


  • Color as stated does not match up always, not ivory white but instead a creamy white. 
  • For sensitive backs, it may not be a comfortable sleeper sofa. If however, some blankets are used, long term use will work.

There's a few things to state about this sofa bed kit. First off, it may not be comfortable for some people. As you can probably tell, it folds out for convenience. 

Adding padding when lying down, especially a thin mattress, can help you tolerate sleeping on it long term.

It's not meant to be a long term bed.

Are There Any UPSIDES to Sleeper Sofas?

When you buy anything, you are always asking yourself this question (whether you realize it or not), and the question is "What's the upside of using this?".

There are many small things that are nice to know, but there's 5 KEY BENEFITS of sleeper sofas that you must know before you buy. Click on the the link right above to find out more about them.

Top BRANDS of Sleeper Sofas

When it comes down to buying sleeper sofas from manufacturers, you can be up against all kinds of different criteria to look at. Such as which fabric they are made of, how collapsible is it (difficult or easy), is there anything unique about it, are you getting a good value based on how it feels like to you... so on and so forth.

From various consumer reports, the brands below I mentioned are top notch and provide exceptional quality and price when they sell their furniture. They are known to produce a variety of different styles of sofa beds, from sectional, loveseats, and few others.

#1 IKEA brand

If you have known this brand before, you know they are the kings of creating affordable furniture. They even feed you for free at their warehouse when you visit. Isn't that great? The more interesting thing is, IKEA couch beds are known to be top-notch in quality and most reasonable prices of all other manufacturers (especially for their prices). Not many can brag about that. Of course, you'll have to put together the whole thing yourself. Up for a challenge?

#2 LAZY-BOY brand

The deluxe brand that offers furniture at a discount is the company Lazy-Boy. They were founded in the United States of America, selling a collection of ultra comfortable furniture. When it comes to LAZY-BOY couch beds, they have that covered quite well. Being cozy is what they are all about, and if it's overstuffed... it's from this company.

Here's the 3 Best Sleeper Sofa Mattress Reviews

Now that you saw some awesome sofa sleepers above, it's time to look into some of the comfiest mattresses which come from reputable brands and low cost. Note that we picked no bad units, instead only the highest satisfaction models where each customer wrote on average, an exceptionally good review!

Before you get into it and describe our top 3 most comfortable mattresses, it's recommended you buy and pay online, this way you typically don't get the super high markups that brands can impose on retail stores. Essentially, on places like Amazon, there are bargain prices and even free shipping.

1. Classic Brands 4.5” MFM - Best Sleeper Sofa Mattress for Total Comfort

When it comes down to replacing your old mattress with something newer and better, this is exactly what comes to my mind.

Classic Brands Memory Foam is the ideal mattress for your sofa bed needs.Not exactly for bedroom use but more specifically for a couch that you may have in a living room or guest room.

We all realize that innerspring can be rough on your back. But with the fairly new technology of a foam substance take the shape of your back as you sleep will improve aspects of your sleep from every direction.

Lets cover the main features found with this mattress.

Primary Features:

  • Most standard fold-out sofa bed sizes, will be compatible with this memory foam sleeper mattress. Be mindful this one is 4.5" inches thick, and anything greater could cause headaches… specifically when you fold the your mattress back into the couch or sofa.

  • You get three sizes to choose form, starting with twin, queen, and full. Although there's a $20 price difference between one another, it's best to get the right size the first time around.
  • Being memory foam, it will maintain its original shape and easily fold into most sofa beds. As for you and your guests, a higher level of comfort will be achieved.


  • Reasonable price, something you can expect to use for years to come.
  • It does wonders to anyone who uses it, especially for ones with troubled backs. 
  • Multiple sizes are available, as stated earlier.


  • Could use more density, 4.5" to 6.0" inches would be ideal (without a price change).
  • An odor can be present upon unpacking. Usually air's out, but can be unpleasant to some.

Although it has the memory foam inside (about 2.5” inches worth), keep in mind the other 2” inches is a base foam which acts as a support. 

In a few instances, users who bought this have said there’s not enough padding for them. In fact, they said they could still feel the bars beneath the mattress.

Well, this could be an issue if the individual is rather heavy. However, many others have stated that it is fantastic the way it is.


- 4.5” thick mattress, with 2” memory foam and 2.5” high density base foam.

- Twin, Full and Queen sizes available.
- White in color.

2. Zinus Sleeper Master 5.0" Inch - Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress

Moving on to our next sleeper sofa mattress is the Zinus Sleep Master Cool Gel with Memory Foam. Where do we even begin with this one…

First thing you should know is that it’s slightly cheaper in price than the mattress made by Classic Brands (mentioned earlier). It features a square shaped form from all corners and acts as replacement from innerspring mattresses

There’s not much else to introduce about the Zinus so let's move forward to its primary features and why you may want to consider buying one.

Primary Features:

  • The first feature, is the memory foam integrated right beneath the knitted jacquard cover. There’s around 1” of the magic stuff, primarily used absorb some of the sensitive points of your back (more on this below).

  • From the moment you make the purchase, Zuis provides you with a 5 year limited warranty in the event that the mattress prematurely deteriorates.
  • There is three sizes to choose from: full, twin and queen. 


  • Affordable
  • Features actual memory foam, with adequate additional foam support. 
  • Can be compact. Rolls into a smaller size with ease.


  • There's not enough memory foam thickness at just 1" inches.
  • From three sizes, only two are available.


  • 5.0” thick mattress, with 1” memory foam and 4.0” high density base foam.
  • Twin, Full and Queen sizes available.
  • White in color.

3. Lifetime Sleep Products Memory Mattress -

Lastly, the Lifetime Sleep Products Memory Foam Mattress. You'll find it to be quite similar to our #1 pick, but we will shed some light on how it differs in a few ways.

There’s an identical level of padding inside, both with the memory foam and the base high density foam. The main difference for why the LifeTime has been rated #3 is simply due to its pricing.

For a very similar product to the Classic Brand's, you’re paying a bit more. But please do not worry as it still shows to be cheaper than many others on the market. 

Primary Features:

  • Inside the mattress, you'll find two different layers of foam. Main one being memory at 2" inches thick, and the last one being 2.5" inches for sturdiness and form.

  • Three different sizes to choose from, starting with twin, full, and queen.
  • Ratio of memory and high density foam seems to be just right. Enough to absorb your body, and enough after that to keep you from feeling the bottom.


  • Features actual memory foam, with adequate additional foam support. 
  • Can be compact. Rolls into a smaller size with ease.


  • Price is a bit steep, compared to some similar counterparts.


  • 4.5” thick mattress, with 2” memory foam and 2.5” high density base foam.
  • Twin, Full and Queen sizes available.
  • White in color.

Are There Any UPSIDES to Memory Form?

Some could say that this material is cute, just a white sheet of fluffiness.You can fold it, use it day or night, and it will always retain its original shape. It's just play-dough, which you're able to always get back to the original design or shape. If you want to learn the full memory foam benefits, you can look further into our website.

Reliable Sources to Buy:

online stores with amazing offers

When it comes down to saving the most money when buying, you can check on sites like Craigslist on a daily basis for top rated bargains on second-hand sofa beds.

Sometimes, you’ll have to perform some restoration to the microfiber or leather upholstery of the units, which can cost some money (when done right). 

On the flip side if you'd like to learn more about reliable sources to buy, click here to read our entire article.

And even then, you know in the back of your mind that this unit has been through some use (who knows by who and with home much care). However, no single person like myself and others can offer what giant retail stores and distribution centers can.

Whether you are looking for a kingsize, queensize, twin, full, or a single… brand new and un-used sleepers are available at your request. If you need it to be made out of a specific wood, such as willow, pine, elm, or any other materials which are organic and eco friendly, expect to pay a premium.

Typically, plywood bonded together makes up for most of the ones sold online., is the source we recommend. Their return policy is outstanding and their customer service gets things done!

More About Sleeper Sofa Mattresses

custom designer sofa bed which is highly sleek & strong

The whole point of getting any of the above foam mattresses, is to have them perform a "comfort" therapy on your back. Typically, regular innerspring mattresses are upholstered, weigh a decent amount, consumer typically hate, and overnight sleeps are below average.

To have an awesome experience it's crucial you get the measurements right, all brands would have this information available on their product listings.

When you get your measurements correct, make sure to still use sheets to cover the foam. Dirt can easily get trapped inside, and it's nice to have an extra layer of protection so clean-up is simple. This applies for king, queen, twin, full, and single memory-foam mattresses.

Another added PLUS to using foam over spring, is that they are 100% convertible. This means, you can sometimes roll them a cylinder and store away for later use. The design is simple and straight to the point, sizes are often 4", 3.5", 3", 2.5" as low as 1". If you're a light person, you can get away with a thinner foam mattress. But for heavier people, you'll want to lean towards the large and thick mattresses for full comfort.

Our Final Words on Sleeper Sofas & Mattresses

Hopefully, we have provided enough information on picking the right types of sleeper sofa for you. Yes, there are many to choose from, but the ones featured above are the 5 best sofa beds found while conducting research and digging into user feedback.

When you find the ideal look and price range of a pull-out sofa for you, consider investing some money into a memory foam mattress of good quality. Although there's less of a variety to choose from, the three mentioned above are some of the most popular we've come across. 

Always remember, with any purchase, there is no need to rush into it. Take a good look at user feedback and be sure to trust your intuition. 

A special goodbye from TopRateAnything, we'll be sure to see you in next time.