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How to Increase or Adjust Shower Head Pressure

I have had my fair share of days that started off on a pretty bad note all because my shower head was pouring out water way too slow. Having to go through that can be somewhat annoying! It’s a good thing that I learned how to adjust my shower head’s water flow with very simple and easy steps.

Here, I don’t only give you reviews and ratings for different products, but I also aim to give you the best information on living with these products better. In this article, we’ll take a look at some basic reasons why your newly bought shower head has a weak water flow and some basic methods to fix it.

Before we get into fixing what seems to be broken, we’ll first check on your home’s bathroom water flow strength. I’ve done it and I suggest you do it as well.

Three Steps to Check for your Shower head’s Stream Strength:

If you have suspicions that it’s your shower head that has a problem, you can follow this short, three-step inspection. Alternatively, I also have reviewed some great shower heads if you want to simply replace yours. For this, you’ll need a water jug that measures about a liter of water, your phone’s timer, and of course, your shower head.

Step 1: Get a water jug that measures a liter of water and a timer.

Step 2: Run the water on its maximum level.

Step 3: Let the jug be filled with water while running your timer.

According to experts, it should only take about 6 seconds for a jug with a liter of capacity to be filled with water if it has a strong enough water flow. Any value lower than that only means you have an underperforming and weak stream.

If you have just replaced your shower head and replacing it again would certainly not be an option, you can take the methods below to escape the dilemma of having a low-pressure stream.

Why do I have a weak shower head flow and what can I do to increase it?

Clean up hardened water.

Water coming out from taps and shower heads contains different minerals such as salts. Over time, these minerals together with soap muck and other sediments pile up. The only way to get rid of these yucky sediments is to clean it.

Sounds like a chore, right? However, leaving all this bad stuff to pile up in your shower head can give you more headaches, especially when it comes to your shower’s water stream, if not cleaned regularly.

You can clean your shower head by removing it from its installation and letting it soak into vinegar for at least 30 minutes. The vinegar is a powerful acid that can dissolve this kind of muck.

If you’ve done the above for more than the prescribed time, but still getting the same results, then it might be time to purchase a replacement.

Check your Water Pipes.

If you’ve already purchased a new shower head and the water isn’t coming out as strong as you expect it to be, you might need to check if it came with a water regulator or an aerator. Many of the newer models of shower heads have been installed with a water regulator or an aerator for water conservation.

The US government made it mandatory for these bath fixtures to have a water regulator. In this way, water is not wasted. A popular form of this regulator is an aerator.

An aerator is a simple device that helps in creating a steadier and more defined stream. The aerator can also deliver air together with the water which gives a little cooling effect.

Any form of a water regulator will alter your bath system’s water flow. To get around this problem, you can simply remove it. To do so, just open your shower head and look for any small plastic that somehow looks like an obstruction. Grab your pliers and just chuck it out. Another method is to make the hole a little bigger with the use of a drill.

Install a Water Pump System for your Home

Installing a shower pump to your water system is a permanent solution to dealing with the problem of a weak shower stream.

A word of warning: The process may cost you since you will need the services and expertise of a plumber to install this in your water system. Aside from the installation costs, your plumber will also dig through your walling, therefore, tile fixing will also be another layer of costs that you will have to be aware of.

If you decide to go this route, I would suggest getting a Davey Water Products BT20-30T2-USA Home Pressure Booster Pump with Torrium II Controller (click to see on Amazon). The BT20-30T2 Torrium II Controller works quietly in the background and can increase your home’s water pressure to more than 75% of its original psi. The Torrium II Controller is ideal for homes that have weak pressure lines, or for homes that have water that comes from underground.

Checking your water pressure


If you bought a new shower head and you’ve done all of the above yet you’re still not getting the level of pressure you want, there must be something wrong with your pipes.

My final word of advice: Seek the help of a professional plumber.

While service and consultation fees do not come cheap, having a professional plumber’s help will save you financially in the long run. If you already got yourself a water booster pump and quite unsure about the installation process, call your friendly plumber for help. After all, this is what they do for a living. Surely, they have the experience and knowledge to go about these problems.

by Darion Robinson



  1. annalyn mendoza Reply

    I didn’t know that the government regulated shower heads in the us until now. I just thought that slow or soft pressure coming out of my shower was “normal” here in the us. Coming from the Philippines it was very foreign to me. i guess it’s a good thing to do it but its such a hassle. soft pressure shower feels like it’s forcing me to take it slow when I shower before work. It takes out the momentum of my day. it’s great that you featured this in your blog. it’s pretty helpful.

  2. hey darion, just thought you should know that when i had my pump installed, I called the plumber to install it. I bought the quietest pump on Amazon which I ended up with the Torrium ii. it’s so quiet, i love it… my wife loves it… my kids love it because they can finally sleep, you barely notice it. Actually asked the plumber first before i went ahead to buy the freakin pump. It such a big money for me to let go but the quiet makes it all worth it. I wish you feature more articles, i’ll keep watching out.

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