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The Best Shower Enclosure Kits and Stalls (2020)

best shower enclosure kits

Designing, creating, and setting up your bathroom isn’t by any means easy. Many say that you spend a little time in your bathroom during the day, but we simply can’t express how important your bathroom is.

It’s no lie that we actually spend a lot of time here and since we do this, we want our bathroom to be as beautiful and efficient as it can be.

Today, we are going to talk about various shower enclosure kits as well as stand-up shower ideas for small and big bathrooms that can drastically improve your bathroom’s quality and visual impression.

Did you know that many shower enclosure kits come with some cool features that can greatly enhance your shower time experience? Some of them even include multiple shower heads, fiberglass corner, and even a seat, which can help you rest while you take a shower. Who said that elegance is expensive?

You can now get an affordable, sleek, and elegant shower enclosure kit for the affordable price. If that sounds great to you, let’s check our chart below.

 Narrowed down to TOP 5 Panels (chart)




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DreamLine Cornerview DL-6153-01FR


5 of 5 Stars

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DreamLine Cornerview DL-6150-01


4.8 of 5 Stars

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DreamLine Prime DL-6701-01FR

4.5 of 5 Stars

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VIGO Monteray VG6011CHCL363W

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Ove Decors Breeze-36 ​

4.0 of 5 Stars

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Top 7 Shower Enclosure Kit systems Reviewed

If you take a look at our chart above, you can see the seven best enclosure kits at the moment. Our editors took their time to carefully produce this guide, taking the price, quality, and performance in mind.

As such, these shower stalls will make your bathroom eye-appealing and more beautiful than ever! The best of all is that they come in various shapes and sizes, making them almost ideal for any bathroom size. Don’t be discouraged if you have a small bathroom as we have numerous solutions for you!

#1 DreamLine PrimeDL-6153-01FR


Just imagine a bathroom of your dream. Is there a perfect shower stall kit included?

If so, you can as well take DreamLine’s amazing shower enclosure kit into consideration. As the first product on our list, this is the best enclosure kit on the market, offering some great aesthetics and build quality.

Before we begin to talk more about the features, it’s important to mention the size of this thing. With its 36 inches in depth, 36 inches in width, and 72 inches in height, DL-6153-01FR is more on the bigger side of the spectrum.

While you can feel great and comfortable in this enclosure standing, there isn’t a seat, which is a pity. Other than that, this stand-up solution for your bathroom is one of the best we’ve seen. DreamLine Prime DL-6153-01FR is made of two materials- frosted tempered glass and chrome.

While the tempered glass itself is enough to make this standing shower enclosure good-looking, the chrome adds even more beauty, making it just as beautiful as your first love.

Another great thing about the product is its round design. It isn’t that old-school, boring square design which does very little to be interesting. Instead, DreamLine made sure that this product looks and feels professional due to its rounded design and doors.

Speaking of professionalism, we have a high-quality, rough shower base which does its best of preventing slipping. Finally, DreamLine Prime isn’t that simple to install and requires professional installation if possible.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • DL-6153-01FR looks and feels premium, which is essential for this type of product.
  • With its 36-36-72 inches in size, it will fit in almost every bathroom and it’s a perfect solution for smaller bathrooms.
  • The round design looks quite nice. You can forget about boring, uninspiring design when we talk about this product.
  • The shower base is one of the best we’ve seen. Due to its roughness, you can pretty much forget about slipping.
  • It’s made of frosted tempered glass and chrome; a nice combo for a $1200 shower enclosure kit.


  • This is a stand-up shower enclosure kit, meaning that the seat isn’t included.
  • It could be a little bigger.
  • The installation should be done by professionals, which can drastically increase the price of this already expensive product.[/productbox]

#2 DreamLine CornerviewDL-6150-01


When we said that square shower enclosures are the thing of the past, well… we really thought so. however, if you do it right, this kind of enclosure can be beautiful. Here, we have another product from DreamLine, the Cornerview DL-6150-01 shower kit.

So, what’s so special about this kit? The first special thing about it is its flawless design and size. Speaking of size, we have a standard size of 36 inches in depth and the same amount in width. However, this kit is 4 inches higher than the previous one, making it great for slightly taller users.

Design-wise, it comes with Q-WALL, tiled back walls that look gorgeous. Aside from these two walls, the other two are made of tempered glass, which is thick and sturdy enough. You don’t always need a chrome finish to make things look pretty and that can be seen in this product, despite the chrome being present here and there.

The two walls aren’t the only things made of glass, though. In the corner between the other two walls, we have two shelves for holding your soap, shampoo or any other product that you need. Like the previous product, DL-6150-01 also comes without a seat. However, with its 36 inches in width, it would be questionable if a bigger person could fit in perfectly. If you are okay with it, you’ll be glad to see that there is an amazing shower base that’s comfortable and will not cause any pain in your feet. For a price of around $1200, I would say it’s still a great offer.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • DreamLine Cornerview is a perfect solution for both small and big bathrooms. With its decent size, you’ll be able to enjoy your shower time to its fullest.
  • It’s slightly taller and with its 76 inches, you can enjoy the product even if you are a taller person.
  • Boasting modern and stylish look, this shower enclosure is all you need to make your bathroom shine again.
  • The shower base is pretty quality and with the addition of two tempered-glass shelves, it offers both functionality and reliability.
  • The build quality is very good.


  • Again, DreamLine Cornerview offers no seat whatsoever.
  • With its $1200, you can’t say it’s on the cheaper side of the market.[/productbox]

#3 DreamLine PrimeDL-6701-01FR


It’s pretty clear that DreamLine is one of the best manufacturers of shower enclosure kits, offering great solutions for our bathrooms. There are several reasons why this is one of my favorite kits, especially for the price.

The first reason is that for the price of $750, you get a pretty decent-looking enclosure with the chrome finish and tempered glass. The second one is that it isn’t transparent, like most of the shower enclosures out there. Does that sound great to you? If so, you’ll be glad to read more about DL-6701-01FR.

Unlike the previous two products, this one is made strictly for smaller bathrooms. Boasting 33 inches in depth and 33 inches in width, it’s a perfect solution for bathrooms that aren’t big.  Still, with 72 inches in height, you can have all the comfort you want. It also comes with a rounded design at the front, alongside sliding doors that feel great.

You simply can’t use the swinging doors in a smaller bathroom and DreamLine knows it as well.With its slip-resistant texture, the shower base will let you move freely inside the enclosure, without the fear of slipping or falling.

When it comes to the build quality itself, DreamLine Prime is made of frosted tempered glass and aluminum, coupled with the chrome finish. It’s nice to see a touch of aluminum here and there, especially because it looks and feels good to the touch. Reinforced with fiberglass, this shower enclosure has all the durability you need.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • With its price of $750, this is one of the best products when it comes to the price-to-performance ratio.
  • It’s quite nice to see the combination of tempered glass and aluminum. With the addition of chrome finish, DreamLine Prime looks really good.
  • DreamLine Prime DL-6701-01FR comes in both Clear Glass and Frosted Glass versions, for added variety.
  • The addition of fiberglass adds a new layer of durability.


  • Although it’s tall enough, some sacrifices have been made in width and depth of DreamLine Prime.
  • The shower base is a bit smaller.[/productbox]

#4 VIGO Monteray VG6011CHCL363W


VIGO Monteray is a shower enclosure kit that will probably fit every type of bathroom. The reason for this is the complete glass-based, frameless design. If you’ve never seen such shower enclosure kit, now is the time to introduce yourself to one.

Size-wise, you can expect a standard size of 36 inches, with a slightly bigger height of 79.25 inches. So, if you want to install VIGO Monteray into your bathroom, be sure to have a bathroom that’s tall enough. Aside from the frameless design, we have a nice white shower base that’s here to break the monotony.

You can order the product without the base but doing that would be completely pointless.  Speaking of the base, you can expect a nice, streamlined design, albeit a little slippery. Another important thing to mention is the swinging door. If you have a really small bathroom… well, chances are that you won’t be able to fit it perfectly.

Since this is another type of the shower enclosure kit, we have a few minor changes to the design. The first is clear tempered glass, coupled with a solid brass construction hardware.

Aside from brass, we have some stainless steel parts, just to ensure sturdiness and durability. If you don’t like the chrome finish for some reason, VIGO offers you an option with the brushed nickel, which still offers shininess and eye-catching visuals.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • The frameless design makes VIGO Monteray almost unnoticeable, yet elegant and beautiful companion for your bathroom.
  • VIGO Monteray is pretty tall with its 79.25 inches. Actually, it’s one of the tallest shower enclosures kits we’ve seen.
  • The tempered glass, coupled with brass and stainless steel offer a build quality that’s more than excellent.
  • It comes in two variants; brushed nickel and chrome. It’s always nice to have numerous choices.
  • It’s very easy to install and doesn’t require any professional installation.


  • Due to its swinging doors, you’ll have a hard time installing VIGO Monteray in a very small bathroom.
  • The shower base is a little slippery.[/productbox]

#5 ​Ove DecorsBreeze-36


Have you ever wondered what you can buy for a thousand bucks? If so, you need to check out Ove Decor Breeze shower enclosure. For this price, this is one of the best shower enclosures you can get if you want a great balance between quality and price. So, what can we expect from this product?

Well, a great build quality, an elegant and memorable design. Ove Decors Breeze ditches that square and half-square design in favor of a completely-rounded design.

When you look at it from the front, it looks like a giant water boiler, giving it a futuristic look. For this futuristic look, we can be thankful because of the acrylic base and amazing glass sliding door.

Unlike many shower enclosure kits, this one comes with acrylic walls that you can mount on your pre-existing walls and then mount the kit itself.  This way, you’ll ensure the sturdiness of the enclosure itself. Speaking of sturdiness, the tempered glass is about 6mm thick, so you can expect a solid durability, albeit nothing too special.

Since we haven’t mentioned its height, it’s quite important to give it some props. 76 inches should be enough for the most people and coupled with its round shape, you should have all the freedom and comfort you want. Unfortunately, this is also a stand-up solution, so we don’t have a seat here. That being said, it’s great for a quick shower before or after a long day of work.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • Ove Decors Breeze boasts a completely unique, rounded design that looks nice from every angle.
  • It comes with a pair of acrylic walls that you can use to mount your shower enclosure.
  • The acrylic walls are modular.
  • Its tempered glass comes with 6mm of thickness, giving a healthy amount of sturdiness.
  • Due to its design, there is a lot of space inside.


  • With the price of $1000, it’s still not that affordable for most people.
  • The shower base is sometimes very slippery.
  • The seat isn’t included.[/productbox]

#6 Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05


Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05 is a shower enclosure kit that some of you may find non-fitting. The reason for this is the design that prioritizes using your bathroom corners instead of a flat wall. Another thing that’s important is the angle of your walls since this is enclosure has six sides.

The side that goes on the wall is little narrow but comes with three shelves where you can put on your stuff. The wider side is dedicated to the swinging door, which… well, isn’t the best for the smaller bathrooms. However, there is one thing we must admit.

Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N has a LOT of space in itself.  You can comfortably take a bath with another person and still have enough space to move. It’s insane how good this shower stall is in terms of size. The great thing about this product is its nice look.

I mean, it isn’t just a giant with no soul, but a gentle and nice-looking giant that will give your bathroom a new shine.

Made from tempered safety glass, the shower door is sturdy and gives an impression of great quality. While the door is made of glass, the rest of the shower stall is made of high-impact polystyrene, which is slightly different than anything we’ve got used to. Finally, you’ll be happy to hear that the price isn’t high at all. For $881, you can get a shower stall that is both reliable and beauty. Isn’t it great?

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • Due to the combination of high-quality tempered safety glass and polystyrene, you can expect the best possible build quality.
  • Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N has a lot of space and it’s easily one of the most comfortable shower enclosures I’ve used.
  • If you have the right space, it’s very easy to mount and maintain.
  • The price is more than affordable.


  • With its asymmetrical design, Sterling’s shower enclosure isn’t suitable for some bathrooms.
  • The swinging door isn’t great for small space.[/productbox]

#7 VIGO Verona VG6061BNCL42W


VIGO Verona is another frameless shower stall that will perfectly complement every bathroom. On top of that, it’s slightly wider and has more depth than most of the aforementioned products, boasting 42 inches on both sides.

With 78.75 inches in height, I would say this is a pretty comfortable shower enclosure. If we add a swinging door to the product, it’s pretty clear that this one isn’t made for smaller bathrooms.

On the brighter side, we have a high-quality glass and brushed nickel finish. Sure, you can pick up one with the chrome finish, but this one is fine, too. On the top, we have two hinges that greatly support two side glasses, holding them tightly in one place.  At the bottom, there is a shower base, which apparently, isn’t the best one in terms of roughness.

When we take its price of $850 and the sheer quality of this shower kit, it’s pretty clear that the price is heavily justified. That being said, if you want a product that comes with a great price-to-performance ratio, you can’t go wrong with this one. Just don’t expect it to fit into a smaller bathroom.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • Size-wise, this is a robust shower stall, which is great if you want to feel comfortable while you take a shower.
  • It’s nice to see the brushed nickel finish, but also a chrome finish. VIGO did a great job of making both of these feel very good.
  • The price of $850 is simply a steal deal for this shower enclosure kit.


  • Due to its overwhelming size, users with smaller bathrooms will find it hard to install VIGO Verona.
  • The shower base is somewhat slippery.[/productbox]

What To Look For When Choosing The RIGHT Shower Enclosure Kit?

  • The Build Quality and Aesthetics

These two go together. The build quality is very important when choosing the right shower enclosure kit, but so are aesthetics. You want your product to be made of high-quality tempered glass with the addition of stainless steel. When it comes to the finish, both chrome and brushed nickel are great in terms of aesthetics.

  • Compatibility 

Not every shower enclosure kit is compatible with every bathroom. That’s why we have numerous shapes and sizes of these products. Some may fit your corner perfectly, while some are best for the flat wall. Be sure to think about it when shopping.

  • Size

Size DOES matter. You can’t put a very big shower enclosure in a very small bathroom. The size greatly depends on the design itself, but also on a type of door it has. If you want a shower enclosure with a sliding door, you’ll save some space. Unlike sliding door, the swinging door takes a lot more space in your bathroom. With that in mind, carefully measure your bathroom space as well as the product you’re buying.

  • Standing or Seating Solution?

This is a matter of personal preference. Do you like to have a seat while you shower or perhaps do it standing? Whatever your choice is, you can choose to have either both or just standing solution. The choicee is yours!

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