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The Escort Max 360C Radar Detector – (2020) Full Review

Most contemporary cars have interiors that resemble an isolation chamber blocking out noise from the roads, vibrations and any sensations which could alert you to slow down. This was a problem I also encountered when driving a Toyota Camry and realizing I had to reach out for the brake pedal because I was well ahead of the speed limits posted on the highway. My actions possibly saved me from an expensive speeding ticket.

The incident made me realize I needed to have some mechanism which could prevent expensive speeding tickets when I was least expecting them. I began searching for a speed detector and continued doing so until I came across the Escort Max 360C Radar Detector which had everything I wanted in a single pack. I was surprised it packed a better punch after I completed the purchase and realized I had made a great decision.

Why Was I Impressed By the Max 360C?

The design of the device was contemporary and attractive. It offered accurate and pinpoint detection. The granular settings on the device helped to silence false alerts. Best of all, it offered a performance guarantee stating any tickets within the first year would be paid by the manufacturers. I wasn’t happy with the price of the device or the fact that the Wi-Fi connection didn’t offer much utility. Nevertheless, the purchase left me happy to offer commendations to the manufacturers of this device from Ohio.

Escort has been marketing radar detectors for quite some time and had introduced the Max 360 in 2015 which currently appears outdated.  The Max 360C has been modernized with a premium body which is closer to the Escort IX detector. The device is equipped with a 12V smartcord for charging along with a 2.0 AMP USB charging port. An EZ mag mount is also included in the travel case provided by Escort.

I observed no differences internally in the Max 360C as compared to the Max 360. It has the ability to detect laser and/or K, X, and KA radio bands over a distance of 2500 feet. It has four different modes customized the eliminate false alerts in various driving scenarios which are the highway, auto, auto no X as well as Auto lo K. The autolearn technology from Escort has the ability to recognize false alerts in areas I frequented to lock them out automatically. The OLED display device can shift between the colors red, green, blue and amber.

The C in the Max 360 stands for a connected car which simply means that the device can connect to the Internet by using the 4G LTE Wi-Fi system provided by most modern cars. It can also be tethered to the hotspot function of your smartphone. I was even happier when I discovered the system could also connect to my home Wi-Fi when parked in the garage. Escort is promoting this feature instantly to download firmware updates as well as connect live to crowdsourced alerts from Escort.

What Results Did I Get?

The first thing I noticed when setting off is the highly accurate and speed sensitive cruise alert feature which can mute any other alerts until you reach the driving speeds that are normal. The ability to modify the default setting of 20 miles per hour if the alerts are too frequent in areas where threats are low is another advantage which I found beneficial. The max 360C only alerts me when I am driving that speeds which are over the limits as saved in its database.

I dialed the settings to the auto no X mode on a highway trip to understand that I was rarely getting false alarms. Early detection was observed from the stronger KA-band signals and the arrows pointing to the direction functioned well to give me an accurate pinpoint of the location. The auto mute feature assisted me in silencing the alarm noise after sounding off a couple of times. The mute button on the smartcord was also easy to reach whenever I wanted to silence alerts. The auto-learn a feature of the max 360C learned to recognize false alerts on my local commutes to block them out after passing the location frequently.

Happiness With the Warranty

All radar products from Escort are accompanied by a warranty for any defects in workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Covering the Escort Max 360C was a perk which made me happy because Escort guaranteed payment of any speeding ticket I received in the first year of ownership of the device. Some terms and conditions however applied but the fact that Escort was willing to pay up to $250 of tickets if it could be proven that a radar had pictured me speeding.

Final Thoughts On the Escort Max 360C Detector?

Anybody looking forward to buying the Escort Man 360C can rest assured it is one of the best devices in radar detection technology. It is certainly an expensive device which is worth every penny of the money invested. Speeding tickets can cause more harm than just financial. I could be prevented from using my car. Moreover, with the latest firmware updates I get via Wi-Fi I have access to all the information I need about speed cameras etc. I am sure it will continue to work appropriately for years to come.

I am happy with the investment I made in Escort as a brand because the performance of this device ensures I can stay out of trouble by providing real-time, speedy and accurate information to keep me alert against any hazards which could cause me losses. Do I suggest purchasing it? As a satisfied customer, I certainly do but will leave the decision to your discretion. However, I strongly recommend the Escort Max 360C to anyone who wants to avoid trouble with the traffic department simply because he or she did not watch the speed they were driving at.

A video look at the WIFI on the Escort Max 360C



  1. Whaaaaat. I don’t know why anyone would like to have this installed. Isn’t this illegal? I mean, this is some kind of spy gadget/gizmo what have you! Wouldn’t you be jailed if you get caught using one? And I mean, just why… what is a more practical use for this except when you’re running away from police because you did something bad… It’s just so fishy… Hmm. Can you tell me a more practical use for this? Being able to read this part of your blog is like the dark web all of a sudden! Hahaha! I didn’t know this equipment is available for use for the public. :))

    • I love my 360c!! I also have the laser shifters, which I reccomend. I got a new car that had me up to and beyond the posted speed far before I realized. I like that it shows the speed limit, because often in areas there won’t be a sign for quite some time. It’s a tool to make the driving experience safer and more pleasant.

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