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Octane boosters are additives which can be added to fuel for increasing the octane number of the fuel. They may include chemicals such as alcohol, manganese, et cetera for improving the performance of the engine in terms of top-end speed, acceleration, efficiency or a combination of all. However, has the safety of octane boosters really been evaluated? We are evaluating how or whether octane boosters should be used as well as considering the safety factor for users.[/productbox]

Should Octane Boosters Be Used?


Whether an octane booster should be used or not is left to the discretion of the vehicle owner. Octane boosters claim they can enhance the performance of a vehicle. These boosters are additives of gasoline that have become extremely popular over the years as performance enhancers, fuel savers, as well as their ability to reduce emissions.

Octane boosters use anti-knock additives which when included with the fuel can prevent the onset of knock resulting in the effective octane in the fuel being enhanced. Owners of vehicles with high-performance engines that require premium fuels may decide to use octane to prevent knocking. These cars will have high compression ratios and can knock even without premium gas. Therefore the decision whether to use octane or not will be left to the discretion of the vehicle owner.

Effects Of Octane

Vehicle owners are recommended to check the owner’s manual to understand what kind of octane should be used in their vehicles. Generally, the average gasoline vehicle is manufactured to function on approximately 87 octane’s while other models utilize premium versions of octane fuel. Octane fuels are available in different grades starting from 87 which is regular, 88-90 which is midgrade, and 91-94 which is the premium variety.

It has been observed that many vehicles are being operated with octane fuels that are below the recommended grades. In such cases, the engine can be damaged along with the disposing control system. Questions have also been asked whether using a higher grade octane can provide any benefits to the vehicle owner.

The benefits entirely depend on the grade of octane which is being utilized. Higher grade octane can improve the performance of the vehicle as well as the mileage during heavy operations, especially in hot weather. However, under regular driving conditions, the benefits may not be as high as desired. Higher octane fuels are expensive to produce and therefore it would be fair to comment the vehicle owner will be required to spend more for high octane fuels.

Vehicle owners are advised to understand the following before they decide to use octane boosters in their vehicles.
  • Octane boosters must be used in a prescribed manner.
  • Using octane boosters in a normal engine may have detrimental effects which can lead to the engine combustion of the fuel.
  • Turbocharged vehicles may require octane boosters to decrease the risks of demotions with higher change temperatures.
  • Using octane boosters may reduce the noise of knocking in the engines while helping to burn the gasoline faster.

Octane boosters can have an excellent impact on the gasoline which can provide the vehicle with a good eminence. The boosters can ensure great performance for the vehicle in the output power. The range of the octane varies according to the performance. Therefore an octane booster chosen wisely had the potential to be a good friend of the vehicle.


Can Octane Boosters Be Used Instead of Premium Fuel?


Octane boosters can be used for raising the octane rating of the fuel. The primary objective of using the booster should be to increase the power and efficiency of the vehicle. The antiknock additives within the booster when included with premium fuel prevent detonation. The prevention of the knock will ensure the octane levels in the fuel are raised automatically.

Octane boosters that are available in the market are offered with attractive packaging along with claims of being highly effective. Vehicle owners searching for high-quality octane fuel must be prepared to spend the extra dollar for it. Octane boosters are better used with high compression engines such as sports cars because they have been designed to run on high octane fuels. Owners of vehicles that do not require premium fuels will not benefit from an enhanced performance by using octane boosters. They would simply be spending money on an additive which they do not need. They should rather prefer to use the fuel recommended in the owners manual because using higher octane gasoline will not improve the performance, speed, or the mileage of their vehicle.[/productbox]

The Safety Factor Of Octane Boosters


Quite a few vehicle owners are using octane boosters after reading about the benefits it can offer them. However, it must be mentioned that many could be purchasing octane boosters over the shelf either by considering the claims being made by the manufacturer or the attractive packaging. Vehicle owners need to understand not all products being offered in the market are equal. Most will not deliver the performance they promise and therefore the vehicle owner would be spending money on a product which can only disappoint them.

Large numbers of vehicle owners have conducted proper research to understand the best variety of octane boosters available on the market. It is possible they could be paying anything between $5-$50 for a bottle of octane booster that needs to be added before the vehicle is fueled. These vehicle owners would not be investing an extra sum of money for an octane booster unless they were convinced their vehicles would not be exposed to any risks. They would also have considered the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer to understand the kind of octane fuel they should be using.

Vehicle owners would not want to risk harming their vehicle by using octane boosters without considering the safety factor behind the usage. They will definitely want to benefit from higher mileage, and better performance of their vehicle even at a higher price. However, they wouldn’t want to risk damaging the engine of their vehicle for any reason.

Vehicle owners of the present-day are well informed of how they should be caring for their vehicles. They are aware that any damage to the engine will set them back financially. Octane boosters available on the market are absolutely safe unless a substandard product is purchased. Therefore it is imperative for the vehicle owner to purchase a high-grade octane booster whenever they decide they need to use it in their vehicle.


Which Octane Boosters Should Be Avoided By Vehicle Owners?


Vehicle owners are recommended to study the market of octane boosters and learn about certain things they should be avoided before they decide to purchase a booster for their vehicle.

Some manufacturers of octane boosters are stating they can increase about 7 octane points if their product is used. This is a misleading comment because the manufacturer could be using a point system to grade the product.

A first-time purchaser would perhaps believe they can increase the octane levels in the fuel by seven points but in reality, the manufacturer could only be using the point system to indicate 10 points would be equal to 1 octane level. A first-time buyer could well be misled to believe in that 91 level octane would be boosted to 98 with the purchase but in fact, would only have access to 91.7. Under the circumstances, the octane booster will not provide any benefits to the buyer but may, in fact, cause damages to the vehicle because of its substandard quality.

Proper research is certainly essential for vehicle owners searching for octane boosters that can provide them all the benefits they need. Vehicle owners can, however, rest assured octane boosters are absolutely safe and can be used according to the requirements mentioned in the owners manual of their vehicle.




  1. humphrey grieves Reply

    It’s no question that any octane booster is generally safe. What you have to be weary of is IF they’re compatible to your car. Once you learn which one is the best for you, then you will be able to actually receive the full benefits of using an octane booster. If there is one thing octane boosters are great at is the lessening of engine knocking. It is reeeeeeeeaaally helpful with that one! Trust me, I know. I’ve gone through one and so far with the help of an octane booster, I’m pretty confident that it won’t happen again.

  2. Unless you’re a race car driver whether professionally or (illegally), I don’t think octane boosters are necessary. If you have a brand new car, I dont see the point of using octane boosters. The’re additional cost to running a car so why bother? In any case, it does reduce emissions so thats one thing it is extremely great at.

  3. randomcardude Reply

    so, are they really worth it? i don’t think people with a small car for their every day use should be reading about octane boosters because i don’t think they’ll need it so much. If you have a truck tho, maybe this is worth buying. cos it just prevents your car from the damage of pre-ignition. but then again, i’m no car expert so, i don’t know, what do you guys think?

  4. octanebooster Newbie Reply

    Octane boosters sound like one of those that the guys from fast and the furious guys would use. Have you ever personally used an octane booster? What is its effect on general everyday use? Wouldn’t it make the fuel burn faster and thereby make driving more expensive? I don’t know, sorry, just curious. I’ve never heard of octane boosters before so It’s a very new topic for me but rather interesting to say the least! Hanging out in your site is pretty life changing!

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