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Best Oil Filter Brands (2020)

[author]By DARION ROBINSON[/author]

If you were not already aware, our modern automobile is put under a lot of stress.

Because of this, we need to keep them in excellent condition in order for them to continue providing us safe and reliable transportation. In this post, we’re going to cover what the best oil filter to buy for your car may be.

You MUST continue reading on because further down in this guide, we will cover in detail our top rated oil filter reviews. Whether you are using regular or full synthetic oil… it does not matter.

An excellent filter with media that captures micron-sized particles, will prove to be worthwhile in the long run. Let’s take a look at the top 5 filters you can use for a better performing vehicle.

Top 5 Oil Filters Compared & Reviewed Chart (2020)

Rank: Product: Product Name: Price:
Bosch 3330 Premium
Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH 

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Mobil 1 M1-110
Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance

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ACDelco PF61E Professional

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#4 Royal Purple 17807 4 Royal Purple 17807

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First things, first. I’d like to cover a few things. First one being, high mileage. When you’re looking to compare different filters, don’t get caught up in the claims… look at the reviews that others are leaving.

That is the best way to gauge whether a product is good or not. On the flip side, if the filter for sale is relatively new… you’ll just need to roll the dice (so-to-speak), and see if it’s worthwhile.

The top rated oil filters reviewed below have been proven to have a great performance against high temperatures, high mileage, and superior performance over many OEM brands. Aftermarket, such as the ones we’re going to discuss here, can be considered the best option.

With that quick summary of our top rated filters, it’s time that we dive a bit deeper as to what each filter can do.


Bosch 3330

#1 Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH – Best Oil Filter for Synthetic Oil

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Introducing, at the number one spot, the well-known company for car accessories and tools, Bosch! We encourage that if you’re looking for quality, you purchase the Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Synthetic Oil Filter.

Especially if you want the best bang for your buck! This particular filter actually stands out and above, among the other major brands mainly because of its more propelled innovation. It has become remarkable for its highly lubricated gasket configuration while including a tighter seal freeing it from any future spillage and leaks.

Keep in mind that, even with a tighter seal, Bosch ensures that you’re still able to have an easier removal. With silicone being such a great asset, Bosch has used it to craft its anti-drain back valve. This helps to make certain a supply of cleaner oil is used when the car is started.

Now, Bosch offers an exclusive FILTECH media technology used to screen out the more negative contaminants for greater engine protection. The Bosch 3330, guarantees that the oil being supplied to your vehicle’s engine is spotless and molecule free. It has been found to be the best for Honda’s, Subaru’s and more.


  • Is a very solid unit
  • Budget-friendly
  • Works well in fragment filtering
  • Highly-recommended by many users
  • Fits well without any sign of leakage


  • May not be available for some vehicle models

Mobil 1 M1-110

#2 Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter

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The Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance oil filter is found to be one of the best in terms of quality for car owners while giving their vehicle’s engines long-lasting performance.

The filter itself is heavily tested and throughout it all, has proven to be effective in removing any kind of oil contaminant with the use of its advanced synthetic fiber blend.

With that being said, It is able to provide a high Multi-Pass Efficiency rating. The number of contaminants it can hold is more than what some of the leading filters can hold.

The Mobil 1 is proven to hold close to double with with 28.0 grams of total capacity. One of the most valued features is that it has the capability to withstand the engine’s operating pressure (about nine times more than normal pressure) with the help of its aluminum canister.

Its adaptability for an effective installation on your vehicle, is one of the biggest quality that sets it apart from other filtering tools.

It prevents dryness of the engine as it removes internal leakage using a silicone-based, anti-drain back valve, that is very similar to the Bosch filter. All of these qualities and features listed give this Mobil oil filter an excellent satisfaction rating from its customers and rightfully so!

Be sure to keep it in mind as your search for more.


  • Long-Lasting
  • Proven very effective in oil filtering
  • Thoroughly removes any leakage
  • Works well in any type of vehicle


  • More expensive than other brands
  • Smaller in comparison to other common filters
  • Lighter than the other giving it an inexpensive feel

#3 ACDelco PF61E Professional Oil Filter

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ACDelco’s reputation is very solid as they provide premium aftermarket replacement parts that are manufactured to meet your expectations for fit, form and function. They’ve done just that with their oil filter as it has become a top three pick when shopping for a relatively inexpensive unit.

It demonstrates a filtering capability of 98% when working with and breaking down contaminants. Its multi-layer filtering nets are the very reason for this processing capacity along with its 25-30 micron efficiency.

A tighter seal is built in so that as temperatures rise, leakage doesn’t occur.  Now, keep in mind that ACDelco is very much in favor of keeping a safe environment, this is why they’ve ensured that the steel shell, threaded plate assembly, and leaf spring can all be recycled.

The ACDelco PF61E also has a cellulose media that can filter particles as thin as trapped human hair and filter almost anything out to make sure that the oil of your car is continually free from any type of debris.

Its superior filtering capacity provides durability and consistent flow management. It also boasts strength and is actually five times stronger than any other leading oil filter.

Moreover, it is equipped with a lubricity gasket that will help in lessening installation torque. After further review, we’ve seen that even its customers have fully backed ACDelco for its outstanding quality and design.

With the price point right in line, just slightly lower than its competitors, this one in particular is worth more than a try for your vehicle!


  • Fits very well
  • Guarantees excellent filtering
  • Specifically made for durability
  • Less expensive than the leading brands
  • Smaller in size but has more a greater capacity


  • Some customers complain of receiving orders with missing parts of the device or the defective one.

Royal Purple 17807

#4 Royal Purple 17807 Oil Filter For Cars

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At our number four is the Royal Purple 17807 oil filter. The thicker shell of the filter makes it stronger in comparison to some of its leading competitors. This top rated oil filter comes with metal-based end-caps for a nice and smoother seal.

The Royal Purple 17807 has its center tube placed strategically so as to not collapse when it is being used. The micro-glass media component is 100% screen-back best synthetic oil filter providing great oil filtration of 99 percent at 25 microns. This list goes on and on with outstanding features, so we urge that you keep it in mind when buying.

Next, its high-performance, anti-drain back valve is silicone-made making it great in preventing a dry startup. The heavy gauge has a steel back plate and is important in increasing its burst strength.

Though it costs at a higher premium, Royal Purple 17807 promises best filtration process of all currently on the market. You may also use it with the Royal Purple motor oil in order to get the best results for you vehicle.

Below, we will cover the most important features and benefits that come along with the Royal Purple Oil Filter!


  • Intelligent Molecules Technology For Rapid Oil Delivery
  • Keeps the Engine Smooth and Clear at Any Given Temperature
  • High Lubrication
  • Great Overall Performance


  • Not Available for All Viscosity


#5 FRAM PH7317 Extra Guard Car Spin-On Oil Filter

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Fram has become a top 5 brand within the oil filter family. If you’re not familiar yet, Fram’s oil filters are engineered for vehicles with roughly over 75,000 miles.

The High Mileage filters are for drivers who have older vehicles and need to keep them running for years to come. This filter in particular has a “Sure Grip” coating and provides a non-slip finish for easier installation and removal.

Part of this easier removal is credited to the internally lubricated sealing gasket. The PH7317 from Fram is designed with a precision coil spring containing glass fiber, so that the poppet relief valve which is made from Nylon can be reinforced.

So it’s safe to say that it’s for everyday drivers who perform routine maintenance on their vehicle every 3,000-5,000 miles. The “Extra Guard” has been engineered for use with conventional oil and is cheap in cost, which is a plus for consumers.

With a highly reputable customer satisfaction rating (4.6/5) it’s an easy buy for anyone in the market for an upgrade. It guarantees longevity and meets the needs of vehicle owners.

Keep in mind that it has proven protection for up to 5,000 miles which is perfect for daily drivers and has a 95% dirt-trapping efficiency. We could’ve easily placed this one in the third of fourth spot, but the market for filters is competitive with excellence.[/productbox] [mydivider]

Other Top Oil Filters to Consider

There is more than a dozen solid brands that produce oil filters for our cars. Wix, Purolator, Bosch, Fram… you name it, it’s a BIG company. Now the few we didn’t mention in this article are Wix Oil Filters which have been around for some time,

Purolator which is more than 100% years old as a company and going strong, and K&N Performance which is known for their excellent cold air intakes.

All of these have superior mesh media which will extend the life of your engine, operate without a hiccup at some of the highest temperatures vehicles do today, and will work in both gasoline (petrol) and diesel engines.

Purolator L14610 Oil Filter


K&N HP-1002 Performance Oil Filter

WIX Filters – 57060XP Oil Filter


How to replace your oil filter


In this guide, we were able to provide you, as a buyer, a comparison and an idea of the best oil filter available for purchase. Each of the oil filter reviews are intended to give you a general idea of how much they may cost, the most impressive features about them, and why we fill that a specific filter should be considered for you.

Wither you use regular or synthetic oil in your car, you’ll face no problems. If you have any additional question or are in need of a little assistance, please feel free to reach out to us here at!



  1. The oil filter is about the material that is used to filter. Don’t skimp on the money. Royal Purple, Mobil One, then Bosch

  2. friedrichHenricks Reply

    The best filter there is will always come from Bosch. this german brand can be trusted from home appliances to car parts such as a filter. i’ve been a solid fan of their car filter for a solid 10 years and have not changed since. it’s a little pricey for me but the performance… you just can’t put a price on their filtering capability. I think my car had been the cleanest since switching to bosch and that says alot because i always do maintenance checks and regular oil changes. you just can’t go wrong with bosch.

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