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best shower wall panels on the market

For many of us, showering is the process we repeat every single day, making your bathroom as equally important as your living room.

It may seem strange, but there are tons of shower panels and they can be quite different from one another. Did you know that the quality of a shower panel system depends greatly on its material and advanced functions? Well, now you know!

Amongst the tons of daily reviews that we have on this website, we decided to prepare a special list of best shower panels for you. If you see the chart below, then you know we have a total of nine shower panels for you but that’s not all, folks!

To make things more comprehensible for you, we will provide you with an in-depth review of every single product, just because we want you to buy only the best products for yourself. Feel free to take a look at our chart.

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Blue Ocean SPA392M


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Decor Star 004-SS


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AKDY AK-78739M

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Perfetto Kitchen and 

Bath SP0057

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AKDY JX-9821

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Top 9 Shower Panel REVIEWS – Consumer Guide (2020)

shower panel reviews

So, is choosing a right shower panel for your bathroom really that complicated? I mean, there are expensive ones and there are cheap ones but you don’t know what to choose, do you?

I know that having a high-end, beautiful, and shiny shower panel on your wall is something to brag about. And guess what… it doesn’t have to be that expensive! The other thing to take into an account is the size and the look of your bathroom. You can’t use every shower panel and expect to match every type of bathroom.

However, if you don’t care about aesthetics, it’s pretty evident that you can. We could talk about this until morning (or evening), so I think it’s best to jump straight into our shower panel reviews.

The first product on our list will be the most recommended one, while the last will be the least recommended, although still a good product. Now that we have all set, scroll down a little bit and introduce yourself to our first product.

#1 Blue Ocean 52” Aluminum SPA392M Panel


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Blue Ocean 52″ Aluminum SPA392M Panel is simply the best shower panel system on our list. When you take a look at it, you’ll realize why!

SPA392M is made of aluminum alloy and it’s pretty robust, with its 52″ in height, 10″ in width and 3.5″ in depth.

Overall, that’s a pretty solid slab of a shower panel that will keep you satisfied for a long time.

The next important feature is 8 adjustable nozzles for water massage. Yeah, you can get a water massage, isn’t it cool?!SPA392M also made sure that you can have an overhead shower, but also grab your handheld shower and do it all by yourself.

What I also like here is the blue-backlit display that shows you the desired temperature of your water, as well as the best temperature for you. Finally, it’s very important to mention that all of these functions work independently, ensuring that the water temperature isn’t fluctuating, along with a steady water pressure that SPA392M provides.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • The design looks and feels premium.
  • It’s pretty heavy and robust, making it feel sturdy and durable.
  • Temperature display does a fine job of making this shower panel easy to control.
  • Includes both overhead shower and a handheld showerhead.
  • 8 adjustable nozzles for water massage are so badass!


  • It’s way too expensive with its price of $229.
  • It can be quite overwhelming in terms of features, for someone who never used this type of shower panel

#2 Decor Star 004-SS 63” Stainless Steel Panel


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Decor Star 004-SS 63″ Stainless Steel Panel is for those who love the shower with jets on the wall.

As its name says, this panel is pretty huge when it comes to height. The 63 inches here will probably be taller than you, and when you mount it on the wall, it will provide enough leverage to make it a great overhead shower solution.

Aside from this, 004-SS has a four-stage shower function that can be set to rainfall, horizontal massage spray, waterfall or simply a hand shower. The design of this product is simply classy and looks really expensive.

Even though we don’t have a temperature display here, I’m pretty happy with a couple of buttons for controlling the temperature and shower functions. Finally, we have a thermostatic valve which gives you a great control over minimizing the chance of scald. 004-SS is definitely one of the best shower panels, but let’s look at its pros and cons.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • 004-SS is tall but doesn’t take too much space since it’s very narrow.
  • All shower functions can be turned on at the same time, thanks to independent valve control.
  • Included both overhead shower and a handheld showerhead.
  • The thermostatic valve is here to reduce scald to a minimum.


  • It’s very pricey, costing around $269.95.

#3 AKDY AK-78739M 52” Tempered Glass/Aluminum Panel


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If AKDY AK-78739M shower panel looks familiar to you, you’ve probably seen or used the first product we’ve mentioned on the list. You’ll agree that they look similar, both in size and shape.

That being said, we are dealing with 52″ bathroom shower wall panels that provide sturdiness and quality. AK-78739M is an aluminum panel that has a thin layer of tempered glass on top of it.

I must say that it looks pretty like your first love. Moving on to the functions, we have a LED temperature indicator that’s bright like a star in the night.

AK-78739M includes 8 adjustable jet nozzles for water massage, meaning that you can use both your overhead shower and a handheld shower head. If that doesn’t make you happy, I think it’s time to mention that you can use all of the functions independently! The best of all is that this product will fit into the majority of bathrooms and it’s a tad cheaper than the previous two we’ve reviewed.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • Both aluminum and tempered glass make this product look nice and sturdy.
  • The bright LED temperature indicator is always a welcome addition.
  • All functions can be turned on independently.
  • You can use 8 adjustable jet nozzles for water massage which is quite nice for the price of $199.


  • It’s similar to SPA392M from Blue Ocean, so we can’t say that the design is authentic.

#4 Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0057 65” Stainless Steel Panel


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Unlike many aluminum shower panels we’ve reviewed, SP0057 comes with a stainless steel design. I must say that this shower panel is beautiful as it’s quality and sturdy. The black color will perfectly complement the darker bathrooms as well as the taller ones, as it’s 65″ tall. Once again, we have a massage feature and one distinct feature; angle adjustable water jets! You can now control the angle of the water jet for increased convenience. Another great thing is that Perfetto didn’t bombard us with tons of buttons, so you can expect easy and smooth handling. As you can use all of the functions simultaneously, SP0057 has nothing to be ashamed of.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • SP0057 is pretty tall and comes with a stainless steel design.
  • Simultaneous use of every function is possible.
  • Easy installation that will take you no more than 20 minutes.
  • Angle adjustable water jet.


  • Due to its black color, it’s limited to darker bathrooms.
  • Its price isn’t quite affordable ($225.99).
  • The simplistic design might be underwhelming for some users.

#5 AKDY JX-9821 65” Stainless Steel Panel


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Once again, we have a shower panel that comes from AKDY and it’s the JX-9821 65″ stainless steel panel. As it’s made of stainless steel, it’s pretty clear that we are dealing with a sturdy and durable shower panel.

Feature-wise, this model comes with a standard set of features, so there’s nothing to brag about. The shower panel comes with rainfall and waterfall shower head, body spray pattern, and a handheld shower head. Furthermore, JX-9821 allows for simultaneous use of every function, which is a pretty standard feature for the price.

The only thing that this model lacks is the proper handheld shower head.  It fails to deliver a solid water jet, offering just a tiny water stream that I didn’t find satisfying. Nonetheless, JX-9821 is a valuable purchase for $199.99.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • Stainless steel makes this shower panel system durable and sturdy.
  • It’s very tall and with its 65 inches, it provides a great leverage for the overhead shower.
  • Includes various shower functions which can be used simultaneously.
  • Affordable price.


  • The handheld showerhead is far from good-performing.
  • Lacks some of the advanced features from more expensive shower panels.

#6 ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Panel PS12-S2


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ELLO&ALLO PS12-S2 Stainless Steel Panel is one of the most impressive shower panel systems we’ve had in a long time. The first thing to mention here is the price of $239.95. And before you say it’s way too expensive, I will tell you that you are wrong! Aside from its great stainless steel design, we have an amazing handheld showerhead and a blue-backlit overhead shower!

On top of that, PS12-S2 offers a temperature display, leaving nothing to be desired. When it comes to massage jets, we have 2 settings, which is enough if you ask me. For controlling the other functions, we have 4 adjustable jets nozzles that can be used for power mist massage aside from their main function.

The only downside is that you can control only 2 shower functions at the same time. Nonetheless, I think that its features and design justify the higher price.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • The LED overhead shower head is something that we rarely see in shower panels.
  • The temperature display gives you a full control over your water temperature.
  • PS12-S2 offers 2 settings for massage jets.
  • It looks and feels premium, especially for the price.


  • You can control only 2 shower functions at the same time.

#7 Decor Star 026-GS-WHT 51” Aluminum/Tempered Glass Panel


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Since we reviewed a lot of stainless steel shower panels, I think it’s time to go with the aluminum one. Decor Star 026-GS-WHT is a tiny, aluminum-based shower panel that has a thin layer of tempered glass for added elegance.

The first thing to mention here is its simplicity. You get 3 stage shower function which includes rainfall, hand shower, and horizontal massage spray. When it comes to the overhead shower head, we have an 8″ stainless steel ultra-thin rainfall head, with 81 nozzles. This will make your water jet feel soothing and comfortable to use at every setting.

The only thing I dislike here is the handheld shower head which again, provides a very weak water jet that simply isn’t my cup of tea. But, for a price of $159.95, you get a pretty nice shower panel.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • It’s one of the best shower panels for the price.
  • The design is compact, sleek, and lightweight.
  • 026-GS-WHT comes in various color variants.
  • Offers 3 stages of shower function.
  • Provides several massage modes, which is amazing for the price given.


  • The handheld showerhead is all but great.
  • We have to pay more for some color variants- such a shame!

#8 Perfetto Kitchen and Bath (SP0061) 35”


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Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0061 shower panel is one of the most affordable panels on our list and it’s a great budget solution for many users. For a price of $99.99, you can get a FANTASTIC shower panel for your bathroom. When it comes to the build quality, we have a stainless steel and tempered glass combined, which is a pretty uncommon combination.

Nevertheless, this panel feels sturdy and durable enough. The main disadvantage of this cheap shower wall panel is the lack of many features. When it comes to water massage, we have 2 water angle adjustable jets that aren’t that strong.  Although the overhead shower head is very good, we have this poor, tiny handheld shower head that I simply despise. But, if you want a cheap shower panel with a great price-to-performance ratio, SP0061 will give you more than that.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • It’s compact and can fit in every bathroom.
  • The design is pretty good, especially for the price.


  • The handheld showerhead is underwhelming.
  • Massage jets are pretty weak.

#9 Giantex BA7018 Massage Panel


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Giantex BA7018 is a shower panel that’s a bit cheaper than the previous entry on our list and offers a pretty similar performance.

Made of aluminum alloy, with copper and chrome finish and plastic handles, this model combines all of the great and not-so-great materials into a single product.

On the brighter side, BA7018 is especially great for water massage! With its big overhead shower head and EIGHT water jets for massage, I’m sure every buyer will enjoy its benefits. It’s not so common to see these features in such a cheap shower panel.

Now, I might sound as if I am not a huge fan of the BA7-18, but I really don’t like the tiny handheld shower head that we have here. It’s underwhelming and surely not powerful enough.

[/productbox][productbox class=”productbox gray”]PROS:

  • It’s one of the best cheap shower wall panels.
  • BA7018 is a great shower panel for massage, offering 8 water jets.
  • The big overhead showerhead is amazing.
  • The assembly is very easy.


  • It lacks a decent handheld showerhead.
  • The plastic parts aren’t sturdy and quality enough.

What To Look For In A Shower Panel

Buying a perfect shower panel system for your bathroom isn’t as simple as it sounds. The best shower panel isn’t always perfect for your bathroom, neither it’s always affordable and cheap. Let’s see what do you need to look out for when buying a shower panel.

  • The Build Quality

The build quality of your shower panel is very important.  You want it to be durable, sturdy, and feel strong to the touch. It’s best to look for aluminum or stainless steel shower panels and evade the plastic ones. This way, you’ll ensure that your panel is long-lasting and premium.

  • Dimensions

When shopping for a shower panel, it’s very important to take the dimensions into an account. You can’t always go with a robust solution if your bathroom isn’t big. Carefully measure your bathroom height and width, just to make sure it fits nicely.

  • Quality Handheld and Overhead Showerhead

As always, it’s important to have a quality and enjoyable experience when taking a shower. Be sure to look for those that offer big overhead and handheld showerheads. These tend to have a solid amount of water pressure, unlike tiny showerheads that give you a very small water jet.

  • The Massage Functionality

For a quality shower panel, the massage functionality is of high importance. Ideally, you want eight water jets for massage with a solid amount of water pressure. Always look for the panels that can utilize every function at the same time.

  • Advanced Features

Advanced features are the least important and they include mostly final touches to the design. To put it simply, we can call a LED display an advanced feature, and that’s something you don’t really need. If you care about advanced features, be prepared to pay a higher price, too!

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