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The Best Drywall Sanders – Consumers Buying Guide (2020)

Drywall sanding is very crucial if you want to have the perfect finish to your wall. However, to get the desired results, you must use the ideal tools for the job. Sanding drywall can be a terrifying job especially when you think about all the sandpaper you will need. Plus, the exhaustion that comes with sanding all day long and not to mention the dust that fills your eyes, ears, and lungs.

However, there is some good news-there are machines that can make the job easier! Using a drywall sander will make drywall sanding very easy, but the type of the sander will also determine if you enjoy or endure the chore. Simply put- not all sanders are made equal.

That is why we have painstakingly checked out the top drywall sanders to make sure that you buy one that is worth your time and money.

Our Top 5 Drywall Sander Vacuum Reviews for Tough Work



PORTER-CABLE 7800 4.7 Amp Drywall Sander

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The Porter-Cable 7800 is an electronically operated sander that uses a fairly powerful motor (4.7 watts). This sander which is manufactured by Port Cable Company comes equipped with a very strong and sturdy pole.

The sander gets the job done quite well done because it uses 8-inch sanding disks which are attached to the head using a simple mechanism (hook and loop).

The sander weighs 9 pounds and allows for extended reach since the pole plus the head are 64 inches in length. What’s more, you should not be worried about the dust as the sander collects up to 95 % of the dust emitted while sanding.

The hose that is attached to the vacuum cleaner and the electrical code that powers the machine are attached to the head of the sander. To facilitate easier handling, the two cables are routed through the handle. A wide hose is important considering the amount of dust that the sander is capable of generating. For this reason, the sander’s hose pipe is 12.5 inches in diameter. This ensures that the dust doesn’t cause clogging inside the pipe.

The sander also has adjustable speeds which is a very important feature. High speeds are used when sanding rough services while lower speeds are excellent for final touches. The sander has a minimum rotational speed of 1400 Rotations per Minute (RPM) and a maximum speed of 2000(RPM). You can control the speed easily since there is a speed control button on the handle.

To set up the sander is also stress-free once you follow the instructions on the manual (which accompanies the sander). It is also very easy to learn how the sander works and after a few minutes, you get the hang of it.

On the downside, however, the machine is heavy and therefore not suitable to be used for a long duration of time. Due to its weight, you will tire easily especially when working on high areas in the room and the ceiling. After a while, the connection between the hosepipe and the sander becomes loose and it is therefore important to keep on checking.
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  • Heavy duty
  • Wide hose pipe thus avoiding clogging and blockages
  • A strong pole
  • Adjustable disk rotation speed
  • Uses a fairly powerful motor
  • Uses a simple hook and loop disk attachment system
  • Very efficient since it absorbs a lot of the dust produced


  • It is heavy
  • You can get entangled by the hose and the electrical code while working
  • Does not reach cleavages well.

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POWER-PRO 2100 Electric Drywall Sander


POWER-PRO 2100 Electric Drywall Sander

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Our second sander is the Power Pro 2100 which boasts of a powerful 710 watts power is also very sturdy since it uses 9mm disks. The greatest feature of the sander is its extendable pole which comes in handy when you want to work on ceilings and high places.

The pole measures 4 inches, but you can extend it to 5 inches. Like its counterpart the Port-cable 7800, you fix the disks on the head using the hook and loop method. This makes it easy to change the sanding disks.

The sander also comes with 6 different sanding disks which have varying grit values. They are 80, 100, 120, 150, 180 and 240 in ascending order. The grit value represents how rough the sanding paper on the disk is. The higher the value, the finer the sanding paper- therefore a grit value of 60 is very course while a grit value of 180 is very soft. Therefore this makes it easy to work on both very rough and smooth wall.

The sander is made of aluminum and heavy-duty plastic, and therefore it is durable especially when you take good care of it. To help you in handling it, the manufacturer has put a ten-inch handle on the sander.

The head unit is attached to the pole in such a way that it can pivot! (Move in different directions) What this means is that the head can ‘bend’ around tight angles and crevices thus becoming flush with the surfaces on this tight corners and bends. It also makes it super easy to move the sander in different directions. Therefore, the sander is very convenient for walls with tight angles and many curves.

It also comes with a control knob at the handle so you can easily control the speed at which the disk rotates. The Power Pro 2100 has a whooping six-speed control system with the highest speed being 2100 rpm and the lowest speed is 1000 rpm. The higher speeds are used with, the lower value sanding papers for more coarse surfaces while, the lower speeds are used with, the higher value sanding papers.

You do not have to struggle to set up the sander as there is an instruction manual. However, you need to fix it to a vacuum cleaner through a hosepipe.

It is easy to easy to see why this sander takes our number position in the circular sanders. It is powerful, long lasting and above all, it has a pivoted head. This is the perfect tool for the professional as well as the DIY individuals.
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  • Very powerful- 760 watts motors
  • Six-speed system
  • Very high top speed
  • Durable
  • Has a telescopic (extendable) handle
  • A pivoted head
  • Comes with six different value sanding papers
  • Plastic handle for easier handling


  • A bit heavy (10 lbs)

Goplus 750W


Goplus 750W Electric Drywall Sander and Vacuum

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GoPlus Dustless Sander boasts of an 800 watts powered motor and uses 8.6 mm –in diameter- rotating disk. The selling point of this sander apart from it power is that it has a LED head light. The light makes it possible to work after light hours or in poorly lit rooms.

The GoPlus also comes with a large vacuum bag that eliminates the need for a separate vacuuming unit. It also has a six-speed system, and the highest speeds are 1500 rpm while the lowest speeds are 800rpm.

As earlier mentioned, high speeds are for course surfaces while low speeds are for smoother ones. For easier reach, you can extend its telescopic handle to the length of 70 inches which is quite long compared to other sanders. It also has a pivoted head that makes it easy to reach tight angles.
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  • – Has a LED light so you can work in low light environments
  • – Has a large enough vacuum bag
  • – Has an extendable handle
  • – Its head is pivoted, so it’s possible to sandal tight angles
  • – Comes with a six-speed system
  • – A wide range of possible speeds


  • – Heavy in Weight

hyde drywall sander


Hyde Tools 09165 Dust-Free Drywall Vacuum Hand Sander with 6-Foot Hose

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This is a handheld sander (does not have a pole) that is very ideal for indoor work when you do not want to move your furniture. It is very for sanding your house because it absorber almost 95% of the dust from the walls.

The Hyde 09165 is very light weighing only 1 pound and you can use for very long periods without tiring. It is very easy to control and use although you will probably have to mount a ladder to reach high places and ceilings.

Additionally, it has a wide suction hose so that the dust does not cause blockages and force you to stop to clean it up. Furthermore, you can attach the sander to any vacuum cleaner and start working on your project. The sander also comes with a 6-foot hose which is good because it will not limit you while working on your walls and ceiling.

If you want a lightweight handheld sander that will get the job done then this is the machine you should go for. It is light and very easy to use and therefore will give you no problems. You will not also have to remove your furniture and electronics while using it since it will suck in all the dust.
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  • – Sucks all the dust therefore suitable to be used indoors with furniture and electronics present
  • – Its suction hose fits into all types of vacuum cleaners
  • – Has a 6-foot long hose that ensures maximum maneuverability while working
  • – It is very easy to fix the house to the sander and the vacuum cleaner
  • – Very light so you can use it for extended periods.
  • – Does not clog


  • – Does not have a pole thus limiting its reach
  • – It is not attached to a vacuum bag


Festool Planex Professional Drywall Sander & Dust Extractor

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One of the greatest features of this sander is the German technology employed which makes it a pleasant experience to work with. The large sand disks make it very easy to work even on the roughest surfaces with minimum effort and in a short time.

The sander is also dustproof which leaves the environment you are in clean, and you will require very little after work cleanup. On the downside though, it is much heavier than the other models in this review because it weighs 19.5 pounds. The weight is an issue especially if you are working on a large project.

The product has dimensions of 8.2 by 15.5 by 15.5 is electric powered and uses a 500 watts motor to rotate the disks. You can also extend the pole so that it becomes easier to move the sanders head to reach the areas that you need to sandal.

The Festool 571579 Planex comes with a two-speed system so that you can adjust the speed of the rotation of the motor accordingly. Because of the technology, it is extremely easy to drive the sander, and it is suitable if power consumption is a consideration since it is very power efficient.

Due to the confidence that the manufacturer has with the product, it comes with a two-year guarantee.
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  • – Easy to drive
  • – Very power efficient
  • – Two-speed control system
  • – Extendable pole
  • – Very durable and fit for external use
  • – Large disks which make it easy to work fast and on rough surfaces


  • – Heavy therefore not suitable for prolonged used
  • – Only two-speed system
  • – Most costly unit
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What To Look For When Buying a Drywall Sander?

You have realized that calling a professional every time you need to sandal your wall is becoming expensive. Or you are a professional who wants to upgrade or buy another drywall sander and you are not sure which one is the best option. Then let’s help you by highlighting some of the significant factors that you should put into consideration before deciding on the sander to buy.

Type Of Project

The most important consideration you should put into account before buying the sander is the type of project you are undertaking. Different sanders are best suited for different situations (projects). If you are undertaking a massive project like sanding an office complex, then you will need a machine that is powerful and very fast. On the other hand though, if your primary concern is one 0or two rooms in your house, then a smaller and less powerful machine will suffice.


The most important consideration you should put into account before buying the sander is the type of project you are undertaking. Different sanders are best suited for different situations (projects). If you are undertaking a massive project like sanding an office complex, then you will need a machine that is powerful and very fast. On the other hand though, if your primary concern is one 0or two rooms in your house, then a smaller and less powerful machine will suffice.

Torque and Speed

Torque is simply the power of the sanders motor. The higher the torque, the more powerful the machine is and the faster it works. Speed is also another important consideration as some sanders have higher speeds than others- the higher the speed, the better the results. Some sanders also come with speed control capabilities such that you can increase and decrease the speed of the sander.

Manual Sanding Blocks

As the name suggests, a manual sander is exactly that- manual. And for this reason, we will not dwell on them. However, they are important in sanding since you will need to use them in crevices and angles that the mechanized sanders cannot reach. There are a variety of them in the market and are found in different sizes, shapes, and prices.

Using a dust-free drywall sander



There are various types of sanders in the market – manual sanders or boards that do not use electricity, hand-held sanders with poles and others without the poles. There are also sanders that have vacuum cleaners attached to them while for others, well you will have to attach a vacuuming system.

Therefore, the type of sander you choose will depend on the work at hand. Some sanders are perfectly suited for large-scale projects while others are more at home on smaller projects. Armed with this information, we are confident that you will make the right choice when ordering that drywall sander for your sanding project.



  1. just a random dude Reply

    I got one for myself last year and while it is a dust-free sander, there’s still some little that escapes the chute but its not that much of a bother. I love that i can use this for drywalling and taping and its a huge help because its automated sanding. For big areas that needs sanding, this does the job. it finishes the sanding part of the job at half the time. I however, still like to finish my sanding the traditional way. Sure i’d start them with this big machines, but I agree with the guy before me that said nothing beats manual sanding. For normal people, it might not make much of a difference but people who work in my trade will understand what i mean.

  2. SandmanCometh Reply

    Sanding is a very tedious job. Period. it’s the homestretch when you’re dry walling, taping, mudding. it’s that last hurdle and i’m sure tapers can relate. but is using a machine sander a really good idea? What about over sanding? wont you get in trouble with than when youre sandingw ith a machine? i don’t wanna repeat applying mud!

  3. BiHover1997 Reply

    love using mechanical sanders. They truly are very handy and very helpful and it gets the job done right… but only on even surfaces. nothing beats using manual sanders and manual sanding sponge to get around sanding the corners. nothing like a nice smooth finish in those areas when done manually. it’s true, the hands are the best tools. but pretty amazed at the dust-free options you listed! thinking of getting one now! Cheers.

  4. I’ve always been worried that my husband will catch something from sanding. he works as a taper and I’m worried that one day he might get diagnosed with lung cancer. I know how toxic the dust from this material can get! Which makes me sad because I don’t wanna lose my partner. Happy to read about there’s a dust free option to do his work. Now i’m gonna nag him to get one. Kidding. Thanks, love.

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