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best fuel injector cleaners

Fuel injection is used in an internal combustion engine and it’s a very important factor in the whole fuel system. The fuel itself isn’t pure, so there may be some fuel and its additives left up in your fuel injector.

What was the last time you paid a visit to a mechanic for cleaning your fuel injectors? Now, please forget about that for a second!

If you are wondering why, we first need to introduce you to fuel injector cleaners. Many say that the fuel injector cleaners aren’t necessary and that you’ll just throw your money down the drain.


As we said, various impurities can clog your fuel injector thus creating a chain of concatenated problems that can cost you a lot. Everyone knows that repairing a car isn’t cheap, so you want to find the best gas treatment for cars. You see, fuel injector cleaners really matter. THEY DO!


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You’ll get numerous benefits from having one since you can clean your injectors in a matter of minutes. If you, however, want someone to do it for you, you’ll pay a not-so-small sum of money for a few minutes job.

So, what is the best fuel injector cleaner? This is a tough question to answer. As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, maybe just a little to the right, or perhaps left. The truth is that you need to determine the price you want to pay and carefully think about the product’s pros and cons. You need to make a compromise because every product is all but perfect. With that in mind, we’ll review the ten best fuel injector cleaners for this year. If you keep reading, your fuel injector might get the treatment of its life!

If you took your time to read our introduction, you are probably jumping from excitement in your room. I don’t blame you; In fact, I’m glad you do since we put a lot of effort into creating this list. The important thing to mention is that the first pick on our list is the TOP pick and the last pick is… well, the least recommended one, although still recommended.

fuel injector cleaner reviews

Also, it’s important to mention that every single product from this list is tested by our editors to ensure that the info we’re giving is genuine. For those who want a quick overview of the products on our list, there is a chart below. As we said, we prepared a special list of fuel injector cleaners from different manufacturers.

Top 10 Gas Fuel Injector Additives (2018-2019)

fuel system cleaner reviews

To ensure that you get the best gas treatment for cars, I recommend you read all of our fuel injector cleaner reviews. If you are like me, you probably don’t want (or don’t have) to spend tons of cash on a product like fuel injector cleaner.

With that in mind, we crafted a list that will also help you save some money. So, what is the best fuel injector cleaner to buy? I think it’s time to find out!

#1 Liqui Moly Jectron – The Best Fuel System Cleaner Picked for 2018

#1 top pick 2018

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Liqui Moly is known as one of the best manufacturers of oils and fluids for your car. These guys aren’t joking around and they brought us the best fuel system cleaner on the market looking after your car inside out!

Hoorah! Of course, we are talking about Jectron, a fuel injection cleaner that comes with a 300ml of the purest cleaning agent for your engine.

Jectron will help you eliminate starting problems as well as provide smoother idling for your beloved car.

Thanks to the Liqui Moly’s special and secret recipe, this fuel injector cleaner will provide you with a better throttle response. You don’t have to step on your throttle and injure your leg while doing so.

Of course, the product is built to last you as long as it’s possible for around ten bucks. As the most potent cleaning additive on the market, I would say this is a steal deal!


  • A great reduction of emissions and fuel consumption.
  • The easy applicator makes it very comfortable to use.
  • It’s great for vehicles for catalytic converters.


  • The bottle size is very small.
  • It’s not as efficient as the manufacturer says. You’ll need to use it more regularly.
  • It’s limited to gasoline engines only, which isn’t to be ignored

Bottom Line

Liqui Moly Jectron is the best and the most reliable fuel system cleaner at this time. However, you’ll benefit from it only if you have a gasoline engine and don’t mind constant appliance. It grants a noticeable reduction of emissions and fuel consumption, as well as an amazing ease of use. For those who use gasoline engines and don’t mind the small bottle size, Liqui Moly Jectron will provide an astonishing performance for the price.[/productbox]

#2 BG44K Fuel Injector Cleaner

#2 top pick 2018

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BG 44K is one of the top-rated fuel system cleaners on the market that’s been with us since 2013. This product is capable of treating 20 gallons of gasoline and restore the almighty performance to your fuel injector.

The great thing about it is that it’s compatible with all fuel system materials and is proven to increase combustion quality and power output. Aside from its great capabilities, BG 44K is absolutely easy to apply thus being one of the most efficient products as we speak.

All in all, if you want to restore a good portion of performance and gas mileage, as well as clean your fuel system from impurities, this is one of the best ways to do so.


  • Capable of treating 20 gallons of gasoline.
  • Increased combustion quality and power output are the highlights of BG 44K.
  • Very simple to apply.


  • It’s bottle packs around 325ml of fluid, which isn’t all that impressive.
  • Although it restores some performance, we didn’t notice the mileage restore.
  • Its price is somewhat bigger than the competition.

Bottom Line

BG 44K, with all its advantages and disadvantages, is one of the crucial products on the market. Although it isn’t that big in size, this product will help you treat a huge amount of gasoline. We are talking about 20 gallons of pure gasoline! With the increase of combustion quality and power output, your engine will roar once again, like a lion in the jungle. If you can get over the price, you’ll be amazed at how good performer BG 44K is.[/productbox]

#3 Royal Purple MAX Clean

#3 top pick 2018

Royal Purple is a company that’s best known in the USA. this company is known to produce some of the best cleaners and lubricants used by both amateurs and professionals.

MAX Clean brings us a 591ml bottle containing a fuel injection cleaner capable of delivering astonishing performance. It restores fuel economy, maximizes horsepower, eradicates carbon deposits and additives, and stabilizes fuel during storage. Let’s take a look at its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Comes in a bottle with a capacity of 591ml, which is more than enough.
  • Fuel economy is drastically increased.
  • Both gasoline and diesel engines are supported.


  • Its price isn’t quite up to par with the performance.
  • Apparently, it doesn’t work with every vehicle.

Bottom Line

Royal Purple is made for those that want a reliable fuel system cleaner for their diesel and gasoline engines. The users will be happy to see the huge, 591ml bottle which will last much longer than the standard 300ml ones. Royal Purple MAX Atomizer is here to increase your fuel economy and bring some quality and lubrication for your engine. The main downside is that it isn’t quite compatible with every vehicle which doesn’t justify its higher price.[/productbox]

#4 Lucas Injection System Cleaner

#4 top pick 2018

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Lucas Injection System Cleaner comes at a slightly higher price, packing a lot of punch. With its high-capacity container, you won’t have to worry when it comes to the longevity of the product.

Feature-wise, this is a solid agent for cleaning and lubricating your fuel system as well as neutralizing low sulfur problems with the fuel. Since it’s made in the USA, this will probably be one of the best options for the most American drivers. Your pumps and injectors can now get a new shine.


  • Lucas Injection comes in a huge container, granting an affordable price.
  • Both diesel and gasoline engines are supported.
  • The low sulfur problems can finally be rectified.
  • You can use any amount and still not harm your engine.


  • The large volume means that the efficiency isn’t quite high.
  • Not very simple to use.

Bottom Line

For those who want bulky fuel system cleaner, Lucas Injection is here to treat more than 400 gallons of fuel. However, this bulkiness means that you’ll have to use a little more of the product in order to get better results. On the brighter side, both diesel and gasoline engines are supported, meaning that Lucas really thought of versatility. It’s also one of the rare fuel injector cleaners that rectifies the low sulfur problems. All in all, the product is aimed towards experienced users due to its not-so-easy way of use.[/productbox]

#5 Chevron Techron

#5 top pick 2018

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Coming at 591ml of capacity, Chevron Techron is very generous and welcome fuel system cleaner for your car. You can keep your expectations high, as this is a very serious and a tad more expensive product.

Techron is here to restore lost power and fuel economy, to protect entire fuel system, to reduce engine surge, rough idle and hesitation, as well as improve the overall performance of your car. The best of all is the support of both diesel and gasoline engines.


  • The large bottle is great for continuous use, without having to buy a new one.
  • Many different vehicles are supported, making this a versatile fuel system cleaner.
  • Gasoline and diesel engines are both supported.


  • Isn’t made by a very popular brand.
  • Repeated use gives the best results, yet makes it a short-lasting product.
  • The price might be a little higher than the competition.

Bottom Line

As we’ve mentioned, Chevron Techron is an amazing product that comes in a big, nasty bottle. Despite its generosity, we still have a support for both gasoline and diesel engines, as well as tons of other features that will increase the lifespan of your engine and car in general. If you have nothing against repeated use, your engine will enjoy the treatment.[/productbox]

#6 SeaFoam Cleaner

#6 top pick 2018

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SeaFoam is a well-known company that takes care of our engines for several years. SeaFoam Cleaner comes in a tiny 16-ounce bottle that is powerful as it’s small. You know that poison is stored in a small bottle, right? Well, this magical potion is here to clear your fuel injector of any deposits, additives, and fuel remaining.

Furthermore, it serves as an agent for lubrication, making sure that your car works like it worked the first day. Its ease of use isn’t to be ignored, too. Just pour it into your engine and you are ready to fly. Overall, it’s a fine budget-oriented solution for your engine.


  • It’s much cheaper than its competition. Definitely an affordable product.
  • SeaFoam Cleaner provides a total protection and lubrication for your engine, which is great for the price.
  • A wide variety of vehicles are supported.
  • It’s great for both gasoline and diesel engines.


  • A tiny 16-ounce bottle needs replacement after applying it a couple of times.
  • It’s not very efficient, requiring a higher amount to be applied.
  • It may not work with some vehicles.

Bottom Line

SeaFoam Cleaner is great if you want a cheap product that still does a solid job of cleaning your engine’s injector. have in mind that it isn’t very generous when it comes to volume and it’s also not compatible with some vehicles. On the brighter side, SeaFoam Cleaner sports some amazing lubrication capabilities and it’s a great protection for your engine. Being supported by both diesel and gasoline engines, this is a totally affordable cleaner.[/productbox]

#7 STP Super Concentrated Cleaner

#7 top pick 2018

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STP looks like a bottle of magic potion that you drink and get superpowers. While I’m not quite sure you’ll get superpowers, I’m pretty sure that your engine will be thankful for STP Super Concentrated Cleaner.

This engine injector cleaner is great at unclogging your dirty fuel injectors and restore performance. Speaking of performance, you’ll see a restore or power and acceleration of your vehicle, which is always welcome.

With STP Super Concentrated Cleaner, you can forget about dirty deposits from fuel, as this is a strong gives the required protection.  STP will also help you save some cash by saving gasoline first and increasing its quality use. Finally, it’s important to mention that the product is affordable, coming at around $7. If that’s not affordable, then I don’t know!


  • It’s easy to use.
  • STP Super Concentrated Cleaner is here to fully unclog your dirty fuel injectors and restore performance.
  • It has an amazing compatibility with cap-less gas systems.
  • The gasoline engines will benefit better from this product


  • It comes in a small 5.25-ounce bottle, which is really insufficient.
  • Although some say it can be used every four to five months, I noticed that continuous use works better. This also means you’ll run out of product very quickly.
  • Some users reported that it’s inefficient in diesel engines.
  • Its low price loses sense when compared to the bottle size.

Bottom Line

STP Super Concentrated Cleaner is one of the cheapest fuel system cleaners, but it’s also one of the least generous. With its 5.25-ounce bottle and continuous use, you’ll need to buy a new bottle every few months or so. However, it’s easy to use and easily cleans the dirty fuel injector, restoring some performance to your engine. I would recommend STP Super Concentrated Cleaner to users with gasoline engines. Despite its limitations, it’s a nice and affordable fuel injector cleaner.[/productbox]

#8 Red Line Oil Cleaner


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Since you’ve read our article all the way through here, I’m sure you want the best gas treatment for your car, motorcycle or any other vehicle with an engine. And if you want a big and nasty bottle with a magic potion for your roaring friend, you can check out Red Line Oil Cleaner.

Red Line Oil Cleaner is here to purify your engine injectors, making them wet and sweaty like they were on their first day of work. The great thing about this product is its ability to reduce the need for octane by up to two points.

Also, it’s safe for continual use, which means that the higher dosage won’t harm your engine. Not just that it will not harm it, but will provide an additional lubrication for your upper cylinder. Let’s see what is good and what is bad about Red Line Oil Cleaner.


  • Red Line Oil Cleaner comes in a big 15-ounce bottle that will surely give you a nice boost over the time.
  • It’s great for reducing the need for octane by almost two points.
  • For those who have problems with the upper cylinder, Red Line Oil Cleaner might be the remedy since it provides additional lubrication.
  • With its price of around $14, it’s all but expensive and unaffordable.
  • Suitable for both Gasoline and Petrol engines.


  • The manufacturer claims 100-percent efficiency per treatment. The reality is, however, a little different.
  • Like every gas treatment for cars that come in big bottles, Red Line Oil Cleaner requires continuous use.

Bottom Line

To put things into perspective, Red Line Oil Cleaner offers great value for the price. Its big bottle might bring joy to many users, as well as excellent lubrication capabilities. The fact that both gasoline and petrol engines can take advantage of this fuel injector cleaner is also something to have in mind. Again, the continuous use is recommended, and if you can get over that, you got yourself a pretty nice product for a decent price.[/productbox]

#9 Gumout Cleaner

#9 top pick 2018

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Gumout Cleaner is an awesome product coming from… well, Gumout! As the manufacturer says, it’s a complete fuel system cleaner with awesome cleaning and lubricating abilities.

It’s here to remove deposits from fuel injectors, piston tops, combustion chamber, cylinder heads, and intake valves. Furthermore, we have some standard features like reduced emissions and maximization of performance and fuel economy. You won’t have to worry about future carbon buildup anymore since Gumout Cleaner fixes it like it’s nothing. Oh, and it’s affordable, too!


  • Gumout Cleaner maximizes fuel economy and performance.
  • It’s great in preventing the future carbon buildup.
  • A strong agent for complete fuel system cleaning, offering best gas treatment for your car.
  • Emissions are reduced to a minimum.


  • Although it’sd not that expensive, it comes in a 177ml bottle, which is way BELOW average.
  • Not viable option for diesel engines. Only gasoline engines will benefit.

Bottom Line

To wrap it up, Gumout Cleaner is an awesome product that comes with disappointing limitations. Although it’s powerful and combines lots of great features, I’m very unhappy with the exclusion of diesel engines. Also, a 177ml bottle will not last you that long and you’ll need to replace it very quickly. However, it’s still recommended for taking care of your fuel injectors in your gasoline engine.[/productbox]

#10 OTC Injector Cleaner

#10 top pick 2018

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OTC Injector Cleaner is so expensive that you’ll literally fall off your chair when you see the price.

Okay, ready? With its price of over $150 bucks, we get a professional grade solution for cleaning the mess out of your fuel injector.

The main thing here is the tools you get for direct cleaning of your injectors. Basically, you’ll do it like the pros do. Let’s see what it offers and what it leaves to be desired.


  • It’s more effective than any aerosol method out there.
  • It can work with any sort of injectors, but you’ll need the right adapters.
  • A blowout tool is a great addition which lets you clean out the excess gunk.
  • Almost every type of engine is supported.


  • It’s really, really expensive.
  • Not the best choice for occasional drivers.
  • You’ll have to buy some adapters separately.

Bottom Line

OTC Injector Cleaner is the most expensive gas treatment for cars on our list. But, if you drive your car occasionally, I don’t think it’s even worth considering this product. Although we have some nice features here, it all fades when we mention the huge price. However, if you want a professional fuel injector cleaning, you’re free to buy it.[/productbox]

How To Use An Injector Cleaner with Step-by-Step Instructions

In this section, we are going to take a look at how exactly should you use an injector cleaner in order to get the best gas treatment for your car. If you’ve read our list and determined which is the best injector cleaner for you, I think it’s time to put it to work.

  • Choose the Right Injector Cleaner

This is the most important step in this process. Have you read our list? If so, ask yourself what is the best gas treatment for your engine and why is it the best. Also, what does it do? If you’ve got an answer to these questions, buy the desired cleaner and follow the next step.

  • Carefully Read the Directions

So, we’ve come to the directions. Whatever product you buy, it’s very important that you READ THE DIRECTIONS.

Your car’s engine is, in most cases, the most expensive part and it’s important that you take proper care. It’s like your brain or a heart; without it, you wouldn’t be alive! So, read the instructions about the recommended amount, the warnings, the benefits, etc.

  • Start Up your Car

If you’ve followed the first two steps thoroughly, it’s time to ignite these engines, baby! Get in your car and start it up.

  • Fuel Level Matters

When you start up your car, you’ll see the gas gauge slowly settling up in place. Of course, this is if your gas gauge actually works. If not, then go to an electrician to fix it up. This is also a very important step since different fuel injector cleaner require a different amount of gasoline.

  • Add the Right Amount of Gasoline (or Diesel)

This is a very easy step. If you have the right amount, then it’s great. If not, be sure to add a proper amount or simply drive your car until your fuel amount reduces to a required level. Always make sure that you have a required amount of fuel, as this is very important for the efficiency of the injector cleaner.

  • Pour the Fuel Injector Cleaner to Your Tank

Now, go back to the product description and read about the recommended amount of injector cleaner. Carefully pour the fuel injector cleaner into your car’s tank, close the lid and wait for it to slide down.

  • You’re Ready to Go!

You’ve successfully done this very simple process! Is it worth it?


Now, you only need to drive your car around and the fuel injector cleaner will do its job if you’ve chosen the right one for your needs. Be sure to try many different products as you gain an experience. When there is a good solution for your problem, there’s always a better one!

Always remember the importance of using a fuel injector cleaner. Because the injectors within the fuel system can build up a gummy feel, this can cause sticking. In turn, may cause a delay in their timing or even worse can cause them to not open completely in a server situation.



  1. i really used to think that theres no need to clean my fuel injectors because after all, oil passes through that everyday. i was wrong. and i learned it the hard way! Sadly i ran into car trouble and was charged some $ all because i never cleaned my fuel injectors ever since i got my car. I sure learned the hard way, nut since then, i’ve always used STP. it’s a pretty good brand with a pretty good reputation. However, they’re getting expensive for my budget now. do you have an alternative to suggest? Thank you and will appreciate a reply!

  2. bigbaldpotatoguy Reply

    you really shouldn’t hesitate cleaning your injectors man. it’s important as changing your oil and should be done regularly. if you want your car to last, you better make sure that you’re always cleaning from the inside out. This is why i appreciate your blog so much. Most of the time it’s the external that is paid most attention to, when in fact, what’s inside is what matters most. i dont really do the cleaning myself for the fuel injectors but, i often see my mechanic use either liquimoly or the techron. I think these are prime choices since he’s been using it in his shop for years.

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