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best shower head extension arms

Have you ever ended up in a shower where the water only hit you on your chest to feet while completely missing out on your head? Are you someone really tall who simply wants to feel the water fall on their head? If these questions sound familiar to you, the best shower head extension arms is exactly that you need right now. Usually, these shower arm extensions

turn out to be one of the most overlooked parts of your entire showering experience.

But if you’re someone who truly craves a luxurious bath, this is one aspect that definitely deserves your attention. Depending on your country, you’ll either have a high or low mounted shower head.

And in a situation like this, all you need is an adjustable shower head extension that can be perfectly tweaked according to your preference. But how do you even find the best product?

What should you be looking out for while buying your first shower extension? 

What are the benefits of using a good shower head extension?

Well, that’s we’re going to find out in the following section. Read on to know everything about buying your very first shower arm extension.

We wanted to be sure there was something for everyone, and for every budget.  Below, you’ll see top 5 picked for this year.

The Best Shower Head Extension Arms

*List recently updated for 2018

Rank: Plane: Model: Our Rating: Price:

Delta Faucet UA902-PK

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2 Lokby Shower Head Arm Set Learn More
3 Vida Alegría REACH Learn More


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High Sierra’s Exclusive

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1. Delta Faucet UA902-PK – The Best Shower Head Extension Arm for 2018

If you’re looking for a shower head extension arm that lets you adjust its height and angle- this product from Delta is exactly what you need.

Available in chrome, this is a compact, sleek and incredibly functional shower head extension which is not only feature-rich but also equally efficient.

The product comes backed by Delta’s high quality faucet and can be easily mounted in a couple of minutes.

Whether you’re looking to add a couple of inches to your headroom or are simply willing to mount a shower head without having the need of a ceiling mount shower arm- the 18 inches adjustable body lets you perfectly tweak the features according to your requirements.

And that’s not all! Besides every other feature I’ve mentioned, this product is also adaptable with the standard showers, thereby making it easier for you to mount it. While its brass construction makes it incredibly durable, the sleek chrome finish will add style to your bathroom.

 The product also comes with a 10 year warranty, further confirming its durability. So if you’re looking for an ultimate rain shower experience without having to invest in an actual ceiling shower head- this can be one of the best, inexpensive alternatives.

​2. Lokby Shower Head Arm Set – 

If you’re looking to enjoy the ultimate shower experience every time you head to the bathroom- this shower head set from Lokby, definitely makes the cut.

This shower system comes with a 10” rainfall shower head set, an adjustable shower arm extender, two spare sand filler gaskets protected with mesh and a Teflon tape to help you in the mounting.

I particularly loved this product because it includes everything you need for getting it mounted.

The kit will easily connect to any of your regular overhead shower arms and you won’t really have to spend the time in drilling or buying additional tools and materials.

The product is also backed by a 2.5 GPM flow restrictor that can be easily pulled out for increasing the flow of water. This feature gives you complete control of your shower experience. You can always increase or decrease it to enjoy the ideal experience of a tropical shower.

Interestingly, unlike most of the showerhead extensions, this product comes with a gear locking mechanism. This further ensures that the shower head is steady in spite of your changing movements.

In addition to this, the product is backed by a self cleaning nozzle that’ll save your time in cleaning and keeping it spick and span. So if you’re looking for a high-quality and truly affordable shower head extension, this is one product that’ll never disappoint you.

​3. Vida Alegría REACH – 

Are you tired of the cheap and thin plumbing fixtures that not only leak or crack, but also end up rusting? Well, in that case, this shower arm extension from Vida Algeria can definitely be your answer.

Made of solid brass, this 18 inch shower arm extension is a perfect product for anyone who is considering a home improvement anytime soon. Weighing only one pound, this product is incredibly functional and lightweight.

The package also comes with a free Teflon tape that helps you mount the extension within a couple of minutes. This tape will also ensure that you have a waterproof installation that lasts for a long time. 

And guess what the best part is?

Well, unlike other shower extensions, the manufacturers of this product particularly ensure that there are no plastic parts that end up cracking or breaking. The product also comes with precise, interlocking teeth that ensure that your shower arm stays in perfect position, and stays exactly how you want it. You won’t have to re-tighten or adjust it from time to time.

The arms of the product boasts maximum diameter in its key areas. This means, there’ll be more than enough water to drive your shower head. So if you’re looking to enjoy a shower experience like never before, this is one product that’ll definitely blow you away!

4. LORDEAR Solid Brass Brushed Nickel S Shape Arm –

The LORDEAR Solid Brass shower arm is not just incredibly stylish but it also comes with some of the best features.

Made of solid brass, this shower arm extension is going to last way longer than the regular stainless steel or zinc variants. It also comes with a sharper bend than the regular products. And that’s not all! The arms of this shower extension range to around 17 inches, which makes it even more comfortable for you to use it.

The product comes with a flange, Plumbers’ tape and half inch tapered male fittings that’ll hardly take a couple of minutes to set up.Once you read through the instructions and use the tools correctly, you’ll soon end up with a perfect, water-tight fight.

I was particularly impressed with the instruction manual because it was simple and extremely easy to follow. In fact, I didn’t even need any additional tools for setting the shower extension up.

This product is widely lauded in Amazon, and most customers love it because of its sleek style and unbelievable efficiency. The manufacturers of the product also offer a 100% money back guarantee. This means, if you purchase this product right away, you’ll get all your money back, if you’re not really satisfied with the features or the functions. So if you’re looking to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience in your shower, this is one product that you can always bank on.

5. High Sierra’s Exclusive All Metal Shower Arm Extension –

This shower arm extension from High Sierra is probably one of the best and the most feature-rich products from the brand.

It is sleek, compact, lightweight and unbelievably efficient. When I started using the extensions, I was particularly impressed with a 6” arms that lowered the shower head/handheld unit, thereby making it tad more accessible.  The body of this product is crafted with utmost diligence and polished finish is specifically designed to match your existing fixtures.

Right now, the extensions come with a sleek, chrome finish that can easily match the fixtures of any household. Another equally impressive feature is the product’s precise engineering.

As you set up the shower arm extension, you’ll notice that the body of this extension is particularly designed for hiding the existing shower arm threads. This helps you to smoothly transition this new arm to your existing shower set.

Like every other product from Sierra, this one too comes with an easy and hassle free installation. If you go through the manual carefully, it’ll hardly take you a couple of minutes to set up the entire product. The fact that this extension connects perfectly with your existing half inch shower arm makes the installation even simpler.

So if you’re looking out to enjoy a truly luxurious bathing experience, use this shower arm for an experience like never before.

What Exactly Are Shower Arm Extensions?

Don’t be fooled by its apparently complex definition! The mechanism of any shower arm extension is pretty simple. This is nothing but a metal pipe that’ll run directly from your main water source to your original shower head. While these extensions vary in functions, style and shape, most of them are plain and pretty basic. A regular shower arm extension will look like a small, twelve inch elbow that’ll add a slight decline to your shower head.

But then again, although these extensions tend to be incredibly useful, there are many other instances when they make your showering experience tad more difficult than you expect it to be. This is why you need a proper shower extension that’ll meet your individual requirements and offer you a spa-like shower experience. But how does one choose the best product, in the first place? Well, in order to help you out, we’ve come up with the reviews of 5 most top rated shower extensions. Read on to understand their features, benefits and additional nitty gritties.

What Are Main Benefits of Using Shower Arm Extensions?

Right now, it is very likely that your shower head extension is old and obsolete. This can happen due to a lot of hard water build up which not only makes your water flow worse, but also causes other equally alarming issues in your drainage system. This is why you need a new and advanced shower arm. With these new and highly advanced shower extensions you will notice-

A visible increase in the water flow- When you splurge in new shower extensions, there can be a visible increase in the level of water flow. This, however, is going to depend on the width of your shower head.

The advantage of raising and lowering the arms- Most of the old variants of these shower arms don’t let you move them up or down. And this is exactly why you need these new extensions. A good set of extensions will let you adjust the height of the arms according to your preference. This is particularly useful for individuals with very tall or very short height.

Greater appeal- You might already have a beautifully tiled shower along with a stainless steel head. So now, if you add a stunningly designed extension- you’ll end up with a luxurious and elegant setup.

Greater freedom- These extensions let you upgrade your old, wall-mounted shower heads by extending them outward. This gives you greater freedom of movement.

How To Choose The Best Shower Head Extension

There are many factors that need to be ensured while you’re choosing the best shower extension. Some of them are listed below.

Always consider the quality- When you do buy these shower extensions, make sure the build of the product is strong and solid. You can find out more about the build by reading the user reviews and the product description.

Choose a good finish- This is yet another factor that you should always focus on. As you buy your shower extensions, make sure it syncs with your existing shower fixtures. For instance, if your shower is glossy, try to go for a glossy, whit shower extension. Similarly, if your fixture is made of stainless steel, try to choose extensions of the same metal. This will add continuity to your bathroom décor.

Choose a good fit- No matter how excellent your shower extensions are, there’s no point in purchasing them if they don’t fit properly. So before you buy the product, check the dimensions carefully and make sure they perfectly sync with your existing fixtures.

Final Words – Wrapping Up

Well, once you consider these features and browse through these reviews, making your final pick will be even simpler. So read carefully and follow these guidelines to splurge in a shower extension that truly lives up to your expectations.

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  1. AntoniPeroski Reply

    When it comes to shower head extensions, it’s more important to look into its function rather than its aesthetics. Some of the shower heads I’ve come across amazon looked so fancy and so bougie but really does not do anything. To make matters worse, they can be very terrible with the leaks. Trust a trusted brand. I completely agree with your number 1!

  2. WhiteDude16 Reply

    My dad got us the Lokby. It was convenient to say the least. It helped the showers become faster and I guess that helped us save more water and money? It looks pretty in the shower too. My dad said he didn’t need 15 minutes to install it. Anyway, I love your posts on RC planes. Just decided to check out other posts on this website.

  3. For someone who lives in a pretty cramped apartment, taking showers isn’t something that i really look forward to. I really don’t have space and the problem you described at the beginning of your post just spoke so much reality for me. It sounds funny but I’m a tall guy and kinda big, so I need coverage. I got the waterfall type of shower head but it wasn’t enough, needed it to get closer to me than it was to my wall. I looked for all the shower head extensions you mentioned and I found that the one for me was the delta! It’s got the height and it’s got the reach and was pretty to install. No complaints… so far. I’ll let you know in a few months if i find any faults.

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