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The Best Vape Pens (2020)

[author]By: DARION ROBINSON[/author]

Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an additive chemical.

Smoking cigarettes has been one of the most controversial issues among many. Thanks to technology, a product was born that is rapidly replacing cigarettes/cigars.

We call this innovation a vaporizer or simply a vape. Many people use vapes because research suggest that vapes are relatively less harmful than cigarette/cigar smoking.

A genuine and acceptable explanation is that vape technology has reduced the chance of taking in any unwanted chemicals that are mixed in a cigarette. The most recent development within vape novelty is the introduction of the vape pen. It is small and light but jam packed with power and flavor!

After much consideration and personal usage of many vapes, I finally chose the VaporFi VAIO GO Vape Starter Kit (check it out here) as the best vape pen for not only myself but anyone that vapes. Most will love its classic design and all of the cool colors that it’s available in. 

The smoke clouds it produces are thick and you can really taste the juice flavor after each hit. Furthermore, the battery life is amazing for those who use a vape for more than eight hours and it has adjustable wattage, so turn it down if it gets to be too much. There are a thousand other reasons I can explain why the VaporFI VAIO GO is my favorite but you’ll just have to see for yourself!

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People now would preferred to buy the vape pen over e-cigarettes or normal cigarettes because it is classier and you can easily fit it in your pocket to use whenever needed. Vape pen technology has also become a successful innovation because it allows users to be creative. You can get one with cool colors and change the flavor when needed, and everyone knows that vape juice can totally change the whole experience of smoking!

I know that buying a new vape pen can be really challenging considering of all the options that are available for you. Nevertheless, it is extremely important that you and I do our research before buying any product to be well informed about our choices.

Considering that everyone does not have the time to browse the internet all day to buy a vape pen, I have made your life easier and have researched extensively to suggest you all the top ten best vape pens that are relatively better than the others accessible out there. Are you ready then to have a look at the top ten best vape pen before you order yours today? Here we go!

VaporFi VAIO GO Vape Starter Kit


VaporFi VAIO GO Vape Starter Kit

Check It Out On

This new product is a remarkable addition to the family of VAIO and is the best in performance available so far with comfortably portable design.

The aesthetic feature is added by the six different beautiful colors that this product is offered in and the body is well divided in two colors by the black mouth piece and the varying color rest of the design. It is well known for the built-in rechargeable battery that is of 2000mAh. There is a tremendous increase in liquid capacity in VaporFi VAIO GO as well because it can now hold up to a 3mL e-Liquid in the current design that can be seen from the transparent window on the side.

My Impression:

I was suggested this vape pen by a friend around three years ago after I was giving up on vapes. To my surprise, this product has been a very successful experience for me and restored my faith in vapes. I love that VaporiFi VAIO GO has the unique feature of changing between mouth to lung and direct to lung options. This helps me smoke the right amount in different parts of my day as I do not want to smoke very heavily early morning. I have also noticed that the tank is of great quality and the battery is long lasting and reliable. I loved this, I am sure you will like it as well.

What could be better?

There is a slight issue that I have faced with this product, and I have not been able to easily place it on any smooth surface like a desk or table. It keeps dropping and can easily break after dropping a few times. I wish this problem could be solved and I would not have any complains at all.

More features

This is the first all in one design of the VAIO family.

The diameter of the product is approximately 22mm.

It has guaranteed low voltage protection feature.

The total battery capacity of the vape pen is 2000mah.

The actual maximum Output Current is as high as 14A and the highest voltage output is 5.5V while the resistance ranges from 0.3- 2.0 Ohms.

The charging job is well done by the micro USB charger.



VaporFi Rebel 3 Vape Kit

Check It Out On

This product is a very tiny device that is an updated form of the Rebel 2. It is made up of stainless steel and can carry 5.8ml of vape juice that is good enough for a day for many users.

The battery is internal and is of 3000mAh with a great battery life for days and to add to this, there is a battery life indicator that is based on intelligent technology to notify the user when the battery needs to be charged. Needless to say, this product is unbelievable easy to use and very handy to carry because of its size. It is specifically very beneficial for people who have a heavy vaping habit. The level of the remaining juice can be seen by the side window and it is the easiest and user-friendly product you can find.

My Impression:

I have used this product for a year and half and I was very impressed by it. The battery life is simply amazing, and I could go for a whole day without worrying about the battery at all. The quality of the steel used is quite fine and the body color does not fade away. It is a product worth spending your money on.

What could be better?

This might be a common problem with many other vape pens, but I had some issues with the heating of the tank at times. This caused in leaking of the coil when it happened and that was annoying. It would be awesome if this issue is investigated to make it a better product.

More features

It is a big-tanked vape pen with a capacity of 5.8 ml.

This product has excellent battery life with a power capacity of 3000mAh.

It comes with Airlow that are totally adjustable.

The output of the battery of the device is around 30-70W.

The charger model it uses is called the BEK-QC-001.

Innokin Endura T20S


Innokin Endura T20S Vape Starter Kit

Check Out The Innokin T20S

For vapers who are into mouth to lung vaping, Innokin Endura T20s Vape Starter kit is the most suitable option. It has been designed with the latest technology accordingly for the purpose. It is a 1-push activation machine that makes it simple and unique.

This product is a continuation of the Endura series which already has made its name in the market. The battery integrated in this vape is of 1500mAh which can keep you going for a long period of time with the powerful and long-lasting battery. Just like other vapes, the charging option is available and is done through the micro USB cable. The tank of this vape pan holds up to 2 ml of vape juice. It has a twist cap that can easily be used to refill. It is a great kit with great quality and reliability.

My Impression:

This was the first vape I had ever tried, and it worked perfectly for me as a beginner. The smoke gave a deep feel and the flavor gave a full taste with every puff. I highly suggest people who are new to vaping to try this amazing product!

What could be better?

The reason I changed this product was that it was very small for a regular and heavy smoker. The tank can only accommodate vape juice that would suffice for a few hours. This is really for light smokers else the tank must be made bigger to count the product useable for everyone.

More features

This is the small and easy vape pen with one button to get working.

It is best for the experience of mouth to lungs vaping.

The twist off cap on the top for refill is a unique addition.

It has a quick charging with micro USB with 5V/1A.

18W is the highest resistance for this device.

Joyetech eGo AIO


Joyetech eGo AIO Starter Kit

Check Out The Joyetech eGo

This device is one of the most versatile and user-friendly vape pen  on the market. And wow, Just look at those color options!

It would not be wrong to call the vape pen an all-in-one formula that has combined a very thoughtful design, fast functioning and most updated innovation. The device has a 1500MAh battery that can easily be charged by the USB cable that comes with it. There is an addition of leak resistant cup in this device and the tank can take up to 2ml of vape juice. There is an indicator that illuminates to change your preferences. This device is simple and small but offers a great punch.

My Impression:

I had one of these in black color and I was quite impressed by the function of this device. The cloud it produces is great while also doing justice to the flavor which gives a full taste. It is really easy to operate when changing coils or while refilling. I would recommend this for people who want something simple in their lives.

What could be better?

The only negative point that I see in this pen is that you have to change the coil very often and it does not last very long. It is not a very difficult process but still requires a lot of energy and time. Solving this issue by making the coil better can really help this product to succeed in the market. Though it may appear like it, it is not made for marijuana or its toxins.

More features

The product is one of its kind to have all-in-one design.a

  • There is a special feature of child lock atomizer cap.
  • The cup is designed to be leak resistant that has added a lot of efficiency to this device.
  • It comes in seven different color indicators thus giving a diverse aesthetic option for customers.
  • The airflow valve is adjustable as well.
  • The diameter of the pen is 19mm and is very easy to handle.


Eleaf iJust 2 Starter Kit

Check Out The Eleaf iJust 2

This vape pen is an amazing combination of a user-friendly product that has been equipped with the most recent modern and new vaping technology that is innovated so far.

The material that is used to make this very efficient device is that of stainless steel and is well powered by the integrated 2600mAh battery present in the device. The tank has a capacity of 5.5 ml and is accompanied by a new introduction of dual coil.

My Impression:

I have been very satisfied with my vaping experience using the Eleaf iJust 2 Starter Kit. It creates great fumes and the dual coil works remarkably fine. I am also a big fan of the design because it is very easy to hold in your hands. In such a low and reasonable price, I do not think you can ask for more. I loved it and I am sure many others will, as well.

What could be better?

I have not seen any manufacture or functioning problems with this pen, but I wish that there were more colors available for this. I have only seen in one color and that I feel boring. If the aesthetics can be made better, I would definitely buy one again.

More features

The device comes with a liquid capacity of 5.5ml and a power capacity of 2600 mAh.

It is unique because of the introduction of the dual coil present in this device.

The device also has a connector that is made of spring.

The structure is made especially feasible for the heat dissipation.

The wick is made up of cotton that is pure organic.

Air 2 Mini Vaporizer


VaporFi Air 2 Mini Vaporizer

Check Out The Air 2 Mini

The VaporFi Air 2 Mini Vaporizer has been an amazing addition to the VaporFi Air collection. It has an experience to offer for vapers of all category: either you are a starter or someone who vapes thirty times an hour.

The tank of the device is designed to be top airflow and provides with a space of 1.4ml for the vape juice. It is very similar to the normal smoking as the technology has been well shaped for mouth-to-long vaping. The amazing feature is that the customers can change between e-liquids and oil simultaneously using Air 2 oil atomizers.

My Impression:

This product has surprised me the most. I was a little suspicious when I was buying this product first considering how thin and small this pen is. I was totally wrong, it has all the power to make vape an amazing experience. I would say that it works best for beginners as it is more delicate and really gives you a different taste than regular smoking. This can really help in switching from smoking to vaping for people who cannot get out of smoking.

What could be better?

The only issue I had with this device is that it started leaking after a while. This is long lasting but if the leaking part is taken care of.

More features

This is relatively small pen with a tank capacity of 1.4 ML.

The capacity of the battery is 350mAh

It gives 15 Watts as output wattage.

The design is innovated to be top airflow.

The filling is done at the top.

With the two versions, it can be used with e-liquids and oil both.

SMOK Stick V8 Big Baby Beast


SMOK Stick V8 Big Baby Beast Starter Kit

Check Out The SMOK Big Baby

This vape is well known for how slim and sleek it is. This gives you all the amazing vaping experience you can expect from a vape pen. The style of the pen is very handy and portable while at the same time, it is highly durable. The power of this pen is of 3000 mAh and it is very efficient

My Impression:

This has been named so perfectly because it is really the best. It is best for people who smoke for flavor and like huge smoke coming out of the mouth. I specifically loved the power that this device has, and I had to never worry about the charge very often. This is just the right choice that you are looking for.

What could be better?

My only complaint is that the device has been designed to be very fragile. The tank is unfortunately made up of glass which is not extremely strong and when one drops this device for a few times, it can definitely break down. Make sure to check out 10 surprising face about vaping before purchasing.

More features

The diameter of the pen is about 24.5mm and its height is 75 mm.

The battery is integrated and is of 3000mAh.

It is a very simple device with operation by pressing a single button.

It is protected for short circuits, low voltage and low resistance.

VAIO GO Bundle


VaporFi VAIO GO Bundle

Check Out The VAIO GO Bundle

The VaporFi VAIO GO Vape Starter is a perfect example of ultra-portable and ultra-stylish vape pen that is available out there. There is a huge diversity in this pen because you can choose from the six different colors with two different options of atomizer resistances. There is even an addition of giving you the option to make your own customized vape juice.

My Impression:

I fall in love with the cloud production of this product as it was totally unbelievable. It is very easy to use and very handy to be carried out as well. The customizing of flavor is definitely a very valuable addition. I would suggest this for both beginners and pro vapers.

What could be better?

I honestly did not find any major issue with this product but at one point I felt that the button on the top can get loose and just takes away the experience for people who look for perfect products.

More features

The diameter of the vape pen is 22mm.

This pen is very compact and ergonomic.

The vape juice capacity in this pen is 3mL.

The indication of the LED lights works according to battery life.

Green shows that there is a 100% battery life.

Yellow indicator shows 50% battery life.

Red indicates 25% battery life and below.



VaporFi Air 2 Multi-Use Mini Vaporizer Bundle

View The Air 2 Mini Bundle

This device has been devised as a close mimicry of the traditional cigarette even in case of the slim and handy design. There is the option of using either oil or e-liquids with this device.

This vape also has the two unique coil options that make it a very useful product. You can expect an amazing vape flavor from this pen with absolute reliability.

My Impression:

I honestly believe that I had a wonderful experience of using this vape pen. It is very efficient device considering that it comes for a very low price. The vapor production is magnificent with a great hit.  The option of oil or e-vapor makes me recommend this vape pen as a must try product.

What could be better?

I felt that the body of the pen heats up at times, but that did not happen on regular basis. It could be because of a heavy use. The temperature control can be made better for heavy users.

More features

The liquid capacity in the tank of this vape pen is 1.4mL Tank.

The capacity of the battery is 350mAh and the output wattage is 15 Watts.

The design of the device is shaped to be top airflow.

It has a protection for over discharge.



Kanger K-Pin Mini All-in-One Vape Kit

View The K-Pin All-in-One

The Kanger K-Pin Mini Starter Kit is one of the best designed vape pen that is quite versatile and powerful, and it suits all levels of vapers.  The battery which is inbuilt in the device is of 1500 mAh and is very powerful.

The starting of vaping is very easy and can be conveniently done with the press of one button. There is a capacity of 2.0 mL for the vape juice in this device and it produces the clouds that you need.

My Impression:

This is not a hot vape and that is what I loved the most. The cloud production is outstanding, and the flavor is equally astounding. This can be easily carried around and I also liked the grip of this device. I would suggest it for beginners.

What could be better?

At times, I felt that the tank is too small. The experience is great, but it empties out very soon, and I wish that the tank was a little bigger.

More features

Including the drip tip, the dimensions for this device are 4-11/16″ x 7/8”.

It is one of the All-in-one design vape pen.

It comes with a complete power outlet.

It can have a minimum resistance of 0.15 ohm.

There are three airflow slots in this device.
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What happens if you vape for a month?


These are the top ten vape pens that I have thoroughly researched on before using and I am suggesting these after using myself. I am sure that this would be helpful for people who want to start vaping or who want to switch vape pens because of dissatisfaction with their current product. Though, it is still very important not to start at all due to the health risks of any type of smoking.

I have made this list to save your time and energy to go into the market or to browse the internet for hours just to find out very complex information. I have made this list very simple and easy to understand for beginners as well by translating the technical terms into simple words. I hope that this is helpful and you all can benefit from this list before you order yours vape pen.



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    i hate seeing my schoolmates smoke these pens. it’s so weird and i’m going to school with one of those kids that got hospitalized for using one. however, i’m very curious. I’m trying my best not to buy one but here i am on an article about the top ten vape pens available. Sorry i’m a hypocrite.

  2. i love the smoke that vape pens make. they’re much more interesting and way more fun. i’m the first one from my friends who got into vaping and now all of us are vaping. i’m working on those tricks from playing with the smoke. I could do it but just way very little. still a work in progress. i think that’s just the fun part of vaping. i still smoke cigarettes. haha for optimal smoke, i find using big baby beast to be the best, but only after you modified the insides. it’s like a car. with modifications, it gets better

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