The Best Octane Boosters For Increased Performance

by Darion Robinson

When we talk about high-quality gasoline, there’s always a lot of talking about octane rating, too.

But, what exactly does it have to do with octane boosters? Well, depending on the quality of fuel, you can expect a different octane number.

While the fuel with the higher octane number can withstand more compression and is ideal for gasoline engines, the lower octane number is great for diesel engines.

These types of engines are used for cars and increasing your octane number is easy with various octane boosters. Did you know that octane booster can drastically improve your fuel’s octane rating? It can lead to a serious performance increase thus granting a much safer and more enjoyable haul.

You’re probably confused with tons of octane boosters on the market and you’re probably wondering what is the best octane booster for your car. To answer that question, we prepared a special list of 7 best products that will quench your engine’s thirst.

Top 5 Octane Boosters Chart (2020)

Rank: Product: Product Name: Price:

Torco Accelerator Octane Booster


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RaceGas 100032 Race Concentrate Booster​


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Klotz Octane Booster​

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Here’s Our Top 7 Octane Booster Reviews in 2019

Does octane booster actually work? It’s pretty obvious that we’re smothered with tons of them on the market, so it’s pretty clear that there is something to it. Owning a car isn’t something that will save you a lot of time, but it will save your time and make your life easier.

Octane boosters are usually very cheap and buying one for your engine would be great. But, which one should you buy? Let’s take a good hard look at our chart above.

In our chart, we’ve carefully arranged every product from our list, so you can get an idea of every single one. With our plethora of octane boosters to choose from, I doubt you’ll ever face a major problem with your engine.

The first one on our list is the best product for the price and also the most recommended. While the last product is the least recommended, it’s important to say that it’s also amazing. In fact, every single product from our list is worth buying. So, are you ready to skyrocket your octane rating into the skies? Grab some snacks and keep reading!

Torco F500010TE Unleaded Fuel Accelerator


Torco Accelerator Octane Booster

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Wondering what’s the best octane booster on the market? We all agreed that Torco Accelerator Octane Booster works wonders! Its 32-ounce, burning-red bottle is here to spice up your fuel with some octane numbers. When you first get in contact with this product, you’ll be amazed to see a huge bottle which should last some time.

I’m quite happy with this choice since you can save a lot of cash and quite frankly, $22.70 isn’t that expensive. Performance wise, Torco Accelerator is here to give you only the best remedy for your vehicle. If you need to increase your octane number, it’s great to have a tool that works great for both trucks and cars. Depending on the gas station, you can get a fuel with octane number ranging from 80 to 90. Of course, the later is sometimes very hard to find and applying this product will certainly give you some boost. In our tests, Torco Accelerator managed to increase the fuel’s octane rating by 5 to 8.

Aside from giving some boost in quality, Torco Accelerator’s possibilities expand to other aspects of your fuel. With its amazing capabilities, it’s possible to make your fuel burn more completely. You can, for some time, forget about engine cleaners and get rid of dirty gasoline remaining inside your engine. Finally, the product will make your engine show its full potential, making it far more capable and reliable.


Torco Accelerator Octane Booster comes in a 32-ounce bottle that should last longer than usual.

Depending on the fuel, it can raise your octane rating up to 105, which is amazing.

Your fuel will burn completely, leaving no remains in your engine.

It’s great for allowing your engine to utilize its full potential.

Relatively cheap price is attractive for a vast majority of buyers.


For trucks, Torco Accelerator doesn’t work well in small amounts.

It works a bit better with gasoline engines.


RaceGas 100032 Race Concentrate Booster

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RaceGas is exactly what it sounds like. But, since you probably aren’t an actor in “Fast & Furious” movie, it’s better to lay off your throttle. Instead, you can enjoy a relaxing breeze through your neighborhood while your car greets you with its quiet and ear-pleasing sound.

RaceGas 100032 Race Concentrate is a laboratory-proven formula that helps raise the octane rating thus increasing your fuel’s quality. With this octane booster, you’ll be able to utilize a stronger gas and fuel pump, for some incredible results. When it comes to the octane rating itself, RaceGas 100032 will surely pack a punch. We can’t always foresee how much will it increase, but the maximum number is 105. Sure, the gasoline that you buy at your gas station isn’t always the most potent, so the results may vary.

The great thing, however, lies in RaceGas’ purity. Thanks to its secret formula, it ensures that no catalytic converters, fuel system components or O2 sensors are intact. One thing that’s both good and bad is that this product is more efficient with high-octane fuel engines. As we told, diesel engines aren’t going to benefit from the higher octane number, making RaceGas 100032 much better option for gasoline engines. Either way, if you want an alcohol-free, clean, and reliable octane booster, this is one of the best products on the market.


RaceGas 100032 Octane Booster provides more chemical energy, thus increasing your octane number efficiently.

Depending on the quality of fuel, this formula is proven to increase octane rating up to 105.
It contains no alcohol, making it one of the purest formulas on the market.

The formula is best suited for engines that require high-octane fuel.

It doesn’t damage fuel system components.


A few bucks more expensive than similar octane boosters.

It’s not effective with diesel engines.


Klotz Octane Booster

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32 ounces might be a lot, but it will never be huge as 128 ounces. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then you’re right! Klotz Octane Booster comes in an overwhelming 128-ounce can that will last you for a long time. Its package does its best job of showing you its firepower, despite its abnormal size.

Although it comes in two variants, with the one being Pint and the other being Gallon, I still suggest sticking to later option. Its price of fifty bucks isn’t that expensive, especially when considering the size of this giant.

Performance-wise, Klotz made sure that your engine enjoys every single ounce of this formula. As Klotz says, it can increase your octane up to 10 numbers, albeit on rare occasions.

At best, you can expect 30% less of the promised number, which is still a satisfying fact. Aside from its high-potent octane-increasing capabilities, Klotz comes with tetraethyl lead, adding some lubricity to your engine. It’s important to mention that the product is really, really strong, so you shouldn’t pour it over plastic or painted areas.

Another area where Klotz shines is the absolute control of the burn speed. This allows your fuel to burn more steadily, giving a decent performance for a longer time. With its carburetor and injector cleaning capabilities, Klotz will quickly become your loyal companion. Be sure to hang out often, though!


Klotz Octane Booster comes in a 128-ounce Gallon, granting longevity and removing the need to constantly buy new octane booster.

A unique feature of this booster is its addition of tetraethyl lead. This component is key when it comes to adding lubrication to your engine. Offers an amazing control over your fuel-burning speed. For its generous package, $50 is all but expensive.


Due to its strength, your painted, fiberglass or plastic materials must be protected from contact with Klotz.

Gasoline engines are better supported.

Royal Purple ROY11757 MAX BOOST


Royal Purple MAX BOOST

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If you’ve read our article about engine cleaners, you’ve probably heard about Royal Purple. It’s a company that surely knows how to take care of an engine. Since we are talking about purple color, MAX BOOST comes in a purple bottle that looks like a bottle of soda.

I don’t recommend drinking it unless you have a gasoline engine in your stomach. When it comes to the sheer power, Royal Purple MAX BOOST is both amazing and underwhelming. With its price of $13.79, it comes in a 16-ounce bottle, which is modest as it can be. By far, this is the smallest product on our list.

However, the product specializes in many other areas aside from raising your octane rating. Sure, it can get up to 30 points, which isn’t all that impressive, considering its not-that-great price. On the brighter side, this is a product that will help your engine use its maximum potential and stabilize your fuel burning.

With MAX BOOST, you can pretty much forget about lead additives. This one encapsulates all of the necessary ingredients for your car’s engine, providing a long-lasting protection. It’s relevant to mention that this is a racing formula, so it’s NOT street-legal.


It’s an amazing product for overall engine’s health and productivity.

Royal Purple offers an amazing formula that can replace most lead engine additives.

Both fuel economy and power can be restored with MAX BOOST.

It grants a controlled burning of fuel, giving a steady and reliable performance over time.

Smaller in size but has more a greater capacity


Comes in a tiny bottle that packs only 16 ounces of substance.

It can raise up to 3 octane numbers, which isn’t all that impressive.

Since this is a racing formula, it’s not street-legal, making it inaccessible for some buyers.

BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster


BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster

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BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster is a proven formula that helps your engine work better and more stable. So, what can we expect from this black bottle? Well, if you are a professional, you’ll be happy to use BOOSTane Octane Booster.

Aside from the fact that you can raise your octane up to 116, this product will also bring several other cards to the table. For example, you can use their smartphone app to customize your fuel for the exact engine tune. This will allow you to meticulously use this booster in order to achieve the desired effect. If you use it right, the performance boost is GRANTED.

By increasing your engine’s compression, this booster manages to squeeze every bit of performance from your engine. It eliminates pre-detonation and negative effects of ethanol, so it’s pretty safe to use. Much like Royal Purple’s octane booster, this provides lubrication for your engine, which is always a welcome addition.

Since there are lots of gasoline engines on the market, BOOSTane leaves only one question to be answered. Does it work on every one of them? YES, IT DOES! But, because it’s a professional octane booster, I recommend using it for this purpose only. BOOSTane received a SEMA YEN Product of the Year award, making it a worthy addition to our list.


BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster can raise octane number up to 116, which is the highest we’ve ever seen.

It completely protects your engine against side effects of ethanol.

By increasing your engine’s compression, BOOSTane grants a huge increase in performance.

Restores lubricity to your engine.

Smaller in size but has more a greater capacity


It’s a bit more expensive.

Requires a higher dose to be effective.

Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster


Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster

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Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 is a tiny octane booster who’s bottle reminds me of my favorite chili sauce. Quite frankly, this stuff is equally as strong! In this beautiful red bottle we have a special potion for your engine’s stomach that will make it burn fuel more efficiently with fewer emissions.

As much as it is strong, it is still safe for your catalytic converters and overall fuel system. However, this beautifully-crafted formula is sold in case packs of 12. This is… well, somewhat strange. Since we have around 15 ounces in a single bottle, when we multiply it by 12, we have around 180 ounces of product at a price of $80 bucks. If you ask me, that’s almost a steal deal, considering its price and sheer power!


Aside from boosting engine’s octane number, it promotes better fuel burn as well as decreased emissions.

10026-PK12 is safe for your fuel injection system as well as catalytic converters.

It requires a small dosage to work properly.

Price per bottle is fairly cheap.


It comes in a tiny 15-ounce bottle

Can’t be bought individually. Instead, you can buy a case pack of 12 bottles.


STP Octane Booster

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STP Gas Treatment is another tiny product that packs quite a punch and it is cheap. Although we have a 5.25-ounce bottle (you’ve read that well), the product sells in a case of 12. All in all, you can get 12 of these babies for $27.99, which is a pretty generous offer. Gas Treatment is great for boosting your octane points, as well as keeping your gasoline nice and clean.

When it comes to increasing the octane, you can expect no more than 20 points (2 numbers). For a product this cheap, it’s still forgivable. If you want more of your octane booster, Gas Treatment provides enough power to clean your fuel intake system and prevent deposit buildup. Unlike most octane boosters, this one can be safely used with diesel engines- some great news!


STP Gas Treatment offers a plethora of features at affordable price.

Aside from octane boosting, this product grants a complete cleansing of your fuel intake system.

Deposit buildup is drastically decreased.

Can be used for both diesel and gasoline engines.


The bottle is really small.

When it comes to octane boosting, the performance is subpar.

What To Look For When Choosing The Right Type of Octane Booster?

Octane Boosting Capabilities

When shopping for an octane booster, it’s important to know how capable the particular product is. This is the main feature you should look out for. Of course, if your nearest gas station sells a fuel that isn’t that high in octane, it’s always handy to have a powerful octane booster in your trunk. The golden middle would be an increase of thirty to seventy octane points (7 octane numbers).

Bottle Capacity

Bottle capacity plays an important role when choosing the right type of octane booster. Some octane boosters come in huge gallons which usually last longer, while some come in tiny bottles. The great thing about many of them is that the tiny ones are sold in cases of 12 or 15. This way, you’ll ensure longevity and save some cash.

Price-to-Performance Ratio

Price-to-performance ratio is what makes it or breaks it. You can buy a huge gallon of octane booster and still get mediocre performance. So, what’s the catch? The catch is that some octane boosters require a small amount to be effective, which makes them a great buy. A wise man once said that size isn’t always important and he is right!

Lubricating Capabilities

Some octane boosters come with insane lubricating capabilities. Lubrication is very important for every mechanical system, not only for the cars. This way, you’ll ensure that every part of your engine works flawlessly and that it lasts longer. When buying your octane booster, be sure to check some reviews or simply ask the manufacturer about the presence of this feature.

Other Features

Other features are the features aside from octane boosting. In this compartment, we can classify lubricating capabilities, fuel intake system cleaning, and many others. If you want your octane booster to have these features, you’ll need to pay a couple of bucks more. Still, they are worth paying for.[/productbox]

Octane Booster Review

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  1. I was a little pessimistic about getting an octane booster for my car several years ago. However, I’ve long since kept on using it. I don’t know about the other users but I found that it helped with my engine oil being clean. Every time I do my oil change it’s noticeable how it’s still not that grimey. Always tempted not to change oil! =))

  2. I don’t know much about octane boosters but they seem like it’s only necessary if you’re a race car driver. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve been driving for more than 30 years now and never did I think I will want to know more about this. I read a few of your other articles. Ones about food but this is my first time commenting. hoping to hear from you!

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