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The Importance of Changing your Car Oil

Ever had problems with your car overheating even though your car coolant is completely refilled? Or have you ever had that annoying noise bug you every time you drive? It might be because you forgot to change your car oil. I’ve seen way too many of my friends complain to me about several common issues that could have been addressed by not skipping an oil change.

If you really want your car to last for a very long time, this is one maintenance step you shouldn’t skip.

It is important to keep in mind that your car has rotating parts and to continuously keep those parts up to par, refreshed car oil will help slow down the wear and tear of these parts.

In this post, we’re going to look at all the prime reasons why you should perform this maintenance work on your car every so often.

The Top Reasons Why You Should Change Your Car Oil Regularly

Sadly, there’s about one fourth of the population in the United States who do not perform a regular oil change on their car. Some would even say, “I’ll do it the next time.” or “I can’t afford it right now, maybe next time.”. By being reckless, one could be paying no less than $ 4,000 to get their car fixed when they could only be spending about $ 150 a year for a regular car oil change.

Save Yourself from a Complete Engine Overhaul

clean engine, Mercedes V8, sports car engine
Mercedes AMG V8 Engine

Remember what I said earlier that if you don’t change your car oil, you’ll be spending no less than $ 4,000? Yeah, I was talking about a complete engine overhaul. Yikes!

Again, your car is composed of rotating parts; moving metal parts. For these parts to run smoothly, it is important to take note that a little lubrication is required. Let me give you an example: A creaking door.

If the hinges aren’t lubricated right or if some old grease or oil is stuck there, the hinge will have a hard time moving. At some point it will make that annoying sound every time you open it.

The same goes for your car’s engine and its parts. In our door logic, the oil will pass through so many paths in the engine. One of which is the car piston.

If you have clean oil passing through your car’s pistons, it will be able to lubricate it correctly. During the process, it will pick up some debris and will get ‘cooked’ inside the engine hence the darker color over time. This dark colored oil is a good indication that it is time to do an oil change.

Don’t let it reach to a point where your car engine’s parts are so dirty from old oil that you cannot save it anymore. Save yourself from a complete engine overhaul by always conducting an oil change.

Save up on Fuel Consumption

As a car owner, be prepared for a lot of expenses! With gas prices always hiking, it is important to think of ways to save up money for emergencies and for your personal goals.

Fight the rising gas prices by keeping your car oil clean!

The United States Department of Energy mentioned that as a car owner, you can save up to 1-2% on fuel consumption when you’re using the right kind of oil along with maintenance change oil.

That might not sound too significant, however, if you look at it in the context of one year or if your car is running on an average of 15,000 miles a year, that would mean a lot for you as a car owner.

Imagine all of the savings you will get every year with the use of proper oil and regular oil change. Cha-ching!

No More Overheat!

No more overheat!

Let it be known that a car’s coolant and water aren’t the only fluids that keep your car cool. Clean oil also does the job of preventing your car from overheating. How does it do it?

Your car’s pistons, crankshaft, valves, and its connecting rods all move together in order to move the car forward. With proper lubrication from your car’s engine oil, of course, these parts will move smoothly without interruptions or obstructions. However, if your engine oil is not properly filled, is not the right type, or has not been changed yet, you can expect that these parts will have a lot of friction in between them.

By the laws of physics: When there is friction, there is heat.

A responsible car owner will not forget to replenish their car’s engine oil as well as perform the necessary maintenance change as required in order to prevent such an unfortunate incident to happen.

Give your Car the Gift of Long Life

Regular oil change helps cars have longer lifespan.

Like we said, car oil change is a maintenance step that you should never skip. As it is “maintenance” work, it means that this routine task is one of the crucial steps that will keep your car running at its best for a longer period of time.

When oil isn’t changed, the oil sludge forces the parts to struggle working. Such intense level of work will force these parts to break down eventually.

Car oil change provides your car’s parts fresh and clean oil every time which then requires less parts replacement.



To summarize, car oil change is a crucial maintenance step that you should never skip. By making sure that your car oil is always changed, you are experiencing the benefits of oil changed:

  1. Saving yourself from a complete engine overhaul.
  2. Saving up on fuel consumption.
  3. Saving the engine from overheating.
  4. Car longevity.

With all these four combined, you can also benefit from a higher resale value by just keeping your car maintained with its necessary routine checks and changes such as an oil change.

At, we’re all about the best tips and practices for everyone whether you’re a car enthusiast or not. If you enjoyed this article, make sure that you also check out our article on oil changing facts & concerns, how to change an oil filter, and how to change oil by doing it yourself.



  1. Allen Park Reply

    That old oil buildup is the worst. Not only will it make your engine work twice as it should, it would wreck your whole engine. It’s a horror story every time I hear people tell me that they haven’t done any change oil over the year. Man. that’s doomsday waiting to happen. I always tell our customers to just get it over with and actually do the change oil. they will regret it if they don’t do it. Some listen, some don’t. It’s their call anyway!

  2. I was wondering why my car had been overheating. I always make sure that there is enough water in my car but why the heck. I brought it in after days of feeling frustrated. Then I found out it’s all because of the old oil. I forgot to do oil change and the filter was really dirty. So, to anyone reading this comment, don’t do what i did. DOn’t let your car suffer. Don’t let your wallet suffer. JUST FREAKIN CHANGE OIL.

  3. Charlie_Compton Reply

    My grandpa’s vintage car is maintained by regular change oil and of course, running the engine regularly. Changing oil and the filter helped prolong that car… a vintage mustang. Whenever i drive that car on the road, people always try to buy it for me. but it’s a family emblem so i would often say no. Anyway, i miss grandpa. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  4. WHAT A RIP OFF Reply

    Changing oil is the most important thing to do if you really want your car to stay in shape. Think of it as cleaning out your arteries manually. My local car repair shop does it very well and for a lovely fee. Lovely guys and very kind. They truly know what they’re doing. I guess you’ll just have to find the best one in your area that wont rip you off. Even if this step is very simple many still get ripped off. Unbelievable. You need to read topratedanything’s article on how to the change oil on your own so you’ll know the steps to doing it.

  5. I made the mistake of not doing change oil three times when the mechanic told me. So by the end of the year, my pistons kinda gave up cos of my stubbornness! Ended up paying thousands of bucks. almost wanted to replace my car. so I learned this lesson the hard way, don’t, DO NOT skip that oil change. When it’s time, it is time.

  6. StaceyGraves Reply

    I love your change oil blog series. They’re informative and obviously well-researched. Also, it’s thoughtful that you’re stressing on the importance of the change oil. not a lot of people do it and most of the time they think their repair shop is ripping them off. Well yeah, there’s a chance that you might be getting ripped off, which is why you should know about the market prices for these things. Maybe that’s worth mentioning in the article?

  7. One of the things my dad shared with me before he passed was to always change oil and the filter. he said, I will thank him for it. true enough, I do. Every time I come in the shop, I remember him. Working on cars was our bonding. I miss him everyday and just suddenly felt nostalgic reading your post. Thank you for your blog!

  8. Dear toprated team, i just want to congratulate you on your blog’s success. I wish that you add more articles tho. But in any case, your post about the importance of changing car oil is very informative and comprehensive. I think people ought to know the importance of the change oil and filter! I always ask my clients about this and they often say no because, of course, it’s an additional thing to pay for. They just cant see its relevance. In the long run what theyre preventing is a complete engine overhaul like you said. I’ll share you page with my customers as well!

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